Monday, 30 March 2009

Jen's Second Visit - Part 3

This was quite a while ago now so I hope I can remember the details well enough (it's odd, I can remember things quite clearly about events that happened years ago, but I've got so much going on tight now that it isn't as easy to think back just a week!)


So after Jen had cum, we straigtened up Rach's bed and returned to my room (taking risks is fun, but unless I was sure Rach wanted to join us it's probably better not to get caught in there!) The other item we had bought earlier that day was some Durex Play 'tingle; gel. It's meant to be used as a lube, but having tried it out, I'm glad we experimented with it first... It tastes minty and so we used it as flavour as we took turns going down on each other. It gives a very cool feeling at first and then starts to tingle (as the name suggests) after a minute or so. Any girls who want to try it - just make sure you don't use too much at once or it feels a bit more like burning (and not in a good way!)

Fortunatly, we had only used a little at first so we got to enjoy the feeling - it made my clit much more sensitive and I could really feel each time jen licked me. It also heightened the sensation on my cunt lips and when Jen blew on then it sent a shiver through me. I'm not sure it really changed the strength of my orgasm, but was definitly worth a try. Jen really seemed to appreciate it too and I added a few drops to her nipples and then sucked them clean (we're going to try and make her cum from just having her nipples teased at some point - the tingle gel may be involved in that...)

After we had each had an orgasm, we tried the dildo out again, but I wanted to lie on top of her and have it bent round between us. We sort of got it to work, but as we had purchased a short dildo so we could fit it completely inside us both, it didn't reach round properly and kept popping out of me. Jen would fiddle with it and slide it back in which felt nice, but I had wanted to try humping her while we kissed - I think we're going to save up and try to buy a longer one to try that out with. In the end, I used the dildo on Jen and she fingered me and we took a little nap to recover.

Mike was joining us (and my housemates) for dinner that night (another strategy I'd thought of in case things were awkward between him and Jen) and we cleaned ourselves up before he got there. Jen bumped in to Holly in the hallway again (she assures me that it was by accident) andgiven how Jen was wearing her towel, Holly must have got a good view of her thighs and maybe even the bottom of her ass - she wanted me to show off as much and I maybe had the towel a little higher than I usually would, but not as high as Jen's was.

Dinner was a bit strange - I think Rach and Holly might feel a bit sorry for Mike - they seem to think that I'm cheating on him and so it was a bit awkward at first with him there. I think that by the end of the meal they had begun to understand that he was quite happy with me being with Jen (and given how hard he fucks me when I'm telling him what we got up to, I think he enjoys it :)

The three of us (Mike, Jen and I) went out for a drink after dinner and it was probably the closest we're going to come to having a threesome (well, it wasn't *that* close, but still fun). Mike had one of my hands and Jen had the other and at various times throughout the night one or the other of them would kiss me or slide a hand under my skirt and squeeze my ass or slip a finger inside my pussy. Jen seemed to take great pleasure in doing that and then sucking her finger clean. She said afterwards that she was well aware of the effect she was having on him and it was her way of saying 'thank you' for sharing me with her.

Only once did I have both their hands on me - Jen was rubbing my ass under my skirt (and I was doing the same to her) and Mike slid his hand up my leg to my pussy. I know I've been touched by them both before, but never at the same time like that and I have to admit that it felt incredible - if I'd have ben able to find somewhere private I think I would have been able to have an incredible orgasm (I know this wouldn't have happened, Jen still doesn't want to do things with Mike there, but I can dream about it.)

They got on really well all night and I went home very happy. Jen and I had another fuck (nothing complicated, just grinding against each other and kissing) and fell asleep. Umfortunatly Jen had to get an early train back (it was cheaper) so she had to leave in the late morning. We did have time for one last use of the dildo and went back to having it buried between us with our cunt lips rubbing together (yet another excuse to keep myself completely shaved!) Jen added a few drops of the tingle gel to our clits and I definitly felt the difference - I made sure to carefully place the dildo on my bedside table when we'd finished.

It was a real pity that Jen had to leave early as the weather was much better on Sunday. Of course, we didn't know this until we had left to walk to the station and she was wearing her long coat so was too hot by the time she got there. It did have one advantage though - our goodbye kiss was much more exciting as my hands were hidden inside her coat. I took full advantage of this and had then under her skirt and pulled her panties down enough to finger her. If we'd had more time, I'm sure I could have made her cum - she had hoped to repeat my adventures o nthe train, but it was packed and she had to stand. She said that she did manage to run herself through her skirt a few times when people were pushing past, but nowhere near enoguh to cum so had to take care of herself when she returned home.

I had met Mike after her train left (and he wishes he had been there to 'see' me fingering her, even though he woudn't have actually seen anything. He did get a few treats though:

Firstly, he has now finally tasted Jen (from our dildo) and secondl, I tried the minty tingle gel on him and he really loved it. The real treat for him is that I've found that the taste of minty cum is a lot better than just salty cum so I think he might be buying a bulk supply of the stuff :)

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Jen's Second Vists - Part 2

I think we headed home fairly soon after that and were both very keen on trying out our new toy. We did buy one other item that I had forgot to mention, but we'll come to that later...

We had the house to ourselves again (I love the way my housemates disappear for hours on end sometimes) and so were soon naked. I washed the dildo in warm water and dried it off and we decided to have a play on Rach's bed. I can't remember if I've described the layout of out house before - but Rach's room is to the left at the top of the stairs, Holly's is to the right (with the bathroom in between) and mine is down the corridor from Holly's, This means that we were taking a bit more of a chance as we couldn't dash out of Rach's room without being seen if someone was one the stairs, but (once again) passion was ruling over common sense.

