Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Jen's First Visit - Part 4

On with the story - have lost time to make up for...


I awoke the following morning with Jen spooning up against my back (I think we had switched round a few times in the night). It was still a little strange - I'd never spent the night with anyone other than Mike (and then I thought it was even stranger that I would think it was strange after what we'd done the previous night!)

I did know how I wanted to wake her up though - I slipped out from under her arm and turned around so I could climb under the covers. Jen was already party awake from me having moved, so I gently pushed her onto her back and started kissing around her mons. She made a sound of approval (a bit muffled by the covers being over my head) and I nudged her legs open with my head. She obliged me and spread them and I continued to kiss around her pussy for a while.

Her hands had found my ass and were playing with it - dipping between my legs and rubbing my pussy and I was having trouble not diving into her cunt properly and eating her, but I had intended to tease her for a while so I kept just gently kissing and occasionally licking her lightly. I tried all the things Mike does to me when teasing - parting her lips and gently blowing, tracing a finger from her ass to her clit (but not pressing hard), sucking her pussy lips into my mouth and playing with them... and it all seemed to be having an effect.

Jen had her fingers working in my cunt - sliding in and out with long slow strokes and then rubbing them over my ass. She apparantly wasn't trying to tease me on purpose, but she was managing just the right amount of pressure to feel really good, without it building up (which is exactly what I was trying to do to her). It was getting a bit hot under the covers, so I flipped them off and could now see what I was doing properly. I started licking her a bit harder, letting my tongue slide between her lips (still not a lot though).

I wanted to try a 69 and moved so I was crouching over her face and slowly lowered my pussy until I could feel her breath on me. I licked her a bit deeper and she pulled me down to her and retured the favour. This is what I had dreamed of since our first encounter - licking and being licked at the same time - and my desire to tease her went out the window. I started licking faster, and concentrating more on her clit and lapping at her cunt hole.

As I said before, Jen is a few inches taller than me, so she could reach my cunt easily with her mouth and even paid some attention to my ass. As much as I like that, I wanted to 69 properly and asked her to eat my pussy. I was facing down the bed and (if I looked up from my tasty pussy breakfast) I could see that the door was still ajar. I briefly considered moving to close it, but for some reason I didn't want to get up :)

I spread Jen's cunt lips open and dived into her - sliding my tongue into her and working on her clit. I remember feeling her moaning into my cunt as she ate me, and the vibrations this caused felt really good (plus it's an incredible turn on knowing that I'm making her feel that good). I was rubbing against her face, making sure her mouth worked on the right spots and only remembered half way through that this was only her second time ever eating someone. She was certainly doing a good job and I could feel the tingling sensation building. I wanted us to cum together (but we weren't in a film, so that is quite difficult to do) and I came first.

I moaned into her as I did my best to keep licking - Jen kept going on my cunt and even though her licking felt too intense after a while, I tried to take it for as long as I could. I was panting into her cunt and my body was shaking when I finally almost threw myself off her. I had to spend a minute or so recovering and then pulled her on top of me so I could try to return the favour. She knelt over me facing the other way around (so I was looking up her body at her face and lowered her pussy onto my mouth. I didn't think she could be far from cumming, and I intended to get my own back and eat her for as long as I could hold on to her.

I watched her playing with her nipples as I ate away - I could get much deeper inside her in this position and took full advantage of it. She was as wet as usual and it felt like my whole face and her thighs were dripping with her juices. When I concentrated on her clit, I could definitly feel my chin getting soaked. At one point she braced herself on the bed and ran her pussy all the way over my face before returning it to my mouth.

She was moaning and telling me how good it felt and I no longer cared that the door was open so I just kept going. My hands had returned to my own pussy and were playing with my clit (I was still determined for us to share an orgasm) and Jen started rocking against my mouth faster. I reluctantly left myself alone and pulled her pussy lips apart so I could really get to her clit and licked, flicked and sucked on it. Jen came with a reasonably loud orgasm and I felt happy I'd made her cum again.

I remembered that I wasn't planning on just making her cum (I think I had actaully forgotten with the various distractions) and grabbed her waist, pulling her harder against me. I kept licking as fast as I could and she started letting out little yelping/moaning sounds (I have no idea how to describe them properly). She tried to lift herself off me, but between holding her waist and lifting my head, I managed to keep contact with her cunt and kept eating. She was now moaning and panting and was very flushed.

Even though she was trying to move away, it didn't appear that she was making too much effort to do so (and was still tweaking her nipples), so I licked as fast as I could (my mouth was getting very tired now). Her moans became even louder - more like little shrieks, and I knew that my housemates would have definitly heard us, but I wanted to make her cum for as long as possible and that seemed a lot more important.

It was probably only a little while, but it seemed like we kept going for ages until I could no longer hold her up and she fell sideways off me. I tried to move to get back to her pussy, put she pushed me away and I guessed that she had really had enough. I moved round so I could kiss her while she recovered. My face was almost as wet as I had suspected and I wiped some of it off myself and onto Jen's breasts.

After a while, she began to recover and was kissing me back as I played with her nipples. We heard a door open and someone go into the bathroom - Jen looked up at me and asked "Do you think we woke her?" and started giggling. I couldn't help myself and we both collapsed, giggling, into a heap (well, I was already half on top of her, so we didn't have far to go!)

We were both quite hungry by now but thought that we should shower before getting breakfast as we were both rather sticky. We waited for whoever was in the bathroom to finish (I think it was Rach) and I put my dressing gown on but Jen just waltzed otut and across the hallway naked. We showered together and it was only when we were about to head back to my room that Jen showed her first sign of shyness (or at least, not being quite as bold as she had been pretending to be)

We had heard someone in the hallway and Jen wrapped herself in a towel before heading out (I was quite relieved to know that I wasn't the only one who got nervous about actually doing the things that appealed to me). She reintroduced herself to Holly and I could feel myself going bright red, but Holly just laughed and gave me a smile. It turned out that Jen had been trying to impress me with her willingness to be naked and taking risks - I assured her that she only need do what she actually wanted to, and she promised me that she would stop pretending.

It did feel nice knowing that she wanted to make that much of an effort for me (although, I was also trying to do the same for her as I wanted her to come back again!) We dressed and went down for breakfast and chatted with Holly for a while. As soon as Holly left the room Jen said that she could see why I liked her, but before that conversation could get very far Rach turned up and we chatted with her while we finished up eating.


Hmm, that took longer than I thought so I'll post it now and do more tomorrow. I have an early lecture so need some sleep.


  1. Dear Andi,

    Hot, hot, hot!

    More, more, more!



  2. You said Jen wanted to be a risk-taker - well, you can tell her she's responsible for more than just one person cumming. See how that makes her feel ...

  3. So has Jen ever done anything with a guy before, or are you the first to go down on her?

  4. I don't want to give too much about her life away (until she tells me I can), but I was the first person to go down on her (that's why it was such a wonderful experience).