Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Warm(er) Weather

I'd meant to post this yesterday but got distracted just before I did. In the rest of the post 'yesterday' means Friday...


I was happy to wake up yesterday and find that the weather was a bit warmer. Warm enough (I thought) to wear a nice little pleated skirt and go without panties.

Jen and I had been talking about this over the phone - we're not going to get the chance to see each other for a while (due to both time and money), so we've taken to having long chats on the phone (and possibly just a little phone sex :) Much to Mike's delight, Jen doesn't mind if he listens in (and they've now talked a fair bit and seem to get on, even if they haven't met properly in person).

By 'listens in' of course, I mean 'helps me out'. Admittedly it is cheating a bit given than Jen is by herself, but it means I can put Jen on speakerphone and listen to her pleasuring herself while Mike eats or fucks me. She loves listening to me cum (and I guess it means that Holly is getting to experience a few more loud orgasms than she usually would!)

Jen has been fairly clear about the ground rules, Mike isn't meant to talk to her while she's masturbating and she doesn't want us to do things in the same room as him, but it's fairly easy to tell from the way he fucks me, that he finds it an incredible turn on listening to us. Last night Jen described herself sitting naked on her bed and playing with herself. She used her vibe on her breasts and in her cunt and even rubbed around her asshole.

I had such a vivid image of her doing all this I came three times (Mike licked me the first time and fucked me for the next two). Jen described how wet her pussy was after she came and mine was equally wet (but I had a bit of help from Mike's cum!) The one bad thing about Mike being there is that I can't look at the pics of Jen while I cum (she doesn't want him to see her naked).

It's definitly going to be odd when they do meet - how do you talk to someone you haven't met before but you have heard cum a large number of times (well, it will be a large number by the time they meet).

Jen has also agreed to let me write about her first time with another girl - unless she changes her mind. We're going to work on it next week but it might take a while as I tend to get distracted when chatting with her :) morning


Back to the skirt - so I thought it was warm yesterday and took the opportunity to go pantyless. Since being shaved for my visit to Jen's place, I've kept myself completely bald and it was soooo nice being able to feel the air on my cunt as I walked around. It has been so long that tt had quite an effect on me - I almost felt like Anna the first time she went without panties in the story :)

I had to txt Jen and Mike and let them know how wet I was - I couldn't find a secluded place in lectures to do anything about it though (damn students turning up for lectures!) Unfortunatly, as the day went on, it got colder and by the time I walked home, me legs were freezing and a wet cunt in cold air is *very* cold! I dived into bed to warm up and fortunatly Mike was soon home to lick me better.

The one really interesting thing was just how hot his tongue felt on and in me - it was certainly different than usual and we may have to investigate this more :) (I guess it was sort of like when we do things with ice-cream.)

Slumber Party - Ep 11

Clare had felt aroused before and wasn’t a stranger to masturbation, but this felt a bit different. She almost wished that she had let Rob go further with her and touch her a bit more. As she continued to think about her evening, her hands began tracing where Rob’s hands hand been on her. She played with her breasts through her top and then imagined him sliding his hands under it and onto her bra. She slipped off her top and started playing with her breasts through her bra, all the time imagining that it was Rob touching her.

Her bra was soon pushed up over her breasts and she wished that she could feel his tongue on her nipples, the way that Rach had described when she and Tim had fooled around. Clare was feeling more aroused than she usually felt and her mind was racing with a mixture of Rach’s account of having sex and thinking about Rob touching her. She slid her hand down to her shorts and rubbed her crotch, and then tried to squeeze her fingers under the waistband to touch herself properly. She swore at herself and quickly unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down to her ankles, returning her hand to her crotch, now only covered by a pair of light blue panties.

She imagined feeling Rob’s fingers there and felt a wave of pleasure course through her. She pressed harder against her panties and then urgently worked her fingers under the elastic of one of the legs and slid her fingers into her pussy. She was almost scared about how turned on she was, but nothing was going to stop her now. She worked the crotch of her panties to the side and continued playing with her pussy.

She pushed her bra off her breasts and started running her hand all over them. She remembered Rob calling her sexy and wondered what he would think if he could see her now. She had felt his cock earlier in the evening when she was lying against him and began to imagine what it would be like to see it. The only time Clare had seen a man naked was in a sex-ed video (which she had turned bright red while watching, but so had half of the class). She imagined running her hands over Rob’s jeans and feeling how hard he was while she continued touching herself.

She knew she was getting close to cumming , but didn’t want the feelings to end and as she didn’t yet know about cumming multiple times in a single night, she slowed down and let her mind wander. Clare wanted to be as adventurous as the other girls, but she knew that she was so much shyer than they were (possibly with the exception of Jo).

She though about Anna, Vicky Rach going without underwear – while the idea didn’t really excite her, she just wished that she could get up the nerve to try things like that. She thought about Jo and how much she changed when she got drunk and wondered if the same thing would work for her – she certainly felt a bit less inhibited when drinking with the girls but had never been more than a little tipsy. Her phone started to ring and she was startled out of her trance. Quickly trying to cover herself up, she answered it.

“Hi babe, it me” said Rob.

“Uh, hi. What are you up to” replied Clare while pulling he bra back down to cover her breasts and straightening up her panties. Her shorts were still tangled around her ankles and she left them there.

“I was just thinking of you and wanted to tell you that I really liked this evening” said Rob. What Clare didn’t know is that Rob had run home and whipped his cock out, desperate to relieve himself of the pressure that had built up while they had been kissing. For the past few months he had always imagined fucking her or having her suck his cock and cumming in her mouth when he wanked, and he had even called Clare a few times before while wanking (but of course he hadn’t told her that). It always got him a lot more excited knowing that she was listening to him when he came and it made it much easier to picture her cute body covered or filled with his cum.

Rob wrapped his hand around his cock again and started rubbing up and down the shaft. He knew it wouldn’t take him long to cum and said “It was really nice kissing you, holding you and playing with your breasts”.

“Yes”, replied Clare, “and thank you for waiting and being patient with me”. When Rob had mentioned about playing with her breasts, her free hand slid back to them and gently pushed her bra out of the way. She hesitated and then realised that Rob would never know what she was doing and her fingers gently closed on her nipples. She felt a shock of pleasure go through her body – she had never done anything like this before and felt much braver with a phone between them.

“I think you’re beautiful” continued Rob. “I love you and love being able to touch you.” In his mind she was now topless and he was kneading her breasts. “I know you want to take things slowly, but do you think I might be able to touch them properly sometime?”

Clare’s hand was still playing with her nipples, each in turn and she was imagining Rob doing it. Clare felt herself blushing at the thought of him actually seeing her naked, but said “Um… maybe… yes… I’m just not ready yet… but sometime soon”.

Rob thought about actually being able to play with Clare’s breasts properly and felt his cock twitch in his hand. “I’d really like that” he said.

Clare’s free hand wandered down towards her pussy and she pushed her panties aside – she couldn’t believe what she was doing, but felt more turned on that she could remember ever having been before. Her fingers slid along her pussy and she stifled a moan.

Rob’s hand was flying over his cock, pumping away as fast as he could; he could feel the familiar pressure building and was trying to hide his ragged breathing. He gripped his cock tighter, and felt his orgasm begin. His cum squirted out, landing on his chest and covering his hand – despite his efforts he let out a little moan and Clare asked if he was OK. “Yes, just a bit winded from running home” he answered, as his orgasm ended and the final squirt of cum was ejected from his cock.

“OK” said Clare, her own fingers working away at her pussy. “I wish you were still here with me…” she slid two fingers into her pussy, “I want you to kiss me again”.

Rob looked down at his cum covered body “I could always come over again and we could go back down to the tree and carry on”.

Clare thought of him kissing her again and imagined his hand between her legs, working his fingers into her pussy. “I don’t know, it would be a bit late by the time you got back and, mmm…” Clare could feel her orgasm building and wanted to end the call so she could enjoy it. “I think I’m getting a bit tired, so how about tomorrow?”

“Sure, what time?” asked Rob.

“Uh, I don’t know… I’ll give you a call… I’ve got to go, I think someone is calling me.” Clare threw the phone down and pulled her panties down to her knees. She had two fingers plunging between her little pussy lips and started rubbing her clit with her now freed up hand. She had knows that she was close to cumming, but hadn’t realised just how close – almost as soon as her fingers touched her clit, she let out a little stifled yelp and felt her orgasm begin.

She spread her legs as far as she could, her panties straining around her knees and she felt the waves of pleasure crash through her cunt. She slid her fingers as deep into herself as she could and kept stroking her clit. As another wave of her orgasm pulsed through her, she tried to open her legs further and she heard her panties start to tear but didn’t care.

