Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Search terms

I've been having a look at some of the search term people use to find this blog and there are some very strange ones. Over the past few days the top ones have been:

1 'lacey elizabeth stone' (I approve of this one - I certainly thing she is hot. If people are interested, I'll put up a few more pics of her as I can't find the ones I posted before).

6. 'teenage girl finds younger brother masterbating in bed,so decides to wank him off and give him blowjob before he shoots his cum between her legs' (Rather a long search term, but somehow I come up second in the listings! I tried this out and it led me to a couple of interesting sites where I found this rather cheesy porn video:

It's the standard kind of thing - two cheerleaders end up having sex with a guy. They're not as cute as the girls I usually like, but the guy is quite well endowed and there is lots of fingering, licking and fucking with a nice cumshot ending.

7. "favourite porn pics" (I come up first with this search term - I guess I'd better put up a few more posts with my favourite pics!)

8. 'first orgasm' (I assume this linked to the story of my first time)

9. "truth or dare" "her jeans" (This ones' obvious - the slumber party story)

10 "try humping" cum

The other entries are variants of the site name or my name. The top search term (not related to the name of the site) over all time is... 'lacey elizabeth stone', but Inka (or Inna G) isn't too far behind her (and I approve of that too!)

This took a while to write as I Googled some of the search terms and found some very interesting sites - I don't know if you want me to post more pics or links or if you read this for the stories of my own exploits. I've been doing this for quite a while now and would really like some feedback on what people want (wither by comments or email).

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