Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Search terms

I've been having a look at some of the search term people use to find this blog and there are some very strange ones. Over the past few days the top ones have been:

1 'lacey elizabeth stone' (I approve of this one - I certainly thing she is hot. If people are interested, I'll put up a few more pics of her as I can't find the ones I posted before).

6. 'teenage girl finds younger brother masterbating in bed,so decides to wank him off and give him blowjob before he shoots his cum between her legs' (Rather a long search term, but somehow I come up second in the listings! I tried this out and it led me to a couple of interesting sites where I found this rather cheesy porn video:

It's the standard kind of thing - two cheerleaders end up having sex with a guy. They're not as cute as the girls I usually like, but the guy is quite well endowed and there is lots of fingering, licking and fucking with a nice cumshot ending.

7. "favourite porn pics" (I come up first with this search term - I guess I'd better put up a few more posts with my favourite pics!)

8. 'first orgasm' (I assume this linked to the story of my first time)

9. "truth or dare" "her jeans" (This ones' obvious - the slumber party story)

10 "try humping" cum

The other entries are variants of the site name or my name. The top search term (not related to the name of the site) over all time is... 'lacey elizabeth stone', but Inka (or Inna G) isn't too far behind her (and I approve of that too!)

This took a while to write as I Googled some of the search terms and found some very interesting sites - I don't know if you want me to post more pics or links or if you read this for the stories of my own exploits. I've been doing this for quite a while now and would really like some feedback on what people want (wither by comments or email).

Monday, 27 April 2009

Slumber Party - Ep 13

Hmm - I wrote this ages ago and thought I had already posted it (hence the references to Rach's date that wouln't have made sense to anyone following the story). I think what must have happened is that I was writing it on the same journey I wrote train cum but ended up forgetting about once I started playing with myself.

It's been fairly cold here again today (so much for spring) so I've had to put tights back on (my black opaque ones that Mike loves). The good thing about them is that as long as I keep them pulled up tight, they rub nicely against my clit when I walk - certainly not enough to make me cum (or even get close), but enough to keep me nicely aroused.

Jen and I are playing a dare game - we each get to set challenges for the other one -so please post any ideas for things I can challenge her to do. I did my first challenge today (which was actually suggested by one of my followers and Jen thought it sounded good). I repeated the golf ball experience, but I had to insert in into my pussy within a minute of her texting me. She was fairly mean about this and did it when she knew I was at lunch - I had to pop into the toilet and slide it into myself.

I thought I had planned ahead and had taken some of our new tingle lube with me (given I knew I knew I wouldn't have time to get myself wet enough to easliy get it in) - what I hadn't planned on is just how powerful the lube is when you use a lot of it. I returned to lunch with the inside of my cunt tingling and hyper sensitive - this was made worse by the fact that a golf ball is still quite a streach so every time I moved I could feel the dimples rubbing against me.

It was fairly obvious that I was flushed and they knew I had just got a txt from Jen so I had to tell them I was just thinking about the next time I was going to see her. Cinders made a comment along the line of 'If just thinking about her can get you like that then what she can do in person must be amazing' - if only she knew!

Anyway - back to the slumber party story - Lis had been over at Rach's place and they are about to head back to the shop so Rach can see if the boy from episode 1 is interested in her.

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“Well, I thought he was quite cute – I was going to go back and see if he was interested in me.” Said Rach. At the very least, we can start stocking up on booze for Tuesday. How about we get a bit more sun and then head off?”

“Sure” replied Lis. She wasn’t too keen on helping Rach find a new bloke as it would mean she would see less of her, but was definitely on board with the idea of getting Anna and Jo drunk and seeing what would happen.

Rach stood up and dragged her lounger into the sun – she hadn’t bothered to do up her top and Lis tried not to stare at her breasts. They had sunbathed topless before, but things felt different to Lis now. Rach knew all about her sexuality and Lis couldn’t figure out if Rach’s flirting was all just a game of if there was anything in it. She knew that both Rach and Vicky flirted with pretty much anyone but felt just a glimmer of hope stirring that something might come of it.

Rach looked over at Lis and asked “Are you coming into the sun?”

“Are you sure nobody is around?” asked Lis.

“Sure” replied Rach, and followed with “throw me that bottle” indicating to the lotion she had left behind.

Lis tossed the bottle over to her and Rach covered the front of her body with lotion as Lis dragged her lounger over to join her. She lay back and passed the bottle over to Lis. Lis took the bottle, poured the lotion into her hands and covered her front with it. She paid a little more attention to her breasts that was really required, but the day’s events had been getting to her. She lay back on her lounger and tried to relax while sneaking the odd peek at Rach’s breasts glistening in the sun.

After about 15 minutes, the girls could were roasting hot and Rach suggested they go shower and head off to the shop. Lis agreed to tag along, but warned Rach that she couldn’t be out too late as she still had to get her homework finished for Monday. The girls went back to Rach’s room and Rach took the first turn in the shower.

The cool water sent a shiver through her and her nipples hardened. She was still formulating her plan to catch the eye of her new found crush. It had been over a year since she had split up with Tim and while she had flirted with plenty of boys since then, nothing really serious had happened. She wondered if she could use Lis to help her get his attention and started going over the possibilities.

Meanwhile, Lis was waiting in Rach’s room. She was sitting on her towel on Rach’s bed so that she wouldn’t get any lotion on the covers. She could hear the water running so knew Rach was still in the shower and allowed her hands to wander down to her crotch. She had been replaying Rach’s hands rubbing lotion into her thighs and the feeling as they brushed over the bottom of her ass and wondered if she had time to touch herself. Before she realised it, she had slid a finger under the crotch of her bottoms and could feel the moisture covering her pussy lips.

