Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Jen's First Visit - Part 5

I'll have to rocket through the rest of the weekend as I'm heading over to see her on Fri...

I've started a Twitter account so I can tweet minu-updates - follw me at: and I'll try to keep you up to date with what we're doing.


After breakfast we went out for a walk so we could talk (it's one thing having my housemates overhear me cumming, but another when I want to talk properly). Admittedly, I didn't do too much of the talking as Jen knows pretty much everything about my sex life and sexual history. Jen told me a lot of details about her past (not just the sex stuff!) - but she isn't ready for it all to be shared on here. I certainly felt that I knew her a lot better by the end (although there were some bits of her I was fairly sure I knew quite well already :)

We had been walking and chatting for about an hour and were both feeling quite cold so returned home. The house was empty and we chose the obvious way to warm up (talking about sex for an hour had quite an effect on us). We fooled around for a bit using fingers and tongues and then I wanted to try out my vibrator. Now my pussy is still fairly tight, but Jen's is even tighter (she is 4 years younger than me and I have been fucked a few thousand times, even if only by one person!) She really enjoyed the vibrating arm on her clit, but trying to get the shaft into her wasn't very comfortable. (The rabbit isn't very big, but I guess for someone who is effectively a virgin it's still too big).

I was a bit disappointed as I had really wanted to fuck her and watch her cunt swallowing it while I played with or licked her clit. Jen said that we could always use my 'other' vibrator. I was a bit confused by this until she indicated next door and I realised she meant Holly's. Now of course I had thought about fucking her in Holly's (and Rach's) room, but wasn't sure how much time we really had to ourselves. I was too turned on to really refuse and so we went into Holly's room and played around on her bed for a while. Jen used my vibrator on me (even though I hadn't got it very far inside her, it was still covered in her juices and I pictured them being rubbed deep inside my cunt.

I retrieved Holly's vibe from it's usual hiding place in her bedside drawer and Jen said it was much closer in size to her own one. She lay back on the pillows and spread her legs and I knelt in front of her. I rubbed the vibe over her cunt to get it wet (easy to do with Jen) and slid it into her. We talked about how cute Holly was and we fantasised about her joining us and what we could all do to each other. I handed Jen my vibe and she tried to slide it into me, but it was awkward in the position we were in so we ended up 69ing on our sides - pumping our vibes (well, mine and Holly's vibes) into each other.

I had the advantage as Jen just had Holly's simple vibe working on her, whereas I had my wonderful rabbit working in mu cunt and on my clit, but I was determined to hold off for as long as I could. Jen was clearly getting close and I concentrated on making her cum, while trying to ignore the wonderful feelings she was giving me. We took advantage of the empty house and were both fairly loud (which in hindsight was probably a bad idea as we wouldn't have heard anyone coming in).

I managed to make Jen cum first and then grabbed her hand to hold my vibe in me - it wasn't as strong an orgasm as earlier that day (but then even I can only take so much!) Jen seemed to enjoy it alot more - it was her first time with Holly's vibe though, and I remember how much I enjoyed it the first time :)

We straightened the room and had another quick shower before going into town. Unfortunatly it was too cold to wear skirts, so we couldn't play with each other, but Jen did want to walk around holding hands, which got a couple of looks (but only one nasty comment).

We had a quick play in a shop changing room (of course, mike isn't allowed in the changing rooms with me, but they don't have any problem with a girl taking clothes in for another girl :) It wasn't an 'all the way' thing, but was still exciting fingering each other with people around us.

We went out that night and met a few of my other friends - we weren't really touchy feely around them, but did hold hands and snuggle up together. So far everyone seems to really like Jen (although I did get a few comments about going for younger women :) - what can I say, I've always liked cute girls!

We actually had a much quieter session when we returned home that night - much more kissing, fingering and rubbing against each other before falling asleep.

The following day, we woke up fairly late and Jen decided she wanted to have a look at my downloaded picture archive. These gave us plenty of ideas and we decided that we would try to find a double ended dildo next time and see if it was as fun as it looks.

naturally, after looking at the pics, we had to work off a little steam and tried 69ing again. Jen was on top this time and having her pussy and ass exposed above my face was a beautiful sight. I got covered in her juices again, but we didn't try to torture each other this time and slowed our kissing and touching after tho other one had cum (much better that way!)

Jen's train was early afternoon, so by the time we had showered and had some food, it was time to get her to the station. It was actually really sad having her leave (and she said she felt the same way), but we had arranged to see each other in 2 weeks time (in 2 days time now!)

I called Mike on the way home as I had promised to give him all the details as soon as she had left - at least that kept me occupied for the rest of the day (and half the night!)


  1. Dear Andi,
    This Saturday is St Valentine's Day and You're coming to visit Jen again. (Which spelling of coming should I use, I wonder?) I'll bet Mike's happy to forgive You for leaving him alone!

  2. No, no - I'm popping over early tomorrow (I don't have any afternoon lectures) and I'll be back here for dinner on Sat (we're not spending Valentines day apart - not even for Jen!)

  3. I have a feeling there's another great story about what happened to you as soon as Mike came over.

    Are you going to treat us to that one too? (And did you take my advice and not clean up before he got there?)

    -- Doug

  4. I will try to get a post out about that tonight, but I'm cleaning and getting ready to leave straight after lectures tomorrow so I might not have time...

    As I'd seen Jen to the station, I wasn't still wet with her juices, but still had them on me (more details if I get a chance to post).