Her orgasm faded and she was left covered in a light sheen of sweat, her pussy hair matted with her juices and her panties half torn. She wondered what Rob would think if he saw her like this and couldn’t decide if she should blush or laugh at herself. She knew she would still be too embarrassed to do very much with him, but was certainly warming to the idea of going further than she had before.

She had been gently stroking her pussy, enjoying the feel of the moisture coating her lips as she recovered. She thought about calling Rob back to apologise for hanging up so quickly but would have to think up an excuse so she slipped out of her clothes, wrapped herself in a towel and went into the shower.


I've been spending quite a bit of time with Cindy recently and think it's about time that she (or at least her younger fantasy counterpart) started having some adventures. I really want to get back to Anna and the Tuesday night too as I have high hopes for the girls :)

I'm going to try to post updates to Twitter - follow me at

Friday, 20 February 2009

Slumber Party - Ep 10

After leaving Jo's house, Clare had gone home to get ready for her own date that night. She had been dating Rob for a few months and was thinking that things were getting pretty serious. He was a fairly quiet guy, but Clare thought he was very sweet and she much preferred him to some of the loud brash guys who played sports.

The only problem was recently, every date had ended with him trying to go further with her than she wanted. She thought that his older brother had been 'tutoring' him on what to do with a girl and she intended to be brave and stand up to him tonight. Clare knew that she wasn't exactly suited to this - she was usually fairly quiet unless she was with the girls (and even then she was often as shy as Jo).

She jumped into the shower to freshen up and soaped up her body. She kept running over how to talk to Rob but nothing she thought of sounded quite right. She shaved her legs, rinsed herself off and stepped out of the shower. Even though she was shy, Clare was used to feeling much more cheerful than she currently felt and resolved to simply be brave and say whatever came into her mind at the time.

She wrapped a white towel around her body and started combing her hair in front of the mirror. She started thinking about their last date, it had gone so well, Rob had been very sweet and they had sat and chatted for ages. They had started kissing (which she had really enjoyed) and she hadn't even minded him playing with her breasts through her top. Things had started to go wrong when he tried to slide his hand under her top and she had told him to stop. To be fair to him, he had removed his hand the first time but then had tried it again a few minutes later. Again she had told him to stop and he did, although his hand lingered a bit longer. After that it almost became a battle.

He had started kissing her much more forcefully than she wanted and he kept trying to slide his hands under her top. It had ended when she felt him slide his hand under her skirt and up her thigh. She had pushed him away and told him she was going home. He had been very apologetic the next day and seemed much more like the guy she had fallen in love with. In her usual quiet way, she had just accepted his apology, but knew that she had to say something and had been working herself up to it all week.

She carefully selected her clothes for the date - she still wanted to look nice, but at the same time make sure that she didn't send off the wrong signals to him. In the end, she settled on a simple pair of light blue panties, with a matching bra, a light blue fuzzy top with a t-shirt under it and a pair of fairly tight shorts. Although the shorts gave a very nice view of her beautiful legs, she thought they offered more 'protection' than a skirt. After spending about 10 minutes applying make up, she slipped on a pair of little white socks, put her pumps on and went downstairs to wait.

Rob turned up about 10 minutes early with a bunch of flowers and gave her a little kiss. This was exactly the way Clare wanted him to be and invited him in so she could put the flowers in some water before they went out. Rob said "Hello" to Clare's parents, who were in the living room and then followed her into the kitchen. He stood against the wall and watched Clare as she undid the flowers and reached up to get a vase for them. He could feel his cock beginning to harden as his gaze went up the length of her legs and ended up on her ass. The shorts hugged it perfectly as she reached into the cupboard and all he could think about was how much he wanted to see her naked. He realised that he now had a full erection and shuffled over to the table to sit down and hide it. They chatted about nothing while she cut the end of the stems off and placed the flowers in the vase. By the time she had finished, he had mostly got himself under control again and stood up.

Clare stood back and admired the display. "Thank you, they're beautiful" she said.
"Well, you're beautiful too" he said and kissed her again, his hands on her back, holding her against him.

Clare began to think that he had finally got the message when she felt one of his hands slide down to her shorts.

"Don't spoil it" she said, and pushed his hand away.

"How is it spoiling it" he asked.

Clare gathered her courage and knew that if she didn't overcome her shyness and confront the situation, tonight would be no better that their previous date. "We need to talk" she said, "but not here. Let’s go for a walk."

Rob just replied "Oh", knowing what 'we need to talk' usually meant. He felt somewhat annoyed as he had just bought her the flowers and had been hoping to get somewhere with her tonight - splitting up definitely hadn't been what he was expecting.

They left the house and started walking down the street. Rob was looking somewhat dejected and Clare took his hand. "Look, I really like you..." she started.

Rob pulled his hand away and interrupted "...but don't tell me, you want us to split up".

"What? No." said Clare, surprised - and then realised what she had just said. "No, no, I don't want to split up, I really like you, I love you, but you keep trying to touch me in... places... and it's too soon for that". Clare could feel herself going red and waited for Rob's reply, holding out her hand for him.

He slowly took it and they started walking again. "I really like you - I mean I love you too" he said. "You are amazing and really beautiful and I just want to be able to kiss you and do things with you and...." his voice trailed off, but in his mind he continued "and fuck you".

Clare blushed an even deeper shade of red and quietly said "Thank you."

Rob continued "It's just that you look really sexy and I want to be able to touch you and see you and it's so difficult to stop".

Clare took a deep breath and said "Well, you have to. I like kissing and some other things, but I don't want to do any more yet." She began to cry and said "I don't want to break up."

Rob started to feel very guilty and said "Hey, I'm sorry, I don't want to break up. I'll go slower, just tell me what is OK". He pulled her close to him and kissed her. "Okay?" he asked.

"Yes", sniffed Clare. They had wandered around to the field behind Clare's house, one of Clare's favourite places to go for a walk, and she led him by the hand towards the woods and river. Rob followed along and wondered what the right thing to do was. He really did love her, but had the same sex drive that all 16 year old boys did and had spent every night for the last 3 months jacking off while thinking of her.

Clare led him down to her favourite spot by the river and they sat down. She told him the same fantasy she had told the other girls the previous night about him bringing her flowers and taking her for a picnic then watching the sun go down together. Sitting beside her, Rob was amazed with how beautiful Clare looked - of course he had always knows she was pretty, but while he was actively trying to not think of her naked, he could properly admire her.

She saw him staring at her and said "What?"

"Nothing, it's just that you are really beautiful" he replied.

Clare blushed again and said "Thank you". She leaned over and kissed him and then said "let’s sit over by the tree". They moved over and sat with Rob leaning against the tree and Clare leaning against him.

"Aren't we going to go into town" he asked.

Clare replied "How about we just spend the evening here, just the two of us and nobody else around?"

Rob immediately thought of all the things he wanted to do with her and felt his cock go hard - fortunately it was trapped by his jeans and Clare didn't notice. She just snuggled up against him and said "Do you.... do you really think I look sexy?"

"Of course I do - you look incredible. Half the guys I know want to..." Rob checked himself and continued " you. I'm really lucky and I'll wait as long as you want to do things."

Clare knew that she had a nice figure, but she had never had the confidence to think that boys would find her sexy. She looked up at him and said "I love you. Kiss me."

He kissed her, gently at first and then she opened her mouth and he slid his tongue into it. They continued like this for a while and then he broke off the kiss. Rob said "Tell me what I'm allowed to do".

Clare thought for a second and took Rob's hand. She placed it on her top, over her breasts and said "that's OK, but no going under my top".

Rob kissed her again and started squeezing her breasts through her top. Clare liked the feel of his hand and her tongue slowly began moving against his more as they kissed. Again he broke the kiss and asked "Am I allowed to touch your legs?"

"Yes" replied Clare, "but no higher than here". She took his hand and placed it on the middle of her thigh. Rob could feel his cock throbbing, it was still trapped against his leg and he desperately wanted to straighten it, but wanted his hands on Clare more. They kissed again and he started slowly stroking up and down her leg.

They had been making out for over an hour and it was the longest they had ever done so without Rob misbehaving and she realised that it was beginning to affect her. Clare was feeling quite aroused herself and thought she understood a little more how Rob might be feeling but was beginning to feel his fingers creeping slightly higher up her leg with each stroke and moved her own hand to stop him.

"Can we stop for tonight?" she asked.

"Just a bit more?" replied Rob, and tried to kiss her again.