She decided to go for it and pulled the material to the side with her other hand, allowing her asier access to her pussy and clit. She knew she didn’t have much time and quickly started rubbing herself. She then pulled her suit down a little way so she could use two hands and was just starting to feel her orgasm build when the sound of the shower stopped. In a panic, she pulled her bottoms back up and realising that her fingers were wet with her juices, quickly sucked them clean.

She picked up her towel and skipped through the door into the bathroom as soon as Rach opened it so that Rach couldn’t see how flushed she was.

“I’ll only be a minute” Lis cried as she shut the door. She stripped off her bathing suit and jumped into the shower and then yelped as the cold water hit her. “How cold did you have this?” she yelled to Rach. Lis turned up the heat and grabbed the shampoo, quickly washing and rinsing her long hair. As she finished ringing the chlorine off her body, she noticed Rach’s razor sitting on the shelf and wondered if Rach used it just to shave her legs or on her pussy as well.

Lis picked up the razor, warmed it in the water and gently ran it across her mons. A few hairs came with it and she quickly rinsed it clean before putting it back – she had decided that she wanted to shave herself and would have loved to use Rach’s razor, but didn’t have the time.

She shut off the shower and dried herself off. She called through to Rach that she was going to use some of her deodorant and then wrapped herself in the towel before heading back to Rach’s room. As she entered, Rach asked how she looked and gave a little twirl – she had changed into a very short ruffled skirt and had a skimpy top on that left her flat stomach exposed.

Lis took in the view and just said “Wow, he doesn’t stand a chance.”

Rach said “I have an extra secret weapon” and quickly flashed her bare ass at Lis. “Just to make sure he remembers me.”

“Oh, he’ll remember a view like that” said Lis, mentally posting it away for herself to use later on that night. She picked up her clothes and slipped on her panties, followed by her shorts. She turned around to put her bra on and Rach said “Why bother with that?”

“Because you can see my nips through this top.” Replied Lis.

“So?” said Rach, with her usual wicked grin on her face.

“Really? Should I?” asked Lis.

“Go for it – I’m naked under here after all” said Rach while pointing to her skirt.

Lis slipped her top on and looked at herself in the mirror – her nipples weren’t too obvious and as she didn’t have a bag with her, she handed her bra to Rach to take to school the next day. The girls slipped on their pumps and headed back out into the sun to the shop. It only took them about 10 minutes to get there and they went in to the welcome cool. Rach quickly looked over at the counter and was pleased to see that ‘he’ was standing behind it.

She got a better look at him now while cooling herself under a fan. He was a couple of inches taller than her. She guessed he was 17 or 18 and seemed quite well built. His hair was a bit long for her taste, but she thought she could fix that if things went well. There was an old lady at the checkout, so the girls went to the wine and started selecting a bottle. Rach kept an eye out and when the lady had left, she moved down the aisle closer to the counter.

She reached up for a bottle on the top shelf, which caused her already short skirt to ride even higher. She giggled at Lis and asked if he was watching – Lis replied that he was and she reached for another bottle, allowing her skirt to ride up higher still. She could feel a breeze on the bottom of her ass now and thought she had given him enough of a preview so handed the bottle to Lis.

They walked up to the counter and placed the bottles on it. Rach had a quick peek but the guy was standing against the counter, so she couldn’t get that good a view. She was fairly certain that she could see there was a lump in the front of his trousers though and gave him a warm smile. She decided to tease him a bit more before saying anything and mentioned to Lis that they should get some chocolate too. Taking her by the hand, she led Lis to the stand directly opposite the counter and whispered “Bend over and look at the stuff at the bottom – you’ll get a treat in return”.

Lis wondered exactly what Rach meant, but bent down anyway, letting her ass stick out behind her as she did so. Rach rested her hand on Lis’ back and bent forwards. As Rach bent down, she felt her skirt slide up and she slid her own hand down onto Lis’ ass and gently cupped it.

“Well, if this doesn’t get his attention, noting will” she whispered.

Lis could feel Rach’s hand gently stroking her ass and was trying hard to keep her balance. “He’ll be able to see everything” she hissed back to Rach and then gasped as Rach’s hand slid onto her other ass cheek and squeezed it.

“Just making sure he’s paying attention” Rach whispered back. She had her legs tight together but still wondered if he would be able to see her pussy lips between her ass cheeks and felt a rush of excitement go through her at the though. She stood up and after a few seconds Lis joined her. Rach grabbed some chocolate from the shelf and walked back over to the counter.

The guy was now looking rather flushed and the bulge in his trousers was much more noticeable. Rach cocked her head to one side and asked “Would you like to go out sometime?”

The guy stammered out a reply, “Um, uh, sure... definitely... whenever you want.... I’m Chris.”

Rach hadn’t planned on being quite so direct and was a bit stunned by how quickly he had agreed. She had known for a while that she could easily attract men to her, but Chris really looked amazing and she hadn’t been as sure of herself as usual. “I’m Rach. Are you free later on today? We could meet up and, um, chat.”

“I get off at 5 – is that any good?” replied Chris.

“5 is good”. Rach jotted down her number and handed it to him. She indicated to her purchases ansd said “I’ll just get these home and we can meet up later on.”

“Um, yeah” Chris rang the items through the till and Rach paid for them. “I’ll see you later” he called after her as she left.

Lis was waiting outside and Rach skipped up to her and said “I’ve got a date”.

“That’s hardly surprising, you must have shown him pretty much everything...” said Lis.

