Monday, 27 April 2009

Slumber Party - Ep 13

Hmm - I wrote this ages ago and thought I had already posted it (hence the references to Rach's date that wouln't have made sense to anyone following the story). I think what must have happened is that I was writing it on the same journey I wrote train cum but ended up forgetting about once I started playing with myself.

It's been fairly cold here again today (so much for spring) so I've had to put tights back on (my black opaque ones that Mike loves). The good thing about them is that as long as I keep them pulled up tight, they rub nicely against my clit when I walk - certainly not enough to make me cum (or even get close), but enough to keep me nicely aroused.

Jen and I are playing a dare game - we each get to set challenges for the other one -so please post any ideas for things I can challenge her to do. I did my first challenge today (which was actually suggested by one of my followers and Jen thought it sounded good). I repeated the golf ball experience, but I had to insert in into my pussy within a minute of her texting me. She was fairly mean about this and did it when she knew I was at lunch - I had to pop into the toilet and slide it into myself.

I thought I had planned ahead and had taken some of our new tingle lube with me (given I knew I knew I wouldn't have time to get myself wet enough to easliy get it in) - what I hadn't planned on is just how powerful the lube is when you use a lot of it. I returned to lunch with the inside of my cunt tingling and hyper sensitive - this was made worse by the fact that a golf ball is still quite a streach so every time I moved I could feel the dimples rubbing against me.

It was fairly obvious that I was flushed and they knew I had just got a txt from Jen so I had to tell them I was just thinking about the next time I was going to see her. Cinders made a comment along the line of 'If just thinking about her can get you like that then what she can do in person must be amazing' - if only she knew!

Anyway - back to the slumber party story - Lis had been over at Rach's place and they are about to head back to the shop so Rach can see if the boy from episode 1 is interested in her.

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“Well, I thought he was quite cute – I was going to go back and see if he was interested in me.” Said Rach. At the very least, we can start stocking up on booze for Tuesday. How about we get a bit more sun and then head off?”

“Sure” replied Lis. She wasn’t too keen on helping Rach find a new bloke as it would mean she would see less of her, but was definitely on board with the idea of getting Anna and Jo drunk and seeing what would happen.

Rach stood up and dragged her lounger into the sun – she hadn’t bothered to do up her top and Lis tried not to stare at her breasts. They had sunbathed topless before, but things felt different to Lis now. Rach knew all about her sexuality and Lis couldn’t figure out if Rach’s flirting was all just a game of if there was anything in it. She knew that both Rach and Vicky flirted with pretty much anyone but felt just a glimmer of hope stirring that something might come of it.

Rach looked over at Lis and asked “Are you coming into the sun?”

“Are you sure nobody is around?” asked Lis.

“Sure” replied Rach, and followed with “throw me that bottle” indicating to the lotion she had left behind.

Lis tossed the bottle over to her and Rach covered the front of her body with lotion as Lis dragged her lounger over to join her. She lay back and passed the bottle over to Lis. Lis took the bottle, poured the lotion into her hands and covered her front with it. She paid a little more attention to her breasts that was really required, but the day’s events had been getting to her. She lay back on her lounger and tried to relax while sneaking the odd peek at Rach’s breasts glistening in the sun.

After about 15 minutes, the girls could were roasting hot and Rach suggested they go shower and head off to the shop. Lis agreed to tag along, but warned Rach that she couldn’t be out too late as she still had to get her homework finished for Monday. The girls went back to Rach’s room and Rach took the first turn in the shower.

The cool water sent a shiver through her and her nipples hardened. She was still formulating her plan to catch the eye of her new found crush. It had been over a year since she had split up with Tim and while she had flirted with plenty of boys since then, nothing really serious had happened. She wondered if she could use Lis to help her get his attention and started going over the possibilities.

Meanwhile, Lis was waiting in Rach’s room. She was sitting on her towel on Rach’s bed so that she wouldn’t get any lotion on the covers. She could hear the water running so knew Rach was still in the shower and allowed her hands to wander down to her crotch. She had been replaying Rach’s hands rubbing lotion into her thighs and the feeling as they brushed over the bottom of her ass and wondered if she had time to touch herself. Before she realised it, she had slid a finger under the crotch of her bottoms and could feel the moisture covering her pussy lips.

