Sunday, 25 January 2009

Slumber Party - Ep 8

The girls finished up their drinks and left Starbucks. They wandered around a few more shops while finalising the plans for Tuesday night. After another few hours, it was time to return to Jo's house and pick up their stuff.

Lis had arranged to go and see a film with Rach and had hoped to have a proper chat with her but Vicky and Valerie were at a loose end and decided they wanted to tag along with them.

Clare, Cindy and Anna were all seeing their boyfriends that night and so Jo was going to have a quiet evening in by herself. She actually didn't mind this too much, but was wondering what sort of chance she had in catching Ian's attention. Anna had promised Jo that she would find a way of introducing Ian to her at the next swim meeting and so Jo was planning on spending most of the evening trying to figure out what to say to him.

Anna jogged home, putting an extra spring in her step from time to time and enjoying feeling her skirt flip up each time she did so. She arrived after a 10 minute run and was covered in a light sweat. Mark wasn't coming to get her for another hour so she had plenty of time to get ready. She peeled off her top and skirt and threw them onto her bed. She and her older sister Lucy shared a bathroom, but Lucy was still away at Uni so Anna had the pace to herself. She walked out of her room, still naked, got a towel from the airing cupboard and went into the bathroom. The room had frosted windows, but it was a hot day and with her new found exhibitionist streak she opened the window (she knew that nobody could actually see her anyway, but liked the idea). She turned on the shower and stepped into it.

Once she was under the water, she turned the heat up to help her muscles relax after her run and basked as the hot water ran over her body and the steam filled the room. She streached her legs out one at a time and kneaded them as she soaped herself up. Her hands worked their way up from her feet across her calves and then to her thighs. She slid her hands over her ass and remembered Lis sitting on top of her and spanking her that morning and started wondering how to get her own back. She gave her ass a quick squeeze and then ran her hands between her legs, feeling the stubble that had encouraged her to skip wearing panties earlier that day.

She reached for her razor and stepping our from under the flow of water she soaped up her legs and quickly shaved them. She then grabbed the small mirror and shower head and sat down in the shower to shave her pussy. First she aimed the hot water between her legs and over her mons and spread a little shaving gel above her lips. She had learned not to use the gel when shaving the lips themselves. With practiced ease she quickly removed the stubble leaving just a small patch of short blonde hair starting about an inch above her clit.

She rinsed the gel off and aimed the hot water directly at her pussy, spreading her legs as wide as she could and letting the water soften the hair on her cunt. An older girl on the swim team had told her about this method when she had first joined but it had only been for the past few years that her pubic hair had needed shaving. Anna thought about another girl on the team who had told her that she got her boyfriend to shave her and it was a lot easier (and sometimes had other bonuses when he was down there).

Her mind went back to Jo's revelation earlier that day - she couldn't believe that sweet little Jo had let Jack lick her pussy and was looking forward to everyone's reaction when she told them. She made a note to get more alcohol as she was sure Jo would never have the nerve to tell everyone while sober.

Her mind returned to the task at hand and she heated up the razor under the running water. Pulling the skin tight on one side of her pussy she gently stroked the razor across the lip. She kept warming the blade under the water and occasionally directing the shower at her pussy and in a matter of minutes managed to remove the stubble. She repeated this on the other lip and then ran her fingers over her pussy to check, finding one little bit she had missed. She ran the razor over it a few times and once she was happy she was smooth she directed the water at her pussy again and gently washed the area.

The hot water playing over her pussy felt very nice and Anna's mind drifted back to her mini exhibitionism display at lunch. She slipped a finger into her pussy and aimed the water directly at her clit. The idea of shaving had been so she could wear nice panties for her date but she wondered if she dared go out semi-naked again.

She decided quickly to go with the idea and also thought that if she held off on cumming, it would be even mroe exciting. She stood up again and finished washing herself, only letting her hands stray back to her pussy a few times, but ensuring that they didn't stay there too long. She stepped out of the shower, dried off in front of the open window and returned to her room to decide what to wear. After about a 20 min decision process she ended up with a black top that only covered from her breasts down to her belly button and a little flippy skirt - slightly shorter than the one she had worn earlier.

She put a chair in front of her mirror and sat down. She practiced opening her legs and raising one as Vicky had taught her and figured out what she could do without making it too obvious she was naked under her skirt, while still exposing herself. She was just experimenting with having both her feet on the seat and catching a glimpse of her pussy from behind her legs when the doorbell rang.

Anna skipped downstairs to answer it, Mark greeted her and looked into the house. Anna told him they were alone, he streached out his arms and she jumped at him. Due to him being almost a foot taller than her, they had developed a custom of him holding her up so they could kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and legs around his waist and they said hello properly.

He carried her into the house and she kicked the door shut behind them. He moved over to the stairs with his hands on her lower back and lowered her down so she was standing two stairs up.

