Sunday, 31 May 2009

Avoiding sunburn

It seems that summer has returned to the UK - we've had nice hot weather for the past few days and it's been really sunny most of the time. Mike and I decided to take advantage of this today and do something we've been wanting to do for a while... It's alos nice to finally get a posting about something I actually did the same day as I post about it!

We made up a picnic and went for a walk down the river and out of York. I wore one of my summer dresses and Mike just had t-shirt and shorts on (neither of us had underwear on). We must have walked for almost an hour and were both feeling quite hot so we decided to set up camp and eat. We went a little way off the path and found a relatively quiet spot (not too quiet as there are quite a few roads and train tracks around where we were, but it looked very pretty). We set out lunch (and then covered half of it up again as there were a few midges) and started to eat.

Mike took off his top and applied suncream and I said that it wasn't fair that he could go topless and I couldn't. He unzipped my dress and pulled the top down and I quickly slipped my bra off. He rubbed a little cream onto my back and then I lay down with my head in his lap so he could do my front. He applied the suncream to my breasts and rubbed it in and then rubbed it down over my stomache to where my dress was bunched up - he couldn't reach any lower or I assume he would have rubbed my pussy, but given his hands were covered in suncream, it's probably good he couldn't reach!

I lay like that for a while, enjoying the sun on my skin (and Mike's fingers gently playing with my nipples) and after a while he started to gently stroke my neck. I was sort of dozing off when he first started doing that and  it had started to have an effect on me before I fully realised what he was doing. By that time I could feel that my pussy was rather wetter than when we sat down and I was squirming around slightly with arousal.

It was clear that he was doing it on purpose as  I could feel his cock pressing against my head through his shorts and he was gently rubbing it against my cheek. I said something like "Well, if you're going to do that to me..." and slid my hands down to my waist and under my dress.

I pushed my dress down a bit more and started to rub around my pussy. I didn't want it to end too quickly as having my neck rubbed always seems to give me a really nice kind of orgasm that is quite different from usual, so I tried to pace myself and not pay too much attention to my clit. Mike kept stroking up and down my neck and I kept stroking around my lips and occasionally sliding a finger or two into myself and I was in heaven. I don't know how long we did that for, but after a little while I felt Mike fidgit around underneath me and he pulled the leg of his shorts up and worked his cock free so it was right beside my face. Given the way I was laying I couldn't do very much to him, but he seemed happy to just let it rub against my cheek.

I was getting close to cumming now and at some point I had pushed my dress right down to my ankles so I could spread my legs (or at least spready my knees) and I was working my fingers properly on my cunt. I used my favourite position to masturbate - one hand reaching around underneath me so I can get two fingers in my pussy from below and the other working on my clit.

Mike kept telling me to slow down and really enjoy it, but I was too close to want to hold back any longer so just told him to help me cum.  His cock was now rubbing against the underside of my chin and his hands were still stroking my neck and nipples and I had quite a deep orgasm. I still can't describe the difference between a 'normal' orgasm where I'm being eaten or fuck and one where my neck is being stroked, but it just seems to originate from deeper inside my pussy and pulse through my whole body, right up to where I'm being stroked on the neck.  When I cum like that, the neck strokes almost feel like having my clit stroked during the build up to an orgasm and it kind of doubles the pleasure.

When I had started to cum, Mike had stopped playing with my nipples and had started to rub his cock against my neck (which I also love). Sometimes when we do this, he cums over my face and neck and then rubs the cum into my neck (and I love this even more!), but I hadn't been paying enough attention to him while he had been playing with me so I just enjoyed the feeling of his cock on my skin.

I finished cumming and lay there, still completely naked other than my dress around my feet and enjoyed the feeling of the air and sun on my body and still occasionally stroking myself.

Note - I think we might try to have a holiday at a nudist camp sometime soon as I really like trying out the idea of being naked all the time. I know that you can't have sex in the open there, but I still like the idea.

Mike had stopped rubbing his cock against my neck and moved a bit as he reached over me. I thought he was changing position so I could suck him but just as I was about to start sucking him, he slid a piece of ice over my pussy. It's just as well I hadn't got as far as getting his cock in my mouth or I might have bitten it given how cold the ice felt - my cunt was very warm between the sun on it and the orgasm so it was a real shock. I let out a not too quiet yelp and squirmed out of the way of his hand (not easy when laying down and having your feel tied up in a dress) but managed to get him to drop the ice.

Mike said  that I had looked hot and he thought I had needed cooling down so I decided to return the 'favour'. His cock was certainly looking quite hot, poking out of his shorts, so  I took a bit of an ice cube in my mouth and went down on him. I know that I thought his cock felt really hot in comparison to the ice cube so I can only imagine what it must have felt like for him! He let out a gasp and pulled back, but I grabbed on to him and went to work. properlyy. After the initial shock he seemed to really enjoy the feeling (he wants to do it again, so I assume he enjoyed it and  I was enjoying kneeling there with my ass in the air as I sucked him.

I was really getting into it and started fingering myself and was imagining someone else wandering along and discovering us (which of course just got me more excited). I would have been happy to let him cum in my mouth even though we didn't have any of the minty gel with us, but he said he wanted to fuck me. I had gotten myself fairly worked up between my fingers and my imagination and so I really liked the idea of us doing something that would end up with me cumming again.

Mike pulled me up to him and slipped his shorts down to free his cock properly. We kissed and I could feel his cock rubbing against my pussy. His cock was very wet from my sucking and it felt amazing rubbing against him as my pussy was once again rather hot and wet from the sun it had been getting and my playing. When he pushed the head of his cock against me, he slid pretty much the whole way in on the first stroke and  I sat up on him to enjoy the feeling.

Mike thrust against me and it was clear that he wanted to cum fairly quickly (he's usually a lot better at holding back, but he enjoys doing thigs outside as much as I do and the risk of being caught had got to him).  He lay back down and pulled me down on top of him and I started sliding up and down his cock and grinding against him. 