It was fairly obvious that there was something wrong and Rach asked Lis if she was OK.

“Yes... maybe... I don’t know. I’m still confused about things and you keep flirting with me and then you just used me to get a date.”

“Oh no, no... I’m sorry” said Rach. “I thought you liked us flirting – you seemed to enjoy it when I put the suncream on you and I thought my little treat for you in there would be fun.”

They had walked around the corner and Lis stopped and said “I just don’t know what you want and I’m still new to all this”.

Lis looked like she was about to cry and Rach put the bag down, gave her a hug and said “Hey, you know I love you. I meant it when I said if I was gay you’d be my first choice. We’ve always flirted and I just thought that you would appreciate a little more attention. I’m sorry. I’ll stop if you want.”

Lis thought about it and realised that Rach had always flirted with her – not as overtly as the ass fondling she’d just got in the shop, but little things like hugs and kisses. They had even snuggled up together to watch films and Lis remembered Rach’s arm around her a few times as they had fallen asleep. She began to realise that very little had changed between them since she had come out to Rach and the way she was feeling was probably because she was still a little scared about other things and was just a lot more sensitive.

She relaxed and pressed herself against Rach and quietly said “No, I’m just being stupid, I don’t want anything to change between us”. Lis lifted her head and looked at Rach as they hugged. Her hands were on Rach’s back. “I love you too – you’re my best friend.” She leant forwards and gave Rach a quick kiss on the lips and as she moved her head away she quickly slid her hands down, over her skirt and back up onto Rach’s bare ass.

“But I’m not quite as much of a coward as you think” grinned Lis as she squeezed Rach’s ass and relished the feeling of the firm skin in her hands.

Rach started to jump back, but checked herself and just said “Fine – I guess I deserve it”. She gave Lis a firm kiss on the lips (but had her own lips firmly closed) and wiggled her ass in Lis’ hands. After a few seconds, she broke off and said “Now let’s get this home before the chocolate melts”. With the wiggling, Lis’ fingers had slipped quite close to her pussy and she wondered if Lis had noticed how wet she had got while exposing herself to Chris.

Lis let out a deep breath as Rach bent down to get the bag – she had gone from upset to horny in record time and realised that maybe something had changed between them and wondered how it would affect them. They walked a little way home in silence and then started chatting again. Rach wondered what she should wear for her date and Lis suggested some panties might help.

About half way back to Rach’s place, Lis decided that she would head back to her place and start getting her work done. Rach asked if they were really OK and Lis assured her that they were. She gave Rach another quick kiss and waved goodbye. She ran home and got rather distracted thinking about the day with Rach and what could happen with Jo and Anna for a few hours before finally settling down to her homework.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Pub flash

I've jsut got back from lunch with the girls. We went to a pub and a random bloke sitting opposite spent most of the time we were eating looking up my skirt. Admittedly, I may have helped by allowing my skirt to ride up a bit and then pulling one leg up and hugging it while we all chatted. I tried to make it look like I didn't know he was looking and I think I did quite well - I noticed that he didn't stand up any of the time I was there so I may have got to him :)

I was telling the girls about the naked sunbathing - Rach and Jacqui have also done it (I didn't know that before today) and Jo and Valerie said that they would never do it (Valerie said wouldn't even go topless - that might be a bit different in the story :) Of course, I didn't tell them the full details, but did mention the Italian guy we attracted (but not how we attracted him). Anna said that if it had been her (and he had been as good looking as I said) she would have let him oil her up - now that I would have loved to see!)

Unfortunatly, I don't think that Rach is into 'proper' exhibitionism in RL (and I'm fairly sure Anna isn't - but from some of the things Vicky has said, she might be, but she wasn't there today). If I can find someone who is, I might challenge tham and see how far we can go.

I'm going to work on the story of Rach's date tonight but the posting may be a bit late as I have lots of other things to do today and Mike has been 'distracting' me while I write this so I'll be busy for a while before I can get back to work...

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Holiday - Part 3

I had meant to post this yesterday but we went out and caught up with people who had just got back to York after the holiday. It was really good to see everyone together again.

Unsurprisingly, Mike really liked the idea of me and my sis being naked together (men are so predictable) and we had an incredible session after the last posting. He claimed he was just trying to make up for the lost week but given he lets me do things with Jen, I don’t mind if he has the occasional fantasy about my sister. He knows full well what our school uniform looks like (he’s seen me in my old one) and I *may* have encouraged him a bit by describing her session in the woods once more to him while wearing my uniform. If the weather is good enough tomorrow, we might go for a walk and try to recreate Sue’s story (I think I’ll even do it properly and wear some opaque tights).

We also experimented with Sue’s favourite position and it is very good – I lay on my front with my legs together and Mike was on top of me – he slid into my cunt and I pressed back against him to meet his thrusts. It felt quite deep and was even deeper if he pulled my ass cheeks apart to allow him to press further in. This position also worked really well when I used my new egg on my clit and had the added benefit of being able to be as loud as I wanted without Holly hearing as I could muffle myself by moaning into the pillow. Anyway – back to the last part of the holiday...

By the time we got freshened up, it was time to go meet mum. She had had a really relaxing day at the spa and wanted to know what we had got up to. We told her that we had just hung out at the beach (which was technically correct). After dinner, she said that all the poking and prodding had made her tired and wanted an early night (she was talking about massages, not the kind of poking and prodding we had experienced). We went out to a bar we had found the previous night and got rather drunk. It was still quite warm so we had fairly light outfits on (I of course had no panties but Sue didn’t know that).

