Sunday, 15 February 2009

Jen's Place

Well I went along to Jen's place. I decided that as it was for just one night I would risk it - along with the fact that I didn't want to not be able to ever visit her (so I'd have to see her housemate sometime).

I've now met Jen's housemates. Rick (who has a girlfriend), Joanne (who is single) and Alice (who is bi and single). Joanne is the one who saw my pictures - and decided to tell the others about them (but they haven't seen them). Jen was looking at some pics of me that I had sent her - fortunately, not at ones on this blog, so they don't know of its existence.

Jen had met me at the station and we'd gone out for a coffee before heading home. She told me that Joanne had told the others about the pictures and asked if I was OK with it. It was a bit of a shock finding out that they all knew about them, but given I'm a few years older than they are, I thought I would try to own the situation and just made a joke out of it (and it was kind of exciting knowing that Joanne had seen me naked).

I finally met them in the late afternoon. Alice is a fairly large girl (quite a bit larger than I am), with short dark hair and is fairly loud (and she seems quite fun). Joanne is quite tall with long blonde hair and also quite outspoken. Rick is about the same height and build as Mike, but his hair is lighter (and I don't think he can quite stand up to three forceful girls).

Alice made a few comments about my pictures and I just said something like "Jen gets to see them as she's so cute" and gave her a big kiss (Jen that is, not Alice!) Later on, Joanne teased me about them a bit, saying that she knew what I looked like naked and cumming (why can't my housemates talk like this more?) Rick, the poor boy, seemed to be eyeing up Jen and I, but didn't make any comments about the pictures (we did chat about other things, and he also seems quite nice. if a bit shy).

We went to Jen's room and said hello properly (lots of touching, kissing and fondling, but not to orgasm) and I changed into a skirt (Jen likes me wearing skirts as much as I liker her doing so, but it's still too cold to wear one travelling). I had taken my black and white 'tartan' skirt and as we were staying in, didn't put on any panties. I was freshly shaved (Mike did that for me on Thursday night before going down on me - just to check I was smooth of course!). He was really mean and didn't actually make me cum though - as a penalty for not being there on Valentines morning. He licked me for a while and then we had fucked, but I didn't want him to cum in me so my pussy would be clean for Jen. He pulled out as he was getting close and I sucked him for a while before he came over my face (we've been doing this quite a bit recently as I’ve rediscovered the joy of being cummmed on :) He teased me a bit more after that, but wouldn’t let me cum, saying I should be really worked up for meeting Jen.

Back to Friday - Jen had showed me that she had kept herself shaved. She went without panties or bra (the reason I'd love to have smaller breasts!) and we went downstairs again. We had dinner in the living room on the sofa while watching TV. When we had finished, we snuggle up together and had a whispered conversation about what we wanted to do. The others were coming and going as they had dinner (it's a combined living/dining room), so our conversation was kept so they couldn't hear us. We were kissing quite a lot and had hands on each other, but were both still fully dressed (if you ignore lack of panties). We ended up lying down on the sofa and Jen had pulled one of my legs up across hers. I could almost feel my pussy touching her leg, but my skirt was long enough that I wasn't showing anything above mid-thigh and didn't really mind that Joanne was in the room (the last time I'd seen her, she was eating at the table and reading a book).

We were still whispering about things we could do, giggling at the ideas and kissing and stroking each other. Jen was stroking my leg and I was fondling one of her breasts through her t-shirt. She told me to slide my hand under the shirt and I asked if she really wanted me to do that with Joanne in the room. Apparently she did, so I gently worked my hand under the t-shirt and up to her breasts. Her nipples were incredibly hard and I started teasing them in turn - I looked over at Joanne and saw that she was glancing up at us, but she got up and left a few minutes later.

I took the opportunity to lift up Jen's top and play with her exposed nipples for a while - she joined in by stroking my pussy and rubbing my juices onto her nipples for me to clean off. I was really getting into it and had Jen's legs spread so I could play with her clit at the same time, but we heard people coming down the stairs so had to straighten ourselves out. Apparently, they all spend time watching TV together on a Friday night so we had to move up to let Joanne sit on the sofa with us and Alice and Rick sat elsewhere (Rick was relegated to the floor). I wasn't really watching the TV and chatted a bit to the others. Jen was still gently stroking my side and playing with my hair and I ended up snuggled up against her again with my legs curled up under me.

She started stroking my neck (which of course I love) and my hand, which was resting on her thigh, started stroking her leg. She kept stroking my neck and I realised that she actually knew what she was doing (and just how much power her having read this blog gave her!) I pressed harder against her and worked my hand up her leg slightly higher, in the hope she would figure out just hwo much effect her fingers were having. I could feel myself getting flushed and felt Jen's other hand snaking around me and onto my ass. I was concentrating on my breathing and still very slowly working my hand up under Jen's skirt and then I felt her fingers brush against my pussy (through my skirt).

I was taken by surprise and let out a gasp and everyone looked round. Alice said something corny like "Whoa, get a room you two" and I grabbed Jen's hand (I don't really know if I was trying to push her away or wanted to her slide her fingers into me in front of them!) We hurriedly went upstairs and fell onto the bed with the intention of getting the initial burst of lust properly worked out. We were soon naked and played with each other's breasts for a while (as I've said before, Jen's nipples are very sensitive and it is wonderful being able to excite her so much without even touching her pussy). While sucking on nipples, we were both grinding against each other and ended up in the scissors position again.