I was glad that I had been fingering myself as Mike said that he wouldn't take long to cum but even so I was a bit worried that he would get there first. I asked him to hold out for a bit and he said he'd help me. I felt his hands on my ass and then his fingers rubbing around my asshole and pushing slightly into me. He then grabbed a bit of ice (a small bit as it had mostly melted) an started rubbing around my ass with it.

I could tell from the way that he was moving that he really wanted to cum so I did everything I could to help get myself there as quickly as possible. Mike was indeed helping me and I could feel the ice in my ass and the cold water running down over my cunt - he was asking me if I liked fucking in the open air and the thought that someone might come along and see his cock sliding into my cunt (and I did like it a lot and knew I was getting closer).

He clearly really liked it too as he said he couldn't hold back much longer. Fortunatly I was pretty much there so I told his to cum. He grabbed my ass with both hands and pounded into me really hard  so his body was slapping against mine and he came very quickly. The extra pressure was all I needed to cum (a bit longer would have been nice, but I guess I can't be too greedy!) . Mike was kissing me hard and moaning into my mouth and he slammed his cock into me a few more times before stopping. I was still cumming and was trying to move so in the end Mike reached around his cock and rubbed my clit for a bit until I was satisfied.

He rolled over so he was on top of he and pulled out. His cock had already gone limp, but was covered in cum and he crawled up my body and wiped it over my neck. and I sucked him a bit (I'm definitley more used to the taste of his cum now).

I put my legs together and knelt up and asked him how much he had cum. He said he wasn't sure but that it felt like a lot (and I could feel it starting to drip out of my pussy even though my legs were together tightly. Mike had pulled his shorts up and tucked his cock away, but iI stayed naked for a little while (he added a bit more suncream so I didn't burn) and I could see he was starting to get hard again as he did it. 

We were both rather sweaty after our exertion and given it wouldn't have been a good idea to go for a swim in the river (it's not the cleanest of rivers), we decided to head back home for a shower. Once we had packed up I went to slip my dress back on and nearly lost it as a breeze blew it towards the river (I got it back okay). When I jumped up to grab it, a fair glob of cum ran out of my cunt and down my legs and so I thought I should give him a little show and rubbed it over my thighs and pussy and then got dressed

Pretty much the whole way home I could feel drops falling out of me or running down my legs and it's still something that I really enjoy the feeling of. By the time we got home my thighs were covered with both sweat and cum and I was feeling very horny again. We popped out to the back garden to say hi to Holy and Rach who were sunbathing and Holly made a sarcastic comment about how sweaty we both looked. 

Holly had a really cute bikini on - a white suit with pink flowers on it and in line with wanting to make the most of my remaining time with them, I grabbed an ice cube from her drink and quickly sat over her stomache. I said something about her looking really hot too and ran the ice cube over her thighs (not too high up as I didn't want it to be too obvious what I was doing). Unsuprisingly, she screamed and writhed around underneath me and I loved the feeling of her skin rubbing against my cunt. Mike really loved this too as of course it was a mix of his cum and my juices that I was rubbing over her and when I stood up, I noticed he was holding the picnic bag in a strategic manner!

I didn't stay on her for too long in case it became obvious that I was naked under the dress, but I will certainly remember the feeling for a long time. Rach had already sat up in a defensive position by the time I had gotten off Holly so I couldn't repeat it with her, but I warned her that out of fairness I would have to do the same to her at a future date.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Using food

I hope I can get some feedback on this - either directly from some girls or from guys who've helped girls do this...

In a lot of the pics I find online with girls fucking cucumbers/courgettes/carrots... they have the item covered with a condom. I'm aware of the need to wash the food properly before using it (to avoid yeast or other infections), but I wonder if I should always use a condom on it too?

I prefer the feeling of the veg directly on my pussy and part of the aim is to get it covered in my juices (but I could always rub it over my cunt afterwards to achieve that I guess). So my question is - does anyone reading this use food and if so, do you use a condom or go bareback with it?

If you don't want to comment on here, please email me at

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Moving in

Mike and I are going to move in together in a few months time (when my contract on my current place runs out). His roommate is leaving York and so now seems like a really good time (given we always spend the night together anyway). We don't really need the spare room, but at least it means there will be space for my junk!

I will miss Holly and Rach (more about that in a minute) but we both love the idea of having a place to ourselves all the time. I intend to be naked as much as possible and love the idea of us being able to fuck or have my pussy eaten whenever and wherever we want. We'll be able to lie on the sofa and watch porn on a tv (as opposed to our computers) and cum while we watch it - I can't wait...

The downside is that I won't be will Holly and Rach, so we're going to try to make the most of it while I'm still living with them. I don't know how to go about it, but I really want to have a masturbation session with them (even better if it could be a mutual masturbation session). The only thing I can currently think if is talking about vibes and seeing if I can guide it to something mroe exciting somehow...

I used Holly's electric toothbrush tonight to cum. We were in the bathroom and I turned it on and held the back of the head (not the bristles) against my clit while Mike fucked me. I think we're going to have to have another play with their food over the next few days as I still love the idea of them eating my juices. Jen said she wants in on that too - she gave me the hottest description last night of a threesome with her, Holly and I. She was feeling generous and even let (in the fantasy), Mike fuck me while she rode Holly's face and creamed all over her.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

New friends

Not that there is anything wrong with my current friends, but Mike and I are trying to get to know a few 'alternative' people in order to broaden our horizons. It all started when we overheard a comment in Edge (one of the cafe's on campus about a party.

Mike had met me for lunch (he sometimes pops along to Uni) and we were sitting chatting and overheard a couple of girls talking about getting off with people at a party. It was difficult to hear too much as they were talking fairly quietly and giggling to each other and the cafe was fairly noisy. Fortunatly, Mike has fairly good hearing and relayed a fair amount of what they said to me (well, enough for us to make sense of the conversation anyway).