As we got drunker, it didn’t take long for us to get back to talking about sex (you may have gathered that I quite like the subject so it doesn’t take much to get me to talk about it). Sue asked what my dream had been about as it had looked like I was really enjoying it. After a while I confessed to her a very edited version and told her that Italian guy had come back and fucked us both (separately, but with the other one watching). She seemed to like this idea (she admitted that if I hadn’t been there, she might have let him buy her the drink and later on in the night admitted she might have let him put the sun cream on her too).

We shared more details – more of what Mike and I got up to mostly. She told me about her last bf at Uni and told me that she had overheard us having sex the time she came to visit me. I told her that we thought we had heard her masturbating just after that and despite going bright red (she was already quote red from the booze), she admitted that she had been playing with herself. After another drink, I remember I leant close to her (the music was so loud I could have shouted it though and nobody would have heard) and told her that we had known what she was doing and that Mike had been quietly fucking me at the same time. Without the alcohol I would never have told her this, but she seemed to like it and said that she wished she had known. Mike has since told me that I should have told her to come back whenever she wanted for a repeat show but I still wasn’t quite that drunk – while I can get caught up in the moment and I’d probably let Mike repeat it, I’m not going to ask her to come and watch!

We got a bit of attention from some guys and went off to dance for a while. Sue seemed to get quite friendly with a couple of them and disappeared for a while (but said they only kissed – thinking about it I didn’t ask if she meant one or both of them, but she did spend quite a long time for just kissing). I had someone wanting to do a bit more than dance and ended up having to tell him I had a bf to get him to leave (even that didn’t work at first when he found out that Mike wasn’t with me).

I went back to the bar and started to eye up some of the young girls (relatively young that is, not jailbait young). There were still a few wearing just bikinis and some of the bikinis were barely there. There was one girl in particular who was sitting a few tables away from the bar and when one of the lights shone on her I was sure I could see her pussy lips poking out around her thong.

I decided to keep myself amused while Sue was away and went back to the dance floor and started dancing with a group of girls. They weren’t exactly all over each other or anything, but I had noticed a few of them dancing closely and occasionally touching each other so I gradually moved closer to them (well I had intended it to be gradually, but it probably looked like I was charging towards them panting!)

We danced for a bit and I was happy to see that they would dance against each other from time to time and hands would wander down backs onto asses. They were both a bit taller than me and quite a bit slimmer and looking back, I must have looked rather out of place with them (although I think the same thing about how I must look with Jen). But alcohol fixes all so it didn’t really bother me at the time. We danced for a while and I managed to join in with them. We took turns dancing with each other and I got to feel some amazing ass.

I probably came off a lot better than they did as when I rubbed against their legs I had my pussy on their skin (which I think one of them had figured out as she had her hands on my ass under my skirt a few times and must have known I had no panties on.

We danced for a fair amount of time and I almost thought that things might end up really going somewhere as we had been grinding asses into pussies and quite openly playing with breasts (through tops). I had tried to move things on a bit by sliding my hands into the bottoms of the girl who had been rubbing my ass and had even managed to rub her cunt through her bottoms when she had was dancing with her back to me, but her friend seemed to be getting jealous and dragged her off.

I was very glad I had managed to cum a few times that day already or otherwise I think I would have gone mad and probably ended up doing myself in the middle of the dancefloor. As I returned to the bar Sue reappeared and said I seemed to be having fun (she said the next day she had watched me for a while and was amazed how bold I had been). I would have loved to tell her I’d been grinding my pussy directly against their legs, but I’m not quite ready to reveal just how much of a horny bitch I can be sometimes!

We headed home not long after that and fell asleep fairly quickly (I had been trying to wait for Sue to doze off and had intended to play with myself but couldn’t stay awake). I had another dream – it was very jumbled up and seemed to contain everything we’d done and talked about in the day. All I can remember about it is that I woke up damn horny and had to make use of my practice of cumming in public to have a silent orgasm (I doubt I could have woken Sue up if I had tried though). I imagined Jen on the dance floor with me and the two of us dancing in the way I had with the tall girls, but continuing a lot further. If I had of had the energy I would have gone for a second orgasm (fifth of the day), but I was beat and a little hung over so after I’d cum just kept stroking until I fell asleep again.

When we woke up in the morning we were not in a good state – fortunately Sue had to run to the bathroom which gave me time to put my nightdress back on (it had got removed while thinking about Jen in the night). Mum thought it was quite funny that we were in such a bad way over breakfast and we had a much quieter day with lots of fruit juice to recover. By dinner, we were much better and our appetites had returned. We stayed in the hotel bar that night though to keep Mum company so our conversation was at a slightly different level than the previous day.

We did go out alone again on our final night and were back on the drinks (nowhere near as much though as we didn’t want to have to travel with hangovers). While in the bar, we dared each other to describe having sex as loud as we could (it was loud again so the idea was that people wouldn’t be able to hear us properly). It was almost like a kind of exhibitionism (and had a similar effect on me) – talking about having a cock slide into your pussy and filling you with cum while surrounded by people is something I would strongly recommend trying!

I found out more about Sue’s second bf (the second one she slept with that is) during that game and got some proper details when we were back in our room (the loud sex description game didn’t work as well while walking back to the hotel and we got some very funny looks). I know that I definitely heard her cum that night and she had slid partly out of the covers so I think I could even see her hand moving between her legs (but the room was quite dark). I waited until she finished (and was asleep) before I came – by this point I was tiring of my fingers and was definitely looking forward to a tongue and cock. If I had more self control I would have just teased myself so I could have been really worked up for my reunion with Mike, but I’m nowhere near as good at holding back as he is so I came. I don’t remember it being as strong as some of the other orgasms I’d had that week, but it did leave me with a nice warm feeling throughout my body and it still felt very satisfying.

