Saturday, 25 April 2009

Holiday - Part 3

I had meant to post this yesterday but we went out and caught up with people who had just got back to York after the holiday. It was really good to see everyone together again.

Unsurprisingly, Mike really liked the idea of me and my sis being naked together (men are so predictable) and we had an incredible session after the last posting. He claimed he was just trying to make up for the lost week but given he lets me do things with Jen, I don’t mind if he has the occasional fantasy about my sister. He knows full well what our school uniform looks like (he’s seen me in my old one) and I *may* have encouraged him a bit by describing her session in the woods once more to him while wearing my uniform. If the weather is good enough tomorrow, we might go for a walk and try to recreate Sue’s story (I think I’ll even do it properly and wear some opaque tights).

We also experimented with Sue’s favourite position and it is very good – I lay on my front with my legs together and Mike was on top of me – he slid into my cunt and I pressed back against him to meet his thrusts. It felt quite deep and was even deeper if he pulled my ass cheeks apart to allow him to press further in. This position also worked really well when I used my new egg on my clit and had the added benefit of being able to be as loud as I wanted without Holly hearing as I could muffle myself by moaning into the pillow. Anyway – back to the last part of the holiday...

By the time we got freshened up, it was time to go meet mum. She had had a really relaxing day at the spa and wanted to know what we had got up to. We told her that we had just hung out at the beach (which was technically correct). After dinner, she said that all the poking and prodding had made her tired and wanted an early night (she was talking about massages, not the kind of poking and prodding we had experienced). We went out to a bar we had found the previous night and got rather drunk. It was still quite warm so we had fairly light outfits on (I of course had no panties but Sue didn’t know that).

As we got drunker, it didn’t take long for us to get back to talking about sex (you may have gathered that I quite like the subject so it doesn’t take much to get me to talk about it). Sue asked what my dream had been about as it had looked like I was really enjoying it. After a while I confessed to her a very edited version and told her that Italian guy had come back and fucked us both (separately, but with the other one watching). She seemed to like this idea (she admitted that if I hadn’t been there, she might have let him buy her the drink and later on in the night admitted she might have let him put the sun cream on her too).

We shared more details – more of what Mike and I got up to mostly. She told me about her last bf at Uni and told me that she had overheard us having sex the time she came to visit me. I told her that we thought we had heard her masturbating just after that and despite going bright red (she was already quote red from the booze), she admitted that she had been playing with herself. After another drink, I remember I leant close to her (the music was so loud I could have shouted it though and nobody would have heard) and told her that we had known what she was doing and that Mike had been quietly fucking me at the same time. Without the alcohol I would never have told her this, but she seemed to like it and said that she wished she had known. Mike has since told me that I should have told her to come back whenever she wanted for a repeat show but I still wasn’t quite that drunk – while I can get caught up in the moment and I’d probably let Mike repeat it, I’m not going to ask her to come and watch!

We got a bit of attention from some guys and went off to dance for a while. Sue seemed to get quite friendly with a couple of them and disappeared for a while (but said they only kissed – thinking about it I didn’t ask if she meant one or both of them, but she did spend quite a long time for just kissing). I had someone wanting to do a bit more than dance and ended up having to tell him I had a bf to get him to leave (even that didn’t work at first when he found out that Mike wasn’t with me).

I went back to the bar and started to eye up some of the young girls (relatively young that is, not jailbait young). There were still a few wearing just bikinis and some of the bikinis were barely there. There was one girl in particular who was sitting a few tables away from the bar and when one of the lights shone on her I was sure I could see her pussy lips poking out around her thong.

I decided to keep myself amused while Sue was away and went back to the dance floor and started dancing with a group of girls. They weren’t exactly all over each other or anything, but I had noticed a few of them dancing closely and occasionally touching each other so I gradually moved closer to them (well I had intended it to be gradually, but it probably looked like I was charging towards them panting!)

We danced for a bit and I was happy to see that they would dance against each other from time to time and hands would wander down backs onto asses. They were both a bit taller than me and quite a bit slimmer and looking back, I must have looked rather out of place with them (although I think the same thing about how I must look with Jen). But alcohol fixes all so it didn’t really bother me at the time. We danced for a while and I managed to join in with them. We took turns dancing with each other and I got to feel some amazing ass.