From what we could gather, the party was a fairly wild one (by the standards of the ones I go to anyway) and many people had ended up getting off with each other throughout the night (that bit isn't so bad, given it's how I met Jen!). However, it seems that by the end of the evening, some of these couples were semi naked and making out while still surrounded by people. We didn't catch a lot of the names, but someone who sounded like Anastasia got off with someone who fingered her on the sofa in full view of everyone (I don't think they saw her pussy, just the guy's hand up her skirt and it was fairly clear what they were doing).

I'm not quite ready to try this sort of thing in front of my friends, but we're hoping to try to get to know some of the people from this group and go to some of their parties - if they are always as fun as this one, we might get a chance to do things while surrounded by people.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Wonderful chat

It seems like this happened quite a while ago now, but I haven't had time to write about it so here goes...

We (Rach, Holly and I) had a girly night in a few days after my incredible orgasm. We used to do this a lot more, but between work, boyfriends (I can't remember if I mentioned that they both have bf's now and I'm not going to go back and search!), we haven't had much 'quality' time together.

I think my influence has begun to get to them and over the past year or so we are a bit more open about discussing sex . Of course we talked about it before, but as time as gone on, the conversations have become more detailed. Even so, we didn't talk on a really explicit level (and we still don't talk the way I do on here), but after a few glasses of wine, Holly asked me just what we had been doing when I'd been making all the noise.

I apologised again (and apparantly turned quite red) and they said that it's not as if they hadn't heard us before, but they had really wondered what we were doing as it sounded different than usual. I got my own back by pointing out that we have heard Holly having sex and cumming a number of times (it's a wonderful sound - now I just need to see it!).

As I mentioned, we don't talk in the detail I write on here so I gave them quite an edited version. I told them that Mike had fucked me twice, using a vibe on my clit the second time and then had gone down on me immediately afterwards.

Rach made a comment that she wouldn't be able to cope with that as she would be too sensitive, so I described in a little more detail how he managed to get it just right and just gently kissed around my pussy (we do use the 'P' word) until I was ready and then started things properly. I tried to describe to them just how the orgasm felt and how strong it was, but I still can;t really find a way to describe it. In turn. they said that it sounded wonderful.

Rach asked me if Mike liked licking me after he'd cum in me and I tried to not tell her that he didn't cum in my cun the second time without mentioning where he was fucking me, but in the end it got out that the second time had been anal. Rach was quite open about having had her ass fucked a few times and Holly says it is something she has never done but then seemed a little curious as to how it felt. Rach told her that she enjoyed it sometimes, but had to be in the right mood for it (which sounds about right).

Given I had told them a lot more detail than usual, I said it was only fair for them to do the same so we ended up sharing a lot more information than usual. I found out that Rach shaves herself but leaves a patch above her pussy (similar to the way I'm growing mine now) and Holly doesn't, but is considering it. (Hmm, maybe some hints of Lis fro mthe slumber party story here...?) They both already knew that I shaved so I didn't have much new information to add to that part of the conversation. I did ask just what colour Holly's pubic hair was and found out that it is a dark brown colour.

Holly is still in the new romantic part pf her relationship and is still getting used to her new bf (he's not the first guy she's slept with, but it's been a while since she has had sex - which I really don't understand as she is incredibly cute and must have had lots of guys after her). I think she needs to train her bf as he doesn't always seem to spend enough time making sure she is enjoying their lovemaking. I told her to be a bit more open about what she wants him to do with her and let go to really enjoy it.

When I said this, Rach made a comment along the lines of "Oh great, all I need is for two of you to be screamers". Of course, when I pointed out that I'd heard Rach fucking a couple of times (and Holly backed me up on that, but her room is closer to Rach's), Rach did conceed that it can be fun. The idea of Holly letting go and making a bit more noise really turns me on and I just hope if she does, it happens on a night I'm at home and not at Mike's place!

I know we chatted about a few more things, but I forgot to make notes afterwards so I can't remember much more (nothing to do with the wine, honest). Since then though, Mike and I have used the extra information when having sex - at least now I can visualise what the might look like naked a bit better :)

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Out in the rain

I had an interesting conversation with my housemates earlier in the week about my exploits last week (the rather loud cum), but I'll write about that another time so I can actually write about something that happened today...

The weather here has been somewhat wet over the past few days. Today started out quite nice - reasonably warm and mostly sunny, but by late morning it has tarted to rain, off and on. We wanted to go into town to have a wander round and Mike dared me to wear a thin dress. I picked out a cotton shift dress and we headed out.

I had a flesh coloured bra on underneath and as usual for this time of year, no panties. We got rained on a little on the way in, and I was wet, but it wasn't too cold. The wetter my dress got though, the more it stuck to my skin. Early afternoon, we had quite a heavy shower and I got completely soaked through - by this point, the dress was almost moulded to my body and was a bit more transparent than when I had put it on.

It wasn't as if it had become seethrough or anything, but Mike said he could see a patch of dark where the little tuft of hair I'm growing back on my mons is. The best thing was, nobody could have said anything to be about being nearly naked as I had a dress on and I had 'just happened' to be caught out in the rain. My hair was a bit of a mess so I ended up ducking into a toilet and brushing it back into a ponytail so it looked a lot neater.

By the time we had finished in town, I was beginning to feel a bit cold so we hurried home and had a nice warm-up session in bed. Mike seems to really like my little tuft of hair and will lie beside me and play with it between us having sex. He got a trimmer a few weeks ago so I can now easily keep it at a nice short length (not so short that it willbe prickly).

He also shaves around his cock now - not bald, but with the trimmer (on a number 1 setting). It makes his cock look quite a bit bigger and means I can now lick and suck him without getting hairs in my mouth. I'm still not overly keen on the taste of boy-cum (Jen-cum is another matter!), but the minty tingle gel is still working wonders.

