Friday, 30 January 2009

Slumber Party - Ep 9

They were standing by the gate and Mark wrapped his hands Around Anna from behind. His hands went to her breasts and he pulled her back against him. She could feel the bulge of his cock rubbing against her back as his hands massaging her breasts.

Again, she had to tell him to be gentle and he softened his movements. She leant back against him fully, and he moved his hands to the bottom of her top and started to lift it. Without the restraint of the cinema seat, it easily slid up her body, first exposing her smooth stomache and then the bottom of her breasts. His hands dipped under her top and started stroking her breasts again. Anna still couldn't believe how much she was being affected by this - she was used to feeling horny and had been touched by boys before, but it was taking all her willpower to stop herself from stripping naked and fingering herself on the front lawn. She could feel the air on her wet pussy and that just excited her even more as she squeezed her legs together.

As his hands played with her breasts, her top rode up higher and higher until her breasts were almost completely exposed and his fingers were rubbing her nipples. She knew that in the shadow of the house she couldn't easily be seen, but Anna turned around and said "Let's go to the clubhouse"

"OK" replied Mark, hoping that tonight was the night he was going to get to do a lot more with her.

She quietly opened the gate and they slipped through. Looking round the corner, she checked that nobody was looking out any of the windows, pulled her top down a little and then dashed up the path. She fished out the key from it's hiding place, entered the clubhouse and let Mark in behind her. The clubhouse was mostly hidden by from the house by some trees so Anna left the door open a little while she pulled down the blinds and turned on a small light before shutting the door.

Mark's hands were instanatly on her again and she turned to kiss him. She wasn't sure how far things were going to go, but the events of the day had put her in such a state of arousal that she almost didn't care. Her top was quickly pulled off and they fell onto the sofa. Mark had seen her topless before and had played with her pussy through her panties, but they had never done any more than this.

Mark lay on the couch and pulled Anna on top of him, he started licking and kissing her nipples which put her at exactly the right height for her to feel the top of his cock rubbing against her pussy through his jeans. She could feel him humping against her, and the pressure of the rough material rubbing against her labia over and over, coupled with his tounge (which felt much softer and nicer than his fingers), was heightening her arousal even more.

His hands wandered down her back and started playing with her ass through her skirt. She couldn't let him know that she had gone out without panties on and her mind was racing to find a way to get out of this, but without stopping how she was feeling.

Just as she thought he was about to feel her bare ass, his hands moved around and slipped between them. Thinking he was trying to get to her cunt, she quickly lifted her body up to avoid his hands, but instead she felt him unbutton his jeans and pull them down slightly. He pulled her back against him and now she could feel the material of his boxers against her cunt as he thrusted against her.

"This feels really good" she panted, "but we can't have sex."

His hands returned to her ass and he was now pulling her tight against him in time with his humping, her pussy sliding up and down his boxer shorts. Her pussy was so wet she could feel her lips easily parting and the material of his boxers rubbing directly against her clit. Her body was burning and Anna knew she needed to cum (and from the speed of Mark's thrusting, that he desperatly wanted to cum too). She also realised that if he came now, it would soak through his boxers and rub directly onto her cunt and this was enough of a wake up call for her.

She pulled back from him and said "Wait."

He just said "Please...".

It was the first time his jeans had been undone while they had been together, and even though it was still covered by his boxers, she could see the outline of his cock through his boxers and even a bit of the head poking out of the top of them. Anna had only ever seen one other cock, and it had been quite a bit smaller than Mark's. She wondered if they ever did have sex if she would be able to take something that big as it was nearly twice the length of her vibrator and seemed quite a bit thicker.

Mark took her hand and guided it to his boxers and she tentively touched them and felt his cock jump. Mark let out a moan and pressed her hand against himself a bit harder. He then pulled down the top of his boxers, exposing his cock properly.

He tried to guide her hand up to touch his bare cock, but Anna pulled back. "I'm not ready for that" she said, even though an increasing part of her wanted to both cum and see, or make, him cum. Mark started pleading with her and an idea shot into her head.

"Stand up and go over there" she said, indicating to an area by the desk.

When he got there, she told him to turn around and then she put her shoes and top in a pile on the floor at the end of the couch. She was hoping that he would think she had taken off her panties too and at least knew she now had some control.

She sat down on the couch and told him to turn around. "Seeing as you've been good, you can have a treat." She lifted her skirt and showed him her shaved pussy and he took a step towards her. Anna covered her pussy and said "No, stay there, or I'll stop"

Mark stopped, but didn't stop back, and Anna lifted her skirt again and spread her legs. She felt the now familiar thrill of someone seeing even though it was only earlier that day she had first discovered it. She ran her hands over her breasts, still slightly wet from Mark's licking and played with her nipples.

Mark's hands weren't idle, he was rubbing his cock through his boxers and his eyes were fixed on Anna as she played with herself. He hungrily took in the sight of her slim figure and nearly bald pussy and wanted to fuck her badly.

Anna had been masterbating for yeears and had a few previous boyfriends finger her, mostly through her panties (only one of them had ever touched her pussy), but she had never felt anything as exciting as this. Her nipples felt more sensitive than she could remember them ever have been before, and when she moved a hand to her pussy, she felt like she could cum in seconds and had to hold herself back.

