Sunday, 19 April 2009

Back again

I'm back from my week away - a bit tired from travelling, but it was great to have some time with my family. I have a couple of unexpected tales to tell too (nothing too exciting as neither Mike or Jen were with me) which I'll post after some sleep.

I've just been informed that I might have a few other things to do before I'm allowed to sleep (apparatnly Mike has missed me and - to use his words - 'is going to fill my cunt with cum until it is overflowing').

...then some sleep!...


  1. Dear Andi,

    And Mike's greeting surprises you because...?

    Welcum back!



  2. Hi Andi, discovered this blog recently via a link in a post you made to a masturbation forum.

    Speaking of which, I came pretty hard while reading the account of your online chat session with "cutegirl" that you posted last October (my cum squirted practically to my chest as you made cutegirl cum with you not too far behind, in fact, I may re-read it & cum again soon!).

    Welcome back.:-)



  3. Nancy - I guess it didn't really surprise me - in fact today's entry was more of a surprise for him as I'd not told him everything that had happened on the holiday... It was good to have him lick me again and then feel him inside me. It's been a while since he came that much in me and the good weather today meant I could enjoy having wet legs again with a nice short skirt on :)

    Anon - glad you enjoyed the posting. I haven't been chatting online for a while, but might try it again soon. Hopefully the thought of my sis and I naked on a beach will be enough to help you to cum again :)