We have tried a couple of the other gels from the range, but the 'heat' one turned out to be far too hot and more than a tiny drop of it wasn't fun - Mike had to rapidly lick it off my clit after a minute or so.

We're still in bed at the minute trying to decide what to do this evening. A group of people are going out so we'll probably join them, but I'm having my ass pulled up in the air so we might not be getting ready just yet...


Mmm - I was going to try and write while we fucked doggy style, but it wasn't working to well so I just enjoyed it.

We have come up with a new plan that would have been really fun if we'd thought of it earlier this afternoon - we'll work on it and maybe try to put it into practice next weekend.

We think we've found a way to keep lots of cum in my pussy. The idea is that we will fuck as usual, and Mike will cum in inside me, but when he pulls out, I'll put something like a dental dam over my pussy and put on a pair of tight panties. We'll repeat this until he's cum in me as many times as he can (probably three) and try to use positions that keep my cunt raised in the air so that as much as possible stays inside me.

When we're done, I'll keep the panties and dam on while I shower and dress (maybe change the panties for a dry pair!) and then we'll go out. At some point in the evening, I can then either slip the dam out of my panties and feel the panties get soaked with his cum, or simply slip both the dam and panties off and let multiple loads of cum run down my legs.

I have no idea if this will work the way we think, but at the very least we'll get to fuck three times so it'll be fun trying it out :)

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Strongest orgasm ever?

This is the second time I've written this - I had it pretty much finished and then the stupid computer crashed - grr. This version isn't quite as good as the first one as it didn't feel as exciting writing it the second time.


So after Mike heaard about Jen using two dildos on me, he wanted to have a play with DP. We have done this before, but the way we have usually done it is with me I kneeling on the bed or bending over something so he can take me from behind - he fucks my pussy and pumps his thumb into my ass (he can get it quite deep in).

He had tasted both Jen and I from the double dildo when I had got back on the Sunday and he got it all lubed up and ready for action. We played around for a bit to get warmed up (the usual lot of kissing, him fingering and licking me and me rubbing and sucking him). We actually got a bit carried away and were going at it fairly hard (and may well have just kept going if we hadn't knocked the dildo off the bed and it had reminded us of the plan.

We've been working on our dirty talk again (it's probably no more explicit than it used to be, we're just doing it more) and Mike told me "kneel down so I can fuck your tight little cunt and fill your ass with this" (while holding the dildo). He tongued my ass a few times and licked some of my cunt juices over (and into) it to make sure I was wet enough. I knelt on the bed and he slipped his cock into me - as we had been fucking already it slid in easily and he pumped into me a few times. He then pulled out slightly and I felt the head of the dildo pressed up against my ass. I pressed back and felt my ass streach around it and then felt it pop inside me.

Mike worked it in to my ass, a little bit deeper with each push so we could see how much would fit in me (about half of it) and then he started fucking me again. Now Mike's cock is a bit bigger than the dildo, and in turn, the dildo is a bit bigger than Jen's vibe, so I felt quite a bit more filled than I had when Jen and I played. We experimented with ways to work it - either alternating, so either Mike or the dildo was deep in me, or having them both in me at the same time. In the end, it turned out to be easier for me to reach around and work the dildo while Mike fucked me.

He said he could feel the shape of the head of the dildo sliding against his cock and he said he was going to cum soon. I tried to catch up to him, but he soon pulled me tight against him and I felt the familiar warmth of his cum shooting deep in my cunt. He stayed inside me though and reached underneath me to play with my clit. Between the extra stimulation, his cock still in me and the dildo in my ass, it didn't take me long to cum - and it was a fairly strong orgasm (I've been having quite a few of those recently, but I'm not complaining!)

While I lay there recovering, he rummaged around in my drawer and retrieved the vibrating egg (the powerful one, not the remote one). He joined me on the bed again, pulled my ass back up in the air and slid the dildo into my cunt (he assures me that he used the clean end of it). He reached around and held the egg against my clit and i felt his cock pressing against my ass. I was 
still a bit sensitive, only just having finished cumming, but he wanted to play, and it didn't take long before the egg was having an affect on me and I started to press back against him.

He told me to take the egg, so I did and positioned it properly against my clit. Mike pressed harder against me and I felt his cock slide into my ass. I had been streached by the dildo, so he went in fairly easily (but slowly, a little with each push) and he was soon almost all the way inside me. As I was using my spare hand to hold the egg against my clit (the other hand was holding me up), Mike had to work the dildo this time. After a few attempts, he found the best way to hold it and pump it into me (I found that I enjoyed alternating strokes to be best) and started working me in earnest. We had quote a filthy conversation which we fucked - along the lines of "do you like having your little ass and cunt filled at the same time... do you want me to fill your ass with my cum?..." Of course, I would never say anything rude so my answers were perfectly ladylike :)

I don't know if it was because I was still sensitive, or just the combination of the egg and two holes being filled, but I was the first one to cum this time. It wasn't as powerful as the previous orgasm, but was still quite intense and I let myself moan into my pillow. When I finished cumming, I let the egg fall away fro my clit, but Mike told me to pick it up and keep it there until he came. I managed to find it again and put it back where it had been - when it first touched my clit I almost dropped it once more though as it sent a shock through me.

I managed to get it back in position though and coped with the way it felt. Mike was a bit mean and held back until the sensation was really too much to bear and I was begging him to cum. Eventually, he rammed the dildo into my cunt and his cock deep into my ass and let out a moan. He collapsed onto me and we rolled onto our sides. I immediately let go of the egg but I still had his (softening) cock in my ass and the dildo slowly sliding out of my cunt and I realised that I was completely soaked in sweat.