I wanted to try Jen’s vibrator out so she used it on me. It’s quite slim and isn’t as powerful as my one so Jen had to rub my clit for me to cum, but it was nice watching her sit there naked as she pleasured me. While I was recovering, she slipped it into her own pussy and started playing with her nipples. I was going to help her out, but she asked me to watch her cum. I loved this idea so we swapped places and she lay back against the bed, spread her legs and fucked herself with the vibrator. It was very informative watching her as she hardly touched her clit – just worked the vibrator in her cunt and played with her nipples. She made her little mewing noises again as she came and she looked really cute with her body tensed and her face scrunched up.

After she came, I licked her pussy clean and we went back downstairs (dressed). Rick had gone out with his girlfriend and Alice made a sarky comment about what we’d been up to. It turns out that they are a lot more open about sex in their house than my housemates are – Alice had had girls and boys over, Rick’s girlfriend stays over and Joanne has had a few guys. It is custom to tease each other if there was a lot of noise the night before. (I was now beginning to understand Jen’s behaviour the time she visited me.) It was refreshing being able to be so open (OK, so we didn’t exactly give out details, but just being able to acknowledge that we had a good cum was fun).

As I was only there for one night, we weren’t going out anywhere (I’m going to meet her friends the next time I visit) and after realising that there wasn’t much on TV, we went back upstairs (with more sarcastic comments from Joanne and Alice0. We must have spent about 4 hours doing things that night – we tried many different positions and I think Jen reached the limit of times she could cum! I of course, don’t have such a limit (well, not one that I’ve found anyway as long as I can have a rest between orgasms).

Jen did get me to cum one more time using her vibrator – she got me to kneel on the bed and fucked my cunt with it while she licked at my ass. I don’t think I’ve ever had that done to me in quite the same way before and it gave me a really deep rolling orgasm that went on for ages, and because it wasn’t too intense it never got to be too much. I had wanted to do the same to her as it had felt so good, but she said her pussy had been used up for the night so we snuggled up in bed and chatted before drifting off to sleep.

In the morning, Jen said that she had a surprise for me and that I had to stay in bed. After about 15 minutes, she came back with breakfast in bed and a single rose. She handed me the rose and said "I love you".

I was a bit taken aback by this (just as I had been when she called me her girlfriend 2 weeks ago) and a part of me was worried about Mike and I. We sat and had a chat about things and I told her that I loved Mike and didn’t want to lose him and it was then that it really struck me. I had been telling Jen how much I liked her and how beautiful I thought she was and I realised that I was actually properly, really, falling in love with her.

When I told Jen how I felt, she squealed and hugged me (almost knocking the breakfast over at the same time). I explained that I needed to talk to Mike about things and said again how much he means to me and what happened would be up to him, but she was genuinely happy that I love her (and I’m happy she loves me).

I was heading off at midday, and we had spent quite a while talking about things, but we both wanted to celebrate our confessions of love. Breakfast was forgotten and we kissed and touched each other quite passionately, both getting very turned on. We were mostly under the covers and Jen was lying on top of me and grinding against me – we weren’t being incredibly noisy, but not too quiet either and Joanne stuck her head in the door (which Jen had left slightly open when she had come back with breakfast) and said something like “Well I see you’re having a good Valentine’s morning”.

Jen replied with something like “If you don’t want to join us, fuck off and let us get on with things”. I was incredibly turned on and decided to get my own back on Jen for nearly making me cum in the living room and pulled up the covers. Now I think Jen’s leg was hiding my cunt, but I’m sure Joanne must have got a good view of Jen’s ass and pussy (and probably her juices over my leg). Joanne turned away and said “That’s a bit more than I’d wanted to see” and left us to get on with it. I feel that I might pay for that next time I see her, but it was fun at the time!

Jen tickled me as punishment (why did I tell her I was ticklish?) and after squirming around, I managed to get my mouth onto her cunt and distract her. I tried to work my tongue in her cunt as much as I could and worked on her ass from time to time and I could feel her fingers and tongue on me. It didn’t take too long for me to cum and I managed to keep eating her and made her cum with my mouth on her clit and a finger in her ass. We lay back panting and realised that I would have to leave soon so we quickly dived in the shower and got dressed.

Just before I left, I thought I should leave her a present, so (with her watching), I pulled down my jeans, slid her dildo deep into me to cover it with my juices and then left it for her to use later. We walked to the station holding hands and said our goodbyes with a nice long kiss. I’d had a wonderful day but was very confused – I didn’t want to leave Jen but did want to get back to Mike.

The reason I didn’t post this entry sooner is I had wanted to talk to Mike about things properly (we didn’t chat until this morning as I didn’t think that talking about falling in love with someone else was suitable conversation for Valentines day). He really does seem to be okay with it, as long as I don’t want to split up with him and love him too (and I know that he still hopes he’ll get a chance with both of us one day – but I don’t think Jen would be up for that).

Valentine’s night is next post – this one is long enough!


  1. Dear Andi,
    Aww, that's incredibly sweet.

  2. I'm wondering why anyone in the place would want to watch TV with your actions going on. I'd turn around, watch you all, then certainly wish to get involved, lick up a storm. Whew! that was great!

  3. I'm sure Rick's a nice guy, but there's no way I'd have left for the evening if I'd had you two under my roof with the door open. In fact, I'd have probably tried to find an excuse to stroll past the door.

    Very hot story, and it's good that Mike is cool with everything! I can imagine how much he'd like to be the third party in that situation, and even if Jen doesn't want him to touch her, I'll bet he'd love to at least watch the two of you and pound his excitement into you afterward (with Jen still there).

  4. Glad you had a nice time there, what does the future hold?