"No, please, that was wonderful. Let's just rest for a bit and then head back." said Clare. She looked up at him with such a cute face that he agreed and settled back, trying to ignore the throbbing of his cock. After a couple of minutes, they walked slowly back to Clare’s house and kissed goodnight.

It was a lot earlier than their original date would have ended and Clare went up to her room and lay down. She felt very pleased with herself that she had finally got up the courage to tell Rob how she felt and had really enjoyed their evening. As she thought about the kissing and his hands on her breasts and legs, she felt the arousal building again.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Valentine's Night

I got back to York in the early afternoon and Mike met me at the station. I had promised him I would tell him everything that Jen and I had got up to so we went for a coffee, sat in the corner and I (quietly) recounted our night. From the bulge in his trousers, he seemed to be enjoying hearing about it - especially us sliding out cunts together :)

We had decided to stay at his place that night and went to M&S (for foreign readers, that is a slightly upmarket high street store) amd got a nice selection of food for our Valentine's dinner. We got back to Mike's place and he had a dozen roses waiting for me on the table, which was a lovely suprise.

We had a really nice dinner - steak and steamed vegetables and then moved on to dessert. We had bought a pack of strawberries and cream (with some posh thick cream) and didn't want to waste the strawberries as they were so juicy (and by 'waste', I mean just eat them!). After hearing about me nearly displaying myself to Jen's house, Mike wanted me to risk his housemate seeing me (he was out at the time, but we didn't know when he was getting back).

I lay on the table and Mike pulled off my jeans and panties (I was quite surprised they had stayed on that long) and started licking between my legs. He liked the idea that someone had left in the comments about licking Jen’s juices off me, but I had to disappoint him and tell him I had showered before getting the train home. I have promised that I’ll at least try to leave her juices on my cunt for him next time. The disappointment didn't seem to stop him though and I had cream dribbled onto my pussy and then he rubbed me with a strawberry.

It’s been a while since we’ve done that and it felt really good – we shared the strawberries, each with cream and my juices on them (Jen wants to try this). After I had cum, he sat on the sofa and I knelt down in front of him and played with his cock. We had used most of the cream, but I used the remaining bits to cover his cock and lick him clean. As I said before, we’ve been playing with him cumming over me a lot more recently and I could tell he was getting quite close and was expecting him to cum in my mouth or over my face.

He wanted us to do things properly though and so we went up to his room – lay on the bed and slowly started making love. It was very tender and he moved slowly in and out of me while we kissed (just like things should be on Valentine’s Day). Obviously things got a bit faster as we got more excited and the kisses became a lot more passionate and we were soon both close to cumming.

Mike said he wanted to cum as deep in me as he could and raised both my legs up so my feet were by his shoulders. This always feels incredibly deep (although we haven’t done that for quite a while either!) and I could feel his cock pumping deep in my cunt as he pressed hard against me. He came first, but kept moving inside me until I came (I wasn’t far behind). I could feel his cock almost up against my cervix and he pressed even harder against me. It looked like he had cum a lot, but he stayed inside me as we kissed so it didn’t leak out.

I’ve been practising using my pussy muscles and tried to slowly squeeze his cock as we kissed. He said it felt really nice and I did it for quite a while (it gets tiring though). He was still hard and I was ready for another go, so we rolled over and I sat up on him. I rocked back and forth, rubbing my clit against his body and I could feel him pushing back against me. He asked me to tell him again about what I’d got up to with Jen and I told him in as much detail as I could. We both tried to keep moving at about the same pace until I had finished my story (this was quite difficult as I was getting very hot between him fucking me and me recounting what Jen and I had been doing) and then I lay down on top of his so we could kiss.

He grabbed my ass and started pumping into me a lot harder, moving me back and forth in time with his thrusts. I could feel him slapping against my ass and his cum from the previous orgasm had begun to leak out of me and cover us both. I came first this time, by quit a bit, but Mike kept fucking me, hard and fast. I kept telling him to cum, but he held back for as long as he could and my pussy was starting to feel somewhere between being numb and tingling when he finally thrust hard into me and let out a moan. I was so sensitive, I think I could feel his cock pulsing inside me as he came (but it might just have been the way he was moving).

He held me tight against him and I felt the occasional twitch come from his cock until it started to shrink and fell out of me (along with quite a bit of cum!). We spooned, with him holding me and chatted about random things. After a while I stared wriggling my ass against him and felt his cock harden again, but he said he probably couldn't cum a third time. He did slip into me and we gently moved until we fell asleep.

I must have slept much heavier than usual as I woke up the next morning with my egg being held against my pussy. Mike was under the covers and gave me a wonderful wake up orgasm with his fingers inside me and egg on my clit. Once I had recovered, I knelt up and offered by ass to him. I had actually wanted him to fuck my ass so I could use the egg on my pussy again, but he slid into my cunt and seemed quite happy there so I didn't stop him (but I did get him to reach around me and rub my clit at the same time!)

After our second climax, he told me to wait there and soon returned with breakfast in bed (twice in 2 days!) We ate naked and used most of the chocolate spread on the croissants (and maybe a little elsewhere :)

After we had finished, I had the conversation with him about Jen's feelings (and how I feel about her). I assured him that I didn't want us to split up and he says that he is okay with it (just not me being in love with another man I think!) The next time Jen visits, the two of them will meet, which will either be very interesting, or a massive disaster...

I'm going to return to the slumber party story next - I want to develop what happens with the girls (and it makes it great fun recalling the stories when I see them in reality :)


I haven't got much free time at the minute as I have to make up for two weekends off in the last month. Hopefully I'll get the rest of Valentine's Day out tonight, but it might not be very long.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Jen's Place

Well I went along to Jen's place. I decided that as it was for just one night I would risk it - along with the fact that I didn't want to not be able to ever visit her (so I'd have to see her housemate sometime).

I've now met Jen's housemates. Rick (who has a girlfriend), Joanne (who is single) and Alice (who is bi and single). Joanne is the one who saw my pictures - and decided to tell the others about them (but they haven't seen them). Jen was looking at some pics of me that I had sent her - fortunately, not at ones on this blog, so they don't know of its existence.

Jen had met me at the station and we'd gone out for a coffee before heading home. She told me that Joanne had told the others about the pictures and asked if I was OK with it. It was a bit of a shock finding out that they all knew about them, but given I'm a few years older than they are, I thought I would try to own the situation and just made a joke out of it (and it was kind of exciting knowing that Joanne had seen me naked).

I finally met them in the late afternoon. Alice is a fairly large girl (quite a bit larger than I am), with short dark hair and is fairly loud (and she seems quite fun). Joanne is quite tall with long blonde hair and also quite outspoken. Rick is about the same height and build as Mike, but his hair is lighter (and I don't think he can quite stand up to three forceful girls).

Alice made a few comments about my pictures and I just said something like "Jen gets to see them as she's so cute" and gave her a big kiss (Jen that is, not Alice!) Later on, Joanne teased me about them a bit, saying that she knew what I looked like naked and cumming (why can't my housemates talk like this more?) Rick, the poor boy, seemed to be eyeing up Jen and I, but didn't make any comments about the pictures (we did chat about other things, and he also seems quite nice. if a bit shy).

We went to Jen's room and said hello properly (lots of touching, kissing and fondling, but not to orgasm) and I changed into a skirt (Jen likes me wearing skirts as much as I liker her doing so, but it's still too cold to wear one travelling). I had taken my black and white 'tartan' skirt and as we were staying in, didn't put on any panties. I was freshly shaved (Mike did that for me on Thursday night before going down on me - just to check I was smooth of course!). He was really mean and didn't actually make me cum though - as a penalty for not being there on Valentines morning. He licked me for a while and then we had fucked, but I didn't want him to cum in me so my pussy would be clean for Jen. He pulled out as he was getting close and I sucked him for a while before he came over my face (we've been doing this quite a bit recently as I’ve rediscovered the joy of being cummmed on :) He teased me a bit more after that, but wouldn’t let me cum, saying I should be really worked up for meeting Jen.

Back to Friday - Jen had showed me that she had kept herself shaved. She went without panties or bra (the reason I'd love to have smaller breasts!) and we went downstairs again. We had dinner in the living room on the sofa while watching TV. When we had finished, we snuggle up together and had a whispered conversation about what we wanted to do. The others were coming and going as they had dinner (it's a combined living/dining room), so our conversation was kept so they couldn't hear us. We were kissing quite a lot and had hands on each other, but were both still fully dressed (if you ignore lack of panties). We ended up lying down on the sofa and Jen had pulled one of my legs up across hers. I could almost feel my pussy touching her leg, but my skirt was long enough that I wasn't showing anything above mid-thigh and didn't really mind that Joanne was in the room (the last time I'd seen her, she was eating at the table and reading a book).

