Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Warm(er) Weather

I'd meant to post this yesterday but got distracted just before I did. In the rest of the post 'yesterday' means Friday...


I was happy to wake up yesterday and find that the weather was a bit warmer. Warm enough (I thought) to wear a nice little pleated skirt and go without panties.

Jen and I had been talking about this over the phone - we're not going to get the chance to see each other for a while (due to both time and money), so we've taken to having long chats on the phone (and possibly just a little phone sex :) Much to Mike's delight, Jen doesn't mind if he listens in (and they've now talked a fair bit and seem to get on, even if they haven't met properly in person).

By 'listens in' of course, I mean 'helps me out'. Admittedly it is cheating a bit given than Jen is by herself, but it means I can put Jen on speakerphone and listen to her pleasuring herself while Mike eats or fucks me. She loves listening to me cum (and I guess it means that Holly is getting to experience a few more loud orgasms than she usually would!)

Jen has been fairly clear about the ground rules, Mike isn't meant to talk to her while she's masturbating and she doesn't want us to do things in the same room as him, but it's fairly easy to tell from the way he fucks me, that he finds it an incredible turn on listening to us. Last night Jen described herself sitting naked on her bed and playing with herself. She used her vibe on her breasts and in her cunt and even rubbed around her asshole.

I had such a vivid image of her doing all this I came three times (Mike licked me the first time and fucked me for the next two). Jen described how wet her pussy was after she came and mine was equally wet (but I had a bit of help from Mike's cum!) The one bad thing about Mike being there is that I can't look at the pics of Jen while I cum (she doesn't want him to see her naked).

It's definitly going to be odd when they do meet - how do you talk to someone you haven't met before but you have heard cum a large number of times (well, it will be a large number by the time they meet).

Jen has also agreed to let me write about her first time with another girl - unless she changes her mind. We're going to work on it next week but it might take a while as I tend to get distracted when chatting with her :) morning


Back to the skirt - so I thought it was warm yesterday and took the opportunity to go pantyless. Since being shaved for my visit to Jen's place, I've kept myself completely bald and it was soooo nice being able to feel the air on my cunt as I walked around. It has been so long that tt had quite an effect on me - I almost felt like Anna the first time she went without panties in the story :)

I had to txt Jen and Mike and let them know how wet I was - I couldn't find a secluded place in lectures to do anything about it though (damn students turning up for lectures!) Unfortunatly, as the day went on, it got colder and by the time I walked home, me legs were freezing and a wet cunt in cold air is *very* cold! I dived into bed to warm up and fortunatly Mike was soon home to lick me better.

The one really interesting thing was just how hot his tongue felt on and in me - it was certainly different than usual and we may have to investigate this more :) (I guess it was sort of like when we do things with ice-cream.)

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