She decided to go for it and pulled the material to the side with her other hand, allowing her asier access to her pussy and clit. She knew she didn’t have much time and quickly started rubbing herself. She then pulled her suit down a little way so she could use two hands and was just starting to feel her orgasm build when the sound of the shower stopped. In a panic, she pulled her bottoms back up and realising that her fingers were wet with her juices, quickly sucked them clean.

She picked up her towel and skipped through the door into the bathroom as soon as Rach opened it so that Rach couldn’t see how flushed she was.

“I’ll only be a minute” Lis cried as she shut the door. She stripped off her bathing suit and jumped into the shower and then yelped as the cold water hit her. “How cold did you have this?” she yelled to Rach. Lis turned up the heat and grabbed the shampoo, quickly washing and rinsing her long hair. As she finished ringing the chlorine off her body, she noticed Rach’s razor sitting on the shelf and wondered if Rach used it just to shave her legs or on her pussy as well.

Lis picked up the razor, warmed it in the water and gently ran it across her mons. A few hairs came with it and she quickly rinsed it clean before putting it back – she had decided that she wanted to shave herself and would have loved to use Rach’s razor, but didn’t have the time.

She shut off the shower and dried herself off. She called through to Rach that she was going to use some of her deodorant and then wrapped herself in the towel before heading back to Rach’s room. As she entered, Rach asked how she looked and gave a little twirl – she had changed into a very short ruffled skirt and had a skimpy top on that left her flat stomach exposed.

Lis took in the view and just said “Wow, he doesn’t stand a chance.”

Rach said “I have an extra secret weapon” and quickly flashed her bare ass at Lis. “Just to make sure he remembers me.”

“Oh, he’ll remember a view like that” said Lis, mentally posting it away for herself to use later on that night. She picked up her clothes and slipped on her panties, followed by her shorts. She turned around to put her bra on and Rach said “Why bother with that?”

“Because you can see my nips through this top.” Replied Lis.

“So?” said Rach, with her usual wicked grin on her face.

“Really? Should I?” asked Lis.

“Go for it – I’m naked under here after all” said Rach while pointing to her skirt.

Lis slipped her top on and looked at herself in the mirror – her nipples weren’t too obvious and as she didn’t have a bag with her, she handed her bra to Rach to take to school the next day. The girls slipped on their pumps and headed back out into the sun to the shop. It only took them about 10 minutes to get there and they went in to the welcome cool. Rach quickly looked over at the counter and was pleased to see that ‘he’ was standing behind it.

She got a better look at him now while cooling herself under a fan. He was a couple of inches taller than her. She guessed he was 17 or 18 and seemed quite well built. His hair was a bit long for her taste, but she thought she could fix that if things went well. There was an old lady at the checkout, so the girls went to the wine and started selecting a bottle. Rach kept an eye out and when the lady had left, she moved down the aisle closer to the counter.

She reached up for a bottle on the top shelf, which caused her already short skirt to ride even higher. She giggled at Lis and asked if he was watching – Lis replied that he was and she reached for another bottle, allowing her skirt to ride up higher still. She could feel a breeze on the bottom of her ass now and thought she had given him enough of a preview so handed the bottle to Lis.

They walked up to the counter and placed the bottles on it. Rach had a quick peek but the guy was standing against the counter, so she couldn’t get that good a view. She was fairly certain that she could see there was a lump in the front of his trousers though and gave him a warm smile. She decided to tease him a bit more before saying anything and mentioned to Lis that they should get some chocolate too. Taking her by the hand, she led Lis to the stand directly opposite the counter and whispered “Bend over and look at the stuff at the bottom – you’ll get a treat in return”.

Lis wondered exactly what Rach meant, but bent down anyway, letting her ass stick out behind her as she did so. Rach rested her hand on Lis’ back and bent forwards. As Rach bent down, she felt her skirt slide up and she slid her own hand down onto Lis’ ass and gently cupped it.

“Well, if this doesn’t get his attention, noting will” she whispered.

