Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Jen's first lesbian experience

I've finally convinced Jen to actually let me post this (assuming she okays the final draft anyway!) Either way, I'm sure I'll enjoy writing about it, even if nobody else gets to see it :) Jen won't tell me the name of her friend so I've decided to name her Sarah for the purpose of this story (I tried writing it with 'her friend' dotted throughout and it got annoying!)

This started when she was 13. She tells me that she had known about sex for a few years and had masterbated a number of times beforehand. She used to rub her pussy against her pillow - at first, with her panties still on, and then as she got more experienced, with them off. Her breasts were almost fully developed (as in they haven't got much larger since) but her nipples weren't as sensitive, so she couldn't almost cum just from having them played with like she can now.

She was sleeping over at her best friend's house (they had done this for years) and her friend showed her a porn mag that she had stolen from one of her brothers' bedrooms. They sat and looked at it and giggled at the pictures. As they continued to look, things became a bit quieter and Jen could feel herself getting aroused. Jen says that it was her friend who first said something about them touching themselves and asked if Jen minded.

Her friend was wearing a nightdress and she slipped her hand under the hem and started rubbing herself (Jen assumed through her panties, but couldn't easily see). Jen had PJs on that first night so she had to slip the bottoms down to rub her own panties. This was a new way for Jen to play with herself as she was used to using a pillow, but she enjoyed it. She watched Sarah rubbing her breasts through her nightdress, and then saw her slide her hand under it to rub them directly.

This lifted the nightdress so Jen could see Sarah rubbing her panties and she decided to copy her. She touched her breasts through her top and then tried to slide her hand under it, but it was too tight so she undid a couple of buttons and slid her hand in. Meanwhile, Sarah had slid her hand into her panties (her own panties, not Jen's) and seemed to really be getting into it.

Sarah had her eyes closed so Jen could watch her - although nothing was exposed so she could only see the movement under the material of her nightdress and panties. Jen ended up watching Sarah cum while she continued to play with herself. It was the first time she had seen anything like it and she found it incredibly arousing. She had continued to play with herself, one hand on her breasts and the other in her panties, but she says she was concentrating more on watching Sarah. Sarah got more and more flushed and then stopped moving her hands and Jen realised that she had just seen her cum.

At the same time, she realised that she had pretty much stopped moving her own hands and didn't want Sarah to know she had been watching her so intently so she started up again. She remembers that her pussy felt very wet (it's nice that some things haven't changed :)

Sarah opened her eyes and watched Jen, which really put her off and although she felt very aroused, she was too nervous to cum. In the end, she had to pretend to have an orgasm. Jen thinks that it might not just have been because she was nervous that she couldn't cum - she usually used a pillow to hump against, so she wasn't used to cumming with her fingers rubbing her pussy so this might have been a part of it.

They chatted for a bit after that, about sex and other things and eventually Sarah's mum came in and told them to get to sleep. They shared a bed when they slept over (usually top to tail) and they settled down. Jen was still feeling very horny and says she ended up thinking about Sarah cumming earlier and pictured her hand moving in her panties. As she couldn't do her usual thing, she slipped her hand back into her panties and tried to move it the way she thought Sarah had been moving hers.

She found what felt best for her and started rubbing and pressing on her pussy (only on the outside) and she came quite quickly. She says she was very nervous about Sarah hearing her so kept herself very still during all of this, but still her orgasm felt better than anything she had felt since her first time. She remembers her fingers were very wet as were her panties, but she slept very well afterwards.

They didn't really talk about it the next morning and Jen ended up experiemnting with rubbing her pussy directly over the following days. She soon left behind pillow humping as she became more proficient with her fingers (and she really is quite good with them - long slender fingers can reach very interesting places :)

When next weekend came, the girls had their usual sleepover and Jen wondered if they would repeat things. Sarah turned up at her place (they generally alternated houses) and as Sarah put her bag in Jen's room, she gave her a little peek of a porn mag she had brought with her.

The girls did their usual routine, eating dinner, watching Tv and finally went to bed. Jen had been looking forward to actually cumming in front of Sarah this week and was the one to suggest they get the magazine out as soon as they got to her room.

They sat and looked at the pictures again and soon started touching themselves. They were still dressed so as they got more aroused, they ended up shedding their clothes until they just had bra and panties on.

Sarah mentioned about how much larger Jen's breasts were (Sarah was a couple of months older, but Jen had developed sooner) and after a bit of hesitation, Jen pushed her bra off one of her breasts and let Sarah see it. She started kneading it and Sarah asked her if she played with her nipples. Jen said she didn't know how to and Sarah showed her what she had been doing the previous week.