We were still whispering about things we could do, giggling at the ideas and kissing and stroking each other. Jen was stroking my leg and I was fondling one of her breasts through her t-shirt. She told me to slide my hand under the shirt and I asked if she really wanted me to do that with Joanne in the room. Apparently she did, so I gently worked my hand under the t-shirt and up to her breasts. Her nipples were incredibly hard and I started teasing them in turn - I looked over at Joanne and saw that she was glancing up at us, but she got up and left a few minutes later.

I took the opportunity to lift up Jen's top and play with her exposed nipples for a while - she joined in by stroking my pussy and rubbing my juices onto her nipples for me to clean off. I was really getting into it and had Jen's legs spread so I could play with her clit at the same time, but we heard people coming down the stairs so had to straighten ourselves out. Apparently, they all spend time watching TV together on a Friday night so we had to move up to let Joanne sit on the sofa with us and Alice and Rick sat elsewhere (Rick was relegated to the floor). I wasn't really watching the TV and chatted a bit to the others. Jen was still gently stroking my side and playing with my hair and I ended up snuggled up against her again with my legs curled up under me.

She started stroking my neck (which of course I love) and my hand, which was resting on her thigh, started stroking her leg. She kept stroking my neck and I realised that she actually knew what she was doing (and just how much power her having read this blog gave her!) I pressed harder against her and worked my hand up her leg slightly higher, in the hope she would figure out just hwo much effect her fingers were having. I could feel myself getting flushed and felt Jen's other hand snaking around me and onto my ass. I was concentrating on my breathing and still very slowly working my hand up under Jen's skirt and then I felt her fingers brush against my pussy (through my skirt).

I was taken by surprise and let out a gasp and everyone looked round. Alice said something corny like "Whoa, get a room you two" and I grabbed Jen's hand (I don't really know if I was trying to push her away or wanted to her slide her fingers into me in front of them!) We hurriedly went upstairs and fell onto the bed with the intention of getting the initial burst of lust properly worked out. We were soon naked and played with each other's breasts for a while (as I've said before, Jen's nipples are very sensitive and it is wonderful being able to excite her so much without even touching her pussy). While sucking on nipples, we were both grinding against each other and ended up in the scissors position again.

I wanted to try Jen’s vibrator out so she used it on me. It’s quite slim and isn’t as powerful as my one so Jen had to rub my clit for me to cum, but it was nice watching her sit there naked as she pleasured me. While I was recovering, she slipped it into her own pussy and started playing with her nipples. I was going to help her out, but she asked me to watch her cum. I loved this idea so we swapped places and she lay back against the bed, spread her legs and fucked herself with the vibrator. It was very informative watching her as she hardly touched her clit – just worked the vibrator in her cunt and played with her nipples. She made her little mewing noises again as she came and she looked really cute with her body tensed and her face scrunched up.

After she came, I licked her pussy clean and we went back downstairs (dressed). Rick had gone out with his girlfriend and Alice made a sarky comment about what we’d been up to. It turns out that they are a lot more open about sex in their house than my housemates are – Alice had had girls and boys over, Rick’s girlfriend stays over and Joanne has had a few guys. It is custom to tease each other if there was a lot of noise the night before. (I was now beginning to understand Jen’s behaviour the time she visited me.) It was refreshing being able to be so open (OK, so we didn’t exactly give out details, but just being able to acknowledge that we had a good cum was fun).

As I was only there for one night, we weren’t going out anywhere (I’m going to meet her friends the next time I visit) and after realising that there wasn’t much on TV, we went back upstairs (with more sarcastic comments from Joanne and Alice0. We must have spent about 4 hours doing things that night – we tried many different positions and I think Jen reached the limit of times she could cum! I of course, don’t have such a limit (well, not one that I’ve found anyway as long as I can have a rest between orgasms).

Jen did get me to cum one more time using her vibrator – she got me to kneel on the bed and fucked my cunt with it while she licked at my ass. I don’t think I’ve ever had that done to me in quite the same way before and it gave me a really deep rolling orgasm that went on for ages, and because it wasn’t too intense it never got to be too much. I had wanted to do the same to her as it had felt so good, but she said her pussy had been used up for the night so we snuggled up in bed and chatted before drifting off to sleep.

In the morning, Jen said that she had a surprise for me and that I had to stay in bed. After about 15 minutes, she came back with breakfast in bed and a single rose. She handed me the rose and said "I love you".

I was a bit taken aback by this (just as I had been when she called me her girlfriend 2 weeks ago) and a part of me was worried about Mike and I. We sat and had a chat about things and I told her that I loved Mike and didn’t want to lose him and it was then that it really struck me. I had been telling Jen how much I liked her and how beautiful I thought she was and I realised that I was actually properly, really, falling in love with her.

When I told Jen how I felt, she squealed and hugged me (almost knocking the breakfast over at the same time). I explained that I needed to talk to Mike about things and said again how much he means to me and what happened would be up to him, but she was genuinely happy that I love her (and I’m happy she loves me).

I was heading off at midday, and we had spent quite a while talking about things, but we both wanted to celebrate our confessions of love. Breakfast was forgotten and we kissed and touched each other quite passionately, both getting very turned on. We were mostly under the covers and Jen was lying on top of me and grinding against me – we weren’t being incredibly noisy, but not too quiet either and Joanne stuck her head in the door (which Jen had left slightly open when she had come back with breakfast) and said something like “Well I see you’re having a good Valentine’s morning”.

Jen replied with something like “If you don’t want to join us, fuck off and let us get on with things”. I was incredibly turned on and decided to get my own back on Jen for nearly making me cum in the living room and pulled up the covers. Now I think Jen’s leg was hiding my cunt, but I’m sure Joanne must have got a good view of Jen’s ass and pussy (and probably her juices over my leg). Joanne turned away and said “That’s a bit more than I’d wanted to see” and left us to get on with it. I feel that I might pay for that next time I see her, but it was fun at the time!

Jen tickled me as punishment (why did I tell her I was ticklish?) and after squirming around, I managed to get my mouth onto her cunt and distract her. I tried to work my tongue in her cunt as much as I could and worked on her ass from time to time and I could feel her fingers and tongue on me. It didn’t take too long for me to cum and I managed to keep eating her and made her cum with my mouth on her clit and a finger in her ass. We lay back panting and realised that I would have to leave soon so we quickly dived in the shower and got dressed.

Just before I left, I thought I should leave her a present, so (with her watching), I pulled down my jeans, slid her dildo deep into me to cover it with my juices and then left it for her to use later. We walked to the station holding hands and said our goodbyes with a nice long kiss. I’d had a wonderful day but was very confused – I didn’t want to leave Jen but did want to get back to Mike.

The reason I didn’t post this entry sooner is I had wanted to talk to Mike about things properly (we didn’t chat until this morning as I didn’t think that talking about falling in love with someone else was suitable conversation for Valentines day). He really does seem to be okay with it, as long as I don’t want to split up with him and love him too (and I know that he still hopes he’ll get a chance with both of us one day – but I don’t think Jen would be up for that).

Valentine’s night is next post – this one is long enough!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentines night

I went to see Jen - story later.

Strawberries and cream from M&S tonight :)

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Change of plan

Well I was going to post about my time with Mike after Jen left, but I've just had a phone call from Jen that might change my plans for tomorrow.

Apparantly she had been looking at some of my pictures and was planning to masturbate to them, but had popped to the toilet to pee beforehand. One of her housemates (she won't tell me which one) had gone into her room to ask her something and seen the photos on the computer. Being a nosy person, she had a closer look at them until Jem returned and then asked if they were pics of the Andi that was coming to visit tomorrow.

It would hardly have done much good to lie about it as she would be seeing me the next day (unless she had a very short memory and had forgotten the pics by then!) So now I have to decide whether I should go along and visit, knowing that at least one of Jen's housemates has seen me naked (well, naked, covered in cream, masturbating....)

I know I often talk about liking the idea of being seen naked, but it's somewhat different if it's by someone who you're going to be spending time with and talking to (although, there is still a part of me that is excited by it).

Jen thinks I should just go along anyway and (to paraphrase her) "ask if they want to see any more". I guess we left Holly and Rach in no doubt about what we were up to with the noise we made a couple of weeks ago. It really doesn't seem that long ago, but I haven't really stopped thinking about it since and it has been the topic of conversation evey time Mike and I have fucked (and just as after New Year, he's been fucking me an awful lot every time I recount anything Jen and I got up to :)

Both Holly and Rach seemed to like Jen (but probably not in the way Jen seemed to like them - especially Holly). I did apologise to them for the noise (we were quite a bit louder than I am usually), but they said it was OK. Holly did point out that I wasn't usually that loud when I was with Mike (this is the first time she's acknowledged that she hears us fucking).