We didn't use the vibe straight away, but kissed and fondled each other for a while on Rach's bed. I think this was the first time we'd done something in her room and I had to promise Jen that I would show her Rach's vibrating pad at some point. Once we were both nice and wet, we figured it was time to try out the dildo. Jen rubbed one end over her cunt (which was as wet as always) and the other end over mine (which was fairly wet) and then switched it around. She slid it into me first - it went in fairly easily as it is a bit smaller then my rabbit - and then worked it in to her own pussy. It was ever so slightly larger than her vibe, but not enough to make a difference, the only trouble being due to the flexability of it in her tight cunt.

It didn't take long though before she had a fair amount of it inside her and we were ready to start. I held on to the middle of the dildo and moved my body towards her. It easily slid into me and we ended up with it buried in our pussies, with our cunt lips touching. It was such an amazing sight that I spent a few minutes gently moving against Jen, watching us rub against each other. I think I had hoped that we could somehow get our clits to touch, but I guess that only happend in the movies (or net videos) - even so, it still felt amazing having the dildo in me and Jen's cunt pressed against mine.

We tried a few ways of moving and after a while found a few ways that felt really good. The dildo definitly moved a lot more in me than in Jen (I guess her pussy was holding it a lot tighter than mine). By putting one of my legs under her corresponding leg, and her other leg under my other leg (I hope you can figure out what I mean) we were able to hump against each other quite well. I'm sure I was being fucked a bit harder, but I rubbed our clits as we moved and we managed a fairly loud orgasm (taking advntage of having the house to ourselves). I tried (and managed) to make Jen cum first so I could fuck myself against her afterwards - it is remarkably easy to cum just after having watcher her cum and the added excitement of the dildo helped.

After I had cum, we kissed for a while (it popped out of me while we were kissing - it isn't long enough to bend round 180 degrees without some help!), but it had served it's purpose by that point so I reached down and used it to fuck Jen while we kissed. Her hands were on my ass and just brushing over my cunt and I wanted to stay in that position, but she wanted me to show her Rach's vibrating pad thingy.

 I fished it our of her bedside drawer (I know I should feel bad about doing this, but if she has such wonderful toys, what am I meant to do?) and realised that I had missed a section of it before. When I'd used it, I had only seen the main body (a battery section and a circular pad about 2" across), but this time it had a cover on the pad with two bumps on it. These seem to concentrate the power of it just into those two sections (and it was more powerful than my egg with just the pad). I ran it over Jen's nipples and she said it felt amazing. I tried it on my clit and it felt incredibly powerful (I may have used it again in the last week - by accident of course :)

I sat over Jen and played it over her pussy lips. She was licking me while I did this and as I got closer to her clit, I could feel (and hear) her moaning or gasping into my cunt. I was slightly cruel and and pulled her pussy lips open and applied it directly to her clit - she jerked away from me, but given I was on top of her she couldn't go far so had to put up with it. It was one of the quickest orgasms I've managed to give her but I made sure to stop using it as soon as she came and just licked her through her orgasm instead (I wanted to tease her not break her!)


Damn, it's past 3 - I'll post the rest tomorrow

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Still here

Sorry for the delay in finishing my last post - I wanted to take it easy for a while and relax. I'm hoping to finish it off later tonight.

I'm spending today with Cindy (a fully clothed Cindy unfortunatly) and I'm thinking about ideas for her in the slumber party story. I'll finish off the details of last weekend before I work on that though.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Jen's Second Visit

I had wanted to write more, but it's late and I have a headache so this is all you're getting for now. I may edit it when I add the rest...


Jen’s gone again but of course I still have Mike. I am an incredibly lucky person to have these two wonderful people who understand how I feel about them both.

Jen arrived Friday evening and we met up with Mike for a quick drink before Jen and I went home for dinner. I really wasn’t sure how it would go so I had thought it would be a good idea that if the first meeting had a time limit. Mike had walked partway to the station with me and then waited for us in Lendal Cellars. I met Jen at the station and we said hello (I’m much more used to having people watching us kiss) before wandering back to the pub. We walked in holding hands and it was definitely a bit strange. Mike said something like “So I hear you’ve been taking good care of my girl” (apparently it had sounded better in his head!)

We were at the end of the downstairs section and it was still early enough that nobody was sitting too close to us so we could talk fairly openly (even so, we weren’t really discussing anything explicit). Mike and Jen found they had a few interests in common (other than me) and it actually went a lot better than I had imagined it could. When it came time for us to leave, Mike kissed me goodbye and then Jen took me and kissed me. Mike kissed me again and stroked my ass (through my skirt) and Jen copied him.

It was fairly obvious that Mike liked this (he had to sit down to hide the bulge) and so Jen declared victory and we headed home, grabbing a take away on the way. We ate (the food) downstairs so we didn’t smell out my room with it and then headed upstairs. We kissed for a while and gradually undressed each other, taking a lot more time than we had in the past to touch each other. Jen only had her skirt on at this point and she pulled out a pair of long white socks and slipped them on. She had promised me that she would wear them for me as she knows just how hot I think she looks in them.

We lay down on the bed and kissed some more but it didn’t take long before the kissing moved on to fingering. Jen’s skirt soon came off so I could see what I was doing properly and we started things in earnest. The kissing became even more passionate and we were each rubbing our pussy against the other’s thigh. We had waited a fair amount of time and were soon using fingers once more (so we could continue to kiss). It was clear that Jen was going to cum before I did so I told her to let me concentrate on her pussy (maybe I’ve learned something about patience from Mike after all!)