I probably came off a lot better than they did as when I rubbed against their legs I had my pussy on their skin (which I think one of them had figured out as she had her hands on my ass under my skirt a few times and must have known I had no panties on.

We danced for a fair amount of time and I almost thought that things might end up really going somewhere as we had been grinding asses into pussies and quite openly playing with breasts (through tops). I had tried to move things on a bit by sliding my hands into the bottoms of the girl who had been rubbing my ass and had even managed to rub her cunt through her bottoms when she had was dancing with her back to me, but her friend seemed to be getting jealous and dragged her off.

I was very glad I had managed to cum a few times that day already or otherwise I think I would have gone mad and probably ended up doing myself in the middle of the dancefloor. As I returned to the bar Sue reappeared and said I seemed to be having fun (she said the next day she had watched me for a while and was amazed how bold I had been). I would have loved to tell her I’d been grinding my pussy directly against their legs, but I’m not quite ready to reveal just how much of a horny bitch I can be sometimes!

We headed home not long after that and fell asleep fairly quickly (I had been trying to wait for Sue to doze off and had intended to play with myself but couldn’t stay awake). I had another dream – it was very jumbled up and seemed to contain everything we’d done and talked about in the day. All I can remember about it is that I woke up damn horny and had to make use of my practice of cumming in public to have a silent orgasm (I doubt I could have woken Sue up if I had tried though). I imagined Jen on the dance floor with me and the two of us dancing in the way I had with the tall girls, but continuing a lot further. If I had of had the energy I would have gone for a second orgasm (fifth of the day), but I was beat and a little hung over so after I’d cum just kept stroking until I fell asleep again.

When we woke up in the morning we were not in a good state – fortunately Sue had to run to the bathroom which gave me time to put my nightdress back on (it had got removed while thinking about Jen in the night). Mum thought it was quite funny that we were in such a bad way over breakfast and we had a much quieter day with lots of fruit juice to recover. By dinner, we were much better and our appetites had returned. We stayed in the hotel bar that night though to keep Mum company so our conversation was at a slightly different level than the previous day.

We did go out alone again on our final night and were back on the drinks (nowhere near as much though as we didn’t want to have to travel with hangovers). While in the bar, we dared each other to describe having sex as loud as we could (it was loud again so the idea was that people wouldn’t be able to hear us properly). It was almost like a kind of exhibitionism (and had a similar effect on me) – talking about having a cock slide into your pussy and filling you with cum while surrounded by people is something I would strongly recommend trying!

I found out more about Sue’s second bf (the second one she slept with that is) during that game and got some proper details when we were back in our room (the loud sex description game didn’t work as well while walking back to the hotel and we got some very funny looks). I know that I definitely heard her cum that night and she had slid partly out of the covers so I think I could even see her hand moving between her legs (but the room was quite dark). I waited until she finished (and was asleep) before I came – by this point I was tiring of my fingers and was definitely looking forward to a tongue and cock. If I had more self control I would have just teased myself so I could have been really worked up for my reunion with Mike, but I’m nowhere near as good at holding back as he is so I came. I don’t remember it being as strong as some of the other orgasms I’d had that week, but it did leave me with a nice warm feeling throughout my body and it still felt very satisfying.

The next day we returned home (it’s just dawned on me that the naked sunbathing day may have been Thursday instead of Wednesday – I’ll have to check the spa receipt) and the trip was mostly uneventful. I had decided to risk travelling without panties and spent a part of the flight rubbing my clit (my hands were under a blanket) – Sue was asleep beside me but I didn’t manage to cum as people kept walking past (it would have been nice to sort of joined the mile high club!)

Back in the UK, I was pleased to see it was still warm (mum had kept warning me about not wearing a short skirt for travelling). The nicest thing about the airport was the face that there was lots of balconies and glass – definitely fun without panties. My train journey back to York was uneventful and too busy to do anything on so I just dozed off (which was probably good as it meant I was a bit more refreshed when I arrived).


I think I'm going to continue the Slumber Party story next post - I still keep thinking about Rach's cute pink panties so I think it's time she had some fun in the story (but I haven't forgotten about Cindy - I wanted her to cum a few times too!)

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