The next day we returned home (it’s just dawned on me that the naked sunbathing day may have been Thursday instead of Wednesday – I’ll have to check the spa receipt) and the trip was mostly uneventful. I had decided to risk travelling without panties and spent a part of the flight rubbing my clit (my hands were under a blanket) – Sue was asleep beside me but I didn’t manage to cum as people kept walking past (it would have been nice to sort of joined the mile high club!)

Back in the UK, I was pleased to see it was still warm (mum had kept warning me about not wearing a short skirt for travelling). The nicest thing about the airport was the face that there was lots of balconies and glass – definitely fun without panties. My train journey back to York was uneventful and too busy to do anything on so I just dozed off (which was probably good as it meant I was a bit more refreshed when I arrived).


I think I'm going to continue the Slumber Party story next post - I still keep thinking about Rach's cute pink panties so I think it's time she had some fun in the story (but I haven't forgotten about Cindy - I wanted her to cum a few times too!)

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Holiday - Part 2

As I put in one of my comments, Mike seems to have missed me – during our first night back he did indeed deposit more cum in me than I thought he could manage. I’m really glad that the weather has been so good (at least relatively to the past few months anyway) so I’ve been able to wear my little skirts again and have my pussy exposed. Unfortunately the majority of his cum had leaked out of me during the night, but I could still feel bits trickling down my leg at midday.

I’m actually sitting by the lake at campus doing the final edits on this post now in beautiful sunshine. I’m sitting on my coat and have my legs spread to balance the laptop on them in such a way that my skirt is wide open and it has slid up my thighs quite a bit, but the laptop is hiding my nakedness. I really wish I had my remote control egg in my cunt right now as I feel soo hot. Cindy and Rach are lying right beside me and I would love to be able to cum this close to them. (Okay, so actually I’l like to be able to sit over their faces in turn and have them eat me, but that’s only ever likely to happen in the slumber party story!) A breeze flipped Rach's skirt up and she has on a really cute pair of pink panties that will have to make it into the story somehow- it's a pity she was awake enough to pull it back down as I was enjoying the view. I wonder if I should offer to put some sun cream on them? (Rach and Cindy that is, not Rach's panties!)

Back to the holiday details...

So we were back in our spot on the beach and had partaken of another cocktail over lunch (hey, we were on holiday) and I was certainly feeling slightly drunk so I assume Sue was the same. We weren’t trying to tease passers by any more but were still chatting about increasingly intimate details of our sex lives. Now we’d talked about sex before (I’ve tried to be a good older sis and make sure that she didn’t get into any trouble), but this was a lot more about the juicy details than the mechanics.

The story telling certainly wasn't all one way - the real details were now being shared by both of us. Despite the fact I'm 4 years older than her, she has known about sex (well, at least known what an orgasm felt like) before I did. She started playing with herself when she was about 13 and has been regularly masturbating since then (a whole two years before Mike introduced me to cumming!) I was a bit ashamed when I told her that I'd never cum until I was 19 but she thought it was quite sweet that Mike was my 'first' in every sense. This of course led to discussion as to what it had felt like the first time he had me cum. As we talked about it, I realised that even though I often wish I had learned how to play with myself from a younger age (and I think about all the fun I could have had at school), how wonderful that first time was with Mike as everything was so new.

In turn, Sue told me about her first time (being touched by someone else) - she was 16 and had been dating this guy for a few months and things had proceeded from kissing, to him playing with and sucking her breasts until the night (or evening) she let him get his hand into her panties. He had been fairly rough (not hurting her rough, just so it didn't feel very nice). He pushed her hand into his trousers and rubbed himself with it - Sue said that he came in a matter of seconds of her touching him (before he'd even pulled his trousers down) and she just remembers her hand being covered in his cum. She didn’t even see his cock and to make matters worse, he didn't even keep rubbing her pussy once he came.

She stayed with him for a few months - he always seemed a lot more interested in cumming himself than in pleasing her, but he did manage to make her cum a couple of times (she usually had to finger herself when she got home from their dates to get off).

I guess if you include this, she'd actually been with 4 guys. She didn't ever sleep with him and was never ever completely naked around him - the farthest they got was her sucking him off and him cumming over her. Apparently, she did this to him once at school. They had been making out in the woods by the school over lunchtime, kissing each other while she jacked him off and he fingered her.

Her blouse was open and her bra pushed up so he could suck her tits and he asked her to blow him. She knelt down in front of him and started to suck. She said this was one of the few times that she played with herself while they did things. He had already pulled her tights and panties down while they were kissing, so she slid her hand under her skirt and rubbed away at her pussy. She knew that it didn't take him long to cum (even though he had got a bit better at waiting than their first time!) and so let her fingers work away while she sucked. He pulled out of her mouth and came over her – a bit over her face but mostly over her tits and she came just slightly after. From what I can gather, this was the best experience she had with him (she didn't say that directly, but it's the one she seemed most excited about while describing). Don't get me wrong - I still love playing with myself in front of Jen and Mike - it's incredibly sexy watching them watch me, but I'd be a bit disappointed if

that was the best experience I had with either of them.

Fortunately, she split up with him before they had sex (if he wasn't going to bother to make sure she came at least once every time, he didn't deserve her!)