My clit (and maybe my whole pussy) was still tingling and after a few minutes, his cock had shrunk enough that it fell out of my ass and I could feel that both my holes were empty. I was still panting and when Mike moved down between my legs I tried to push him away, but he said it was okay and just gently kissed around my pussy. It was an incredibly tender way in which he kissed and licked me - not on my pussy itself (which would have been too much). Even so, my clit was still so stimulated, that the gently kisses started having an effect on me after a while.

I guess afte the amount of time we've been together and the thousands of orgasms we've shared (it really is that many, we figured it out), Mike can read me responses quite well. He started licking closer to my lips and sucking on them and then finally started licking between my lips. When he touched my clit I remember letting out a long "aaaahhhhhh' and pulling his head against me.

It felt very different from usual - as if I could feel every lick deep inside me. He kept licking and it felt as if I was going to cum very quickly, but every time I thought I was going to cum it jsut kept building. Mike says I was humping against his face, grinding my cunt on his mouth and I'm glad he didn't try to tease me as I don't know what that would have done. The last thing I clearly remember is him lifting my ass in the air so he could lick me more easily and me pressing my cunt up into his face, beggin him to make me cum.

When it hit me, it felt really, really intense - possibly the strongest cum I've ever had - certianly the strongest in a long time. I'm sure it was a multiple orgasm (I haven't had one of those for a while) - I think I remember at elast three explosions that went through my whole body. Mike said I was panting and screaming and from the state of the covers afterwards, I had really been pulling at them. I don't know how else to describe the way it felt other than like a hundred orgasms at the same time that seemed to last for ages.

When I couldn't take any more, I pushed Mike away from me and lay panting - he knelt between my legs and jacked himself off and quickly came over me (not too much, but I guess he had already cum twice in me that night). It took me a long time to recover and he tried to kiss my pussy again but it kind of felt like I'd cum too hard and broken it!

When we finally went downstairs, Rach and Holly asked what on earth we had been getting up to (I'm sure they can often hear what we do, so I have no idea what I was actually saying or how loud it was in order to make them comment!). We apologised, but Holly actually said she wished her bf could make her feel like that (oh if only I could help her out!)

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Return of the double dildo - Part 2

I'm on the way back home now, but unless I type really quickly and get this posted, I doubt I'll be having as much fun as I did on the way to Jen's place. (Hmm, didn’t even manage to get it finished on the train as I fell asleep – for some reason my weekend was quite tiring). The problem with going away is that I’m then really busy when I return and have to catch up with work – hence the delay in getting this posting out.


Jen thought I had sent the post off and when I thought we were getting up, she had decided it was time for us to play again. It was pretty much just a quickie - we lay facing each other talking  and  kissing (similar to Fri night), but instead of gentle touching, we had fingers inside each other or playing with clits. I made her cum first as I wanted the image of her face while she was cumming in my mind as I came (she is just sooo cute).

Once we had got up and showered (not together this time as I needed a few extra minutes to recover), we had a quick breakfast and when I said 'Good morning' to Alice, she replied with something like 'Well it sounded like it'. Joanne had apparently not returned that night (which is a pity as Jen and I had said we would have quite liked to listen to her and her date fucking).

We went out into town and only when I had found the suitable piece of attire did I tell Jen her challenge. She already had a shortish skirt on (about mid-thigh length - without panties of course), but the skirt I had chosen was much shorter. I had asked her to try it on and she obliged. I waited outside the changing room and after a minute she opened the curtain to show me. The skirt is a short pleated tartan skirt (okay, so I could have been more adventurous than just sticking with the schoolgirl theme, but schoolgirls don't wear skirts quite like this! (at least not in my day anyway!)

When nobody was looking (it was still early so the shop was fairly empty), Jen gave me a twirl and the skirt flipped up just a little. It only just covered her ass and pussy so I got a nice view and knew it was the right one. She changed back into her (seemingly) much longer skirt and I bought the new one for her. We then went to get a coffee and while we stood in the queue I told her to go to the toilet and change into her new skirt. She the bag and with a flash of her cute (yet evil) grin, she disappeared. I was sitting down (near a window) by the time she returned and the skirt looked even better than it had in the shop. Jen is only a couple of inches taller than I am, but her legs sometimes look very long - I guess it's fairly obvious that one of those times would be when pretty much the whole length of them is on display!

She handed me the bag back and told me to look inside. I had an idea what I might find and I was happy to see her bra was in there along with her old skirt. When she sat down, the skirt rode up a bit and she was just about sitting on the material so was covered from behind, but from the side, I had a beautiful view of her legs.

I had more things planned for her and slid my hand up her thigh. I gently pulled the leg closest to me and told her to open her legs a bit. She caught on that I wanted her to re-enact Anna’s flashing scene from the slumber party story. It was only a little bit, but she opened her legs and faced slightly more towards the window. Even a little bit was enough with that skirt on though - I could see her pussy fairly clearly and to her credit, she stayed like that for the time it took us to finish our coffee. As she stood up, she carefully smoothed the skirt down and I could see her getting appreciative looks from some of the men as we left and was looking forward to the rest of the day.

The final part of the challenge involved my little egg. The skirt was long enough to cover Jen's pussy,  but  when I slid the egg into her, you could just about see the little loop of string attached to it beloe the hem of the skirt. It is a very thin loop and only just hung down below the bottom of the skirt so would only have been noticeable to anyone looking directly at her ass/crotch.  The downside was that Jen's figure in a skirt like that - lots of people were doing just that - it really only looked like a bit of loose thread if you didn't know what it was attached to, but I had great fun turning the egg on and off at various times as we wandered around the shops.