I worked on her pussy with two fingers and alternated between sliding into her and strumming her clit. She is still very tight (even more than me), but I can at least now get two fingers into her without it feeling like they are being squeezed too much. She was an amazing sight – her body stretched out on my bed with her knee high socks on her spread legs – and I had missed her so wanted to make her cum hard. Although I really wanted to admire the view, I kept my fingers between her legs and started kissing and sucking her nipples. This drives her wild and she was soon making quite a bit of noise (more than usual) and I kept rubbing and kissing until she came.

The little mewing noises she used to make were definitely gone (but I hope not for good as they were really cute) and I could feel my fingers getting very wet. Jen then returned the favour, stroking my clit and kissing my breasts until I came (which happened quite quickly).

I made my brief posting while we recovered but we soon went back to work – Jen had brought her vibe along and so I used it on her while she used my rabbit on me. Of course, once Jen had cum I thought I should clean her up a bit (but not enough to make her cum again as she was too sensitive).

After that, we just lay and chatted, planned the rest of the weekend and kissed before falling asleep. I could have gone another orgasm, but Jen had been up for a long time so was tired. I was tempted to make myself cum just like she used to with ‘Sarah’, but thought I would have nicer dreams if I fell asleep horny.

On Saturday, we went along to a sex shop out Bootham way (the other side of town from where I live). The weather was fairly warm - not hot, but warm enough for us to go out in reasonably short skirts. Jen had gone braless (but you couldn’t really tell). Our aim was to get a dildo that we could share – I had thought this might be a bit difficult as all the ones we’ve seen in videos look huge and there is no way Jen could take them (I doubt I could take them either!).

We didn’t have too much trouble though, we had figured out the maximum length we wanted and found one that is fairly flexible and only slightly wider than Jen’s vibe. I was very tempted to get a whole load of other things in the shop, but my budget stopped me. Jen seemed a lot more embarrassed about buying it than I had thought she would be (which I may have teased her just a *little* bit about afterwards J

We had intended to head straight back home to try it out, but thought that we shouldn’t waste the warm(er) weather so wandered around town for a bit. Of course, we ended up popping into a couple of shops to try clothes on (well, to go into the changing room anyway). I was very tempted to try using the dildo on her but thought that we should give it a wash before use. Neither of us came, but we did manager to finger and lick each other for a short time – definitely enough to ensure that we were more than ready for fun when we got home.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


The weekend was rather tiring (for all the right reasons :) and I've been a bit busy since then, but I'm hoping to at least get a short post out later today...

Friday, 20 March 2009

Weekend update

Just a quick post as I'm ...distracted...

Jen is over to visit again (we split the fare even though we couldn't really afford it). She met Mike briefly earlier tonight and it was definitly interesting. They both tried to stake their claim to be (in a fairly light hearted way - it was funny) and they seemed to get on. We're all going out tomorrow so they can spend some more time together.

Jen and I are in bed now (just taking a quick break before continuing to say hello properly). She brough along a few pairs of long white socks for me (that is she's wearing them, for me to enjoy) and she looks so cute naked with them on her gorgeous legs.

We're hoping to go find a dildo to share tomorrow (Mike said he'd pay for it) and if we succeed I'll post details (probably after Jen's left). Wish us luck...

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Train cum

I’m sitting on a train right now on my way back from an interview in Newcastle and it is a glorious sunny day. I’m right at the back of the train with only the engine behind me and have a good number of seats between me and the next person.

I was dressed smartly for the interview, but have popped into the bathroom to change into the skirt I was wearing yesterday when I went up to Newcastle (I stayed with a friend overnight) so I have one of my usual flippy skirts on (and now the warmth is back, no panties of course).

I’ve been working on the next slumber party episode (I borrowed Mike’s laptop) and I’m now rather turned on. I had hoped to just work myself into a nice state by the time I got home and then have a really good session, but I’ve gone past that now and can’t really wait much longer.

In an attempt to draw it out as much as I can (possibly until we reach York), I thought I could make this into a posting and describe what happens.

I’m sitting in sear B76 – right by the door to the engine carriage and opposite a luggage rack. I’m sitting on my coat (I’m not sure I want my bare skin to touch train seats!) and my skirt is pulled up high enough to let me spread my legs. I’ve raised the arm rest on the seat in front of me to provide a little more shelter and unless someone sneaks along crouching down, nobody will see anything.

My pussy is very wet (when I post the next slumber party episode you might see why!) and the lips feel almost perfectly smooth as Mike shaved me 2 nights ago. I haven’t got my vibe or egg with me so I’m just sliding my fingers over myself, letting my juices coat me. I wish Jen was here with me as we could probably eat each other without anyone noticing. As much as the wifi allows, I’m chatting to her on MSN and she says she would happily let me eat her even if someone was watching.

I’ve now got my legs lifted up so I have full access to my cunt (laptop is on the seat next to me). I’m not sure I’m going to make it to York. Like this I can play with my pussy and clit at the same time (why do you think I thought Lis would play with herself like that J

Damn – arriving at Darlington.

It’s OK – nobody got on at this end of the train and I can continue. I’ve never done this on a train at a station before and it’s a bit riskier, but then that’s half the fun of it (the other half being playing with myself)

Two fingers in myself now and one almost in my ass (I can’t type and rub my clit at the same time though)

Someone just saw me as we pulled out of the station – I had no intention of pulling out of my cunt though and gave him a good view – I think Anna should try something like this..

I wish I had small breasts so could take my bra off – Jen has taught me to appreciate my nips a lot more (and Mike is happy to play with them more). I can’t wait much more.

...but I’ll have to – the guard just came to check tickets and is now standing in the area behind me. Until he comes back through I can’t continue... yay – he’s gone now, only a few minutes of cooling off time. I don’t want to wait any longer though so I’ll document when I’m done.

