Friday, 27 March 2009

Jen's Second Visit

I had wanted to write more, but it's late and I have a headache so this is all you're getting for now. I may edit it when I add the rest...


Jen’s gone again but of course I still have Mike. I am an incredibly lucky person to have these two wonderful people who understand how I feel about them both.

Jen arrived Friday evening and we met up with Mike for a quick drink before Jen and I went home for dinner. I really wasn’t sure how it would go so I had thought it would be a good idea that if the first meeting had a time limit. Mike had walked partway to the station with me and then waited for us in Lendal Cellars. I met Jen at the station and we said hello (I’m much more used to having people watching us kiss) before wandering back to the pub. We walked in holding hands and it was definitely a bit strange. Mike said something like “So I hear you’ve been taking good care of my girl” (apparently it had sounded better in his head!)

We were at the end of the downstairs section and it was still early enough that nobody was sitting too close to us so we could talk fairly openly (even so, we weren’t really discussing anything explicit). Mike and Jen found they had a few interests in common (other than me) and it actually went a lot better than I had imagined it could. When it came time for us to leave, Mike kissed me goodbye and then Jen took me and kissed me. Mike kissed me again and stroked my ass (through my skirt) and Jen copied him.

It was fairly obvious that Mike liked this (he had to sit down to hide the bulge) and so Jen declared victory and we headed home, grabbing a take away on the way. We ate (the food) downstairs so we didn’t smell out my room with it and then headed upstairs. We kissed for a while and gradually undressed each other, taking a lot more time than we had in the past to touch each other. Jen only had her skirt on at this point and she pulled out a pair of long white socks and slipped them on. She had promised me that she would wear them for me as she knows just how hot I think she looks in them.

We lay down on the bed and kissed some more but it didn’t take long before the kissing moved on to fingering. Jen’s skirt soon came off so I could see what I was doing properly and we started things in earnest. The kissing became even more passionate and we were each rubbing our pussy against the other’s thigh. We had waited a fair amount of time and were soon using fingers once more (so we could continue to kiss). It was clear that Jen was going to cum before I did so I told her to let me concentrate on her pussy (maybe I’ve learned something about patience from Mike after all!)

I worked on her pussy with two fingers and alternated between sliding into her and strumming her clit. She is still very tight (even more than me), but I can at least now get two fingers into her without it feeling like they are being squeezed too much. She was an amazing sight – her body stretched out on my bed with her knee high socks on her spread legs – and I had missed her so wanted to make her cum hard. Although I really wanted to admire the view, I kept my fingers between her legs and started kissing and sucking her nipples. This drives her wild and she was soon making quite a bit of noise (more than usual) and I kept rubbing and kissing until she came.

The little mewing noises she used to make were definitely gone (but I hope not for good as they were really cute) and I could feel my fingers getting very wet. Jen then returned the favour, stroking my clit and kissing my breasts until I came (which happened quite quickly).

I made my brief posting while we recovered but we soon went back to work – Jen had brought her vibe along and so I used it on her while she used my rabbit on me. Of course, once Jen had cum I thought I should clean her up a bit (but not enough to make her cum again as she was too sensitive).

After that, we just lay and chatted, planned the rest of the weekend and kissed before falling asleep. I could have gone another orgasm, but Jen had been up for a long time so was tired. I was tempted to make myself cum just like she used to with ‘Sarah’, but thought I would have nicer dreams if I fell asleep horny.

On Saturday, we went along to a sex shop out Bootham way (the other side of town from where I live). The weather was fairly warm - not hot, but warm enough for us to go out in reasonably short skirts. Jen had gone braless (but you couldn’t really tell). Our aim was to get a dildo that we could share – I had thought this might be a bit difficult as all the ones we’ve seen in videos look huge and there is no way Jen could take them (I doubt I could take them either!).

We didn’t have too much trouble though, we had figured out the maximum length we wanted and found one that is fairly flexible and only slightly wider than Jen’s vibe. I was very tempted to get a whole load of other things in the shop, but my budget stopped me. Jen seemed a lot more embarrassed about buying it than I had thought she would be (which I may have teased her just a *little* bit about afterwards J

We had intended to head straight back home to try it out, but thought that we shouldn’t waste the warm(er) weather so wandered around town for a bit. Of course, we ended up popping into a couple of shops to try clothes on (well, to go into the changing room anyway). I was very tempted to try using the dildo on her but thought that we should give it a wash before use. Neither of us came, but we did manager to finger and lick each other for a short time – definitely enough to ensure that we were more than ready for fun when we got home.


