Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Holiday (Part 1)

As I'd posted before, I was on holiday last week with my mum and sister - it was really nice to spend some time with them and I had a bit more fun than I had expected (given that neither Mike or Jen were with us).

The original plan was that we were all going to share a triple room, but we were at a small hotel and they had a spare single room and (very nicely) offered it to mum so Sue and I had a room to ourselves. Our room was fairly simple - two beds, a cupboard and a bathroom (so this isn't a story about how we ended up sharing a bed – sorry guys).

The week was mostly fairly uneventful. We chatted, sat around, sunbathed, went swimming and went for walks in the day. At night, we either went to the little bar in the hotel (the few nights that we stayed with mum) or Sue and I went out to some of the larger bars and drank a bit more than was possibly good for us (but I don't often drink that much, so I'm not too worried).

We did end up talking about Mike and Jen a few times. I don't think my mum approves of Jen - not because she's a girl, but she thinks I'm being unfaithful to Mike. I had quite a difficult time trying to explain to her just how much Mike likes the idea of me being with Jen without going into graphic details about how turned on it makes him! I think that she understood a bit more when I told her how well they had got on the last time Jen had visited (or at the very least she realised that he really didn't mind).

Some of the conversations I had with Sue were a bit more explicit (especially after a few drinks!). She seemed quite curious about how different it was being with a girl rather than a guy (no, I don't think she actually wants to try it before anyone asks). I know I don't write too much about her on here, but I am fairly close to Sue - even though, it was still a bit embarrassing at the start of the week talking to her about it and I didn't really tell her too much detail. As the week went on (and especially as the alcohol went down), we shared a lot more detail.

I knew that she had had sex, but I found out that she had started earlier that I had known about (when she was 17). I also found out that she has been fucked by more people than I have (3 in total) and is quite adventurous herself. One night we got really quite drunk and I think (from what I can remember), we were more open that I've ever been to anyone in RL (other than Mike or Jen of course).

Now all of this talk did get me rather turned on, and without anyone to help me, I did have to take care of myself a few times during the week. We had an incredible shower which I took advantage of a few times (and given how long Sue was in there, I think she had found its secondary use too!) We seemed to have a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy when it came to masturbation (that is masturbation while we were there) - at least for the first part of the holiday, but more about that later. A number of nights, after we had gone to bed, we kept talking - and if our conversation had been about sex, then it often stayed on it. One night she kept asking about how it was different being with Mike and Jen and thinking about what they do to me so I could describe it to her got me so turned on that I was (gently) touching myself under the covers (the lights were off so she probably couldn't see). I found it quite odd wearing a nightdress to bed (of course I usually sleep naked with Mike), but I was still pantyless so I could easily rub my clit. I didn't cum while we talked, but I definitely did after I thought she was asleep. I'm fairly certain that I heard her masturbating a few times too when she thought I had gone to sleep.

So as I said earlier, at the start of the week, we weren't telling each other things in anything like the detail above, this all changed on Wednesday though. We had clubbed together to buy a day of spa treatment for mum (she had paid for the holiday for us after all and we wanted to thank her). While she was away, we went to the beach. We felt that we had done a nice thing so decided to celebrate with a cocktail as we sunbathed. We had been talking about first times (in the edited form - the detail above came after this event). After a while, we decided to go topless to try and remove any strap lines (we weren't the only ones, and there were even some nude sunbathers so it wasn't really that big a deal). As always - guys like to look at topless women and we ended up playing a game. We had our hats pulled down to mostly cover our faces but still allowing us to peek out at people passing. When we saw someone alone and thought nobody else was looking (the beach wasn't that busy as it was only April),  one of us would idly stroke a breast - halfway between rubbing lotion in and actually playing with the nipple (which became a lot more like just playing with the nipple as the game went on).

We could see the guys slow down and 'casually' glance at us. I don't think we were at all drunk (not on one cocktail), but with the heat of the sun, I certainly felt a little light headed and started spreading my legs slightly and then for one guy, pulled one leg up so my foot was under the other knee. We still had our bottoms on, but it was fairly obvious that he was staring at my crotch and I could certainly feel myself getting wet. I didn't have that good a view below his chest, but I think I could see a bulge in his shorts so I assume he appreciated the view. When he left Sue dared me to try more for the next target and I accepted as long as she bettered whatever I did. She agreed to this so the next time we saw someone, I spread my legs and pretended I was adjusting my bottoms - I slid a finger down one side and pulled the bottoms slightly away from my leg - not enough for him to see anything, but enough to let a little cool air onto my pussy. After I had straightened them out, I repeated this on the other leg. I felt very wet even though I hadn't actually touched my pussy and ended up lifting my ass slightly up (with my legs still spread) and pulled by bottoms up tight so I could feel them pulled tight against my cunt.

Sue seemed suitably impressed by this and her way of raising the stakes was to gently scratch/stroke between her legs and across her pussy. I was craning my neck to see what she was doing, while still trying to look as if I was resting, but she definitely got a reaction out of her target. She kept stroking for long enough that he must have known she wasn't just rubbing some sand off and when he'd gone, she said that the last few strokes were fairly blatantly rubbing her pussy (through her bottoms).

