Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Train cum

I’m sitting on a train right now on my way back from an interview in Newcastle and it is a glorious sunny day. I’m right at the back of the train with only the engine behind me and have a good number of seats between me and the next person.

I was dressed smartly for the interview, but have popped into the bathroom to change into the skirt I was wearing yesterday when I went up to Newcastle (I stayed with a friend overnight) so I have one of my usual flippy skirts on (and now the warmth is back, no panties of course).

I’ve been working on the next slumber party episode (I borrowed Mike’s laptop) and I’m now rather turned on. I had hoped to just work myself into a nice state by the time I got home and then have a really good session, but I’ve gone past that now and can’t really wait much longer.

In an attempt to draw it out as much as I can (possibly until we reach York), I thought I could make this into a posting and describe what happens.

I’m sitting in sear B76 – right by the door to the engine carriage and opposite a luggage rack. I’m sitting on my coat (I’m not sure I want my bare skin to touch train seats!) and my skirt is pulled up high enough to let me spread my legs. I’ve raised the arm rest on the seat in front of me to provide a little more shelter and unless someone sneaks along crouching down, nobody will see anything.

My pussy is very wet (when I post the next slumber party episode you might see why!) and the lips feel almost perfectly smooth as Mike shaved me 2 nights ago. I haven’t got my vibe or egg with me so I’m just sliding my fingers over myself, letting my juices coat me. I wish Jen was here with me as we could probably eat each other without anyone noticing. As much as the wifi allows, I’m chatting to her on MSN and she says she would happily let me eat her even if someone was watching.

I’ve now got my legs lifted up so I have full access to my cunt (laptop is on the seat next to me). I’m not sure I’m going to make it to York. Like this I can play with my pussy and clit at the same time (why do you think I thought Lis would play with herself like that J

Damn – arriving at Darlington.

It’s OK – nobody got on at this end of the train and I can continue. I’ve never done this on a train at a station before and it’s a bit riskier, but then that’s half the fun of it (the other half being playing with myself)

Two fingers in myself now and one almost in my ass (I can’t type and rub my clit at the same time though)

Someone just saw me as we pulled out of the station – I had no intention of pulling out of my cunt though and gave him a good view – I think Anna should try something like this..

I wish I had small breasts so could take my bra off – Jen has taught me to appreciate my nips a lot more (and Mike is happy to play with them more). I can’t wait much more.

...but I’ll have to – the guard just came to check tickets and is now standing in the area behind me. Until he comes back through I can’t continue... yay – he’s gone now, only a few minutes of cooling off time. I don’t want to wait any longer though so I’ll document when I’m done.

Wow, that was strong. I returned to my previous position, feet up on either side of my ass, two fingers in my pussy, one in (mostly on, but slightly in) my ass and my other hand working on my clit. It didn’t take very long and the movement of the train occasionally jolting my fingers felt wonderful (apart from one big jolt when it hurt a bit). I wonder if anyone can smell me – I might have got a bit carried away and covered myself with my juices (well, my cunt and thighs at least). Jen keeps offering to lick me clean, but IM technology hasn’t quite got that far yet so Mike will get that pleasure.

I now have a wet spot on the back of my skirt as I hadn’t pulled it up as far when the guard left – oh well, it’ll be coming off as soon as I get home. Jen kept writing to me while I was cumming, describing what she was doing to herself. I miss seeing her so we’re going to meet up at the weekend even though we haven’t really got enough money to do it – she’s going to visit me and finally meet Mike. She’ is all for getting a dildo for us to share and I can’t wait to try that out – I really want to find one that fits in us both and lets us rub our lips together (I know it’s corny but I’ve seen too many pics on the net to not want to try it).


  1. Dear Andi,
    Good grief, girl, where do you find the time and energy?!? I don't even have enough time to read your posts properly!
    I hope your interview went well.

  2. Wow, I wish I was the guy on the platform. I bet he wanked himself thinking of you that night! I know I do!

  3. Nancy
    It will be a sad day if I don't have time to cum!

    That's probably going to be the last thing I give up doing when I get busy - having time to write about it on here will suffer first!

    It's nice to know you're enjoying it - platform guy was the first person I know of to clearly see me naked (other than Mike and Jen).

  4. Dear Andi,

    How on Earth did You manage to write so coherently?



  5. It's easy - I'm used to writing with my course and I just go back and correct my typos (well, most of them) before I post