If I can remember the details, I'll post a few more of her tales (the details are still a bit fuzzy due to the alcohol, but I'll piece together what I can and will maybe pry a bit more to fill in any blanks). There is certainly a lot of things from here that I still haven't told her (I didn't want to shock her too much - despite her being fairly adventurous) so I still have information to trade if required J

After sharing these stories, we settled down again and once more I could feel my cunt burning. I'm sure Sue felt the same as one time when I glanced over at her she was absently stroking her pussy and her nipples were quite pointy. I lay back and let my imagination wander and was soon feeling incredibly horny. I think Sue was actually sleeping by this point and I did consider playing with myself and cumming, but I wasn’t quite ready to do that with her beside me. I did allow myself a few quick strokes while nobody else was around and it really felt great masturbating in the open like that. If she hadn’t been there (or if I’d been with Mike or Jen) I would have made myself cum (and I kind of wish I’d taken the chance of her not waking up and done it anyway).

Once I stopped playing with myself I managed to doze off too and had an amazing dream. I actually didn’t realise I was dreaming for a lot of it as I was still on the beach – it was only near the end I sort of realised that this couldn’t actually be happening. In the dream I hadn’t stopped playing with myself. I had ended up spreading my legs and reaching one hand under myself to finger my cunt while rubbing my clit with the other one. I was really getting into it when Sue woke up and looked over at me but told me to keep going. She started to play with herself (but I wasn’t paying too much attention to her) and then said that our Italian friend was back.

I looked up and he was standing beside Sue with his cock out. It looked larger than it had when covered by his shorts and as I watched, Sue reached over to him and started to fondle it. I wasa bit shocked, but also turned on so I kept rubbing my cunt and watching her. He called a group of his friends over (that appeared to come from nowhere, but to be fair, it was a dream so it doesn’t have to make sense). Sue had started to suck off Italian guy (so I paid even more attention) and his friends started to play with me. I had hands touching my breasts and cunt and cocks being rubbed against my face and over my body.

Sue was now being fucked by another guy and Italian guy came over to me – he knelt on my lounger, pulled my legs up and slid his cock straight into my cunt. He fucked me hard while I had other cocks pushed into my mouth and rubbed over my body. I could feel them cumming over me and felt Italian guy cum in me. I looked over at Sue and she was kneeling up and had someone taking her from behind (I think in the ass) while she sucked another cock.

I had guy after guy fuck me (both cunt and ass) and saw the same happen to her – no matter how many times they came, they could still squirt cum into us or over us. At one point I remember watching Sue sitting on a guy’s lap facing me – she was riding him with his cock in her ass and another guy slid into her cunt. They both fucked her and when they pulled out (after everyone had cum at exactly the same time of course) I watched their cum pour from both her holes.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get this done to me (I’d love to know what I would have imagined it would feel like). I woke up and found Sue looking at me. I had my legs spread fairly wide and my nipples were very hard – it didn’t take much for her to guess I’d been dreaming about sex but I just told her I had been thinking of Mike.

Once I had calmed down, we got dressed and went back to our room. As I slipped my bikini bottoms on I could feel that my pussy was absolutely soaked and I pulled the material tight against myself so I could feel it rubbing on me as I walked. When back in our room, Sue had the first shower, and as soon as I heard the shower door close, I was naked and fingering myself. My dream (and the talk before it) had really got to me and I needed to cum more than I can remember in ages. Fortunately Sue spent a long time in the shower (and I get the feeling she was using the pulse setting), but it gave me time to manage two orgasms (the first being *incredibly* strong!). When I heard the shower stop, I wrapped a towel around myself (I did say in the last entry that we didn’t end up sleeping together, and being naked on the beach with someone in slightly different to being naked in a hotel room). I’m certain that Sue must have been able to smell my handiwork when she came out of the bathroom, but she didn’t say anything.

I definitely needed to shower and as soon as I directed the shower to my pussy (for some reason it needed a good wash!) I wanted to cum again. I set the shower to pulse and turned it up high and directed the jet at my clit. I was still rather sensitive from the earlier orgasms and it sent a warm tingly feeling through my whole cunt. Thinking that my sis had just been in here doing the same, an image popped into my head of her kneeling in her school uniform, blouse pulled off, her skirt pulled up, and panties pulled down. She had long white socks on in this picture as opposed to the tights she said she was wearing (but I like white socks) and her fingers were visibly working on her cunt as her bf’s cock pumped into her mouth. Now as you know, I am rather partial to the schoolgirl fantasy (both dressing as one and having Jen dress as one) so even though it was my sis I was thinking of, I kept the image in my head. I could have probably cum very quickly, but I didn’t use my fingers and just let the water pressure work its magic on me. I had another wonderful orgasm as I imagines her bf pulling his cock out of her mouth  and cumming all over her body (with a lot more cum than probably happened in RL).

Wow, that was longer than I thought it would be (but Mike seems to have enjoyed it – I’m lying here naked typing it and he has been on top of me moving inside me for a large part of it. I’m definitely ready to cum so the rest will have to wait for part 3...

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Holiday (Part 1)

As I'd posted before, I was on holiday last week with my mum and sister - it was really nice to spend some time with them and I had a bit more fun than I had expected (given that neither Mike or Jen were with us).

The original plan was that we were all going to share a triple room, but we were at a small hotel and they had a spare single room and (very nicely) offered it to mum so Sue and I had a room to ourselves. Our room was fairly simple - two beds, a cupboard and a bathroom (so this isn't a story about how we ended up sharing a bed – sorry guys).

The week was mostly fairly uneventful. We chatted, sat around, sunbathed, went swimming and went for walks in the day. At night, we either went to the little bar in the hotel (the few nights that we stayed with mum) or Sue and I went out to some of the larger bars and drank a bit more than was possibly good for us (but I don't often drink that much, so I'm not too worried).