Looking back - this was the turning point for how we talked to each other. I think even the relatively mild talk up to that point had been having an effect on us and given her eagerness, I assume she was feeling as horny as I was. We went up to get another drink (it was around 11 by this time) and we dared each other to go up topless. This felt a lot more exciting than just sunbathing topless and we did get a few more looks (but we still weren't the only ones topless). When we came back, we moved our loungers into the shade a bit further down the beach. Neither of us said what the plan was, but I think we were both thinking the same think. Once we had settled down again we resumed our game. I waited for my target and copied what Sue had done. I slid one foot up and rested it under the other knee once more and stroked myself through my bottoms. When I was sure I had his attention, I pulled the crotch of my bottoms to the side (just a little, not enough to show my pussy directly) and rubbed up and down the exposed lip. Before I straightened the bottoms up I slid my finger under the crotch and ran it up my cunt. It sent a shiver through me and I decided to lick my finger (maybe saying it was a 'decision' is a bit too strong, I just did it). I let the material go and waited until he left (he seemed to linger for a while!)

I wanted to see how far Sue would go and she said that she would be fully naked if I would do the same thing. Technically it was her turn, but I agreed (as I said before, there were a few other naked sunbathers so we weren't in any danger of being arrested or anything). It's been a while since I've seen Sue naked properly so I was a bit curious as she slid her bottoms off and put them with her top. Her pussy and ass were white so sun cream was required. Sue lay on her front and I whispered to her when someone came along. Without looking around, she rubbed the cream into her ass, right cheek first, letting her hand dip right down between her legs and then the left cheek - again sliding it down to her pussy. She spent a while doing this and it looked like she was giving them a good show. When we were alone again she said that she hadn't actually been stroking her pussy, she had just got close - but pointed out that I had to better her attempt.

I was ready to do just that - we were out of the direct sun, but the second cocktail had started to kick in so when Sue was back on her front and 'asleep', we waited for my target. When I saw him coming I slipped off my bottoms and sat up with my legs spread apart. While pretending not to notice him (he was about 10-20m away) I rubbed a small amount of cream around my pussy. Of course I was fairly careful not to rub it directly into my cunt, but that just meant that I had to spend longer rubbing up and down the lips. After I had wiped my hand clean on my legs, I lay back but continued to gently stroke my pussy - it *might* have looked as if I was just making sure that there was no cream there, but it definitely didn't feel like that's all I was doing.

Other than Mike and Jen, nobody has ever seen me touch myself so directly (the time in a club doesn't count as it was under my skirt). I could feel myself really getting into it and had to force myself to stop (but I did lick my finger clean again - and this time it was on purpose!) When I looked up he was staring straight at me and one of his hands rubbing his cock through his shorts. When he saw me looking at him, he quickly turned away and left. Sue laughed and I couldn’t really believe that I had just done that so openly (despite it having been a fantasy of mine for a long time – I was going to have Anna do something similar in the slumber party story but it was much more fun doing it that writing about it would have been!)

Sue moved onto her front and slid an arm underneath her body. She told me to tell her when someone was coming and after a few minutes a fairly good looking guy came along. I told her and she spread he legs a bit. She was facing me (the guy was on the other side, still a reasonable distance off) and she asked if he was looking. I murmured that he was (trying to make it look like I wasn't talking) and she told me that this was her favourite position. I asked if she was touching herself (we'd definitely gone past the point of shyness now!) and she said she was. She described to me how she liked being taken from behind (in her pussy) while she lay on her front and rubbed her clit. I couldn't see what she was doing, but she definitely seemed to be enjoying it. The guy also seemed to be enjoying it too as he started to wander over towards us with a clear bulge in his shorts.

I told Sue he was coming and she pulled her arm out from under herself (but didn't close her legs). Our 'target' came over to us and said what I assume was hello in something I think was Italian (I don't really know what language it was). It would have been pointless trying to cover up so we didn’t try to (and he certainly wasn't trying to cover up the bulge in his shorts) so we just said that we didn't understand him. He however, did speak a little English and indicating to our glasses, he asked if we wanted another drink. We said we didn't (we actually did, but not from him even though he was fairly attractive). He was quite persistent and offered to put lotion on for us (which we also declined, although Sue later said that she was tempted when she saw him). She had rolled over by this time so we were both facing him and he was fairly blatantly checking us out. He had the classic pose with his hands by his hips - apparently that is meant to draw attention to the groin, but the size of his erection made that somewhat redundant!

It was clear he wasn't about to leave so we said we wanted to just sunbathe - he sat down beside Sue (on the beach, not on her lounger) and continued to talk to us. Sue lay back and looked like she was settling down - she still had her legs spread (not wide, just a little) so I did the same. Looking at his cock (or the bulge it made) made me think just how much I would have loved for Mike to be there and fuck me. As I thought of this I knew that I was getting more aroused and could feel my nipples harden, but I couldn't help it. I don't think he noticed, but I could definitely feel my pussy get as wet as Jen's does (and of course that thought just made it worse). If Mike had been there, I think I'd have been happy to let him fuck me in full view of Sue, but after a while I managed to regain my composure. Our (possibly) Italian friend eventually left when he realised that we weren't about to give him a threesome and when he was out of range, we went into fits of laughter.

We both decided that the game had gone far enough so just settled down for some real sunbathing before lunch. Sue still had to cream her pussy and I had to do my ass, but we waited until there was nobody too near us to do it. This was the first time I got to see Sue's pussy properly and found out that she shaves the lips but leaves a patch of hair on her mons (sort of similar to the way I used to have my pussy, but with a bigger patch of shorter hair). We got dressed (well, into our bikinis) and went off for lunch about an hour later. I only briefly wondered if she tasted the same as I do – maybe someday I can get Jen to find out for me J

The afternoon was spent in a similar way – after lunch we went back to the same spot and sunbathed naked. Sue asked why I shaved myself bald and I told her that Mike liked it that way (and he was the one who usually shaved me). As I mentioned before - the game had been the turning point in our conversations so I told her that her always made it worth my while, and after a little questioning, I told her how much he liked eating me (and how much I like having him eat me of course!)

That's enough for now I think - part two later.

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