A couple of times, we found some secluded places and kissed - Jen humped against my thigh a few times and it was clear that she was enjoying it as she was wet enough to leave her juices on my leg. She did seem to be a bit nervous when we went up a set of escalators and stood with her legs tightly closed. I almost relented and let her change back into her old skirt, but wanted a bit more fun. We went to Next and I chose a simple pair of white cotton panties for her with little pink roses on them and a small pink bow on the front. She put them on (after we had bought them of course) and they had exactly the effect I had wanted. Whenever her skirt rode or flipped up at all, people now got a flash of her panties (hence why I chose white, to draw attention).

We had lunch at a cafe on the top floor of a shopping centre. It was still early (for lunch) so we missed the main crowd and got a table by a window. This looked out down a busy street and Jen played along by sitting with her legs spread facing out to the crowd. The street was 3 (or 4?) floors down from us, but I guess people may have been able to see the white of her panties. Halfway through lunch, I put my jacket over her lap and slid my hand under her skirt to pull the crotch of her panties aside. As we were so high up, someone would have needed binoculars or incredibly good vision to clearly see her pussy, but I think I have managed to convince her just how much fun exhibitionism can be.

We'd been in town for a few hours by the time we finished and as neither of us have huge amount of money, we returned to her place (with a little stopping and playing on the way). At one point, she bent over in a similar way to the way I flashed the man on the train, but she also puller her panties aside. I think that would be an even more exciting thing to do as it would be clear I was actually showing myself off and I intend to give it a try at some point... I had a quick rub of her clit (this elicited a nice squeal from her as she wasn't expecting it).

She was nicely worked up when we got home and seemed to have the house to ourselves so we didn't even make it upstairs before we started doing things. Jen was trying to drag me upstairs, but I told her to bend over, pulled her panties down to her knees and went down on her from behind. Her pussy was as wet at I had expected it to be (I have no idea how she can always be so wet, but it tastes good, so I don't really care). It was a good position and when I spread her ass cheeks, I could get easy access to her cunt and licked her for a few minutes. She wanted to lie down so we went to the living room and continued on the sofa. Jen was on her back and she put one leg on the floor. Her panties had gone, but she kept the skirt on and I made her cum fairly quickly (she still had the egg in her, so that helped a bit I think).

I noticed a while back that the person behind me has been reading as I've been trying - he's just got off the train and I've just realised that I should have offered to give him the address to this blog J

We rested a bit in the afternoon and then popped into Joanne’s room for a quick play (other peoples’ beds are always more fun!) I guess we should do Rick and Alice’s rooms another time just to be fair.

We went out that night and met up with some of Jen’s friends. It was a really fun night and she seemed to enjoy showing me off (I’m not really sure why though as she has some incredibly beautiful friends and I felt a little out of place). There are two other gay couples in her group – one male and one female. Her (straight) male friends seemed rather jealous of me and as the evening went on and we got drunker, they wanted to see us (and the other couple who’s names I have forgotten) kiss.

I couldn’t see any problem with that, so we gave them a nice demonstration of a deep, long kiss and a little bit of breast fondling (through clothes). The other girls did the same and the men (well, boys I guess as they are only 18-20) really seemed to enjoy it (I know this as the bar was quite crowded and we ended up pressed up together so I could feel some very stiff cocks rubbing against me!)

The advantage of a crowded bar is that I could easily use my free hand to caress Jen’s ass - mostly without people noticing. Only a few times did I dip my hand under her skirt and feel her ass directly and only once did I get caught by someone else doing it. Of course they didn’t mind, but made a few sarcastic comments about it so I had to kiss Jen again and play with her ass as I did it (through her skirt this time).

I wish I’d left the egg inside her – it would have been wonderful to try and make her cum while she was surrounded her friends. Unfortunately, the battery had begun to die so we’d left it at home. We were out pretty late and were fairly drunk by the time we got home but I did at least remember to drink a few pints of water (and got Jen to do the same). Once we were in Jen’s room, we started to fool around, but ended up falling asleep before we got too far in to things.

When we awoke in the morning, the door was wide open and the covers were on the floor. We had snuggled up naked together to keep warm (the house was reasonably warm) and we wondered if Rick had wandered past the door at any point (his room is beside Jen’s). The water had done its job and we didn’t feel too hung over, so we popped into the bathroom to brush teeth and returned to bed. We left the door mostly open and made up for missing having sex the previous night. I managed to cum three times and I think Jen came twice.

The first time was very passionate – kissing, rolling around, fingering and finally eating each other. The second time, we used the double dildo again but as we pressed our cunts together, we also used Jen’s vibe and managed to get it to press against both our clits. This felt amazing as we could still move slightly and rub hard against each others’ pussy (which made the dildo move slightly inside us), but also having our clits stimulated gave really powerful orgasms.

Jen was spent by this point (I really need to train her to cum more), but I wanted to make the most of my time and she was happy to make me cum again. I lay on my back, partly propped up against her pillows and pulled my legs up. This really exposes my pussy and is a wonderful position to be fucked in – and also to be eaten in. Jen licked me for a while and I had really hoped that Rick would wander out and get a view of Jen’s ass in the air as she worked on my cunt (but he didn’t). After a while of doing this, she put the dildo in my pussy and tried to bend it around to put in it my ass at the same time. Because we had got a fairly short one (so it would completely fit in our pussies), it didn’t bend enough to do this so she ended up using her vibe in my ass. Because it is slimmer than my one (or the dildo), it felt really good (especially as she had lubricated it with her own cunt juice).

She fucked both my holes and I played with my clit and she watched me cum. I haven’t done DP that often (if you don’t count fingers and tongues) and it gave me a wonderfully deep orgasm that rolled on for a while. I’m surprised that her housemates didn’t come and watch as I don’t think I was very quiet (it was my third orgasm of the session, so I was getting quite sensitive!) I intend to do the same thing to Jen next time we meet so she knows how it feels.

Despite being covered in a mixture of our juices. I did as Mike as asked me to and returned home without showering. Jen doesn’t mind him tasting her and she knows that she will have eaten some of his cum out of me. She is also considering going on the pill just in case any of his cum ends up in her (via me, she still doesn’t intend to let him fuck her!)