We did end up talking about Mike and Jen a few times. I don't think my mum approves of Jen - not because she's a girl, but she thinks I'm being unfaithful to Mike. I had quite a difficult time trying to explain to her just how much Mike likes the idea of me being with Jen without going into graphic details about how turned on it makes him! I think that she understood a bit more when I told her how well they had got on the last time Jen had visited (or at the very least she realised that he really didn't mind).

Some of the conversations I had with Sue were a bit more explicit (especially after a few drinks!). She seemed quite curious about how different it was being with a girl rather than a guy (no, I don't think she actually wants to try it before anyone asks). I know I don't write too much about her on here, but I am fairly close to Sue - even though, it was still a bit embarrassing at the start of the week talking to her about it and I didn't really tell her too much detail. As the week went on (and especially as the alcohol went down), we shared a lot more detail.

I knew that she had had sex, but I found out that she had started earlier that I had known about (when she was 17). I also found out that she has been fucked by more people than I have (3 in total) and is quite adventurous herself. One night we got really quite drunk and I think (from what I can remember), we were more open that I've ever been to anyone in RL (other than Mike or Jen of course).

Now all of this talk did get me rather turned on, and without anyone to help me, I did have to take care of myself a few times during the week. We had an incredible shower which I took advantage of a few times (and given how long Sue was in there, I think she had found its secondary use too!) We seemed to have a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy when it came to masturbation (that is masturbation while we were there) - at least for the first part of the holiday, but more about that later. A number of nights, after we had gone to bed, we kept talking - and if our conversation had been about sex, then it often stayed on it. One night she kept asking about how it was different being with Mike and Jen and thinking about what they do to me so I could describe it to her got me so turned on that I was (gently) touching myself under the covers (the lights were off so she probably couldn't see). I found it quite odd wearing a nightdress to bed (of course I usually sleep naked with Mike), but I was still pantyless so I could easily rub my clit. I didn't cum while we talked, but I definitely did after I thought she was asleep. I'm fairly certain that I heard her masturbating a few times too when she thought I had gone to sleep.

So as I said earlier, at the start of the week, we weren't telling each other things in anything like the detail above, this all changed on Wednesday though. We had clubbed together to buy a day of spa treatment for mum (she had paid for the holiday for us after all and we wanted to thank her). While she was away, we went to the beach. We felt that we had done a nice thing so decided to celebrate with a cocktail as we sunbathed. We had been talking about first times (in the edited form - the detail above came after this event). After a while, we decided to go topless to try and remove any strap lines (we weren't the only ones, and there were even some nude sunbathers so it wasn't really that big a deal). As always - guys like to look at topless women and we ended up playing a game. We had our hats pulled down to mostly cover our faces but still allowing us to peek out at people passing. When we saw someone alone and thought nobody else was looking (the beach wasn't that busy as it was only April),  one of us would idly stroke a breast - halfway between rubbing lotion in and actually playing with the nipple (which became a lot more like just playing with the nipple as the game went on).

We could see the guys slow down and 'casually' glance at us. I don't think we were at all drunk (not on one cocktail), but with the heat of the sun, I certainly felt a little light headed and started spreading my legs slightly and then for one guy, pulled one leg up so my foot was under the other knee. We still had our bottoms on, but it was fairly obvious that he was staring at my crotch and I could certainly feel myself getting wet. I didn't have that good a view below his chest, but I think I could see a bulge in his shorts so I assume he appreciated the view. When he left Sue dared me to try more for the next target and I accepted as long as she bettered whatever I did. She agreed to this so the next time we saw someone, I spread my legs and pretended I was adjusting my bottoms - I slid a finger down one side and pulled the bottoms slightly away from my leg - not enough for him to see anything, but enough to let a little cool air onto my pussy. After I had straightened them out, I repeated this on the other leg. I felt very wet even though I hadn't actually touched my pussy and ended up lifting my ass slightly up (with my legs still spread) and pulled by bottoms up tight so I could feel them pulled tight against my cunt.

Sue seemed suitably impressed by this and her way of raising the stakes was to gently scratch/stroke between her legs and across her pussy. I was craning my neck to see what she was doing, while still trying to look as if I was resting, but she definitely got a reaction out of her target. She kept stroking for long enough that he must have known she wasn't just rubbing some sand off and when he'd gone, she said that the last few strokes were fairly blatantly rubbing her pussy (through her bottoms).

Looking back - this was the turning point for how we talked to each other. I think even the relatively mild talk up to that point had been having an effect on us and given her eagerness, I assume she was feeling as horny as I was. We went up to get another drink (it was around 11 by this time) and we dared each other to go up topless. This felt a lot more exciting than just sunbathing topless and we did get a few more looks (but we still weren't the only ones topless). When we came back, we moved our loungers into the shade a bit further down the beach. Neither of us said what the plan was, but I think we were both thinking the same think. Once we had settled down again we resumed our game. I waited for my target and copied what Sue had done. I slid one foot up and rested it under the other knee once more and stroked myself through my bottoms. When I was sure I had his attention, I pulled the crotch of my bottoms to the side (just a little, not enough to show my pussy directly) and rubbed up and down the exposed lip. Before I straightened the bottoms up I slid my finger under the crotch and ran it up my cunt. It sent a shiver through me and I decided to lick my finger (maybe saying it was a 'decision' is a bit too strong, I just did it). I let the material go and waited until he left (he seemed to linger for a while!)