I may as well tell you about what happened when I told Holly about Jen's upcoming visit. We had a few drinks and I had sat her down in the living room and admitted that I was bi to her (as I said before, I don't think I could really claim to be bi from just my one encounter with Jen at New Year, but I think I might qualify now!) Holly was fine with that (as expected), but then I told her that I had a friend coming to visit who I had met at a party.

I explained that I had been with Jen (not in too much detail) and Holly asked about what that meant for Mike and I (we've been together pretty much all the time Holly and I have known each other). I explained to her that Mike didn't mind, I still loved him and wanted to stay with him, but that I had been attracted to girls for a while now. She asked me quite a few more questions, what had happened with Jen, how much Mike liked the idea of us being together...

I ended up telling her a bit more than I had intended (still nothing like what is on here, but Holly and I had never really talked about sex before in great detail). I let on that is was one of Mike's fantasies for me to be with another girl and she wasn't really suprised by that - she agreed that it does seem to be pretty much every guy's fantasy after all!

She jokingly asked if she had to start making sure she was covered up when going to the shower (unfortunatly she always does anyway - not that I've been sneaking looks!) and I just laughed and said something like "I know you two too well for that". I didn't really think that "Yes, I sneak into your room, suck your cunt juices off your dildo and fuck myself senseless with it while thinking about you!" would be an appropriate answer!


Back to the issue at hand - I have very little time to decide if I'm going to own the situation and visit her, or chicken out. It would only be for one night anyway as I'm heading back here to be with Mike for Valentines day (technically, it means I get Valentines morning with Jen, and evening with Mike - how lucky am I :)

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Jen's First Visit - Part 5

I'll have to rocket through the rest of the weekend as I'm heading over to see her on Fri...

I've started a Twitter account so I can tweet minu-updates - follw me at: and I'll try to keep you up to date with what we're doing.


After breakfast we went out for a walk so we could talk (it's one thing having my housemates overhear me cumming, but another when I want to talk properly). Admittedly, I didn't do too much of the talking as Jen knows pretty much everything about my sex life and sexual history. Jen told me a lot of details about her past (not just the sex stuff!) - but she isn't ready for it all to be shared on here. I certainly felt that I knew her a lot better by the end (although there were some bits of her I was fairly sure I knew quite well already :)

We had been walking and chatting for about an hour and were both feeling quite cold so returned home. The house was empty and we chose the obvious way to warm up (talking about sex for an hour had quite an effect on us). We fooled around for a bit using fingers and tongues and then I wanted to try out my vibrator. Now my pussy is still fairly tight, but Jen's is even tighter (she is 4 years younger than me and I have been fucked a few thousand times, even if only by one person!) She really enjoyed the vibrating arm on her clit, but trying to get the shaft into her wasn't very comfortable. (The rabbit isn't very big, but I guess for someone who is effectively a virgin it's still too big).

I was a bit disappointed as I had really wanted to fuck her and watch her cunt swallowing it while I played with or licked her clit. Jen said that we could always use my 'other' vibrator. I was a bit confused by this until she indicated next door and I realised she meant Holly's. Now of course I had thought about fucking her in Holly's (and Rach's) room, but wasn't sure how much time we really had to ourselves. I was too turned on to really refuse and so we went into Holly's room and played around on her bed for a while. Jen used my vibrator on me (even though I hadn't got it very far inside her, it was still covered in her juices and I pictured them being rubbed deep inside my cunt.

I retrieved Holly's vibe from it's usual hiding place in her bedside drawer and Jen said it was much closer in size to her own one. She lay back on the pillows and spread her legs and I knelt in front of her. I rubbed the vibe over her cunt to get it wet (easy to do with Jen) and slid it into her. We talked about how cute Holly was and we fantasised about her joining us and what we could all do to each other. I handed Jen my vibe and she tried to slide it into me, but it was awkward in the position we were in so we ended up 69ing on our sides - pumping our vibes (well, mine and Holly's vibes) into each other.

I had the advantage as Jen just had Holly's simple vibe working on her, whereas I had my wonderful rabbit working in mu cunt and on my clit, but I was determined to hold off for as long as I could. Jen was clearly getting close and I concentrated on making her cum, while trying to ignore the wonderful feelings she was giving me. We took advantage of the empty house and were both fairly loud (which in hindsight was probably a bad idea as we wouldn't have heard anyone coming in).

I managed to make Jen cum first and then grabbed her hand to hold my vibe in me - it wasn't as strong an orgasm as earlier that day (but then even I can only take so much!) Jen seemed to enjoy it alot more - it was her first time with Holly's vibe though, and I remember how much I enjoyed it the first time :)

We straightened the room and had another quick shower before going into town. Unfortunatly it was too cold to wear skirts, so we couldn't play with each other, but Jen did want to walk around holding hands, which got a couple of looks (but only one nasty comment).

We had a quick play in a shop changing room (of course, mike isn't allowed in the changing rooms with me, but they don't have any problem with a girl taking clothes in for another girl :) It wasn't an 'all the way' thing, but was still exciting fingering each other with people around us.

We went out that night and met a few of my other friends - we weren't really touchy feely around them, but did hold hands and snuggle up together. So far everyone seems to really like Jen (although I did get a few comments about going for younger women :) - what can I say, I've always liked cute girls!

We actually had a much quieter session when we returned home that night - much more kissing, fingering and rubbing against each other before falling asleep.

The following day, we woke up fairly late and Jen decided she wanted to have a look at my downloaded picture archive. These gave us plenty of ideas and we decided that we would try to find a double ended dildo next time and see if it was as fun as it looks.

naturally, after looking at the pics, we had to work off a little steam and tried 69ing again. Jen was on top this time and having her pussy and ass exposed above my face was a beautiful sight. I got covered in her juices again, but we didn't try to torture each other this time and slowed our kissing and touching after tho other one had cum (much better that way!)

Jen's train was early afternoon, so by the time we had showered and had some food, it was time to get her to the station. It was actually really sad having her leave (and she said she felt the same way), but we had arranged to see each other in 2 weeks time (in 2 days time now!)

I called Mike on the way home as I had promised to give him all the details as soon as she had left - at least that kept me occupied for the rest of the day (and half the night!)

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Jen's First Visit - Part 4

On with the story - have lost time to make up for...


I awoke the following morning with Jen spooning up against my back (I think we had switched round a few times in the night). It was still a little strange - I'd never spent the night with anyone other than Mike (and then I thought it was even stranger that I would think it was strange after what we'd done the previous night!)

I did know how I wanted to wake her up though - I slipped out from under her arm and turned around so I could climb under the covers. Jen was already party awake from me having moved, so I gently pushed her onto her back and started kissing around her mons. She made a sound of approval (a bit muffled by the covers being over my head) and I nudged her legs open with my head. She obliged me and spread them and I continued to kiss around her pussy for a while.

Her hands had found my ass and were playing with it - dipping between my legs and rubbing my pussy and I was having trouble not diving into her cunt properly and eating her, but I had intended to tease her for a while so I kept just gently kissing and occasionally licking her lightly. I tried all the things Mike does to me when teasing - parting her lips and gently blowing, tracing a finger from her ass to her clit (but not pressing hard), sucking her pussy lips into my mouth and playing with them... and it all seemed to be having an effect.

Jen had her fingers working in my cunt - sliding in and out with long slow strokes and then rubbing them over my ass. She apparantly wasn't trying to tease me on purpose, but she was managing just the right amount of pressure to feel really good, without it building up (which is exactly what I was trying to do to her). It was getting a bit hot under the covers, so I flipped them off and could now see what I was doing properly. I started licking her a bit harder, letting my tongue slide between her lips (still not a lot though).

I wanted to try a 69 and moved so I was crouching over her face and slowly lowered my pussy until I could feel her breath on me. I licked her a bit deeper and she pulled me down to her and retured the favour. This is what I had dreamed of since our first encounter - licking and being licked at the same time - and my desire to tease her went out the window. I started licking faster, and concentrating more on her clit and lapping at her cunt hole.