  1. Dear Andi,
    I found this in a Yahoo! blog some time ago. This was the only post and it was dated several years ago, so I'm afraid I've deleted the link. I hope you enjoy it.



    This is something that happened recently - it comes from a mail I wrote to a friend - we do dares togther

    Sophie and I have been very naughty - last saturday, we went shopping, both of us wearing nothing other

    What I didn't tell Sophie is that I took a vibrator decided that we could buy only a dress and some shoeswith me - we went to a big department story - I had than shoes and a rain coat - we needed to buy clothes to wear out that evening - we were going to a club.... - that would be all we would need for the evening and that we had to change with the curtain open, so that everybody could see us... it was so horny... the whole time while we were choosing I kept touching her pussy - she was so hot too - at one point I took out the vibe and while she wasn't watching I put it into my pussy - then showed her and dared her to take it out and carry it - but i knew her coat had no pockets and she didn't have a bag - so she'd have to carry it in
    her pussy. She was mad - but so sexy as she took it out of me and kissed me in the shop, then opened her coat and put it in - I don't think anybody saw - but I was so hot I didn't really notice....

    We picked some dresses, the shop was quite crowed, but it is expensive, so there weren't that many people - we went to the changing room - picked one and i said, to her, change - she took off her coat, hung it up and stood there naked, wearing only a vibe and her shoes... she took the vibe out, licked it and put it on the chair! - Just then a sales lady appeared - she is about 35 and cute - she looked shocked, but I said please don't say anything - she laughed and said she'd been watching us and we'd already entertained her on a boring Saturday afternoon - Sophie was so embarrassed, but didn't really mind - she was trying to stand in front of the vibe, so the woman wouldn't see - we got her to try all the dress - eventually picking a white funky wrap around that in the right light is practically see through - then she said it was my turn - I just took off my coat there and then in the corridor and walked in to change - we were both naked - we kissed infront of the sales lady - I picked up Sophies coat, told her to take the vibe - the sales lady laughed and said she'd wondered when we'd mention that - she was then called away - I tried on the dresses and we picked a matching black wrap around for me to wear - I then dared Sophie to put the vibe in, find the sales lady and tell her we were ready to pay as I got my coat on....she did - when I got out to the till, Sophie was standing with her - she asked me if I was domme and Sophie sub - I said not really, though we have fun - I then opened Sophie's coat to show her the vibe - she laughed again and said she wished she was bi and daring.... We paid and left - but said we'd be back one day.

    Then we needed to get shoes to match our dresses - this was a bit boring as the men in the shoe shop we went to where gay - though I did take out the vibe from Sophie and put it wet in my bag as we were in the shop! The guys saw it when I was paying for the shoes.... Sophie took some sandles and I got some black quite high ones - very cool - we also decided we'd need hold ups as it could get cold in the evening.

    We walked back to my place and made love like mad - I've got her into watersports, she loves to drink me and to lick my ass - which I love!

    That night we went out about 11 - we'd shaved each other completely and done each others make up - walking around my flat naked - with all the curtains open - I'm sure people saw! We took a cab to a really glam club, where we were bad - always kissing, fingering, at one point I dared her to drop her bag on the floor and on the way up to kiss my pussy - she did, i nearly came there and then.

    We went to the loo, shared a cubile and made out, peeing on each other - I dared her to find another girl and invite her for a drink and to tell her that she was my slave and would make her cum! That she didn't do, as we didn't need to - we were approached by a girl at the bar who asked me if I was naked under my dress as she thought she'd seen my pussy as Sophie licked it - I said I was and so was Sophie - we both showed here - there and then and I told her I thought she should do the same - Sophie put her hand up her skirt and took of her knickers - she wasn't wearing a bra - she also fingered her and gave me her
    finger to taste - the girl was wet and hot...quite young - about 20! Like Sophie - but she said she'd
    love to come home with us - though was with friends - so we told her to tell her friends she was tired - we went home together and fucked like mad - it was brilliant - but that is another story.

  2. Yum!

    I like... (as do Mike and Jen). I've changed in front of an open window (and been fucked there too), but I don't know if I'd have the nerve to show a random shop assistant myself naked...