Sunday, 29 March 2009

Jen's Second Vists - Part 2

I think we headed home fairly soon after that and were both very keen on trying out our new toy. We did buy one other item that I had forgot to mention, but we'll come to that later...

We had the house to ourselves again (I love the way my housemates disappear for hours on end sometimes) and so were soon naked. I washed the dildo in warm water and dried it off and we decided to have a play on Rach's bed. I can't remember if I've described the layout of out house before - but Rach's room is to the left at the top of the stairs, Holly's is to the right (with the bathroom in between) and mine is down the corridor from Holly's, This means that we were taking a bit more of a chance as we couldn't dash out of Rach's room without being seen if someone was one the stairs, but (once again) passion was ruling over common sense.

We didn't use the vibe straight away, but kissed and fondled each other for a while on Rach's bed. I think this was the first time we'd done something in her room and I had to promise Jen that I would show her Rach's vibrating pad at some point. Once we were both nice and wet, we figured it was time to try out the dildo. Jen rubbed one end over her cunt (which was as wet as always) and the other end over mine (which was fairly wet) and then switched it around. She slid it into me first - it went in fairly easily as it is a bit smaller then my rabbit - and then worked it in to her own pussy. It was ever so slightly larger than her vibe, but not enough to make a difference, the only trouble being due to the flexability of it in her tight cunt.

It didn't take long though before she had a fair amount of it inside her and we were ready to start. I held on to the middle of the dildo and moved my body towards her. It easily slid into me and we ended up with it buried in our pussies, with our cunt lips touching. It was such an amazing sight that I spent a few minutes gently moving against Jen, watching us rub against each other. I think I had hoped that we could somehow get our clits to touch, but I guess that only happend in the movies (or net videos) - even so, it still felt amazing having the dildo in me and Jen's cunt pressed against mine.

We tried a few ways of moving and after a while found a few ways that felt really good. The dildo definitly moved a lot more in me than in Jen (I guess her pussy was holding it a lot tighter than mine). By putting one of my legs under her corresponding leg, and her other leg under my other leg (I hope you can figure out what I mean) we were able to hump against each other quite well. I'm sure I was being fucked a bit harder, but I rubbed our clits as we moved and we managed a fairly loud orgasm (taking advntage of having the house to ourselves). I tried (and managed) to make Jen cum first so I could fuck myself against her afterwards - it is remarkably easy to cum just after having watcher her cum and the added excitement of the dildo helped.

After I had cum, we kissed for a while (it popped out of me while we were kissing - it isn't long enough to bend round 180 degrees without some help!), but it had served it's purpose by that point so I reached down and used it to fuck Jen while we kissed. Her hands were on my ass and just brushing over my cunt and I wanted to stay in that position, but she wanted me to show her Rach's vibrating pad thingy.

 I fished it our of her bedside drawer (I know I should feel bad about doing this, but if she has such wonderful toys, what am I meant to do?) and realised that I had missed a section of it before. When I'd used it, I had only seen the main body (a battery section and a circular pad about 2" across), but this time it had a cover on the pad with two bumps on it. These seem to concentrate the power of it just into those two sections (and it was more powerful than my egg with just the pad). I ran it over Jen's nipples and she said it felt amazing. I tried it on my clit and it felt incredibly powerful (I may have used it again in the last week - by accident of course :)

I sat over Jen and played it over her pussy lips. She was licking me while I did this and as I got closer to her clit, I could feel (and hear) her moaning or gasping into my cunt. I was slightly cruel and and pulled her pussy lips open and applied it directly to her clit - she jerked away from me, but given I was on top of her she couldn't go far so had to put up with it. It was one of the quickest orgasms I've managed to give her but I made sure to stop using it as soon as she came and just licked her through her orgasm instead (I wanted to tease her not break her!)


Damn, it's past 3 - I'll post the rest tomorrow

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