Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Holiday - Part 2

As I put in one of my comments, Mike seems to have missed me – during our first night back he did indeed deposit more cum in me than I thought he could manage. I’m really glad that the weather has been so good (at least relatively to the past few months anyway) so I’ve been able to wear my little skirts again and have my pussy exposed. Unfortunately the majority of his cum had leaked out of me during the night, but I could still feel bits trickling down my leg at midday.

I’m actually sitting by the lake at campus doing the final edits on this post now in beautiful sunshine. I’m sitting on my coat and have my legs spread to balance the laptop on them in such a way that my skirt is wide open and it has slid up my thighs quite a bit, but the laptop is hiding my nakedness. I really wish I had my remote control egg in my cunt right now as I feel soo hot. Cindy and Rach are lying right beside me and I would love to be able to cum this close to them. (Okay, so actually I’l like to be able to sit over their faces in turn and have them eat me, but that’s only ever likely to happen in the slumber party story!) A breeze flipped Rach's skirt up and she has on a really cute pair of pink panties that will have to make it into the story somehow- it's a pity she was awake enough to pull it back down as I was enjoying the view. I wonder if I should offer to put some sun cream on them? (Rach and Cindy that is, not Rach's panties!)

Back to the holiday details...

So we were back in our spot on the beach and had partaken of another cocktail over lunch (hey, we were on holiday) and I was certainly feeling slightly drunk so I assume Sue was the same. We weren’t trying to tease passers by any more but were still chatting about increasingly intimate details of our sex lives. Now we’d talked about sex before (I’ve tried to be a good older sis and make sure that she didn’t get into any trouble), but this was a lot more about the juicy details than the mechanics.

The story telling certainly wasn't all one way - the real details were now being shared by both of us. Despite the fact I'm 4 years older than her, she has known about sex (well, at least known what an orgasm felt like) before I did. She started playing with herself when she was about 13 and has been regularly masturbating since then (a whole two years before Mike introduced me to cumming!) I was a bit ashamed when I told her that I'd never cum until I was 19 but she thought it was quite sweet that Mike was my 'first' in every sense. This of course led to discussion as to what it had felt like the first time he had me cum. As we talked about it, I realised that even though I often wish I had learned how to play with myself from a younger age (and I think about all the fun I could have had at school), how wonderful that first time was with Mike as everything was so new.

In turn, Sue told me about her first time (being touched by someone else) - she was 16 and had been dating this guy for a few months and things had proceeded from kissing, to him playing with and sucking her breasts until the night (or evening) she let him get his hand into her panties. He had been fairly rough (not hurting her rough, just so it didn't feel very nice). He pushed her hand into his trousers and rubbed himself with it - Sue said that he came in a matter of seconds of her touching him (before he'd even pulled his trousers down) and she just remembers her hand being covered in his cum. She didn’t even see his cock and to make matters worse, he didn't even keep rubbing her pussy once he came.

She stayed with him for a few months - he always seemed a lot more interested in cumming himself than in pleasing her, but he did manage to make her cum a couple of times (she usually had to finger herself when she got home from their dates to get off).

I guess if you include this, she'd actually been with 4 guys. She didn't ever sleep with him and was never ever completely naked around him - the farthest they got was her sucking him off and him cumming over her. Apparently, she did this to him once at school. They had been making out in the woods by the school over lunchtime, kissing each other while she jacked him off and he fingered her.

Her blouse was open and her bra pushed up so he could suck her tits and he asked her to blow him. She knelt down in front of him and started to suck. She said this was one of the few times that she played with herself while they did things. He had already pulled her tights and panties down while they were kissing, so she slid her hand under her skirt and rubbed away at her pussy. She knew that it didn't take him long to cum (even though he had got a bit better at waiting than their first time!) and so let her fingers work away while she sucked. He pulled out of her mouth and came over her – a bit over her face but mostly over her tits and she came just slightly after. From what I can gather, this was the best experience she had with him (she didn't say that directly, but it's the one she seemed most excited about while describing). Don't get me wrong - I still love playing with myself in front of Jen and Mike - it's incredibly sexy watching them watch me, but I'd be a bit disappointed if

that was the best experience I had with either of them.

Fortunately, she split up with him before they had sex (if he wasn't going to bother to make sure she came at least once every time, he didn't deserve her!)

If I can remember the details, I'll post a few more of her tales (the details are still a bit fuzzy due to the alcohol, but I'll piece together what I can and will maybe pry a bit more to fill in any blanks). There is certainly a lot of things from here that I still haven't told her (I didn't want to shock her too much - despite her being fairly adventurous) so I still have information to trade if required J

After sharing these stories, we settled down again and once more I could feel my cunt burning. I'm sure Sue felt the same as one time when I glanced over at her she was absently stroking her pussy and her nipples were quite pointy. I lay back and let my imagination wander and was soon feeling incredibly horny. I think Sue was actually sleeping by this point and I did consider playing with myself and cumming, but I wasn’t quite ready to do that with her beside me. I did allow myself a few quick strokes while nobody else was around and it really felt great masturbating in the open like that. If she hadn’t been there (or if I’d been with Mike or Jen) I would have made myself cum (and I kind of wish I’d taken the chance of her not waking up and done it anyway).