Lis could feel Rach’s hand gently stroking her ass and was trying hard to keep her balance. “He’ll be able to see everything” she hissed back to Rach and then gasped as Rach’s hand slid onto her other ass cheek and squeezed it.

“Just making sure he’s paying attention” Rach whispered back. She had her legs tight together but still wondered if he would be able to see her pussy lips between her ass cheeks and felt a rush of excitement go through her at the though. She stood up and after a few seconds Lis joined her. Rach grabbed some chocolate from the shelf and walked back over to the counter.

The guy was now looking rather flushed and the bulge in his trousers was much more noticeable. Rach cocked her head to one side and asked “Would you like to go out sometime?”

The guy stammered out a reply, “Um, uh, sure... definitely... whenever you want.... I’m Chris.”

Rach hadn’t planned on being quite so direct and was a bit stunned by how quickly he had agreed. She had known for a while that she could easily attract men to her, but Chris really looked amazing and she hadn’t been as sure of herself as usual. “I’m Rach. Are you free later on today? We could meet up and, um, chat.”

“I get off at 5 – is that any good?” replied Chris.

“5 is good”. Rach jotted down her number and handed it to him. She indicated to her purchases ansd said “I’ll just get these home and we can meet up later on.”

“Um, yeah” Chris rang the items through the till and Rach paid for them. “I’ll see you later” he called after her as she left.

Lis was waiting outside and Rach skipped up to her and said “I’ve got a date”.

“That’s hardly surprising, you must have shown him pretty much everything...” said Lis.

It was fairly obvious that there was something wrong and Rach asked Lis if she was OK.

“Yes... maybe... I don’t know. I’m still confused about things and you keep flirting with me and then you just used me to get a date.”

“Oh no, no... I’m sorry” said Rach. “I thought you liked us flirting – you seemed to enjoy it when I put the suncream on you and I thought my little treat for you in there would be fun.”

They had walked around the corner and Lis stopped and said “I just don’t know what you want and I’m still new to all this”.

Lis looked like she was about to cry and Rach put the bag down, gave her a hug and said “Hey, you know I love you. I meant it when I said if I was gay you’d be my first choice. We’ve always flirted and I just thought that you would appreciate a little more attention. I’m sorry. I’ll stop if you want.”

Lis thought about it and realised that Rach had always flirted with her – not as overtly as the ass fondling she’d just got in the shop, but little things like hugs and kisses. They had even snuggled up together to watch films and Lis remembered Rach’s arm around her a few times as they had fallen asleep. She began to realise that very little had changed between them since she had come out to Rach and the way she was feeling was probably because she was still a little scared about other things and was just a lot more sensitive.

She relaxed and pressed herself against Rach and quietly said “No, I’m just being stupid, I don’t want anything to change between us”. Lis lifted her head and looked at Rach as they hugged. Her hands were on Rach’s back. “I love you too – you’re my best friend.” She leant forwards and gave Rach a quick kiss on the lips and as she moved her head away she quickly slid her hands down, over her skirt and back up onto Rach’s bare ass.

“But I’m not quite as much of a coward as you think” grinned Lis as she squeezed Rach’s ass and relished the feeling of the firm skin in her hands.

Rach started to jump back, but checked herself and just said “Fine – I guess I deserve it”. She gave Lis a firm kiss on the lips (but had her own lips firmly closed) and wiggled her ass in Lis’ hands. After a few seconds, she broke off and said “Now let’s get this home before the chocolate melts”. With the wiggling, Lis’ fingers had slipped quite close to her pussy and she wondered if Lis had noticed how wet she had got while exposing herself to Chris.

Lis let out a deep breath as Rach bent down to get the bag – she had gone from upset to horny in record time and realised that maybe something had changed between them and wondered how it would affect them. They walked a little way home in silence and then started chatting again. Rach wondered what she should wear for her date and Lis suggested some panties might help.

About half way back to Rach’s place, Lis decided that she would head back to her place and start getting her work done. Rach asked if they were really OK and Lis assured her that they were. She gave Rach another quick kiss and waved goodbye. She ran home and got rather distracted thinking about the day with Rach and what could happen with Jo and Anna for a few hours before finally settling down to her homework.

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