Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Jen's First Visit - Part 1

I had meant to start this earlier, but was caught up in other things... I probably won't get as much written today as I had hoped, but here we go (sending it to Jen in batches so I can post it as soon as it's written).

I'm not really sure where to start for this entry :) I made a few notes to remind me of the things I wanted to write about as we went along (and they include a few suggestions from Jen) - hopefully if I get these out fairly quickly after today (and then they will be fairly accurate - hopefully having a proof reader will help with that!) I guess I’ll just go through chronologically… (seems to make sense!)

Jen arrived on Friday evening and I went to meet her at the station. Mike had wanted to come along to meet her, but I decided that it would be better if I went alone. Her train arrived on time (well, a few minutes late, but with British trains, that counts as on time!) and I waited for her to get off. I have to admit that she didn't look quite as I had remembered, but she definitely looked beautiful. Her hair is a little redder and she is a little taller than I had remembered her being, but she has the same amazing figure and small firm breasts, with an incredibly cute face.

She had apparently been considering wearing her school skirt and white socks for me, but unfortunately the weather was too cold so she had ended up going with jeans which I was a bit disappointed about. (Admittedly I had intended to go without panties or tights, but had wimped out and put on a pair of my black opaque tights to keep at least a little bit warm, but I was at least wearing a fairly short dress. We walked up to each other and said 'hi' and had an awkward hug and kissed each other on the cheek.

It was a somewhat ridiculous greeting given we both knew the reason she was visiting, but we were both quite nervous (we had both been quite drunk the last time we 'met'). Holding her again really felt good though, so I gave her another kiss, on the lips for a few seconds. York is still fairly 'middle England' and I know that I certainly don't see many girls kissing (pity) and I think we got a few looks.

Jen noticed this too and after the kiss had finished, a grin came over her face (that I got very used to over the weekend) and she said something like "You kissed me better than that last time, why not give them something worthwhile to see?" The shy(ish) Jen who was worried about being discovered was very different from the Jen in a strange town and she kissed me harder and slipped her tongue into my mouth. Now I was no longer keeping the fact I was bi a secret, (having told both my housemates - more about me telling Holly another time) I didn't care and kissed her back. I felt her hand on my ass (through my dress) and pressed myself against her harder. If it hadn't been for the fact we would have been arrested I would have happily sat her on one of the table at the coffee shop, stripped off her jeans and gone down on her with everyone watching.

We finished kissing and walked out hand in hand to get the bus. It didn't take long to arrive and we sat near the back, but it was busy so we didn't have much privacy. Throughout the journey, we chatted, kissed and stroked each other's thighs and soon arrived at our stop. We got into the house and I introduced her to Holly who was getting ready to go out (Rach was already out) and then headed upstairs to my room.

Jen dumped her bag and we stood wondering what to do. I had actually wanted to take things slowly and really enjoy them - but we ended up kissing almost immediately with our hands running over each others back and asses. As I was wearing a dress, my ass was somewhat more vulnerable and Jen's hands had skipped under my dress and were kneading it through my tights. I think it's fair to say that lust was driving us both at that point and I pulled her top off and undid her bra and pulled it off her (now I see why boys have such trouble with them - it's not that easy doing it the 'wrong' way round!)

Her hands were now inside my tights and directly on my ass and I was trying to get her belt off and jeans down (also not easy while kissing). I eventually managed this but had to stop as Jen had unzipped my dress and was pulling it off me. While she undid my bra (much faster than I had managed), I finally got her jeans undone and slipped then down a bit. She did at least have white panties on and I slipped them down so I could get to her pussy. We kissed again, now both topless, my hand wedged between us with my fingers rubbing her cunt and her hands pushing down my tights and reaching into me from behind.

We were probably about to fall over anyway (you try moving around with jeans/tights around your knees) and so fell to the bed. Our remaining clothes were quickly shed and she climbed on top of me so we could rub against each others' legs. I remember her humping her cunt against my leg and me grabbing her ass to pull her faster. I pulled her up so I could reach around behind her and start playing with her pussy lips as she rubbed her clit against me.