Mike was grateful for my lack of showering and we had a fairly passionate session – he’d read the previous post while I was returning and so met me at the station and whisked me back home. As he usually does after a few days without sex, he came quite a bit in me and I had very wet thighs when I went downstairs for some supper.

Mike and I have tried the DP thing since then, but that’s probably another post or I’ll never get this out...

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Video links

I still need to tidy up the second part of the post about the weekend, but in the meantime, here are sone links to things we've been watching tonight... Masturbation on bed fucking - shaved pussy & cumshot threesome ni a room full of people (the title says it all) (I'd love to have the nerve to do this) Two guys and three girls - part 1 part 2

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Return of the double dildo

Oops - meant to post this yesterday but got distracted just after finishing writing it.


We're still in bed as I write this (Sat morning), but I doubt I'll finish it before we get up).

I ended up daring to give the guy on the train a good flash. I had texted Jen and told her what carriage I was on so she would know where to stand. I was hoping that she would be able to see the whole thing, but there were people walking between her and the train so she only got a partial view.

I had already gathered up everything I needed to take and as I stood up, I ‘dropped’ my coat on the floor. As I was carrying a couple of bags (clothes and laptop), it wasn't that odd that I had to bend over slowly and so gave him a close up view of my ass and pussy (which was possibly still a bit wet from my earlier cum). Even though Jen didn't see everything, she saw enough that I won the dare (and I've thought of a good one for her for today).

After I got off the train, we met and kissed hello. Jen had prepared for her part of the dare and had her long coat on. This meant that she could hug me up against a wall and with her coat partly wrapped around me, pull the egg out of my pussy (she did almost drop it, which would have been interesting!) She licked it mostly clean before sliding it back into me (I hadn't expected that bit). I had a bit more freedom as my hands were completely hidden so I explored and found out she had no panties on. I tasted her from my fingers and we hurried back to her place to say hello properly.

She's beginning to get the hang of waiting and drawing things out. Last time, we dived straight into bed, but this time we kissed hello (maybe with just a little bit of fondling) but we shaved each other before we did anything. Jen is the first person other than Mike who has ever done that to me and it is an incredibly intimate thing (I guess because you have to trust someone quite a bit to let them near your pussy with a sharp blade!)

Given she has never shaved anyone else before, she did a remarkable job. It is definitely much easier shaving her than it is shaving myself - now I understand why Mike can do a much better job on me that I can on myself.

Once we were both hairless, I retrieved out dildo from my bag and we got used to playing with it again. Another good thing about it is that because it is long enough for the two of us, it is nice and easy to hold on to one end of it and use it on her while while we are kissing. (Of course, the best thing is still for us both to use it at the same time).

After we had fooled around for a bit, that is exactly what we did. Jen was (as usual) wet enough that it slid into her quite easily and because we sized it for her pussy, it goes into mine easily too (not that I'm that much bigger than her, but I guess being fucked a few thousand times must have made some kind of difference! I think that number is about right – Mike and I were trying to figure out how many times we must have had sex earlier in the week.)

Once we had the dildo buried completely in our cunts, we rubbed against each other in a scissors position. I was still quite sensitive from my fun on the train and Jen admitted that she had been playing with herself while talking to me (but she had held back from cumming).

I think the earlier playing (and chatting) on the train and then holding back for a bit had built things up nicely (I guess the fact we hadn't seen each other for a while was also a big part of it). It was an incredibly passionate session and Jen's housemates would have had no doubts about what we were doing. I had an amazing orgasm and it felt like I was slamming and grinding my clit against Jen's cunt. I was very sensitive afterwards, but didn't want to stop until she had cum so I rubbed her clit as I kept pumping against her and it didn't take long before she started her cute mewing noises and pushed my fingers harder against her clit.

Later on she said she had quite a powerful orgasm, but I didn't know that at the time so tried to lick her clean until she pushed my head away as she was too sensitive. Once I got the message, we snuggled up together, kissed for a bit and dozed off. We awoke later on and went downstairs for some food just wearing dressing gowns. Alice and Rick were in the living room so we said hi and chatted for a bit before getting some food.

When we returned to bed, we were kissing and gently fondling each other for a while but ended up just chatting for quite a long time. It was a very romantic talk (even with our fingers running over and into various places). Jen is an amazing girl and I really do love her. We both really want to find a way that we can see each other more, but unfortunately living so far apart means that the time and cost is probably going to be prohibitive (at least until I graduate). Plus of course I can't spend all my weekends away from Mike - I love him too and as wonderful as Jen is, I don't want to lose him. I did point out that Mike would probably pay for Jen to visit lots if the three of us could share a bed, but despite the fact that she seems to gets on well with him, she still wasn't going for that :)

I have been so lucky to find someone like her who is happy with the fact that I’m already in a relationship and is willing to share me with Mike. Of course, I’m lucky that Mike is willing to share me with Jen too. We lay for a long time pressed up against each other and I really can’t describe how it felt just gazing into her eyes and feeling her against me.

We dozed off a few times and I was tempted to pounce on her and make her cum again but I had previously thought of a dare for her so decided to let her sleep so we could get up earlier on Sat. As it turns out, she was the one who woke me - she had managed to kneel over me and had her mouth on my pussy, trying to spread my legs apart before I actually woke up. I had been having a strange dream (probably helped along by what she had been doing to me) so I was a bit confused when I awoke to the view of her cunt and I remember wondering what was happening for a little while before I realised and joined in the game.

I was already quite horny from whatever she had been doing but wanted to help her catch up with me so just pulled her pussy to my mouth and started lapping away. I had my tongue as deep into her as I could (not as deep as she can get hers into me) and could feel her moisture spreading over my face. She tasted more like she did the first time we had sex (at the party) and that thought really got me turned on so I really went at her. I worked on her clit and slid a finger into her pussy (as best I could - it's not the easiest position to work from!) and also toyed with her ass. Even though I had a head start on her, Jen seemed to catch up fast and was soon squirming on top of me.