Wow, that was strong. I returned to my previous position, feet up on either side of my ass, two fingers in my pussy, one in (mostly on, but slightly in) my ass and my other hand working on my clit. It didn’t take very long and the movement of the train occasionally jolting my fingers felt wonderful (apart from one big jolt when it hurt a bit). I wonder if anyone can smell me – I might have got a bit carried away and covered myself with my juices (well, my cunt and thighs at least). Jen keeps offering to lick me clean, but IM technology hasn’t quite got that far yet so Mike will get that pleasure.

I now have a wet spot on the back of my skirt as I hadn’t pulled it up as far when the guard left – oh well, it’ll be coming off as soon as I get home. Jen kept writing to me while I was cumming, describing what she was doing to herself. I miss seeing her so we’re going to meet up at the weekend even though we haven’t really got enough money to do it – she’s going to visit me and finally meet Mike. She’ is all for getting a dildo for us to share and I can’t wait to try that out – I really want to find one that fits in us both and lets us rub our lips together (I know it’s corny but I’ve seen too many pics on the net to not want to try it).

Monday, 16 March 2009

Slumber Party - Ep 12

It's been a while since I posted any of this so this is slightly longer to make up for it.

Lis had hoped to talk to Rach at the cinema, but with Valerie and Vicky tagging along, she hadn't had a chance. After they went their separate ways home, she sent Rach a text asking if they could meet up the next day 'to talk'. Rach had a fairly good idea what Lis wanted to talk about and they arranged for Lis to go over to Rach's house for lunch.

Lis spent the night thinking about her friends and had her usual masturbation session. This time though, she didn't just think about Clare and Jo, but had thoughts of the rest of the group flashing through her mind as she played with her pussy. The thought of Anna sitting there without panties on in the coffee shop was a huge turn on and after getting such a good look at Anna in just her underwear the previous week, Lis had a fairly good image of her naked to work with. She pictured Anna's little breasts and slim frame, along with her beautiful legs leading up to her sweet pussy.

She had already cum once using her fingers on her clit and felt horny enough to keep going. She flipped on her computer and started having a look round some of her usual sex sites - most of them relating to teen (but legal) girls. She had recently been looking at a lot of amateur sites and loved the idea of coming across someone she might actually know on them one day.

After about 20 minutes of looking (and a little bit of touching) she was definitely ready to cum again and called up a gallery of one of her favourite girls. She was 19 and had an amazing figure, flawless skin and just a tiny tuft of hair above her pussy that Lis thought looked really cute. Her pussy was otherwise bald and Lis loved looking at it, especially in some of the close up shots where she could see every detail.

She settled back in the chair and spread her legs, she flicked through the pictures and watched as the girl on the screen spread her pussy and slid a dildo into herself. Lis' fingers were working on her own pussy, sliding into herself and working on her clit. She took her own dildo out of a drawer and after wetting it with her juices, slid it into her cunt. It was somewhat smaller than the one being used in the pictures, but it reached deeper than Lis' fingers could and she pushed it as far into herself as it would go.

She flicked onto a picture of the girl cumming and knew that after this there were pictures of her being fucked so stuck with the picture. Lis stared intently at the look of pleasure on the girl's face as she felt her own orgasm approaching. She was still sliding the dildo into her pussy and her fingers were working on her clit. She copied the position the girl on screen was in - sitting up with her legs drawn up, giving a wonderful clear view of her pussy, only slightly hidden by her hand holding the dildo.

Lis came for the second time that night and had to stifle a small whimper as her orgasm pulsed through her cunt. She knew that something felt different today and she still felt horny. Certainly the Friday night had gotten to her and then the sex talk while out shopping hadn't helped. She felt as if her pussy still required more attention and went back to looking at pictures online. She went through a lot of her usual sites and found many pictures of girls she thought were incredibly hot. After a while, she stumbled onto a new amateur site and started checking out the talent.

This site also had videos - while Lis was no stranger to looking at pictures of girls (and some guys), she hadn't come across free videos before and wondered how good they could be. She clicked on a link of a couple fucking in a college dorm room and watched as a reasonably cute girl lay on her bed and her boyfriend fucked her. The girl in the video was squealing away and it looked like the man was pounding hard into her - Lis was mesmerised by this and avidly watched through the video until the man pulled his cock out of her and came over her. This looked rather messy to Lis, but she had loved watching the girl cum and looked for more videos.

She moved from videos of couples fucking to ones of girls fingering themselves and using toys and then found a lesbian video. Her heart leapt at this and she quickly clicked on it. It started out with some girls kissing on a bed - Lis thought one of the girls was quite cute but wasn't too bothered by the second one. She watched as the girls moved from kissing to playing with each others breasts - first with hands and then kissing them. Lis' hands were running over her own body - the previous pics and videos had gotten her fairly worked up and she wanted to cum again. The cute gir slid her hand between the others legs and started stroking her panties and then pushed them aside to reveal a pair of bald pussy lips. She proceeded to slide her fingers between these and alternated between this and rubbing her cunt. Lis followed suit with her own fingers and let out a moan much louder than she had intended.

The second girl had started to give as good as she was getting. She pulled off the panties of the cute girl and Lis was disappointed to see that she had quite a hairy pussy. She looked at her own cunt and wondered how much longer her own hair would get and when she would have to shave it. The girls on screen were now both almost completely naked, fingers working on cunts and sloppily kissing each other. Lis could feel her own orgasm building quickly, but wanted to string it out a bit longer so slowed down her movements.

