Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Valentine's Night

I got back to York in the early afternoon and Mike met me at the station. I had promised him I would tell him everything that Jen and I had got up to so we went for a coffee, sat in the corner and I (quietly) recounted our night. From the bulge in his trousers, he seemed to be enjoying hearing about it - especially us sliding out cunts together :)

We had decided to stay at his place that night and went to M&S (for foreign readers, that is a slightly upmarket high street store) amd got a nice selection of food for our Valentine's dinner. We got back to Mike's place and he had a dozen roses waiting for me on the table, which was a lovely suprise.

We had a really nice dinner - steak and steamed vegetables and then moved on to dessert. We had bought a pack of strawberries and cream (with some posh thick cream) and didn't want to waste the strawberries as they were so juicy (and by 'waste', I mean just eat them!). After hearing about me nearly displaying myself to Jen's house, Mike wanted me to risk his housemate seeing me (he was out at the time, but we didn't know when he was getting back).

I lay on the table and Mike pulled off my jeans and panties (I was quite surprised they had stayed on that long) and started licking between my legs. He liked the idea that someone had left in the comments about licking Jen’s juices off me, but I had to disappoint him and tell him I had showered before getting the train home. I have promised that I’ll at least try to leave her juices on my cunt for him next time. The disappointment didn't seem to stop him though and I had cream dribbled onto my pussy and then he rubbed me with a strawberry.

It’s been a while since we’ve done that and it felt really good – we shared the strawberries, each with cream and my juices on them (Jen wants to try this). After I had cum, he sat on the sofa and I knelt down in front of him and played with his cock. We had used most of the cream, but I used the remaining bits to cover his cock and lick him clean. As I said before, we’ve been playing with him cumming over me a lot more recently and I could tell he was getting quite close and was expecting him to cum in my mouth or over my face.

He wanted us to do things properly though and so we went up to his room – lay on the bed and slowly started making love. It was very tender and he moved slowly in and out of me while we kissed (just like things should be on Valentine’s Day). Obviously things got a bit faster as we got more excited and the kisses became a lot more passionate and we were soon both close to cumming.

Mike said he wanted to cum as deep in me as he could and raised both my legs up so my feet were by his shoulders. This always feels incredibly deep (although we haven’t done that for quite a while either!) and I could feel his cock pumping deep in my cunt as he pressed hard against me. He came first, but kept moving inside me until I came (I wasn’t far behind). I could feel his cock almost up against my cervix and he pressed even harder against me. It looked like he had cum a lot, but he stayed inside me as we kissed so it didn’t leak out.

I’ve been practising using my pussy muscles and tried to slowly squeeze his cock as we kissed. He said it felt really nice and I did it for quite a while (it gets tiring though). He was still hard and I was ready for another go, so we rolled over and I sat up on him. I rocked back and forth, rubbing my clit against his body and I could feel him pushing back against me. He asked me to tell him again about what I’d got up to with Jen and I told him in as much detail as I could. We both tried to keep moving at about the same pace until I had finished my story (this was quite difficult as I was getting very hot between him fucking me and me recounting what Jen and I had been doing) and then I lay down on top of his so we could kiss.

He grabbed my ass and started pumping into me a lot harder, moving me back and forth in time with his thrusts. I could feel him slapping against my ass and his cum from the previous orgasm had begun to leak out of me and cover us both. I came first this time, by quit a bit, but Mike kept fucking me, hard and fast. I kept telling him to cum, but he held back for as long as he could and my pussy was starting to feel somewhere between being numb and tingling when he finally thrust hard into me and let out a moan. I was so sensitive, I think I could feel his cock pulsing inside me as he came (but it might just have been the way he was moving).

He held me tight against him and I felt the occasional twitch come from his cock until it started to shrink and fell out of me (along with quite a bit of cum!). We spooned, with him holding me and chatted about random things. After a while I stared wriggling my ass against him and felt his cock harden again, but he said he probably couldn't cum a third time. He did slip into me and we gently moved until we fell asleep.

I must have slept much heavier than usual as I woke up the next morning with my egg being held against my pussy. Mike was under the covers and gave me a wonderful wake up orgasm with his fingers inside me and egg on my clit. Once I had recovered, I knelt up and offered by ass to him. I had actually wanted him to fuck my ass so I could use the egg on my pussy again, but he slid into my cunt and seemed quite happy there so I didn't stop him (but I did get him to reach around me and rub my clit at the same time!)

After our second climax, he told me to wait there and soon returned with breakfast in bed (twice in 2 days!) We ate naked and used most of the chocolate spread on the croissants (and maybe a little elsewhere :)

After we had finished, I had the conversation with him about Jen's feelings (and how I feel about her). I assured him that I didn't want us to split up and he says that he is okay with it (just not me being in love with another man I think!) The next time Jen visits, the two of them will meet, which will either be very interesting, or a massive disaster...

I'm going to return to the slumber party story next - I want to develop what happens with the girls (and it makes it great fun recalling the stories when I see them in reality :)


  1. Dear Andi,
    If You do this well in a hurry, what will You do when You have time?!?

  2. I'll bet Mike is looking forward to licking Jen's juices off you (and out of you). As I said before, most guys would find that a huge turn-on.

    I have a feeling it's going to be an interesting meeting between those two -- hopefully not an acrimonious one.

    I can see lots of possibilities here. I tend to doubt that there'll be a threesome anytime soon, at least in the sense of Mike putting it to Jen, but if it's OK with Jen, I can definitely envision the possibility of him agreeing to watch passively (well, at least one part of him will certainly react) while you and Jen pleasure each other ... then, when Jen takes a break, climbing on top of you and drilling you while Jen watches. She might even remain naked in the bed next to you.

    I have a feeling that you're about to find out what it's like to get it from both genders in the same session, Andi. Just remember not to clean yourself up when Jen's through leaving her juices on you.

    -- Doug

  3. I'm glad people liked this entry.

    I'm sure that there won't be any threesome action (much to Mike's dismay) - I don't think Jem would even be interested in having him do things to me at the same time (or in the same session). The best I can do for him is recount the details (and that certainly seems to have an effect on him :)

  4. Well, then the least you can do is leave Jen's juices on you (and in you -- maybe she can return the favor with your vibrator) ... and leave the aroma for Mike to enjoy.

    He'll be as stiff as a railroad spike for the entire night. So stay out of that shower next time ... :)

    -- Doug