Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Slumber Party - Ep 11

Clare had felt aroused before and wasn’t a stranger to masturbation, but this felt a bit different. She almost wished that she had let Rob go further with her and touch her a bit more. As she continued to think about her evening, her hands began tracing where Rob’s hands hand been on her. She played with her breasts through her top and then imagined him sliding his hands under it and onto her bra. She slipped off her top and started playing with her breasts through her bra, all the time imagining that it was Rob touching her.

Her bra was soon pushed up over her breasts and she wished that she could feel his tongue on her nipples, the way that Rach had described when she and Tim had fooled around. Clare was feeling more aroused than she usually felt and her mind was racing with a mixture of Rach’s account of having sex and thinking about Rob touching her. She slid her hand down to her shorts and rubbed her crotch, and then tried to squeeze her fingers under the waistband to touch herself properly. She swore at herself and quickly unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down to her ankles, returning her hand to her crotch, now only covered by a pair of light blue panties.

She imagined feeling Rob’s fingers there and felt a wave of pleasure course through her. She pressed harder against her panties and then urgently worked her fingers under the elastic of one of the legs and slid her fingers into her pussy. She was almost scared about how turned on she was, but nothing was going to stop her now. She worked the crotch of her panties to the side and continued playing with her pussy.

She pushed her bra off her breasts and started running her hand all over them. She remembered Rob calling her sexy and wondered what he would think if he could see her now. She had felt his cock earlier in the evening when she was lying against him and began to imagine what it would be like to see it. The only time Clare had seen a man naked was in a sex-ed video (which she had turned bright red while watching, but so had half of the class). She imagined running her hands over Rob’s jeans and feeling how hard he was while she continued touching herself.

She knew she was getting close to cumming , but didn’t want the feelings to end and as she didn’t yet know about cumming multiple times in a single night, she slowed down and let her mind wander. Clare wanted to be as adventurous as the other girls, but she knew that she was so much shyer than they were (possibly with the exception of Jo).

She though about Anna, Vicky Rach going without underwear – while the idea didn’t really excite her, she just wished that she could get up the nerve to try things like that. She thought about Jo and how much she changed when she got drunk and wondered if the same thing would work for her – she certainly felt a bit less inhibited when drinking with the girls but had never been more than a little tipsy. Her phone started to ring and she was startled out of her trance. Quickly trying to cover herself up, she answered it.

“Hi babe, it me” said Rob.

“Uh, hi. What are you up to” replied Clare while pulling he bra back down to cover her breasts and straightening up her panties. Her shorts were still tangled around her ankles and she left them there.

“I was just thinking of you and wanted to tell you that I really liked this evening” said Rob. What Clare didn’t know is that Rob had run home and whipped his cock out, desperate to relieve himself of the pressure that had built up while they had been kissing. For the past few months he had always imagined fucking her or having her suck his cock and cumming in her mouth when he wanked, and he had even called Clare a few times before while wanking (but of course he hadn’t told her that). It always got him a lot more excited knowing that she was listening to him when he came and it made it much easier to picture her cute body covered or filled with his cum.

Rob wrapped his hand around his cock again and started rubbing up and down the shaft. He knew it wouldn’t take him long to cum and said “It was really nice kissing you, holding you and playing with your breasts”.

“Yes”, replied Clare, “and thank you for waiting and being patient with me”. When Rob had mentioned about playing with her breasts, her free hand slid back to them and gently pushed her bra out of the way. She hesitated and then realised that Rob would never know what she was doing and her fingers gently closed on her nipples. She felt a shock of pleasure go through her body – she had never done anything like this before and felt much braver with a phone between them.

“I think you’re beautiful” continued Rob. “I love you and love being able to touch you.” In his mind she was now topless and he was kneading her breasts. “I know you want to take things slowly, but do you think I might be able to touch them properly sometime?”

Clare’s hand was still playing with her nipples, each in turn and she was imagining Rob doing it. Clare felt herself blushing at the thought of him actually seeing her naked, but said “Um… maybe… yes… I’m just not ready yet… but sometime soon”.

Rob thought about actually being able to play with Clare’s breasts properly and felt his cock twitch in his hand. “I’d really like that” he said.

Clare’s free hand wandered down towards her pussy and she pushed her panties aside – she couldn’t believe what she was doing, but felt more turned on that she could remember ever having been before. Her fingers slid along her pussy and she stifled a moan.

Rob’s hand was flying over his cock, pumping away as fast as he could; he could feel the familiar pressure building and was trying to hide his ragged breathing. He gripped his cock tighter, and felt his orgasm begin. His cum squirted out, landing on his chest and covering his hand – despite his efforts he let out a little moan and Clare asked if he was OK. “Yes, just a bit winded from running home” he answered, as his orgasm ended and the final squirt of cum was ejected from his cock.

“OK” said Clare, her own fingers working away at her pussy. “I wish you were still here with me…” she slid two fingers into her pussy, “I want you to kiss me again”.

Rob looked down at his cum covered body “I could always come over again and we could go back down to the tree and carry on”.

Clare thought of him kissing her again and imagined his hand between her legs, working his fingers into her pussy. “I don’t know, it would be a bit late by the time you got back and, mmm…” Clare could feel her orgasm building and wanted to end the call so she could enjoy it. “I think I’m getting a bit tired, so how about tomorrow?”

“Sure, what time?” asked Rob.

“Uh, I don’t know… I’ll give you a call… I’ve got to go, I think someone is calling me.” Clare threw the phone down and pulled her panties down to her knees. She had two fingers plunging between her little pussy lips and started rubbing her clit with her now freed up hand. She had knows that she was close to cumming, but hadn’t realised just how close – almost as soon as her fingers touched her clit, she let out a little stifled yelp and felt her orgasm begin.

She spread her legs as far as she could, her panties straining around her knees and she felt the waves of pleasure crash through her cunt. She slid her fingers as deep into herself as she could and kept stroking her clit. As another wave of her orgasm pulsed through her, she tried to open her legs further and she heard her panties start to tear but didn’t care.

Her orgasm faded and she was left covered in a light sheen of sweat, her pussy hair matted with her juices and her panties half torn. She wondered what Rob would think if he saw her like this and couldn’t decide if she should blush or laugh at herself. She knew she would still be too embarrassed to do very much with him, but was certainly warming to the idea of going further than she had before.

She had been gently stroking her pussy, enjoying the feel of the moisture coating her lips as she recovered. She thought about calling Rob back to apologise for hanging up so quickly but would have to think up an excuse so she slipped out of her clothes, wrapped herself in a towel and went into the shower.


I've been spending quite a bit of time with Cindy recently and think it's about time that she (or at least her younger fantasy counterpart) started having some adventures. I really want to get back to Anna and the Tuesday night too as I have high hopes for the girls :)

I'm going to try to post updates to Twitter - follow me at

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