As I said before, Jen is a few inches taller than me, so she could reach my cunt easily with her mouth and even paid some attention to my ass. As much as I like that, I wanted to 69 properly and asked her to eat my pussy. I was facing down the bed and (if I looked up from my tasty pussy breakfast) I could see that the door was still ajar. I briefly considered moving to close it, but for some reason I didn't want to get up :)

I spread Jen's cunt lips open and dived into her - sliding my tongue into her and working on her clit. I remember feeling her moaning into my cunt as she ate me, and the vibrations this caused felt really good (plus it's an incredible turn on knowing that I'm making her feel that good). I was rubbing against her face, making sure her mouth worked on the right spots and only remembered half way through that this was only her second time ever eating someone. She was certainly doing a good job and I could feel the tingling sensation building. I wanted us to cum together (but we weren't in a film, so that is quite difficult to do) and I came first.

I moaned into her as I did my best to keep licking - Jen kept going on my cunt and even though her licking felt too intense after a while, I tried to take it for as long as I could. I was panting into her cunt and my body was shaking when I finally almost threw myself off her. I had to spend a minute or so recovering and then pulled her on top of me so I could try to return the favour. She knelt over me facing the other way around (so I was looking up her body at her face and lowered her pussy onto my mouth. I didn't think she could be far from cumming, and I intended to get my own back and eat her for as long as I could hold on to her.

I watched her playing with her nipples as I ate away - I could get much deeper inside her in this position and took full advantage of it. She was as wet as usual and it felt like my whole face and her thighs were dripping with her juices. When I concentrated on her clit, I could definitly feel my chin getting soaked. At one point she braced herself on the bed and ran her pussy all the way over my face before returning it to my mouth.

She was moaning and telling me how good it felt and I no longer cared that the door was open so I just kept going. My hands had returned to my own pussy and were playing with my clit (I was still determined for us to share an orgasm) and Jen started rocking against my mouth faster. I reluctantly left myself alone and pulled her pussy lips apart so I could really get to her clit and licked, flicked and sucked on it. Jen came with a reasonably loud orgasm and I felt happy I'd made her cum again.

I remembered that I wasn't planning on just making her cum (I think I had actaully forgotten with the various distractions) and grabbed her waist, pulling her harder against me. I kept licking as fast as I could and she started letting out little yelping/moaning sounds (I have no idea how to describe them properly). She tried to lift herself off me, but between holding her waist and lifting my head, I managed to keep contact with her cunt and kept eating. She was now moaning and panting and was very flushed.

Even though she was trying to move away, it didn't appear that she was making too much effort to do so (and was still tweaking her nipples), so I licked as fast as I could (my mouth was getting very tired now). Her moans became even louder - more like little shrieks, and I knew that my housemates would have definitly heard us, but I wanted to make her cum for as long as possible and that seemed a lot more important.

It was probably only a little while, but it seemed like we kept going for ages until I could no longer hold her up and she fell sideways off me. I tried to move to get back to her pussy, put she pushed me away and I guessed that she had really had enough. I moved round so I could kiss her while she recovered. My face was almost as wet as I had suspected and I wiped some of it off myself and onto Jen's breasts.

After a while, she began to recover and was kissing me back as I played with her nipples. We heard a door open and someone go into the bathroom - Jen looked up at me and asked "Do you think we woke her?" and started giggling. I couldn't help myself and we both collapsed, giggling, into a heap (well, I was already half on top of her, so we didn't have far to go!)

We were both quite hungry by now but thought that we should shower before getting breakfast as we were both rather sticky. We waited for whoever was in the bathroom to finish (I think it was Rach) and I put my dressing gown on but Jen just waltzed otut and across the hallway naked. We showered together and it was only when we were about to head back to my room that Jen showed her first sign of shyness (or at least, not being quite as bold as she had been pretending to be)

We had heard someone in the hallway and Jen wrapped herself in a towel before heading out (I was quite relieved to know that I wasn't the only one who got nervous about actually doing the things that appealed to me). She reintroduced herself to Holly and I could feel myself going bright red, but Holly just laughed and gave me a smile. It turned out that Jen had been trying to impress me with her willingness to be naked and taking risks - I assured her that she only need do what she actually wanted to, and she promised me that she would stop pretending.

It did feel nice knowing that she wanted to make that much of an effort for me (although, I was also trying to do the same for her as I wanted her to come back again!) We dressed and went down for breakfast and chatted with Holly for a while. As soon as Holly left the room Jen said that she could see why I liked her, but before that conversation could get very far Rach turned up and we chatted with her while we finished up eating.


Hmm, that took longer than I thought so I'll post it now and do more tomorrow. I have an early lecture so need some sleep.

Jen's First Visit - Part 3

Stupid BT - it took until now to get my connection working again (my hub died). I'm meant to be seeing her next week and I won't have finished telling last time's events... I'm going to try to get the rest posted over the next few days (but I get distracted while writing and play with myself).

As I couldn't email this to Jen to check, I ended up telling it to her over the phone. She made no secret about the fact she was playing with herself while recommending a few changes and she knew that Mike was playing with me at the same time. It was an awesome experience being responsible for making two people cum at the same time :)


Jen was eager enough to return the favour and I positioned myself where she had been on the pillows. She lay on top of me and we kissed some more before I really couldn’t take it and almost begged her to do me.

She moved straight down between my legs and slid a couple of fingers into me. I really wanted to feel her tongue and asked her to stop teasing and lick me. She told me afterwards that she was a bit nervous - I hadn’t really considered that even though it had been my first time doing it to someone else, I knew what it was like to be licked, whereas Jen only had our previous experience to draw on. (Although she said she had picked up a few tips from my blog).

Fortunately, she didn’t let this stop her trying and I watched her lower her mouth and felt her tongue on me. It definitely felt different from Mike’s – although I’m sure that at least in part that was the situation. I remember letting out a moan as she started to taste me – I was trying to concentrate and feel every stroke she made and loved it. She concentrated her licking around my vagina and seemed to be enjoying the taste and was lapping away. I watched her kneeling there and wished I could see the view we made. I would have loved for Holly or Rach to walk in and see me with my legs spread and Jen crouched between them – her face buried in my pussy and her ass and cunt on display.

I directed her to lick my clit a bit more and then as soon as her tongue touched it let out a much louder moan. Her tongue felt so soft, but very warm – and she was clearly trying to do everything she could to please me. I wrapped my legs around her head and pulled her against me (not too tightly, Mike’s already warned me that doesn’t help movement!)

She kept lapping away at my clit and I let myself make a fair amount of noise (I knew we had the house to ourselves – although a part of me wished that someone had come back and was listening). I kept telling her how good it felt, how much I liked her licking me and how close I was getting to cumming. Jen seemed to like this and opened my cunt lips and licked even faster. My hands were in her hair by this point and I let the feelings course through me.

It was a truly amazing orgasm (and Jen said after that it was a fairly loud one). She kept licking me until I had to push her away as my clit was too sensitive. She moved down and started licking around my vagina (which I could take). I was still coming down from my orgasm when I felt her lick over my ass – it was only a quick flick, but I felt it a couple of times. When I later asked her, she said that it was on purpose – she had wanted to try it as it had felt nice when I did it to her.

We kissed some more and I got to taste myself on her. It was very gentle kissing and we slowly touched each other, but it was more like exploring than trying to excite each other. It was getting fairly late now so we decided to call it a night and went to brush our teeth (still naked). We spent quite a while longer in the bathroom than I would have done if I was by myself – there was lots of touching, stroking and fingering, but only playfully – neither of us were really trying to make the other cum again.

On the way back, Jen asked if she could see Holly’s room. I was a bit nervous as I didn’t know what time she was planning on coming back, so said that maybe we should wait until tomorrow and we would hopefully get the place to ourselves again. We put dressing gowns back on and went downstairs to get a snack (cumming takes quite a lot of energy!) - and this kind of made the teeth brushing pointless.

After a quick snack, Jen wanted to play again (of course, I wasn’t adverse to the idea myself!) We were still in the kitchen and Jen pulled her gown open and sat on my lap, pluued mine partly open and started playing with my breasts. I did the same to her and we kissed. She straddled me and we kissed a lot more until my hands found their way to her cunt and started stroking her as best I could. She clambered up onto the table and lifted her legs up so her heels were almost beside her ass (she is much more flexible that I am) and grinned at me. She knew that either of my housemates might come back any time (and that’s why she did it).

I bent my head down and started to eat her – sliding a couple of fingers into her cunt while I licked her clit. Jen played with her nipples as I licked her and I was getting very turned on myself. My other hand was frigging my own clit and I decided to see how far I could get with her. I moved one of my fingers out of her cunt and pressed it against her ass. She didn’t seem to mind, so I pressed a bit harder and it started to slip into her.