I wanted to see how far Sue would go and she said that she would be fully naked if I would do the same thing. Technically it was her turn, but I agreed (as I said before, there were a few other naked sunbathers so we weren't in any danger of being arrested or anything). It's been a while since I've seen Sue naked properly so I was a bit curious as she slid her bottoms off and put them with her top. Her pussy and ass were white so sun cream was required. Sue lay on her front and I whispered to her when someone came along. Without looking around, she rubbed the cream into her ass, right cheek first, letting her hand dip right down between her legs and then the left cheek - again sliding it down to her pussy. She spent a while doing this and it looked like she was giving them a good show. When we were alone again she said that she hadn't actually been stroking her pussy, she had just got close - but pointed out that I had to better her attempt.

I was ready to do just that - we were out of the direct sun, but the second cocktail had started to kick in so when Sue was back on her front and 'asleep', we waited for my target. When I saw him coming I slipped off my bottoms and sat up with my legs spread apart. While pretending not to notice him (he was about 10-20m away) I rubbed a small amount of cream around my pussy. Of course I was fairly careful not to rub it directly into my cunt, but that just meant that I had to spend longer rubbing up and down the lips. After I had wiped my hand clean on my legs, I lay back but continued to gently stroke my pussy - it *might* have looked as if I was just making sure that there was no cream there, but it definitely didn't feel like that's all I was doing.

Other than Mike and Jen, nobody has ever seen me touch myself so directly (the time in a club doesn't count as it was under my skirt). I could feel myself really getting into it and had to force myself to stop (but I did lick my finger clean again - and this time it was on purpose!) When I looked up he was staring straight at me and one of his hands rubbing his cock through his shorts. When he saw me looking at him, he quickly turned away and left. Sue laughed and I couldn’t really believe that I had just done that so openly (despite it having been a fantasy of mine for a long time – I was going to have Anna do something similar in the slumber party story but it was much more fun doing it that writing about it would have been!)

Sue moved onto her front and slid an arm underneath her body. She told me to tell her when someone was coming and after a few minutes a fairly good looking guy came along. I told her and she spread he legs a bit. She was facing me (the guy was on the other side, still a reasonable distance off) and she asked if he was looking. I murmured that he was (trying to make it look like I wasn't talking) and she told me that this was her favourite position. I asked if she was touching herself (we'd definitely gone past the point of shyness now!) and she said she was. She described to me how she liked being taken from behind (in her pussy) while she lay on her front and rubbed her clit. I couldn't see what she was doing, but she definitely seemed to be enjoying it. The guy also seemed to be enjoying it too as he started to wander over towards us with a clear bulge in his shorts.

I told Sue he was coming and she pulled her arm out from under herself (but didn't close her legs). Our 'target' came over to us and said what I assume was hello in something I think was Italian (I don't really know what language it was). It would have been pointless trying to cover up so we didn’t try to (and he certainly wasn't trying to cover up the bulge in his shorts) so we just said that we didn't understand him. He however, did speak a little English and indicating to our glasses, he asked if we wanted another drink. We said we didn't (we actually did, but not from him even though he was fairly attractive). He was quite persistent and offered to put lotion on for us (which we also declined, although Sue later said that she was tempted when she saw him). She had rolled over by this time so we were both facing him and he was fairly blatantly checking us out. He had the classic pose with his hands by his hips - apparently that is meant to draw attention to the groin, but the size of his erection made that somewhat redundant!

It was clear he wasn't about to leave so we said we wanted to just sunbathe - he sat down beside Sue (on the beach, not on her lounger) and continued to talk to us. Sue lay back and looked like she was settling down - she still had her legs spread (not wide, just a little) so I did the same. Looking at his cock (or the bulge it made) made me think just how much I would have loved for Mike to be there and fuck me. As I thought of this I knew that I was getting more aroused and could feel my nipples harden, but I couldn't help it. I don't think he noticed, but I could definitely feel my pussy get as wet as Jen's does (and of course that thought just made it worse). If Mike had been there, I think I'd have been happy to let him fuck me in full view of Sue, but after a while I managed to regain my composure. Our (possibly) Italian friend eventually left when he realised that we weren't about to give him a threesome and when he was out of range, we went into fits of laughter.

We both decided that the game had gone far enough so just settled down for some real sunbathing before lunch. Sue still had to cream her pussy and I had to do my ass, but we waited until there was nobody too near us to do it. This was the first time I got to see Sue's pussy properly and found out that she shaves the lips but leaves a patch of hair on her mons (sort of similar to the way I used to have my pussy, but with a bigger patch of shorter hair). We got dressed (well, into our bikinis) and went off for lunch about an hour later. I only briefly wondered if she tasted the same as I do – maybe someday I can get Jen to find out for me J

The afternoon was spent in a similar way – after lunch we went back to the same spot and sunbathed naked. Sue asked why I shaved myself bald and I told her that Mike liked it that way (and he was the one who usually shaved me). As I mentioned before - the game had been the turning point in our conversations so I told her that her always made it worth my while, and after a little questioning, I told her how much he liked eating me (and how much I like having him eat me of course!)

That's enough for now I think - part two later.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Back again

I'm back from my week away - a bit tired from travelling, but it was great to have some time with my family. I have a couple of unexpected tales to tell too (nothing too exciting as neither Mike or Jen were with me) which I'll post after some sleep.

I've just been informed that I might have a few other things to do before I'm allowed to sleep (apparatnly Mike has missed me and - to use his words - 'is going to fill my cunt with cum until it is overflowing').

...then some sleep!...

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Going away

My apologies for not posting - I'm going away next week with my mum and sister and I've been working hard trying to get everything done so I can enjoy a relaxing week.

Once I return, posting will resume...