She watched as the girls lay on their sides and started licking each other - this was too much for Lis and she sat with her eyes glued to the video while her fingers flew over her clit and pussy. She much preferred the shots of the shaved pussy being licked and loved the sounds the girls were making - a part of her wanted to try to cum at the same time as the girls in the video, but she was too far gone to hold back any longer. A much stronger orgasm took hold of her, radiating out from her pussy in strong waves.

She pictured Clare's head between her own legs and imagined the feeling of her tongue copying what she was watching on screen. As she came, the image of Clare changed to Anna, Cindy, then Rach and onto Jo. Lis was completely gone by this point and was picturing a cunt hovering over her face that she was licking while someone else ate her. She imagined wrapping her legs around Clare's head as her orgasm reached its peak and she pushed her dildo deep into her cunt for the last time. Lis tried hard to be quiet but still let out a long moan. She looked down and realised she would have to clean up the chair as she had left a few wet spots on it. Her breasts were pink with the pinching and teasing her hands had inflicted on them and she could feel heat radiating from them.


As her senses returned to her, she realised how much noise she had been making and covered herself up. Her dildo was covered in her pussy juices as were her thighs and cunt but it was too late to take a shower. She bookmarked the site she had been on and shut down her computer before crawling into bed, feeling very satisfied. Her orgasms had tired her out more than she had

realised and she quickly fell asleep.


When she woke the following morning, she felt horny again - she couldn't remember exactly what she had been dreaming of, but given how wet her pussy still was, she had a fair idea that of had been about sex.Her hand drifted back between her legs and then she realised how late it was - she was meant to be over at Rach's place in just over an hour so quickly dived out of bed and into the shower. As she showered, thought about the videos from last night and she considered her own pussy hair once more. She knew that she loved looking at shaved cunts and wished she had a little more time so she could try shaving her own, but that would have to wait for another day.

As Lis dried herself off, she saw that the sun was blazing down outside so pulled on a pair of shorts and a t shirt. She was running late and quickly slipped on a pair of white pumps and set off for Rach's place. It was only about a 15 minute jog, but by the time Lis got there, she was covered in a sheen of sweat. Rach's family were fairly wealthy and they lived in a large house with a private driveway. Lis walked up to the door and rang the bell. Rach answered the door and nearly hugged her but stopped when she saw how hot Lis looked. They went in and Rach gave Lis a cold drink and they chatted while Lis got her breath back.

The conversation stayed light as they had lunch as other members of Rach's family were around - only after they had finished did the girls head out towards the pool. They pulled a pair of loungers into the shade - partly to shield themselves from the sun that was now too strong to stay out in and partly to get a bit more privacy.

After a few minutes of hesitant silence, Rach asked "So, are you ready to talk to me yet?"

"Yeah, it's just... not easy... but I want to talk to someone." replied Lis.

"Oh I see, I'm just 'someone' am I?" pouted Rach.

Lis ignored the pout and said "You know you aren't - you're the only person I can talk to about this. I'm scared what the others would think."

"They'll be fine - you don't have to tell them if you don't want to, but they're your friends" Rach said.

"I hope so" said Lis and paused for a while before continuing. "They might not like me thinking about them in the way I do though."

"And what way would that be" asked Rach - wanting to find out who it was Lis had a crush on.

"You know... about liking them and... dating them." Lis wasn't sure how to explain it to Rach.

Rach had gotten impatient and decided to just ask "So who is it you like?"

Lis hesitated again and then said "Well, it was Clare and Jo, but then I thought Anna looked really cute the other night and"

"Hah" said Rach, "I knew you were spanking her for more than just revenge"

Lis grinned a little, "Yeah, I might have enjoyed it a bit. I really do like Clare and Jo, but...". Lis paused again, wondering if she could really tell Rach about last night. The girls had talked about masturbation before plenty of times but Lis had never told anyone what she thought about. She knew she had to be open with Rach or talking to her was pointless so decided to dive right in.

"I've started thinking about other people when I touch myself - last night I thought about Anna and Cindy as well." She had deliberately left out the image of Rach lapping away at her pussy, afraid that her friend would be shocked.

"So you're just being greedy now - wanting all the cute girls for yourself." Rach paused then asked the question Lis had been fearing, "So wasn't I included?"

Lis whispered a quiet "Yes... but I wasn't trying to, I just thought of you, please don't hate me" and started to cry a little.

Rach leaned over to her and said "Hey, it's OK. I know how things can get mixed up when you're horny. You know I think you're cute and if I liked girls, you'd probably be my first choice."

"You.. you're not mad" asked Lis.

"Nah, it's OK. You know I'm not interested in you like that, but your fantasies are your own. Anyway, both Clare and Jo *are* incredibly cute - even I can see that without wanting to jump them!"

Rach considered a minute than continued, "When Jack and I first fucked, I hadn't planned on it happening. We had been making out for a while and I was just feeling so turned on that when he pushed his cock into me I didn't stop him. I was a bit scared afterwards."

Rach had told all the girls that she was the one who had decided to have sex that night and she had been in charge. Lis realised that Rach had shared this secret to make her feel better and just said "thank you".

"So are you going to tell them?" asked Rach.

"Um, I can't, not yet anyway" said Lis. "Anyway, Clare's got Rob and Jo's too shy to even talk about sex properly."

"Not if you get her drunk she isn't" pointed out Rach. "You've seen how much she changes, and Anna's new found exhibitionism might give you a chance to get to see her naked."

"Mmm" replied Lis. "We'll need more alcohol for Tuesday!". Lis felt a lot better having told all of this to Rach and quickly asked "So you said to Anna that you've gone out without panties on - do you do that a lot?"

"Uh huh - you're just trying to picture me naked now aren't you?" asked Rach.

Lis felt a bit more confident and shot back "Maybe - you got a problem with that?"

