Thursday, 22 January 2009

Slumber Party - Ep 7

"Will you two stop telling everyone that!?" said Anna, while lookign around to check nobody else had heard.

"What do you expect?" said Jo - if you're going to do it then we want to know about it. We're not meant to have any secrets remember?"

Anna knew this was true, all of the girls told each other pretty much everything. Rach had told them all about the times she and her boyfriend had screwed (and then how he had boasted about it to his friends and she had dumped him).

Anna pulled them to the side of the street and quietly said "OK, fine. Like I said to Val, it's no biggie. I just remembered Vicky being suprised that you hadn't done it and thought I would give it a try."

"...and what is it like?" asked Valerie.

Anna replied "It's quite exciting. I know that nobody can see anything", and then looking at Valerie, "apart from when they barge in of course! But it's just nice knowing that I'm naked under here" she indicated her skirt.

"I'd never be able to do that" said Valerie. "I'd be far too nervous".

"It's easy" said Anna. "Just slide your panties off and you're done."

"I'm not shaved like you though..." said Valerie, and realised that Jo now knew just how much she had seen in the changing rooms.

Anna sighed, "Why not just tell the whole world everything?" and then to Jo, "Yes, I'm shaved - I have to do it for swimming."

Jo giggled and Anna and Valerie looked at her. "What's up?" said Anna, "It's not that unusual."

"I know" said Jo and leaned towards them. "I've never told anyone this, but I shave there too. You remember Jack, well he asked me to do it once and then he..." Jo went bright red "um, then he licked me".

"WHAT" shrieked Anna, and then calmed herself down. "You didn't tell us this - you were the one just saying we weren't meant to have secrets."

"I know" replied Jo, "that's why I thought I'd tell you. He wanted us to have sex and when I wouldn't, he ran off with that bitch Laura."

"You're worth far more than him" said Valerie, giving Jo a quick hug. "But you're going to have to tell us all the details now you're dirty little secret is out."

Jo blushed an even deeper shade of red but knew that she would be pestered by the whole group once Anna and Valerie passed on this information to them so agreed to it as long as they didn't tell anyone in the meantime.

"Hmm, my parents are in tonight" said Valerie. Then to Anna, "How about we use your clubhouse tonight?" Anna's family had a big shed at the end of their garden that was decked out as a games room that the girls sometimes camped over in.

"I can't tonight" said Anna. "I'm seeing Mark later on. How about Tuesday night - we don't have to go in to school on Wednesday because of that training day?"

"Sounds good" said Valerie. "We'll make sure everyone is there."

"Oh yay" said Jo in a sarcastic voice, and then continued "You might need to give me lots to drink for me to be brave enough to tell everyone."

"That's not a problem, I've borrowed a few bottles from my sister's stash" said Anna.

The girls realised they were running out of time if they wanted to get anything else before going for coffee and started off to their next shop.


Meanwhile, Lis Rach and Cindy had finished their shopping and had been having their own conversation about sex. Rach, as the only member of the group who had actually had sex, was their resident member and Cindy was wondering if she should sleep with her boyfriend Jon.

"I'm just a bit scared" said Cindy. "I really want to, but I'm not sure if it's the right time."
Rach was trying to be wise and told Cindy "Just wait until you are sure - don't rush into it and be sorry."

Cindy could be incredibly forthright sometimes, especially when she was only talking to a few people, and said, "It's just I really want to find out how good it can be. Jon isn't very good at touching me and I have a hard enough time cumming when I touch myself sometimes."

"Really" said Rach, "well you'll need to work on that at least - being able to give yuorself a good cum whenever you want is important! Isn't is Lis?"

Lis started, "Uh, um, yes, of course." She was sure that Rach knew she had been playing with herself last night - she just hoped she didn't know what she had done with Jo's hairbrush.

"Yep" continued Rach, "you should be able to cum as many times as you want, whenever you want."

Lis looked at Rach amazed - she certainly had no problems cumming, but if Rach could do it as readily as she was saying, them Lis thought that she may still have some things to learn. In truth, Rach could get herself aroused very easily and would readily cum whether it was her or someone else fingering her. She liked to pretend that she knew a lot more than the other girls, and certainly liked flirting with the boys, but apart from fucking Tim a few times, only a couple of other boys had even seen her half naked.

A picture of Cindy with her legs spread, trying to masterbate flashed through Lis' mind who was still horny from the previous night and morning's antics. Her eyes ran over Cindy's body, taking in her slim figure, firm breasts and beautiful legs.