Sarah still had her bra on, but showed Jen how to tweak and rub her nipples. Jen did this with her exposed nipple and loved the way it felt (I assume this is part of the reason why she loves it so much now). She soon had her other breast exposed and was happily playing with them both as Sarah watched.

Jen wanted to see Sarah's breasts so said it wasn't fair that she was the only one without her bra on. Sarah was quite shy about this as Jen's were bigger, but she eventually slipped it off and they played together (not with each other though!)

They went back to looking at the magazine and were soon rubbing their panties. Jen was much more prepared for it this time and when Sarah slid her hand into her own panties, Jen followed suit. They had their second shared orgasm that night, sitting on Jen's bed in just their panties (I'm hoping to visit her home and repeat the experience on the same bed sometime soon :)

After thay had cum, they dressed in their nighties and looked at some more of the pictures. They talked about what it would be like doing the things in the magazine - neither girl said much about the pictures of lesbians, but Jen said that even then she wondered what it would be like to have Sarah touching her breasts. Sarah was apparantly fascinated with the pictures of the girls being fucked.

They went to sleep later that night (top to tail again) and even though she had cum already, Jen wanted to cum again. She repeated the previous week's silent orgasm, but this time also played with her nipples.

This pattern continued for a few weeks - somethimes they were topless, other times in their nighties (Jen had stopped wearing PJs for the sleep overs). On about the 5th or 6th time, Jen asked why Sarah liked the pictures of cocks so much. Sarah said it was because it felt so much better with something inside her. Jen had still only even rubbed outside her little pussy and asked what Sarah meant. Sarah questioned Jen and found out how she masterbated. Jen had seen the pictures of girls fingering each other in the magazines Sarah had borrowed, but had never tried it herself other than the few times her fingertips had slid slightly insider her pussy.

Sarah apparantly thought that this was quite funny and Jen remembers being a bit offended. Up until this point, they had always had panties on so Jen had no idea that Sarah had been fingering herself but was now very curious to see.

Jen had watched herself in the mirror before and had a good look at her own pussy, but had never properly seen another girls (the showers at school didn't really count). She talked Sarah in to showing her what she meant by having something inside her. Sarah slipped off her panties and they sat opposite each other on the bed. Sarah rubbed her pussy and told Jen to copy her - first she rubbed around the outside (as Jen had been doing up until then) and then slid a finger inside herself.

Jen copied her and found it to be a really strange experience. Her hymen had broken already so there was no pain, but having her finger deep inside herself was so different from anything she had felt before. Sarah added a second finger to her own pussy and Jen tried to copy her, but was too tight (it's nice that this hasn't changed about her pussy too!) Sarah showed her how she pumped her fingers into her pussy and played with her clit and Jen soon got the hang of it.

The girls had now cum in front of each other a number of times, but this was the first time they had been completely naked and Jen begab to realise that she might be gay. She didn't really care about this though as she was having such a good time looking at Sarah fingering herself and experiementing with her own cunt. Jen came first that night and her pussy was as wet as she could remember it ever having been.

That was one of the rare times the girls slept naked. Jen played with herself again when she thought Sarah was asleep but got caught - Sarah didn't mind of course and let her get on with it.

Another week, Sarah showed Jen how she used her hairbrush and Jen tried it (but with a smaller brush handle). They weren't naked every week, but Jen says she always enjoyed it more when they were.

Sarah got a boyfriend a few months later and their sleepovers ended up with Sarah talking about him more and more. They still played with themselves from time to time, but it became less common. Sarah ended up having sex with him when she was 14 or 15 and Jen says she was very jealous as she sat and listened to all the details (and there were apparantly lots of details!)

As they grew older, their sleepovers became less common, but they were still friends up to the time they left school. Sarah didn't go on to 6th form so Jen didn't see her as much from the age of 16, but they did occasionally meet up and once or twice shared a masterbation session.

Other than a few times when they felt each others' breasts, they never did anything to each other - just watched. I hope that Sarah gets to read this some day and realises just what she missed out on - although I'm still glad that I got to be the first to do some things to Jen!


  1. Love it. Great story.

  2. Yes, it took a lot longer to write than I had expected as we had to work to help her remember the details and kept getting sidetracked.

  3. Dear Andi,
    In what ways did you get sidetracked? Were you distracted by the quality of your writing?