Mark had lowered his boxers and was rubbing his cock openly now. Anna looked over at him and saw it properly for the first time - it was indeed as large as she had thought and she watched his hand, wrapped around the shaft, moving up and down with increasing speed. The top half of it was shining with his pre-cum and she was glad she had stopped humping against him.

Usually Anna had to lubricate her clit with her juices so that she could comfortably rub it, but the whole area was soaking wet already and her fingers were easily sliding over her lips and clit. She dipped two fingers into her pussy and let out a moan. She considered removing her skirt so she could be completely naked, but didn't want to interrupt the way she was feeling and just quickly yanked it up as far as she could.

She looked over at Mark again and saw his hand flying over his cock even faster than her own fingers were working on her clit and pushing into her cunt. She could feel her orgasm building and managed to let out a gasping "I'm close". She lifted one leg and reached around it to slide two fingers into her pussy from underneath while her other hand worked on her clit - one of her favourite ways to make herself cum. She realised how exposed this position made her and that just added to her excitement and propelled her towards her orgasm even faster.

Mark's cock had been hard since he had started kissing Anna in the cinema and he didn't think he could hold back any longer. Knowing that Anna was about to cum in front of him pushed him over the edge and he felt the cum starting to rise from his balls.

He said, "Oh yeah" and took a stumbling step towards her to get a better view of her orgasm. He couldn't hold back any longer and a thick stream of cum squirted from his cock and landed on her neck and breasts.

Anna had been distracted by her approaching orgasm and when his cum hit her, she looked up to see him standing just in front of her, his eyes fixed on her. She was too close to stop and her own orgasm started to hit her. She threw her head back just as she felt another stream of cum land on her and run down her stomache. She let out a moan, much louder than she had intended, as her orgasm intensified. She felt a third squirt of Mark's cum land on her face and some dribbled into her mouth.

Anna's whole body was pulsing with her orgasm and she knew that she was so far gone that if Mark tried to fuck her, she would probably let him. She jammed her fingers as deep into herself as she could and quickly rubbed her clit while feeling his cum running over her face and body.

Mark couldn't believe the view in front of him. He hadn't intended to cum over her but the view of cute little Anna, now covered in his cum, just seemed to drive his orgasm on. He shot another load, this time intentionally aiming it at her face and managed to get it from her hair and down her cheek. His final squirt landed on her raised leg and he moved forwards more so he could to squeeze out the last few drops onto her face.

Her orgasm was beginning to subside and she lifted a hand to her breasts. Only then did she realise just how much cum was covering her body. Her hand smeared it over her breasts and she collapsed back into the couch, panting, as her body went limp.

Mark tried to press the head of his cock into her open mouth, but Anna shook her head away from it and then raised her hand to push him away. She opened her eyes again and saw his cock, still dripping cum onto her body as is started to shrink. She could taste his cum on her lips and then looked down at her body. Her breasts were covered with the cum she had smeared over them and it was dripping down her sides and had covered her skirt. She was glad she had left it on as it had stopped the cum on her upper body running onto her pussy. She saw the cum running down her leg and wiped it off, unzipped her skirt and then tried to clean herself as best she could with it.

She was angry with Mark for nor staying where she had told him to, but she also knew it was partly her own fault for getting carried away and not stopping him. She wasn't going to let him know she was angry with herself though.

"I told you to stay over there you bastard, you could have got cum inside me" she shouted.

Mark was flustered, "I, I'm sorry. You looked so hot and didn't tell me to move away and I just came".

"Yeah, of course - and so you had to keep cumming on me and then try to get me to suck you off. How the fuck do I get indoors now with my skirt covered with your fucking cum".

"I'm sorry... I'll get my jacket" replied Mark and he sutffed his cock back into his trousers and dashed out the door.

Anna stifled a laugh - she had just had the best orgasm of her life, and she knew it was because he had been watching her - and then she had made him feel sorry about it. She wiped her face with her hand and smeared his cum across her tits again. She knew that she had liked the feel of his cum covering her body but knew there was a risk she could get pregnant so had to find a better way of doing things. Just standing naked in the middle of the room, she could feel her pussy beginning to tingle again but couldn't do anything about it until she washed her hands so continued to clean herself up with her skirt.

Mark returned with his jacket. Their difference in height meant that it would be longer on her than her skirt had been was so she could get back into the house safely. He sheepishly handed it to her - obviously thinking she was going to shout at him again.

"It's okay" she said. "But next time, you do EXACTLY what I say, or it will be the last time." She playfully hit his crotch - not hard, but hard enough to make him jump back.

"So I get another go do I?" he asked.

"We'll see" she replied as she slipped her top and his jacket on. "You'd better go in case my parents realise we're out here," she continued, as she zipped up the jacket and put her shoes on. She hid her wet skirt in a box at the side of the sofa and turned off the lights as they left. With a final kiss at the gate, Mark ran off to his car and Anna went in the front door and dashed up the stairs to the shower.


I think next episode will feature Clare and Cindy's dates...


  1. Fantastic episode. Amazing story I do hope it continues, I get so excited when I read it and think of various different scenarios for the girls. No end of possibilities. I hope you and Jen have a great weekend, take care. Love you writings

  2. Very good episode. looking foward to the next.

  3. Thanks for the coments, I loved writing it - imagining Anna writhing in pleasure in front of her boyfriend and then ending up covered in cum :)