"I'm sure someone will have some hints for you" Lis said, "apart from Clare and Jo of course who'll be far too embarressed to talk about such things unless we get them drunk."

"We'll see" said Cindy, and then in order to try to change the subject "hadn't we better start heading off to Starbucks?"

"Yeah" said Rach, "I need something to drink, it's too hot today."


Cindy, Lis and Rach were the first ones to get to Starbucks and managed to get seats by the window away from the door. After a couple of minutes Valerie, Jo and Anna joined them.

Within seconds of sitting down, Valerie leant over to Cindy, Rach and Lis and whispered "Anna hasn't got any panties on!"

"Oh jeez, thanks, lets just put up a sign" said Anna, and lightly punched Valerie.

Rach said "Well done girl" to Anna. "I didn't know you did that."

"It's my first time", replied Anna, "but it feels nice."

At this point, Clare and Vicky arrived and before Valerie could say anything, Anna sighed and said, "Go on, you may as well tell them too."

Valerie whispered to Vicky who's eyes widened in appreciation and she then told Clare.

"Wow, I'd never have the nerve to do that" said Clare, "you're braver than I am".

Rach decided that she didn't like Anna getting all the attention and indicated for everyone to lean in to the middle of the table. "She's not the only one you know."

"Well that makes three of us who've done it then" said Anna. "I assume from you're response last night that you've done it before" she said to Vicky.

"Well, yes", replied Vicky. After gym one time I put my panties in my bag and went the rest of the day without them.

"In school?" said Lis, "What if you'd been caught?"

"How would I be caught" replied Vicky. "Anyway, the riskier it is, the nicer it feels."

Jo stood up and asked what people wanted to drink, after she had taken everyone's orders and money, Cindy, Valerie and Lis went with her to help carry them back.

Anna had been thinking about Vicky's comment and wondered what she could do to try it out. Feeling the air on her pussy all day and having Jo see her in the changing rooms were definitly beginning to affect her and she was beginning to feel her pussy get wet. She was facing the window and opened her legs slightly, knowing that her skirt would still hide her pussy.

Vicky noticed her do this and whispered in her ear "If you put one foot up on the chair, you can pretend you're just holding onto your leg and it's even better".

Anna thought about this for a while and decided that she could at least try it for a few seconds.
She slowly lifted her leg and placed her foot on the chair beside her other leg. She felt her skirt slide up her thigh and quickly glanced down half expecting to see her little pussy in full view, but she had her thighs firmly pressed together. Feeling a bit braver, she wrapped her hands around her leg and rested her chin on her knee.

Clare and Rach had been talking, but Rach had caught the movement out of the corner of her eye and figured out what she was doing. Rach decided that she would keep Clare distracted a bit longer to let Anna have her fun.

Vicky leant over to Anna again and whispered "There, now you can just tilt your leg to the side as much as you dare."

Anna quietly asked her "You've done this before haven't you?"

"Uh-huh, it's a good way to tease, or sometimes just if I'm feeling hot. I can lure them in with 'the ladies' and give them a quick flash of my pussy" smirked Vicky.

Anna slowly tilted her leg to the side a little and felt a shiver go through her, knowing that if someone outside looked in, they would be able to see her pussy. She felt even wetter and wondered how it could be affecting her so much given she was used to parading around in front of groups of people in a skin tight swimsuit.

"Oh wow, I see what you mean. I like!" said Anna, but then noticed that the rest of the group were coming back with the drinks and slipped her leg back down to the floor.
Just as the girls arrived with the drinks, Vicky whispered to Anna "So we have a new little exhibitionist amongst us."

Everyone sat down and Anna broached the plan for the midweek sleepover at her place. Rach wasn't sure she could make it as she was going out to dinner with her family, but thought she might be able to join them afterwards.

"Well, you'd better make it, it seems some of us have secrets we need to share" said Anna.

Everyone instantly wanted to know who and what, but Anna quickly said "Nope, I'm vetoing it until Tuesday - you're either there or you miss out."

Jo had felt herself starting to blush at the thought of people finding out, but managed to keep it under control enough that nobody other than Valerie and Anna noticed. Cindy wa also wondering if Rach had said anything to Anna about their previous conversation.


I'd wanted to develop it a bit further in this episode, but time is against me (stupid assignments). You should get the idea that they are quiet interested in sex (as most teenage girls are - honest boys - we just want you to be interested in things other than *just* trying to have sex with us!)

In the next story - Anna's date with Mark...

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