I looked up at her and she just grinned down at me so I assumed that it was okay (it turns out that she occasionally fingers her ass while masturbating, I just didn’t know that at the time) and I kept going. She came fairly quickly (but she was teasing her nipples, while I licked her clit and fingered both her cunt and ass, so I’d have been worried if it had taken a long time!) I stopped eating her while she came so I could watch (I was still fingering her and rubbing her clit with my thumb) and got fairly close to cumming myself. If was an amazing sight watching her cumming while sitting up on the table and her legs spread. After she finished I licked my fingers clean and was about to let her watch me cum, but she wanted to help.

We moved into the living room and fell onto the couch. Jen was still naked and had soon fully disrobed me and then lay on top of me. Her hand was working between my legs while we kissed and then we heard a key in the door. There was a quick scramble to get our dressing gowns back on and we snuggled up on the sofa and pretended to chat. Rach walked in and said something like ‘Hi, you must be Jen’. I introduced them properly and there was a bit of small talk.

Rach wandered out to the kitchen and I felt I should be a good housemate and followed her out, chatting about her evening. Jen came after us and stood beside me, then put her arm around me (she said later she was marking her territory). Given it was only a few days since I had told my housemates I was bi (I still have the brief tale of telling Holly to recount), I was surprised at how natural such a PDA felt and I slipped my arm around Jen. Rach gave us a smile and we kept chatting until I felt the back of my gown being lifted and Jen’s hand on my ass.

I wasn’t really sure what to do, so I put my hands in the pockets of my gown to keep the front down and kept talking. Jen slid her hand between my ass cheeks and her fingers went right to the entrance to my pussy. A part of me loved it (the part Jen was playing with!), but I also didn’t want to shock Rach too much so I pretended Jen was tickling me (not too far from the truth) and jumped away from her. Looking back on it, I wish I’d let her carry on a bit longer, but I admit I chickened out.

I made our excuses and we went back to my room. On the way up the stairs, Jen’s hands were on my ass again (we were out of sight of the kitchen) and I let her fingers find my cunt. They slipped inside as we kept (awkwardly) walking up the stairs and into my room. Once we were in I asked her if she wanted people to see us and she explained that the slumber party story with Anna’s exhibition had got her really wet when she read it and liked the idea of being watched while playing.

I was still very horny from being interrupted on the sofa, and the thought of being played with in front of Rach (even though it was only briefly) and so we left the door slightly open and went to bed and spooned. Jen lay behind me and had an arm under me playing with my right breast – I had my left leg raised and her other hand worked on my cunt, both inside and on my clit. I asked her to talk dirty to me and she did an incredible job, describing what she was doing and asking if I wanted Rach to come and watch. As much as the idea turned me on, I still didn’t want to freak Rach out too much and when I came (and boy, did I cum!) I was much quieter than the previous time.

Jen fed me my juices from her fingers and after I had sucked them clean we spooned the other way round. I kissed her neck and played with her nipples and could feel her ass squirming against me, but we were both pretty tired and dozed off (I’m sure she had the energy to keep going a bit longer).

The next morning…

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Net problems

I'm having problems with my internet - hopefully they'll get it fixed soon and I'll psot part 3

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Jen's First Visit - Part 2

I’ve been occasionally leaving my door open ‘by accident’ over the past few months in the hope that Holly or Rach might see us having sex or watch me masturbating (and Jen knew about this) so I couldn’t really complain. I gave Jen the towels and let my dressing gown slide off completely so we were both standing naked in the hallway. She picked it up and threw it back into my room and we headed into the bathroom.

My shaving stuff was still in there from earlier that day and we stepped into the bath. Jen sat on the end and I ran hot water over her pussy to soften the hair. I spread some gel over her mons and ran the razor under the water (I use ‘Simple’ shaving gel as it isn’t perfumed). I took care of the easy bit and rinsed her clean and then got her to put one of her legs up on the side of the bath. I used the hot water and then gel on her lips (not getting any gel between them of course – that can sting!) and carefully shaved her bald As I rinsed her clean I got my first ‘proper’ view of her pussy (and it looks beautiful).

It was hard to resist licking her straight away, but I managed – but I didn’t resist using the spray from the shower on her clit. I kept this up until she started squirming around and then stroked herself. I definitely wanted to watch her make herself cum, but there were other things I wanted to do first! We dried off and walked back to my room naked (leaving the towels over the banister to dry). Jen stood in front of the mirror for a few moments and looked at her pussy – she seemed to like what she saw (as did I!) I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her, then stroked her breasts with one hand and slid the other down to her pussy.

She was still facing the mirror and watching my hands on her body – she spread her legs and I slipped a finger between her lips and played with her clit. With her legs spread, she is about the same height as me standing fully upright, so I could whisper in her ear. I told her I wanted to eat her pussy, lick her cunt, taste her juices and make her cum. She just moaned at this and pressed my fingers against her pussy harder. I could feel that she was already getting very wet and asked her to ask me to lick her.

She put on her cute face and said “Please lick me”.

I wanted to tease her a bit (and as you know, I like dirty talk) so I asked her to tell me where.

She replied something like “Lick my pussy, please, lick my twat”.

I kept this up for a few minutes, asking if she wanted my tongue inside her cunt or on her clit or asking how much she wanted to cum. A part of me wanted to save this for the following day – I had thought it would be a nice way to wake her up (I know I love being woken up by Mike’s tongue, but he has a lot more practise at it than I do), but most of me wanted to dive into her and find out what it was like to eat her (and have her eat me).

My fingers were covered with her juices now and I let her watch me lick one of them clean and then offer another to her. She sucked it clean and told me to stop teasing her so I led her to the bed and she sat up against the headboard. I knew this position wouldn’t work (we’ve tried it) so I got her to lie down with a pillow under her ass and another under her head so she could watch me.

I climbed onto the bed and crawled between her open legs. I couldn’t believe that nobody had ever done this to her before and I was so excited, I felt like I was going to cum myself just from the thought of doing it! I moved closer, opened her lips a little with my fingers and ran my tongue from the entrance to her cunt, up to her clit, and flicked it the way Mike does to mine. Jen gasped and flinched back and then said “Wow”.

I remembered what it was like the first time Mike licked me (which admittedly was also the first time I had ever been touched by someone else) and how good it felt. I really wanted to give the same feeling to Jen and licked up the length of her pussy again, not pressing too hard against her at first. She seemed to enjoy it (although I can’t see how anyone couldn’t enjoy being licked) and I started trying out some of the things I like having done to me.

I parted her lips a little more with my fingers and pushed my tongue into her a little way. It seemed like a much more intense flavour and when doing it I realised how difficult it is to actually get very far inside with a tongue. I tried using firmer strokes up the length of her pussy (half my face was now covered with her juices) and then played with her clit, flicking it with the tip of my tongue and also sucking on it. Unsurprisingly, she really liked this and was beginning to make some noise.

I had re-read my first entry last week and wanted to do everything for her that Mike did for me, so I returned to licking up the length of her slit, but now started delving lower with each lick until I was also brushing over her ass. Having read this blog, Jen knows that I love having that done to me, but she also knows that I’ve never done it to Mike and she seemed quite surprised (she said something like “I didn’t think you were going to do that”). I could only taste her pussy juices when I flicked over her asshole so after a few more licks, I gently pushed into her ass, not quite entering her, but the tip of my tongue was almost in there a few times.

Jen was holding my head and rubbing herself against me and it wasn’t difficult to recognise that she was getting close. I had considered teasing her, the way Mike does to me sometimes, but I didn’t want to have to wait for my turn so I started concentrating more on her clit. I slid into her cunt and then played with her clit on each stroke – spending more time on her cunt and moving my tongue faster.

My tongue was beginning to hurt a little (or get tired), but she was making even more noise than before and that drove me on. I put a final push into licking her clit and she came with what started like a loud moan and then quickly trailed off. Her body arched and she pulled my head hard against her – I kept licking and after a short while, she relaxed her grip on me. I kept kissing and licking her – much more gently as I assumed her clit would be as sensitive as mine after I cum. I looked up at her and she seemed very happy, with a cute dreamy look on her face.

I thought that I could get wet sometimes, but Jen really gets wet when she cums. It’s not as if she squirts or anything, but when I stopped licking her, I could see her juices still slowly leaking out of her pussy. She was looking down at me now and I mentioned how wet she was and then deliberately licked from her ass to her clit, trying to gather as much of her juices as I could.

She then pulled me up to kiss her – my face was incredibly wet and I was going to wipe myself clean, but she pulled me to her and kissed me. She kept saying “thank you” and I was so happy that I had managed to make her cum on my first attempt. I now appreciate a lot more just how much effort Mike puts in to making me cum multiple times be eating me!