She rolled off me and we kissed again, our fingers now in each others pussies and on clits. It took hardly any time before Jen started pressing back against my hand faster and I tried to time my stroking with her thrusts. I really wanted to cum at the same time as her, but I could feel the movements of her fingers on my pussy losing rhythm. I kept stroking her clit and sliding into her and she moaned into my mouth as she came. She clamped her legs together, trapping my hand, and rubbed herself against it until her orgasm ended and she relaxed.

Obviously the ‘taking things slow’ way was gone and I started rubbing myself against her leg, but she told me to just wait a few seconds so she could do it. I moved slightly away from her and her hand went back to my cunt. I lay back and opened my legs for her and felt her fingers slip into me again and again while her tongue played with my left nipple. I was very close to cumming when she had started and her fingers had taken me right to the edge. I told her to rub my clit and I think I came almost as soon as she touched it.

I don’t think I was too loud, but I know I wasn’t quiet! I was moaning, saying her name and saying “I’m cumming” and wondering if Holly could hear us. To be fair, the thought of her hearing us (and imagining us) just turned me on more (and fortunately this was the same for Jen, but more of that later). As my orgasm subsided, I was left panting and Jen gave me a beautiful, tender kiss and said “Hello girlfriend”.

I was a little stunned by this, and Jen looked a little worried and asked if that had been a bit sudden, but I actually felt myself start to grin and kissed her back. We kissed for a while, in a much more tender way now that our initial passion was sated and then got under the covers (it was cold – not as bad as today with snow, but still cold) and chatted for a while longer.

We had a laugh at how nervous we had been at the station and said how good it was to see each other while our hands kept playing over each others bodies. We really like each others breasts as so spent a while stroking them while we talked. Jen’s nipples are much smaller than mine and seem to be correspondingly more sensitive. I slipped my head under the covers and kissed them for a while, letting her tell me what felt best. She really likes having her breast gently licked all around her nipples and then for me to lap at them – not too hard, but enough to drag her nipples with my tongue.

We had warmed up by this time and decided that we wanted to look at each other properly. I felt a bit self-conscious as I would love to have the figure she has, but we pulled back the covers and took turns to lie back. Jen looked first and her hands gently ran over my body. She felt my breast and then slid them down to my legs. I opened them for her and she got a good look at my bald pussy (I had run a hot razor over it again earlier that day) and she seemed to like the way my lips poke out s little.

I wanted my turn and she lay down. She may only be a few years younger than me, but that combined with the small size of her breasts, means that they stand slightly proud, even when she is laying on her back. I played with them a little more before moving down between her legs. Her pussy was covered with the same short hair I remembered from New Year’s Eve and her lips were red, but much more closed than mine. I gently spread them and looked at her clit – when it is exposed, it looks larger than mine.

I slid a finger between her lips and then licked it clean. She didn’t taste the way I remembered, possibly a little sweeter (but it was a different time of the month). I considered licking her directly, but fortunately decided to save that treat. I asked if I could shave her so we could both be bald/ She had never shaved before and wondered if it hurt, but after a short while of reassuring her, she agreed to let me do it.

We chatted a bit more and I asked why she wasn’t shaved already if she had been with other girls. I got the best present I could imagine: it turned out that she has only been with two other girls last term at Uni, but they had only fingered each other (there was one other, but I need to convince her to let me tell that story). She had never gone down on another girl or had one go down on her! It was fairly obvious that I was ecstatic about this and I asked her if I could be her first.

I remember her reply – she looked straight at me and said “Of course”, with her childish grin. I simply said “Good” and we kissed again. I really wanted to try this straight away (it was going to be my first time licking another girl too), but thought we should at least do something properly and I scrambled off the bed and threw on my dressing gown so I could go get towels from the airing cupboard. I had intended to take a towel back to my room so she could wear it, but Jen followed me out to the hall.

I told her that Holly might still be in (although I hadn’t heard any noise for a while) and Jen grinned and replied with something like “So, don’t you want her to see?” and pushed my dressing gown off my shoulders.


Enough for now - need to get some sleep. The title was Jen's idea, which bodes well :)


  1. Dear Andi,

    Thank you very much for sharing something so personl and intimate.



  2. It seems you really enjoyed it Andi, I can't wait to see more!