Thursday, 12 February 2009

Change of plan

Well I was going to post about my time with Mike after Jen left, but I've just had a phone call from Jen that might change my plans for tomorrow.

Apparantly she had been looking at some of my pictures and was planning to masturbate to them, but had popped to the toilet to pee beforehand. One of her housemates (she won't tell me which one) had gone into her room to ask her something and seen the photos on the computer. Being a nosy person, she had a closer look at them until Jem returned and then asked if they were pics of the Andi that was coming to visit tomorrow.

It would hardly have done much good to lie about it as she would be seeing me the next day (unless she had a very short memory and had forgotten the pics by then!) So now I have to decide whether I should go along and visit, knowing that at least one of Jen's housemates has seen me naked (well, naked, covered in cream, masturbating....)

I know I often talk about liking the idea of being seen naked, but it's somewhat different if it's by someone who you're going to be spending time with and talking to (although, there is still a part of me that is excited by it).

Jen thinks I should just go along anyway and (to paraphrase her) "ask if they want to see any more". I guess we left Holly and Rach in no doubt about what we were up to with the noise we made a couple of weeks ago. It really doesn't seem that long ago, but I haven't really stopped thinking about it since and it has been the topic of conversation evey time Mike and I have fucked (and just as after New Year, he's been fucking me an awful lot every time I recount anything Jen and I got up to :)

Both Holly and Rach seemed to like Jen (but probably not in the way Jen seemed to like them - especially Holly). I did apologise to them for the noise (we were quite a bit louder than I am usually), but they said it was OK. Holly did point out that I wasn't usually that loud when I was with Mike (this is the first time she's acknowledged that she hears us fucking).

I may as well tell you about what happened when I told Holly about Jen's upcoming visit. We had a few drinks and I had sat her down in the living room and admitted that I was bi to her (as I said before, I don't think I could really claim to be bi from just my one encounter with Jen at New Year, but I think I might qualify now!) Holly was fine with that (as expected), but then I told her that I had a friend coming to visit who I had met at a party.

I explained that I had been with Jen (not in too much detail) and Holly asked about what that meant for Mike and I (we've been together pretty much all the time Holly and I have known each other). I explained to her that Mike didn't mind, I still loved him and wanted to stay with him, but that I had been attracted to girls for a while now. She asked me quite a few more questions, what had happened with Jen, how much Mike liked the idea of us being together...

I ended up telling her a bit more than I had intended (still nothing like what is on here, but Holly and I had never really talked about sex before in great detail). I let on that is was one of Mike's fantasies for me to be with another girl and she wasn't really suprised by that - she agreed that it does seem to be pretty much every guy's fantasy after all!

She jokingly asked if she had to start making sure she was covered up when going to the shower (unfortunatly she always does anyway - not that I've been sneaking looks!) and I just laughed and said something like "I know you two too well for that". I didn't really think that "Yes, I sneak into your room, suck your cunt juices off your dildo and fuck myself senseless with it while thinking about you!" would be an appropriate answer!


Back to the issue at hand - I have very little time to decide if I'm going to own the situation and visit her, or chicken out. It would only be for one night anyway as I'm heading back here to be with Mike for Valentines day (technically, it means I get Valentines morning with Jen, and evening with Mike - how lucky am I :)


  1. Go for it Andi, what have you got to lose? You mibht get an moresome experience from it! Good luck in whatever you decide, please let us know though, yeah?

  2. Dear Andi,
    I hope You have a great time with Your lovers whatever You decide.

  3. No sense in getting shy now, Andi. What can seeing your naked photo reveal to a person that she wouldn't learn from hearing you and your lover (whether it's Mike or Jen) making each other cum?

    Besides, you and Jen could have been seen naked in your own apartment by one of your roommates. So what's the difference, really?

    If you're bold enough to masturbate and make love with your door open, who cares whether someone has seen your unclothed body?

    You can't avoid Jen's roommate forever ... and imagine what might happen if she decided to walk in when you and Jen were going at it?

    I suspect that a part of you is hoping for exactly that!