Friday, 6 March 2009

Sunday morning screw

I haven't had much time to post recently, so I thought I should get something out. I woke up this morning with Mike snuggled up against me and could feel his cock pressed up against my ass and his hands playing with my breasts. This is one of my favourite ways to wake up (along with having his tongue working on my pussy of course!)

I wiggled back against him to let him know I was awake and  he adjusted his cock so it was sliding between my legs, rubbing against my pussy lips. Morning sex always has the problem of morning breath, so before we got any further I excused myself and went to brush my teeth. Mike followed me and we gave ourselves minty-fresh breath while he fondled various parts of my body and I rubbed his cock. We had assumed that nobody else would be up and had gone to the bathroom naked but heard Rach beginning to stir while we were on the way back. We dashed back into my room and I left the door open (a little) and resumed our previous position on the bed.

Mike held me from behind and I pressed his cock against my cunt as he slid it back and forth. This felt really nice and I soon pulled away a little so he could enter me properly. He was in a very dirty mood and was whispering all sorts of things in my ear, about me, Jen, Holly, what we could all get up to, how hot my cunt was, how much he was going to cum in me...

I was feeling very turned on already and fully intended to make the most of his mood so pressed my cunt back against his cock as hard as I could while I played with my clit. He still had his hands on my breasts, pulling me against him and I came.

Mike tried to keep moving in me, but I kept myself pressed back hard against him so that he couldn't move too much (but was still buried deep within me). I could feel his cock head pressing agains the wals of my cunt and it felt like he was going to cum soon so I asked him to eat me.

It still amazes me that he can easily pull back from being close to cumming, but he just held still for a moment, then slipped out of me.

I had started off just being horny, but all the dirty talk had made me even more so. I couldn't decide how I wanted to be eaten, so started off with Mike on his back and me sitting over him. I spread my cunt open wide and lowered myself onto his mouth. He licked away inside me for a little and them I moved so that my clit was directly over his mouth. He lick at my clit and slid a finger into my cunt. I cold feel another one rubbing around my ass, but he didn't slide in into me.

I was facing the door and could see s tiny sliver of the hallway through the gap. I still like the idea of Holly watching me and imagined she was standing at the door playing with herself. This was enough to give me my second orgasm (I had intended on holding off a bit longer, but I felt it coming at didn't want to interrupt it). I told Mike I was cumming and he licked faster. This was a bit stronger than my first one and I made a bit more noise (still not too much though).

I lay down on Mike to recover and decided to reward his good work with a blow job. He was still very hard and I licked up and down the length of his cock (which tasted of me) and then flicked my tongue around the head.

I tried something new (at least I don't remember ever having done it before) - I pursed my lips around the head as if I was kissing the tip and then quickly fluttered my tongue against the very top part of the head, while pumping his shaft. He seemed to like this as he let out a moan and dived back between my legs (I hadn't quite moved my pussy away from his face).

He seemed to be telling me that it felt really good, but this was muffled as he was talking into my cunt, which he was eating even harder than before. I licked and pumped as fast as I could and he started cumming. Because I wasn't sucking him properly, most of his cum squirted straight back out between my lips and went over my face, his cock and my hand. I've got a bit more used to the taste of cum recently and I was meant to be rewarding him for the orgasms he had given me, so I kept my mouth in the same position and kept licking away at the head.

He seemed to cum quite a bit, there were a good 4 or 5 squirts and it felt like quite a bit of my face was covered - certainly my hand and his cock were soaked. He told me to lick slower and I just kept gently flicking at the head while he went back to my cunt (I think I had distracted him for a while :) 

I was ready to cum again and actually wished he hadn't cum so he could fuck me properly (there's nothing like having breakfast with the housemates with cum leaking out of your cunt :) but I guessed it would be a while before he'd be ready for more so I just enjoyed what he was doing. He reached over and pulled my new egg (we only got it yesterday) out of the drawer and turned it on. This egg has a new vibration mode that does very powerful bursts of vibrations, spaced very close together. It actually feels better than having it on a constant vibrate and works incredibly quickly (I'm looking forwards to trying it out on Jen).

I raised my ass up so he could get it onto my clit and  he worked a thumb into my pussy from behind while the egg did it's work. I was definitly louder this time and ended up sucking his cock again as the door was still open. The new egg is so strong that I can't have it against my clit when I cum, but we'll work on what setting to use to get the best orgasm - that will be a lot of fun :)

We had another quick session after breakfast - I stood in front of the window and this Mike took me from behind (and he did cum inside me this time).

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  1. The thought of you with cum all over your face is so horny, I would love to cum on a girls face one day!! Bravo Andi, heres to more adventures by You, Mike and Jen