Thursday, 5 February 2009

Jen's First Visit - Part 2

I’ve been occasionally leaving my door open ‘by accident’ over the past few months in the hope that Holly or Rach might see us having sex or watch me masturbating (and Jen knew about this) so I couldn’t really complain. I gave Jen the towels and let my dressing gown slide off completely so we were both standing naked in the hallway. She picked it up and threw it back into my room and we headed into the bathroom.

My shaving stuff was still in there from earlier that day and we stepped into the bath. Jen sat on the end and I ran hot water over her pussy to soften the hair. I spread some gel over her mons and ran the razor under the water (I use ‘Simple’ shaving gel as it isn’t perfumed). I took care of the easy bit and rinsed her clean and then got her to put one of her legs up on the side of the bath. I used the hot water and then gel on her lips (not getting any gel between them of course – that can sting!) and carefully shaved her bald As I rinsed her clean I got my first ‘proper’ view of her pussy (and it looks beautiful).

It was hard to resist licking her straight away, but I managed – but I didn’t resist using the spray from the shower on her clit. I kept this up until she started squirming around and then stroked herself. I definitely wanted to watch her make herself cum, but there were other things I wanted to do first! We dried off and walked back to my room naked (leaving the towels over the banister to dry). Jen stood in front of the mirror for a few moments and looked at her pussy – she seemed to like what she saw (as did I!) I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her, then stroked her breasts with one hand and slid the other down to her pussy.

She was still facing the mirror and watching my hands on her body – she spread her legs and I slipped a finger between her lips and played with her clit. With her legs spread, she is about the same height as me standing fully upright, so I could whisper in her ear. I told her I wanted to eat her pussy, lick her cunt, taste her juices and make her cum. She just moaned at this and pressed my fingers against her pussy harder. I could feel that she was already getting very wet and asked her to ask me to lick her.

She put on her cute face and said “Please lick me”.

I wanted to tease her a bit (and as you know, I like dirty talk) so I asked her to tell me where.

She replied something like “Lick my pussy, please, lick my twat”.

I kept this up for a few minutes, asking if she wanted my tongue inside her cunt or on her clit or asking how much she wanted to cum. A part of me wanted to save this for the following day – I had thought it would be a nice way to wake her up (I know I love being woken up by Mike’s tongue, but he has a lot more practise at it than I do), but most of me wanted to dive into her and find out what it was like to eat her (and have her eat me).

My fingers were covered with her juices now and I let her watch me lick one of them clean and then offer another to her. She sucked it clean and told me to stop teasing her so I led her to the bed and she sat up against the headboard. I knew this position wouldn’t work (we’ve tried it) so I got her to lie down with a pillow under her ass and another under her head so she could watch me.

I climbed onto the bed and crawled between her open legs. I couldn’t believe that nobody had ever done this to her before and I was so excited, I felt like I was going to cum myself just from the thought of doing it! I moved closer, opened her lips a little with my fingers and ran my tongue from the entrance to her cunt, up to her clit, and flicked it the way Mike does to mine. Jen gasped and flinched back and then said “Wow”.

I remembered what it was like the first time Mike licked me (which admittedly was also the first time I had ever been touched by someone else) and how good it felt. I really wanted to give the same feeling to Jen and licked up the length of her pussy again, not pressing too hard against her at first. She seemed to enjoy it (although I can’t see how anyone couldn’t enjoy being licked) and I started trying out some of the things I like having done to me.

I parted her lips a little more with my fingers and pushed my tongue into her a little way. It seemed like a much more intense flavour and when doing it I realised how difficult it is to actually get very far inside with a tongue. I tried using firmer strokes up the length of her pussy (half my face was now covered with her juices) and then played with her clit, flicking it with the tip of my tongue and also sucking on it. Unsurprisingly, she really liked this and was beginning to make some noise.

I had re-read my first entry last week and wanted to do everything for her that Mike did for me, so I returned to licking up the length of her slit, but now started delving lower with each lick until I was also brushing over her ass. Having read this blog, Jen knows that I love having that done to me, but she also knows that I’ve never done it to Mike and she seemed quite surprised (she said something like “I didn’t think you were going to do that”). I could only taste her pussy juices when I flicked over her asshole so after a few more licks, I gently pushed into her ass, not quite entering her, but the tip of my tongue was almost in there a few times.

Jen was holding my head and rubbing herself against me and it wasn’t difficult to recognise that she was getting close. I had considered teasing her, the way Mike does to me sometimes, but I didn’t want to have to wait for my turn so I started concentrating more on her clit. I slid into her cunt and then played with her clit on each stroke – spending more time on her cunt and moving my tongue faster.

My tongue was beginning to hurt a little (or get tired), but she was making even more noise than before and that drove me on. I put a final push into licking her clit and she came with what started like a loud moan and then quickly trailed off. Her body arched and she pulled my head hard against her – I kept licking and after a short while, she relaxed her grip on me. I kept kissing and licking her – much more gently as I assumed her clit would be as sensitive as mine after I cum. I looked up at her and she seemed very happy, with a cute dreamy look on her face.

I thought that I could get wet sometimes, but Jen really gets wet when she cums. It’s not as if she squirts or anything, but when I stopped licking her, I could see her juices still slowly leaking out of her pussy. She was looking down at me now and I mentioned how wet she was and then deliberately licked from her ass to her clit, trying to gather as much of her juices as I could.

She then pulled me up to kiss her – my face was incredibly wet and I was going to wipe myself clean, but she pulled me to her and kissed me. She kept saying “thank you” and I was so happy that I had managed to make her cum on my first attempt. I now appreciate a lot more just how much effort Mike puts in to making me cum multiple times be eating me!

We kept kissing – Jen kissed around my face and I was sliding my cunt against her thigh – it felt nice, but I definitely needed more and asked her to make me cum.

I'm off out tonight so this is shorter than I had hoped - need to send it to Jen for approval and will post it when I get back. Next time is the return match :)


  1. What a great description of licking pussy, I could almost taste her myself! Thank you both, for a compiling story. Everytime I see an update to it, it gets me excited even before I have read a word. Thanks

  2. awesome. I'd loved to have seen her cute face after orgasm.

  3. Very intimate and engaging story so far.

    If it's OK with Jen, can you tell us whether this was the first time she'd ever had oral sex performed on her? I guess I'm wondering what experience, if any, she's ever had with men, or whether she was (and is) technically still a virgin, at least by the traditional definition.

    I'm sure a great many readers are waiting eagerly for the third installment.

  4. Wow, a great pussy-licking story. I got very hard reading it.
    Reminds me so of what I like to do.
    your writing made me feel like I was there.