I told her I wanted us to try to cum together (after our nice romantic chat the previous night, I wanted some nice Hollywood style sex). Between licks I told her to let me know how close she was getting and to try to keep going as she came (and said that I would do the same). It wasn't difficult to tell that she was fairly close anyway as she was rubbing her cunt back and forth against my face as I ate her and I knew I wasn't far off either. I thought I would combine our communication with giving Rick and Alice something to use (I can't imagine Joanne would have been interested) and so kept Jen informed of how close I was in a much louder voice than was really needed.

I begged her to keep eating me (only in short bursts, I was still working on making her cum), told her to lick my clit, taste my cunt, finger my ass... Jen seemed to get the idea and joined in (maybe not quite as loud as I was, but then again, my ears were slightly muffled by her thighs). We actually managed to cum pretty much together (I think I started to cum slightly earlier, but we were definitely both cuming at the same time for a while. I really went for it and was almost shouting (using pretty much the dirtiest language I could) into her cunt. We both kept licking and fingering each other right through our orgasms until Jen rolled off me and we lay panting beside each other. (I usually can't keep sucking Mike as I cum when we 69, so I think he'll enjoy my new found skill).

After we had recovered and kissed a bit more, Jen said she wanted to help write this entry (note to Jen - it isn't helpful if you keep playing with my clit with your vibe - nice, but not helpful when writing!) We're going to get up now and I get to tell her the challenge I'm giving her...

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Much cum

We were looking around some chat boards last night and were directed to this video - obviously more my sort of thing than Jen's - but for any girls who like having a lot of cum in or on them:

Just imagine having *that* running out of your pussy!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Another train cum...

I'm on the train again - off to see Jen once more. I probably won't be able to post this while I'm actually on the train as it is very crowded and so I'm having to write it into a window that I can't see (so I guess i'll have to make a lot of corrections before it's fit to post.

We knew the train would be busy at this time so Jen set me a challenge (continuing our game of daring each other to do things). Despite it being slightly cold (and raining) I've got one of my summer skirts on and I have to manage to cum at some point during the journey (I'm not allowed to hide in the toilet - and I wouldn't want to either given what the smell like!).

I'm cheating a little bit in that I've got my remote control egg inside mysef, but that isn't usually enough to make me cum alone, so I'll have to play with my clit as well. I think I can manage that by having my jacket over my lap and making small movements with my fingers.

The second part is much riskier - she has chellenged me to let someone get a good view of my pussy (as long as I can do it in a way that isn't likely to get me arrested of course!). She said that I can either allow someone to 'accidentally' see up my skirt, let them watch as I touch myself, or bend over to pick something up and give them a good view.. The train is still very busy so I might 'fall asleep' and let my legs slip open slightly and see if anyone notices.

I could still do with some ideas for challenges that I can give to Jen - up until now I've been adapting the ones she gives me, but it would be good to find some really exciting ones for her.

A number of people got off at the last stop so I think it might be time for me to 'get off' too. The good thing about the train is that the noise hides the buzzing of the egg so I can have it up at a higher power than I can in somewhere like a cinema. I'm also chatting to Jen now that the person beside me has left (wifi on a train is great). I can now also see what I'm typing here which makes it easier.

I can feel the egg throbbing inside me - I've challenged Jen to take it out of me when we meet at the train station and lick it clean. My jacket isn't really long enough to hide what her hands will be doing, so it'll be interesting to see how she manages it.

Mmm, I can feel my pussy getting more sensitive and if this keeps up I might even be able to cum with just the egg and some thigh squeezing. Jen is describing what we'll be doing later tonight which is helping me along nicely

We're going to shave each other to ensure we're nice and smooth before having a play with out double ended dildo (which I have in my bag) - I can't wait to feel Jen's cunt pressed against mine again and feel her moistures spreading over me.

Getting much closer than I have managed before with the egg alone - I'm not sure I can cum though. There are still two people sitting on the other side of the table to me so I think it's time to hide my lap with my jacket and have a play...

There is a rather cute girl sitting a few seats down on the opposite side of the train - I've been describing her to Jen who wants me to use her as the person I flash. I've moved my jacket back off my lap and have spread my legs a little and I intend to keep checking to see if she has noticed.

A few more people have just left the train - there is still one man on the other side of the table to me but cute girl left before I managed to show her anything. Jen's suggesting I  try to cum without hiding my hand under my jacket now that there are fewer people on board. The table will hide me from the man opposite and I don't think anyone else can see - I can't really believe I'm going to try this! I'm typing with one hand so it looks like I'm still working, but have my right hand on my pussy.

I've got a finger sliding between my lips and rubbing my clit - I feel very wet and I know I can smell my juices - I wonder if anyone else will be able to?

Someone just walked past while I had my fingers on my clit - they approached from behind me, so I doubt they saw anything, but I had to quickly shut my legs. I don't think it will take much longer - Jen is describing how she's going to make me cum and I can feel my orgasm building.

Whew - I think that was probably the most public orgasm I've ever had (with someone less than a meter away from me). It felt good, but I think it has just got me warmed up for the night's activities...

I think I'll reward (or punish) the person sitting opposite me by dropping something and picking it up when I get off the train. I know full well just how high this skirt rides up when I bend right over and I'll be so close they will see everything. I imagine I'll be leaving the train fairly quickly after that! (I'll report later on whether I actually dared to do it).

Time to go back and  tidy up this entry now - one handed typing is okay for taking notes as I go, but doesn't make sense if I want people to understand what I was writing :)

Anyway people - need some more ideas for how I can challenge Jen. I'm not having her beat me at this!