"None at all - but you're out of luck today" She flipped up her skirt and showed Lis her bikini bottoms. "I was planning on going for a swim later on - want to join me?"

"I can't - no suit" said Lis.

"I might have an old one that fits you" said Rach.

"It'll have to be fairly old" said Lis "I'm not quite the same shape as you" as she indicated Rach's breasts.

"Well, let’s go have a look". They went up to Rach's room and after a little digging through her wardrobe found an old bikini that would fit Lis. She popped into Rach's bathroom and slipped it on. She checked that no hair was showing around the crotch and even though it wasn't, wished that she had shaved. She was interrupted by Rach knocking "Hurry up girl, this is no time to get shy just because you've declared your undying lust for me."

Lis opened the door and tickled Rach "You know that you can go off people too?" The girls raced down to the pool and dived in. The water felt freezing compared to the hot sun and they squealed as they splashed about. Lis nearly lost her top a few times and had to tighten it. After about 20 minutes, they thought they should put on some sun cream and went back to their loungers.

Rach lay on her front, undid her top and said "Cream me". The image of Rach's face between her legs instantly shot into Lis' mind and she knew just how she would like to 'cream' her". Smiling to herself, she took the bottle and squeezed some lotion onto Rach's back.

"Aren't you afraid I might try to take advantage of you" she asked.

"You wouldn't dare - you're too nice for that" replied Rach, as she lifted her arms up so Lis could do her sides.

"Oh yeah, well maybe I might surprise you". Lis had gotten used to their little game and was enjoying flirting with Rach, even though she knew nothing was going to happen. She put some more lotion on her hands and started rubbing it into Rach's legs, working her way up from her feet.

As she neared the knee, Rach opened her legs a bit to allow her to do her thigh. Lis looked at the view of Rach's pussy covered by her bikini bottoms and worked higher up her leg.

"Maybe I'll just keep rubbing higher” said Lis as her hands worked her way up Rach’s thighs.

“Uh, huh” murmured Rach, “lets see how high you go”.

Lis’ hands  slid higher up the inside of Rach’s legs, spreading the lotion over the firm skin. Rach slid her legs open a bit more and Lis’ fingers were now only inches away from Rach’s ass. She wanted to go further, but knew Rach wouldn’t really want her to so regretfully withdrew her hands.

“See, I told you that you wouldn’t try anything” said Rach. She reached round and tied her top so she could apply the lotion to Lis. “Lie down, your turn now”.

Lis lay on the other lounger and Rach undid her top. Lis started to object but Rach assured her that nobody else was around and Lis slowly relaxed. Rach poured a big pool of lotion onto Lis’ back and spread it over her.

“How about I give you a hand on Tuesday with Anna and Jo?” asked Rach.

“How?” replied Lis, enjoying Rach’s hands on her back.

“Well, we said we need alcohol, and I’d quite like to go back and see the guy in that shop – that should get Jo loosened up a bit.” Rach moved down to Lis’ legs and started rubbing them. “Who knows, it might even get Anna to show you something...”

Lis liked this idea and let out a little “mmm”. It helped that Rach’s hands were now on her thighs. She spread her legs slightly, mimicking what Rach had done. Rach noticed this and worked her hands further up Lis’ legs – she had no intention of being outdone and rubbed the lotion right up to the hem of Lis’ bikini. Her hands didn’t actually touching the material, but did rub over the beginnings of the swell of her ass.

“You see, you could have gone a little higher” said Rach, and gave Lis a gentle slap before laying down again and undoing her own top.

“That’s not fair” complained Lis. “You get me all excited with talk of Jo and Anna and then stroke me – what am I meant to do?”

“I didn’t touch you – I just came close” replied Rach and stuck out her tongue. “You’re the one who wants to have sex with 5 girls at once. Anyway, how about we go back to the shop in a bit and see if that guy is working today?”

“To get alcohol?” asked Lis. “What do you plan on doing?”

Rach just grinned back at her...

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Jen's first lesbian experience

I've finally convinced Jen to actually let me post this (assuming she okays the final draft anyway!) Either way, I'm sure I'll enjoy writing about it, even if nobody else gets to see it :) Jen won't tell me the name of her friend so I've decided to name her Sarah for the purpose of this story (I tried writing it with 'her friend' dotted throughout and it got annoying!)

This started when she was 13. She tells me that she had known about sex for a few years and had masterbated a number of times beforehand. She used to rub her pussy against her pillow - at first, with her panties still on, and then as she got more experienced, with them off. Her breasts were almost fully developed (as in they haven't got much larger since) but her nipples weren't as sensitive, so she couldn't almost cum just from having them played with like she can now.

She was sleeping over at her best friend's house (they had done this for years) and her friend showed her a porn mag that she had stolen from one of her brothers' bedrooms. They sat and looked at it and giggled at the pictures. As they continued to look, things became a bit quieter and Jen could feel herself getting aroused. Jen says that it was her friend who first said something about them touching themselves and asked if Jen minded.

Her friend was wearing a nightdress and she slipped her hand under the hem and started rubbing herself (Jen assumed through her panties, but couldn't easily see). Jen had PJs on that first night so she had to slip the bottoms down to rub her own panties. This was a new way for Jen to play with herself as she was used to using a pillow, but she enjoyed it. She watched Sarah rubbing her breasts through her nightdress, and then saw her slide her hand under it to rub them directly.

This lifted the nightdress so Jen could see Sarah rubbing her panties and she decided to copy her. She touched her breasts through her top and then tried to slide her hand under it, but it was too tight so she undid a couple of buttons and slid her hand in. Meanwhile, Sarah had slid her hand into her panties (her own panties, not Jen's) and seemed to really be getting into it.