"I've just got to grab my bag" said Anna, and turned around to go upstairs, but Mark's hands were still around her and he slid them up from her waist to her breasts.

"No bra again I see", he said while pulling her back against him and rubbing her nipples through her top.

Anna looked back at him and said "Not now, behave yourself and maybe later", but as she slapped his hands away from her nipples she could feel her pussy burning. She hadn't intended on him finding out she had no panties on but wondered if she might end up trying to jump him tonight instead of the usual other way around. She dashed up to her room, grabbed her bag and rejoined him.

They got in to Mark's car and drove to the cinema. Mark had already picked up the tickets so they went straight to the popcorn stand. Much to the eternal annoyance of her friends, Anna could eat a limitless amount if snacks and still keep her tiny figure so she loaded up with popcorn sweets and a drink. After a 10 minute wait they got to go in and find their seats.

They were in an empty row and about 10 minutes into the film, Mark leant over and started kissing Anna's neck. She put the bag of sweets she had been eating on the seat next to her, almost spilling them in the process, and turned her head to kiss him back.

As usual, she felt his tounge straigt away and realised that it wasn't worth trying to convince him to take things slowly and she opened her mouth. They kissed like this for a while and then she felt his hand on her top. He was kneading her breasts and she could feel her little nipples hardening (and knew that he could too) and let out a gently moan into his mouth.

Mark took this as a sign to proceed and started playing with her nipples more forcefully. After a few minutes his ministrations began to hurt and Anna had to tell him what to do.

"It's much nicer if you stroke gently" she whispered to him, and felt his touch soften a little. "That's better" she whispered, and returned to kissing him.

His touch was affecting her and she slowly lifted a leg, pretending she was trying to turn to kiss him better, but actually exposing her freshly shaved pussy to anyone sitting in front of her who might look backwards. As she did this, she felt a thrill go through her, just as she had at the coffee shop earlier and she moaned again.

Mark, thought this moan was due to his work and tried to move his hand under the bottom of her top, but couldn't get it the whole way up to her breasts. Anna knew that he wouldn't be able to do this so didn't pay too much attention until she felt his hand move to the top of her top and start to pull it down.

She tried to move to stop him but felt her skirt slide up her thigh and could feel a breeze directly on her pussy. She quicly kissed him again so he wouldn;t see her exposed pussy and then gently slid her skirt down so she was mostly covered again. In doing this though, she had allowed him to work on her top and his fingers were now brushing over the top of her little breasts as he worked the top down. She felt her right nipple pop free from her top and his fingers immediately started playing with it.

Anna gasped and she spread her legs before realising what she was doing and closing them again. She couldn't believe how turned on she was and was having trouble concentrating with one of her breasts exposed and her pussy partially showing. She felt Mark's hand moving along her leg and this brought her to her senses - she coudn't let him find out she was naked under her skirt. She grabbed his hand just as it started to slide under the hem of her skirt and she stopped him.

"No, not there" she whispered, but was afraid that he would be able to tell from her voice just how hot she was feeling. To her suprise, and relief, she felt his hand move away, but as she rested her head back on her seat, she felt the other side of her top being pulled down and his mouth enveloping her newly exposed breast.

Anna didn't know what to do - she loved the feelings coursing through her body, but still didn't want things to go too far. She was concentrating on keeping her legs (mostly) closed and after a while, pulled Mark's head away from her nipple and said "How about we leave?"

Mark agreed immediately and Anna tried her best to pull her top up over her breasts and straighten it. Wondering how visible her nipples were, she got up and started towards the end of the row. It was only then that Anna saw that a couple of guys had joined their row - presumably while she had been distracted. From the way they were looking at her, she knew they had been watching her and had seen her breasts being licked and sucked and she felt an incredible rush go through her body. As she walked past them, they grinned at her and she couldn't help herself from raising her hand and giving one of her nipples a quick pinch through her top.

She quickly left the cinema, with Mark following her and they got into his car. He drove back to her house but parked a few doors away. This was something they had done before as it meant that if Anna's parents looked out they wouldn't know she was back yet. All the way home, Anna had been intending to dash out of the car as soon as they got home but unfortunatly for her, the thought of the two guys watching her came into her mind just as Mark pulled in to her street and another pulse of pleasure went through her pussy.

"How about we go out back?" asked Mark.

They had been out to the clubhouse at then end of a previous date and although Anna knew it wasn't a good idea, she wasn't really thinking straight and agreed. They got out of the car and Mark quickly led her down the path at the side of her house.

As they got to the garden gate, Anna paused...


  1. Man...If I were a girl and a guy were giving me so much attention, I'm not sure i'd be able to hold back the urge to cum...let alone just flat out cum right there. I wish I were the boyfriend :-P

  2. I agree with what Anon said, awesome blog!!!

  3. Anon - you'll see next time just how much little Anna has been affected by all the attention - let's just say she's having trouble containing herself :)

    19 - Thanks - lots more to come, but back to some real life posting and some more pics first.