Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Jen's First Visit - Part 3

Stupid BT - it took until now to get my connection working again (my hub died). I'm meant to be seeing her next week and I won't have finished telling last time's events... I'm going to try to get the rest posted over the next few days (but I get distracted while writing and play with myself).

As I couldn't email this to Jen to check, I ended up telling it to her over the phone. She made no secret about the fact she was playing with herself while recommending a few changes and she knew that Mike was playing with me at the same time. It was an awesome experience being responsible for making two people cum at the same time :)


Jen was eager enough to return the favour and I positioned myself where she had been on the pillows. She lay on top of me and we kissed some more before I really couldn’t take it and almost begged her to do me.

She moved straight down between my legs and slid a couple of fingers into me. I really wanted to feel her tongue and asked her to stop teasing and lick me. She told me afterwards that she was a bit nervous - I hadn’t really considered that even though it had been my first time doing it to someone else, I knew what it was like to be licked, whereas Jen only had our previous experience to draw on. (Although she said she had picked up a few tips from my blog).

Fortunately, she didn’t let this stop her trying and I watched her lower her mouth and felt her tongue on me. It definitely felt different from Mike’s – although I’m sure that at least in part that was the situation. I remember letting out a moan as she started to taste me – I was trying to concentrate and feel every stroke she made and loved it. She concentrated her licking around my vagina and seemed to be enjoying the taste and was lapping away. I watched her kneeling there and wished I could see the view we made. I would have loved for Holly or Rach to walk in and see me with my legs spread and Jen crouched between them – her face buried in my pussy and her ass and cunt on display.

I directed her to lick my clit a bit more and then as soon as her tongue touched it let out a much louder moan. Her tongue felt so soft, but very warm – and she was clearly trying to do everything she could to please me. I wrapped my legs around her head and pulled her against me (not too tightly, Mike’s already warned me that doesn’t help movement!)

She kept lapping away at my clit and I let myself make a fair amount of noise (I knew we had the house to ourselves – although a part of me wished that someone had come back and was listening). I kept telling her how good it felt, how much I liked her licking me and how close I was getting to cumming. Jen seemed to like this and opened my cunt lips and licked even faster. My hands were in her hair by this point and I let the feelings course through me.

It was a truly amazing orgasm (and Jen said after that it was a fairly loud one). She kept licking me until I had to push her away as my clit was too sensitive. She moved down and started licking around my vagina (which I could take). I was still coming down from my orgasm when I felt her lick over my ass – it was only a quick flick, but I felt it a couple of times. When I later asked her, she said that it was on purpose – she had wanted to try it as it had felt nice when I did it to her.

We kissed some more and I got to taste myself on her. It was very gentle kissing and we slowly touched each other, but it was more like exploring than trying to excite each other. It was getting fairly late now so we decided to call it a night and went to brush our teeth (still naked). We spent quite a while longer in the bathroom than I would have done if I was by myself – there was lots of touching, stroking and fingering, but only playfully – neither of us were really trying to make the other cum again.

On the way back, Jen asked if she could see Holly’s room. I was a bit nervous as I didn’t know what time she was planning on coming back, so said that maybe we should wait until tomorrow and we would hopefully get the place to ourselves again. We put dressing gowns back on and went downstairs to get a snack (cumming takes quite a lot of energy!) - and this kind of made the teeth brushing pointless.

After a quick snack, Jen wanted to play again (of course, I wasn’t adverse to the idea myself!) We were still in the kitchen and Jen pulled her gown open and sat on my lap, pluued mine partly open and started playing with my breasts. I did the same to her and we kissed. She straddled me and we kissed a lot more until my hands found their way to her cunt and started stroking her as best I could. She clambered up onto the table and lifted her legs up so her heels were almost beside her ass (she is much more flexible that I am) and grinned at me. She knew that either of my housemates might come back any time (and that’s why she did it).

I bent my head down and started to eat her – sliding a couple of fingers into her cunt while I licked her clit. Jen played with her nipples as I licked her and I was getting very turned on myself. My other hand was frigging my own clit and I decided to see how far I could get with her. I moved one of my fingers out of her cunt and pressed it against her ass. She didn’t seem to mind, so I pressed a bit harder and it started to slip into her.

I looked up at her and she just grinned down at me so I assumed that it was okay (it turns out that she occasionally fingers her ass while masturbating, I just didn’t know that at the time) and I kept going. She came fairly quickly (but she was teasing her nipples, while I licked her clit and fingered both her cunt and ass, so I’d have been worried if it had taken a long time!) I stopped eating her while she came so I could watch (I was still fingering her and rubbing her clit with my thumb) and got fairly close to cumming myself. If was an amazing sight watching her cumming while sitting up on the table and her legs spread. After she finished I licked my fingers clean and was about to let her watch me cum, but she wanted to help.

We moved into the living room and fell onto the couch. Jen was still naked and had soon fully disrobed me and then lay on top of me. Her hand was working between my legs while we kissed and then we heard a key in the door. There was a quick scramble to get our dressing gowns back on and we snuggled up on the sofa and pretended to chat. Rach walked in and said something like ‘Hi, you must be Jen’. I introduced them properly and there was a bit of small talk.

Rach wandered out to the kitchen and I felt I should be a good housemate and followed her out, chatting about her evening. Jen came after us and stood beside me, then put her arm around me (she said later she was marking her territory). Given it was only a few days since I had told my housemates I was bi (I still have the brief tale of telling Holly to recount), I was surprised at how natural such a PDA felt and I slipped my arm around Jen. Rach gave us a smile and we kept chatting until I felt the back of my gown being lifted and Jen’s hand on my ass.

I wasn’t really sure what to do, so I put my hands in the pockets of my gown to keep the front down and kept talking. Jen slid her hand between my ass cheeks and her fingers went right to the entrance to my pussy. A part of me loved it (the part Jen was playing with!), but I also didn’t want to shock Rach too much so I pretended Jen was tickling me (not too far from the truth) and jumped away from her. Looking back on it, I wish I’d let her carry on a bit longer, but I admit I chickened out.

I made our excuses and we went back to my room. On the way up the stairs, Jen’s hands were on my ass again (we were out of sight of the kitchen) and I let her fingers find my cunt. They slipped inside as we kept (awkwardly) walking up the stairs and into my room. Once we were in I asked her if she wanted people to see us and she explained that the slumber party story with Anna’s exhibition had got her really wet when she read it and liked the idea of being watched while playing.

I was still very horny from being interrupted on the sofa, and the thought of being played with in front of Rach (even though it was only briefly) and so we left the door slightly open and went to bed and spooned. Jen lay behind me and had an arm under me playing with my right breast – I had my left leg raised and her other hand worked on my cunt, both inside and on my clit. I asked her to talk dirty to me and she did an incredible job, describing what she was doing and asking if I wanted Rach to come and watch. As much as the idea turned me on, I still didn’t want to freak Rach out too much and when I came (and boy, did I cum!) I was much quieter than the previous time.

Jen fed me my juices from her fingers and after I had sucked them clean we spooned the other way round. I kissed her neck and played with her nipples and could feel her ass squirming against me, but we were both pretty tired and dozed off (I’m sure she had the energy to keep going a bit longer).

The next morning…


  1. Very Hot story.

  2. After this latest account, I'm sure you're responsible for more than just two people cumming.


  4. Yet again Andi, another fantastic episode. I wish I had not been at work reading it, it gets me so horny! Well done again.

  5. I'm glad you all liked it - as I said, we all had great fun 'editing' it over the phone and Jen seems to be getting off on the idea of others reading it as much as I do.