Sarah had her eyes closed so Jen could watch her - although nothing was exposed so she could only see the movement under the material of her nightdress and panties. Jen ended up watching Sarah cum while she continued to play with herself. It was the first time she had seen anything like it and she found it incredibly arousing. She had continued to play with herself, one hand on her breasts and the other in her panties, but she says she was concentrating more on watching Sarah. Sarah got more and more flushed and then stopped moving her hands and Jen realised that she had just seen her cum.

At the same time, she realised that she had pretty much stopped moving her own hands and didn't want Sarah to know she had been watching her so intently so she started up again. She remembers that her pussy felt very wet (it's nice that some things haven't changed :)

Sarah opened her eyes and watched Jen, which really put her off and although she felt very aroused, she was too nervous to cum. In the end, she had to pretend to have an orgasm. Jen thinks that it might not just have been because she was nervous that she couldn't cum - she usually used a pillow to hump against, so she wasn't used to cumming with her fingers rubbing her pussy so this might have been a part of it.

They chatted for a bit after that, about sex and other things and eventually Sarah's mum came in and told them to get to sleep. They shared a bed when they slept over (usually top to tail) and they settled down. Jen was still feeling very horny and says she ended up thinking about Sarah cumming earlier and pictured her hand moving in her panties. As she couldn't do her usual thing, she slipped her hand back into her panties and tried to move it the way she thought Sarah had been moving hers.

She found what felt best for her and started rubbing and pressing on her pussy (only on the outside) and she came quite quickly. She says she was very nervous about Sarah hearing her so kept herself very still during all of this, but still her orgasm felt better than anything she had felt since her first time. She remembers her fingers were very wet as were her panties, but she slept very well afterwards.

They didn't really talk about it the next morning and Jen ended up experiemnting with rubbing her pussy directly over the following days. She soon left behind pillow humping as she became more proficient with her fingers (and she really is quite good with them - long slender fingers can reach very interesting places :)

When next weekend came, the girls had their usual sleepover and Jen wondered if they would repeat things. Sarah turned up at her place (they generally alternated houses) and as Sarah put her bag in Jen's room, she gave her a little peek of a porn mag she had brought with her.

The girls did their usual routine, eating dinner, watching Tv and finally went to bed. Jen had been looking forward to actually cumming in front of Sarah this week and was the one to suggest they get the magazine out as soon as they got to her room.

They sat and looked at the pictures again and soon started touching themselves. They were still dressed so as they got more aroused, they ended up shedding their clothes until they just had bra and panties on.

Sarah mentioned about how much larger Jen's breasts were (Sarah was a couple of months older, but Jen had developed sooner) and after a bit of hesitation, Jen pushed her bra off one of her breasts and let Sarah see it. She started kneading it and Sarah asked her if she played with her nipples. Jen said she didn't know how to and Sarah showed her what she had been doing the previous week.

Sarah still had her bra on, but showed Jen how to tweak and rub her nipples. Jen did this with her exposed nipple and loved the way it felt (I assume this is part of the reason why she loves it so much now). She soon had her other breast exposed and was happily playing with them both as Sarah watched.

Jen wanted to see Sarah's breasts so said it wasn't fair that she was the only one without her bra on. Sarah was quite shy about this as Jen's were bigger, but she eventually slipped it off and they played together (not with each other though!)

They went back to looking at the magazine and were soon rubbing their panties. Jen was much more prepared for it this time and when Sarah slid her hand into her own panties, Jen followed suit. They had their second shared orgasm that night, sitting on Jen's bed in just their panties (I'm hoping to visit her home and repeat the experience on the same bed sometime soon :)

After thay had cum, they dressed in their nighties and looked at some more of the pictures. They talked about what it would be like doing the things in the magazine - neither girl said much about the pictures of lesbians, but Jen said that even then she wondered what it would be like to have Sarah touching her breasts. Sarah was apparantly fascinated with the pictures of the girls being fucked.

They went to sleep later that night (top to tail again) and even though she had cum already, Jen wanted to cum again. She repeated the previous week's silent orgasm, but this time also played with her nipples.

This pattern continued for a few weeks - somethimes they were topless, other times in their nighties (Jen had stopped wearing PJs for the sleep overs). On about the 5th or 6th time, Jen asked why Sarah liked the pictures of cocks so much. Sarah said it was because it felt so much better with something inside her. Jen had still only even rubbed outside her little pussy and asked what Sarah meant. Sarah questioned Jen and found out how she masterbated. Jen had seen the pictures of girls fingering each other in the magazines Sarah had borrowed, but had never tried it herself other than the few times her fingertips had slid slightly insider her pussy.

Sarah apparantly thought that this was quite funny and Jen remembers being a bit offended. Up until this point, they had always had panties on so Jen had no idea that Sarah had been fingering herself but was now very curious to see.

Jen had watched herself in the mirror before and had a good look at her own pussy, but had never properly seen another girls (the showers at school didn't really count). She talked Sarah in to showing her what she meant by having something inside her. Sarah slipped off her panties and they sat opposite each other on the bed. Sarah rubbed her pussy and told Jen to copy her - first she rubbed around the outside (as Jen had been doing up until then) and then slid a finger inside herself.

Jen copied her and found it to be a really strange experience. Her hymen had broken already so there was no pain, but having her finger deep inside herself was so different from anything she had felt before. Sarah added a second finger to her own pussy and Jen tried to copy her, but was too tight (it's nice that this hasn't changed about her pussy too!) Sarah showed her how she pumped her fingers into her pussy and played with her clit and Jen soon got the hang of it.

The girls had now cum in front of each other a number of times, but this was the first time they had been completely naked and Jen begab to realise that she might be gay. She didn't really care about this though as she was having such a good time looking at Sarah fingering herself and experiementing with her own cunt. Jen came first that night and her pussy was as wet as she could remember it ever having been.