We kept kissing – Jen kissed around my face and I was sliding my cunt against her thigh – it felt nice, but I definitely needed more and asked her to make me cum.

I'm off out tonight so this is shorter than I had hoped - need to send it to Jen for approval and will post it when I get back. Next time is the return match :)

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Jen's First Visit - Part 1

I had meant to start this earlier, but was caught up in other things... I probably won't get as much written today as I had hoped, but here we go (sending it to Jen in batches so I can post it as soon as it's written).

I'm not really sure where to start for this entry :) I made a few notes to remind me of the things I wanted to write about as we went along (and they include a few suggestions from Jen) - hopefully if I get these out fairly quickly after today (and then they will be fairly accurate - hopefully having a proof reader will help with that!) I guess I’ll just go through chronologically… (seems to make sense!)

Jen arrived on Friday evening and I went to meet her at the station. Mike had wanted to come along to meet her, but I decided that it would be better if I went alone. Her train arrived on time (well, a few minutes late, but with British trains, that counts as on time!) and I waited for her to get off. I have to admit that she didn't look quite as I had remembered, but she definitely looked beautiful. Her hair is a little redder and she is a little taller than I had remembered her being, but she has the same amazing figure and small firm breasts, with an incredibly cute face.

She had apparently been considering wearing her school skirt and white socks for me, but unfortunately the weather was too cold so she had ended up going with jeans which I was a bit disappointed about. (Admittedly I had intended to go without panties or tights, but had wimped out and put on a pair of my black opaque tights to keep at least a little bit warm, but I was at least wearing a fairly short dress. We walked up to each other and said 'hi' and had an awkward hug and kissed each other on the cheek.

It was a somewhat ridiculous greeting given we both knew the reason she was visiting, but we were both quite nervous (we had both been quite drunk the last time we 'met'). Holding her again really felt good though, so I gave her another kiss, on the lips for a few seconds. York is still fairly 'middle England' and I know that I certainly don't see many girls kissing (pity) and I think we got a few looks.

Jen noticed this too and after the kiss had finished, a grin came over her face (that I got very used to over the weekend) and she said something like "You kissed me better than that last time, why not give them something worthwhile to see?" The shy(ish) Jen who was worried about being discovered was very different from the Jen in a strange town and she kissed me harder and slipped her tongue into my mouth. Now I was no longer keeping the fact I was bi a secret, (having told both my housemates - more about me telling Holly another time) I didn't care and kissed her back. I felt her hand on my ass (through my dress) and pressed myself against her harder. If it hadn't been for the fact we would have been arrested I would have happily sat her on one of the table at the coffee shop, stripped off her jeans and gone down on her with everyone watching.

We finished kissing and walked out hand in hand to get the bus. It didn't take long to arrive and we sat near the back, but it was busy so we didn't have much privacy. Throughout the journey, we chatted, kissed and stroked each other's thighs and soon arrived at our stop. We got into the house and I introduced her to Holly who was getting ready to go out (Rach was already out) and then headed upstairs to my room.

Jen dumped her bag and we stood wondering what to do. I had actually wanted to take things slowly and really enjoy them - but we ended up kissing almost immediately with our hands running over each others back and asses. As I was wearing a dress, my ass was somewhat more vulnerable and Jen's hands had skipped under my dress and were kneading it through my tights. I think it's fair to say that lust was driving us both at that point and I pulled her top off and undid her bra and pulled it off her (now I see why boys have such trouble with them - it's not that easy doing it the 'wrong' way round!)

Her hands were now inside my tights and directly on my ass and I was trying to get her belt off and jeans down (also not easy while kissing). I eventually managed this but had to stop as Jen had unzipped my dress and was pulling it off me. While she undid my bra (much faster than I had managed), I finally got her jeans undone and slipped then down a bit. She did at least have white panties on and I slipped them down so I could get to her pussy. We kissed again, now both topless, my hand wedged between us with my fingers rubbing her cunt and her hands pushing down my tights and reaching into me from behind.

We were probably about to fall over anyway (you try moving around with jeans/tights around your knees) and so fell to the bed. Our remaining clothes were quickly shed and she climbed on top of me so we could rub against each others' legs. I remember her humping her cunt against my leg and me grabbing her ass to pull her faster. I pulled her up so I could reach around behind her and start playing with her pussy lips as she rubbed her clit against me.

She rolled off me and we kissed again, our fingers now in each others pussies and on clits. It took hardly any time before Jen started pressing back against my hand faster and I tried to time my stroking with her thrusts. I really wanted to cum at the same time as her, but I could feel the movements of her fingers on my pussy losing rhythm. I kept stroking her clit and sliding into her and she moaned into my mouth as she came. She clamped her legs together, trapping my hand, and rubbed herself against it until her orgasm ended and she relaxed.

Obviously the ‘taking things slow’ way was gone and I started rubbing myself against her leg, but she told me to just wait a few seconds so she could do it. I moved slightly away from her and her hand went back to my cunt. I lay back and opened my legs for her and felt her fingers slip into me again and again while her tongue played with my left nipple. I was very close to cumming when she had started and her fingers had taken me right to the edge. I told her to rub my clit and I think I came almost as soon as she touched it.

I don’t think I was too loud, but I know I wasn’t quiet! I was moaning, saying her name and saying “I’m cumming” and wondering if Holly could hear us. To be fair, the thought of her hearing us (and imagining us) just turned me on more (and fortunately this was the same for Jen, but more of that later). As my orgasm subsided, I was left panting and Jen gave me a beautiful, tender kiss and said “Hello girlfriend”.

I was a little stunned by this, and Jen looked a little worried and asked if that had been a bit sudden, but I actually felt myself start to grin and kissed her back. We kissed for a while, in a much more tender way now that our initial passion was sated and then got under the covers (it was cold – not as bad as today with snow, but still cold) and chatted for a while longer.

We had a laugh at how nervous we had been at the station and said how good it was to see each other while our hands kept playing over each others bodies. We really like each others breasts as so spent a while stroking them while we talked. Jen’s nipples are much smaller than mine and seem to be correspondingly more sensitive. I slipped my head under the covers and kissed them for a while, letting her tell me what felt best. She really likes having her breast gently licked all around her nipples and then for me to lap at them – not too hard, but enough to drag her nipples with my tongue.

We had warmed up by this time and decided that we wanted to look at each other properly. I felt a bit self-conscious as I would love to have the figure she has, but we pulled back the covers and took turns to lie back. Jen looked first and her hands gently ran over my body. She felt my breast and then slid them down to my legs. I opened them for her and she got a good look at my bald pussy (I had run a hot razor over it again earlier that day) and she seemed to like the way my lips poke out s little.

I wanted my turn and she lay down. She may only be a few years younger than me, but that combined with the small size of her breasts, means that they stand slightly proud, even when she is laying on her back. I played with them a little more before moving down between her legs. Her pussy was covered with the same short hair I remembered from New Year’s Eve and her lips were red, but much more closed than mine. I gently spread them and looked at her clit – when it is exposed, it looks larger than mine.

I slid a finger between her lips and then licked it clean. She didn’t taste the way I remembered, possibly a little sweeter (but it was a different time of the month). I considered licking her directly, but fortunately decided to save that treat. I asked if I could shave her so we could both be bald/ She had never shaved before and wondered if it hurt, but after a short while of reassuring her, she agreed to let me do it.

We chatted a bit more and I asked why she wasn’t shaved already if she had been with other girls. I got the best present I could imagine: it turned out that she has only been with two other girls last term at Uni, but they had only fingered each other (there was one other, but I need to convince her to let me tell that story). She had never gone down on another girl or had one go down on her! It was fairly obvious that I was ecstatic about this and I asked her if I could be her first.

I remember her reply – she looked straight at me and said “Of course”, with her childish grin. I simply said “Good” and we kissed again. I really wanted to try this straight away (it was going to be my first time licking another girl too), but thought we should at least do something properly and I scrambled off the bed and threw on my dressing gown so I could go get towels from the airing cupboard. I had intended to take a towel back to my room so she could wear it, but Jen followed me out to the hall.

I told her that Holly might still be in (although I hadn’t heard any noise for a while) and Jen grinned and replied with something like “So, don’t you want her to see?” and pushed my dressing gown off my shoulders.


Enough for now - need to get some sleep. The title was Jen's idea, which bodes well :)

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Jen's gone - for now

Jen left just a short while ago and Mike is here now so I'll be relaying the weekend to him before posting it on here (I hope to have a bit up tomorrow if Jen has time to read it first).

Things went very well and we hope to repeat it again (hopefully in the not too distant future).