Monday, 30 March 2009

Jen's Second Visit - Part 3

This was quite a while ago now so I hope I can remember the details well enough (it's odd, I can remember things quite clearly about events that happened years ago, but I've got so much going on tight now that it isn't as easy to think back just a week!)


So after Jen had cum, we straigtened up Rach's bed and returned to my room (taking risks is fun, but unless I was sure Rach wanted to join us it's probably better not to get caught in there!) The other item we had bought earlier that day was some Durex Play 'tingle; gel. It's meant to be used as a lube, but having tried it out, I'm glad we experimented with it first... It tastes minty and so we used it as flavour as we took turns going down on each other. It gives a very cool feeling at first and then starts to tingle (as the name suggests) after a minute or so. Any girls who want to try it - just make sure you don't use too much at once or it feels a bit more like burning (and not in a good way!)

Fortunatly, we had only used a little at first so we got to enjoy the feeling - it made my clit much more sensitive and I could really feel each time jen licked me. It also heightened the sensation on my cunt lips and when Jen blew on then it sent a shiver through me. I'm not sure it really changed the strength of my orgasm, but was definitly worth a try. Jen really seemed to appreciate it too and I added a few drops to her nipples and then sucked them clean (we're going to try and make her cum from just having her nipples teased at some point - the tingle gel may be involved in that...)

After we had each had an orgasm, we tried the dildo out again, but I wanted to lie on top of her and have it bent round between us. We sort of got it to work, but as we had purchased a short dildo so we could fit it completely inside us both, it didn't reach round properly and kept popping out of me. Jen would fiddle with it and slide it back in which felt nice, but I had wanted to try humping her while we kissed - I think we're going to save up and try to buy a longer one to try that out with. In the end, I used the dildo on Jen and she fingered me and we took a little nap to recover.

Mike was joining us (and my housemates) for dinner that night (another strategy I'd thought of in case things were awkward between him and Jen) and we cleaned ourselves up before he got there. Jen bumped in to Holly in the hallway again (she assures me that it was by accident) andgiven how Jen was wearing her towel, Holly must have got a good view of her thighs and maybe even the bottom of her ass - she wanted me to show off as much and I maybe had the towel a little higher than I usually would, but not as high as Jen's was.

Dinner was a bit strange - I think Rach and Holly might feel a bit sorry for Mike - they seem to think that I'm cheating on him and so it was a bit awkward at first with him there. I think that by the end of the meal they had begun to understand that he was quite happy with me being with Jen (and given how hard he fucks me when I'm telling him what we got up to, I think he enjoys it :)

The three of us (Mike, Jen and I) went out for a drink after dinner and it was probably the closest we're going to come to having a threesome (well, it wasn't *that* close, but still fun). Mike had one of my hands and Jen had the other and at various times throughout the night one or the other of them would kiss me or slide a hand under my skirt and squeeze my ass or slip a finger inside my pussy. Jen seemed to take great pleasure in doing that and then sucking her finger clean. She said afterwards that she was well aware of the effect she was having on him and it was her way of saying 'thank you' for sharing me with her.

Only once did I have both their hands on me - Jen was rubbing my ass under my skirt (and I was doing the same to her) and Mike slid his hand up my leg to my pussy. I know I've been touched by them both before, but never at the same time like that and I have to admit that it felt incredible - if I'd have ben able to find somewhere private I think I would have been able to have an incredible orgasm (I know this wouldn't have happened, Jen still doesn't want to do things with Mike there, but I can dream about it.)

They got on really well all night and I went home very happy. Jen and I had another fuck (nothing complicated, just grinding against each other and kissing) and fell asleep. Umfortunatly Jen had to get an early train back (it was cheaper) so she had to leave in the late morning. We did have time for one last use of the dildo and went back to having it buried between us with our cunt lips rubbing together (yet another excuse to keep myself completely shaved!) Jen added a few drops of the tingle gel to our clits and I definitly felt the difference - I made sure to carefully place the dildo on my bedside table when we'd finished.

It was a real pity that Jen had to leave early as the weather was much better on Sunday. Of course, we didn't know this until we had left to walk to the station and she was wearing her long coat so was too hot by the time she got there. It did have one advantage though - our goodbye kiss was much more exciting as my hands were hidden inside her coat. I took full advantage of this and had then under her skirt and pulled her panties down enough to finger her. If we'd had more time, I'm sure I could have made her cum - she had hoped to repeat my adventures o nthe train, but it was packed and she had to stand. She said that she did manage to run herself through her skirt a few times when people were pushing past, but nowhere near enoguh to cum so had to take care of herself when she returned home.

I had met Mike after her train left (and he wishes he had been there to 'see' me fingering her, even though he woudn't have actually seen anything. He did get a few treats though:

Firstly, he has now finally tasted Jen (from our dildo) and secondl, I tried the minty tingle gel on him and he really loved it. The real treat for him is that I've found that the taste of minty cum is a lot better than just salty cum so I think he might be buying a bulk supply of the stuff :)

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  1. I think I may have to buy some of that stuff too, would love to see what my wife makes of the tingle gel!!! Thanks again Andi, great job you are doing there. See you soon for the next update!