That was one of the rare times the girls slept naked. Jen played with herself again when she thought Sarah was asleep but got caught - Sarah didn't mind of course and let her get on with it.

Another week, Sarah showed Jen how she used her hairbrush and Jen tried it (but with a smaller brush handle). They weren't naked every week, but Jen says she always enjoyed it more when they were.

Sarah got a boyfriend a few months later and their sleepovers ended up with Sarah talking about him more and more. They still played with themselves from time to time, but it became less common. Sarah ended up having sex with him when she was 14 or 15 and Jen says she was very jealous as she sat and listened to all the details (and there were apparantly lots of details!)

As they grew older, their sleepovers became less common, but they were still friends up to the time they left school. Sarah didn't go on to 6th form so Jen didn't see her as much from the age of 16, but they did occasionally meet up and once or twice shared a masterbation session.

Other than a few times when they felt each others' breasts, they never did anything to each other - just watched. I hope that Sarah gets to read this some day and realises just what she missed out on - although I'm still glad that I got to be the first to do some things to Jen!

Friday, 6 March 2009

Sunday morning screw

I haven't had much time to post recently, so I thought I should get something out. I woke up this morning with Mike snuggled up against me and could feel his cock pressed up against my ass and his hands playing with my breasts. This is one of my favourite ways to wake up (along with having his tongue working on my pussy of course!)

I wiggled back against him to let him know I was awake and  he adjusted his cock so it was sliding between my legs, rubbing against my pussy lips. Morning sex always has the problem of morning breath, so before we got any further I excused myself and went to brush my teeth. Mike followed me and we gave ourselves minty-fresh breath while he fondled various parts of my body and I rubbed his cock. We had assumed that nobody else would be up and had gone to the bathroom naked but heard Rach beginning to stir while we were on the way back. We dashed back into my room and I left the door open (a little) and resumed our previous position on the bed.

Mike held me from behind and I pressed his cock against my cunt as he slid it back and forth. This felt really nice and I soon pulled away a little so he could enter me properly. He was in a very dirty mood and was whispering all sorts of things in my ear, about me, Jen, Holly, what we could all get up to, how hot my cunt was, how much he was going to cum in me...

I was feeling very turned on already and fully intended to make the most of his mood so pressed my cunt back against his cock as hard as I could while I played with my clit. He still had his hands on my breasts, pulling me against him and I came.

Mike tried to keep moving in me, but I kept myself pressed back hard against him so that he couldn't move too much (but was still buried deep within me). I could feel his cock head pressing agains the wals of my cunt and it felt like he was going to cum soon so I asked him to eat me.

It still amazes me that he can easily pull back from being close to cumming, but he just held still for a moment, then slipped out of me.

I had started off just being horny, but all the dirty talk had made me even more so. I couldn't decide how I wanted to be eaten, so started off with Mike on his back and me sitting over him. I spread my cunt open wide and lowered myself onto his mouth. He licked away inside me for a little and them I moved so that my clit was directly over his mouth. He lick at my clit and slid a finger into my cunt. I cold feel another one rubbing around my ass, but he didn't slide in into me.

I was facing the door and could see s tiny sliver of the hallway through the gap. I still like the idea of Holly watching me and imagined she was standing at the door playing with herself. This was enough to give me my second orgasm (I had intended on holding off a bit longer, but I felt it coming at didn't want to interrupt it). I told Mike I was cumming and he licked faster. This was a bit stronger than my first one and I made a bit more noise (still not too much though).

I lay down on Mike to recover and decided to reward his good work with a blow job. He was still very hard and I licked up and down the length of his cock (which tasted of me) and then flicked my tongue around the head.

I tried something new (at least I don't remember ever having done it before) - I pursed my lips around the head as if I was kissing the tip and then quickly fluttered my tongue against the very top part of the head, while pumping his shaft. He seemed to like this as he let out a moan and dived back between my legs (I hadn't quite moved my pussy away from his face).

He seemed to be telling me that it felt really good, but this was muffled as he was talking into my cunt, which he was eating even harder than before. I licked and pumped as fast as I could and he started cumming. Because I wasn't sucking him properly, most of his cum squirted straight back out between my lips and went over my face, his cock and my hand. I've got a bit more used to the taste of cum recently and I was meant to be rewarding him for the orgasms he had given me, so I kept my mouth in the same position and kept licking away at the head.

He seemed to cum quite a bit, there were a good 4 or 5 squirts and it felt like quite a bit of my face was covered - certainly my hand and his cock were soaked. He told me to lick slower and I just kept gently flicking at the head while he went back to my cunt (I think I had distracted him for a while :) 

I was ready to cum again and actually wished he hadn't cum so he could fuck me properly (there's nothing like having breakfast with the housemates with cum leaking out of your cunt :) but I guessed it would be a while before he'd be ready for more so I just enjoyed what he was doing. He reached over and pulled my new egg (we only got it yesterday) out of the drawer and turned it on. This egg has a new vibration mode that does very powerful bursts of vibrations, spaced very close together. It actually feels better than having it on a constant vibrate and works incredibly quickly (I'm looking forwards to trying it out on Jen).

I raised my ass up so he could get it onto my clit and  he worked a thumb into my pussy from behind while the egg did it's work. I was definitly louder this time and ended up sucking his cock again as the door was still open. The new egg is so strong that I can't have it against my clit when I cum, but we'll work on what setting to use to get the best orgasm - that will be a lot of fun :)

We had another quick session after breakfast - I stood in front of the window and this Mike took me from behind (and he did cum inside me this time).