Once I stopped playing with myself I managed to doze off too and had an amazing dream. I actually didn’t realise I was dreaming for a lot of it as I was still on the beach – it was only near the end I sort of realised that this couldn’t actually be happening. In the dream I hadn’t stopped playing with myself. I had ended up spreading my legs and reaching one hand under myself to finger my cunt while rubbing my clit with the other one. I was really getting into it when Sue woke up and looked over at me but told me to keep going. She started to play with herself (but I wasn’t paying too much attention to her) and then said that our Italian friend was back.

I looked up and he was standing beside Sue with his cock out. It looked larger than it had when covered by his shorts and as I watched, Sue reached over to him and started to fondle it. I wasa bit shocked, but also turned on so I kept rubbing my cunt and watching her. He called a group of his friends over (that appeared to come from nowhere, but to be fair, it was a dream so it doesn’t have to make sense). Sue had started to suck off Italian guy (so I paid even more attention) and his friends started to play with me. I had hands touching my breasts and cunt and cocks being rubbed against my face and over my body.

Sue was now being fucked by another guy and Italian guy came over to me – he knelt on my lounger, pulled my legs up and slid his cock straight into my cunt. He fucked me hard while I had other cocks pushed into my mouth and rubbed over my body. I could feel them cumming over me and felt Italian guy cum in me. I looked over at Sue and she was kneeling up and had someone taking her from behind (I think in the ass) while she sucked another cock.

I had guy after guy fuck me (both cunt and ass) and saw the same happen to her – no matter how many times they came, they could still squirt cum into us or over us. At one point I remember watching Sue sitting on a guy’s lap facing me – she was riding him with his cock in her ass and another guy slid into her cunt. They both fucked her and when they pulled out (after everyone had cum at exactly the same time of course) I watched their cum pour from both her holes.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get this done to me (I’d love to know what I would have imagined it would feel like). I woke up and found Sue looking at me. I had my legs spread fairly wide and my nipples were very hard – it didn’t take much for her to guess I’d been dreaming about sex but I just told her I had been thinking of Mike.

Once I had calmed down, we got dressed and went back to our room. As I slipped my bikini bottoms on I could feel that my pussy was absolutely soaked and I pulled the material tight against myself so I could feel it rubbing on me as I walked. When back in our room, Sue had the first shower, and as soon as I heard the shower door close, I was naked and fingering myself. My dream (and the talk before it) had really got to me and I needed to cum more than I can remember in ages. Fortunately Sue spent a long time in the shower (and I get the feeling she was using the pulse setting), but it gave me time to manage two orgasms (the first being *incredibly* strong!). When I heard the shower stop, I wrapped a towel around myself (I did say in the last entry that we didn’t end up sleeping together, and being naked on the beach with someone in slightly different to being naked in a hotel room). I’m certain that Sue must have been able to smell my handiwork when she came out of the bathroom, but she didn’t say anything.

I definitely needed to shower and as soon as I directed the shower to my pussy (for some reason it needed a good wash!) I wanted to cum again. I set the shower to pulse and turned it up high and directed the jet at my clit. I was still rather sensitive from the earlier orgasms and it sent a warm tingly feeling through my whole cunt. Thinking that my sis had just been in here doing the same, an image popped into my head of her kneeling in her school uniform, blouse pulled off, her skirt pulled up, and panties pulled down. She had long white socks on in this picture as opposed to the tights she said she was wearing (but I like white socks) and her fingers were visibly working on her cunt as her bf’s cock pumped into her mouth. Now as you know, I am rather partial to the schoolgirl fantasy (both dressing as one and having Jen dress as one) so even though it was my sis I was thinking of, I kept the image in my head. I could have probably cum very quickly, but I didn’t use my fingers and just let the water pressure work its magic on me. I had another wonderful orgasm as I imagines her bf pulling his cock out of her mouth  and cumming all over her body (with a lot more cum than probably happened in RL).

Wow, that was longer than I thought it would be (but Mike seems to have enjoyed it – I’m lying here naked typing it and he has been on top of me moving inside me for a large part of it. I’m definitely ready to cum so the rest will have to wait for part 3...


  1. Fantastic, I wish I could get my thoughts from my head and into this comment, but being a man my cock has got in the way and I feel I have to stroke it!

  2. Dear Andi,

    Mike is has been inside of You for most of the time You were writing this?!?!

    Talk about a Woman's ability to multi-task...



  3. Not for all of it - but for mini-sessions which were slightly distracting!