Friday, 1 May 2009

Another train cum...

I'm on the train again - off to see Jen once more. I probably won't be able to post this while I'm actually on the train as it is very crowded and so I'm having to write it into a window that I can't see (so I guess i'll have to make a lot of corrections before it's fit to post.

We knew the train would be busy at this time so Jen set me a challenge (continuing our game of daring each other to do things). Despite it being slightly cold (and raining) I've got one of my summer skirts on and I have to manage to cum at some point during the journey (I'm not allowed to hide in the toilet - and I wouldn't want to either given what the smell like!).

I'm cheating a little bit in that I've got my remote control egg inside mysef, but that isn't usually enough to make me cum alone, so I'll have to play with my clit as well. I think I can manage that by having my jacket over my lap and making small movements with my fingers.

The second part is much riskier - she has chellenged me to let someone get a good view of my pussy (as long as I can do it in a way that isn't likely to get me arrested of course!). She said that I can either allow someone to 'accidentally' see up my skirt, let them watch as I touch myself, or bend over to pick something up and give them a good view.. The train is still very busy so I might 'fall asleep' and let my legs slip open slightly and see if anyone notices.

I could still do with some ideas for challenges that I can give to Jen - up until now I've been adapting the ones she gives me, but it would be good to find some really exciting ones for her.

A number of people got off at the last stop so I think it might be time for me to 'get off' too. The good thing about the train is that the noise hides the buzzing of the egg so I can have it up at a higher power than I can in somewhere like a cinema. I'm also chatting to Jen now that the person beside me has left (wifi on a train is great). I can now also see what I'm typing here which makes it easier.

I can feel the egg throbbing inside me - I've challenged Jen to take it out of me when we meet at the train station and lick it clean. My jacket isn't really long enough to hide what her hands will be doing, so it'll be interesting to see how she manages it.

Mmm, I can feel my pussy getting more sensitive and if this keeps up I might even be able to cum with just the egg and some thigh squeezing. Jen is describing what we'll be doing later tonight which is helping me along nicely

We're going to shave each other to ensure we're nice and smooth before having a play with out double ended dildo (which I have in my bag) - I can't wait to feel Jen's cunt pressed against mine again and feel her moistures spreading over me.

Getting much closer than I have managed before with the egg alone - I'm not sure I can cum though. There are still two people sitting on the other side of the table to me so I think it's time to hide my lap with my jacket and have a play...

There is a rather cute girl sitting a few seats down on the opposite side of the train - I've been describing her to Jen who wants me to use her as the person I flash. I've moved my jacket back off my lap and have spread my legs a little and I intend to keep checking to see if she has noticed.

A few more people have just left the train - there is still one man on the other side of the table to me but cute girl left before I managed to show her anything. Jen's suggesting I  try to cum without hiding my hand under my jacket now that there are fewer people on board. The table will hide me from the man opposite and I don't think anyone else can see - I can't really believe I'm going to try this! I'm typing with one hand so it looks like I'm still working, but have my right hand on my pussy.

I've got a finger sliding between my lips and rubbing my clit - I feel very wet and I know I can smell my juices - I wonder if anyone else will be able to?

Someone just walked past while I had my fingers on my clit - they approached from behind me, so I doubt they saw anything, but I had to quickly shut my legs. I don't think it will take much longer - Jen is describing how she's going to make me cum and I can feel my orgasm building.

Whew - I think that was probably the most public orgasm I've ever had (with someone less than a meter away from me). It felt good, but I think it has just got me warmed up for the night's activities...

I think I'll reward (or punish) the person sitting opposite me by dropping something and picking it up when I get off the train. I know full well just how high this skirt rides up when I bend right over and I'll be so close they will see everything. I imagine I'll be leaving the train fairly quickly after that! (I'll report later on whether I actually dared to do it).

Time to go back and  tidy up this entry now - one handed typing is okay for taking notes as I go, but doesn't make sense if I want people to understand what I was writing :)

Anyway people - need some more ideas for how I can challenge Jen. I'm not having her beat me at this!


  1. Maybe you could have her put the vibrator on her clit, through her panties. And have her hold it there, while trying NOT to cum for any amount of time that you choose.

  2. You lead a very interesting life :p I love reading about your sexual exploits. Masturbating in public is a kind of fantasy of mine and I think your blog is giving me the confidence to do so haha.

  3. I've been chatting on some forums and I think that I really want to go a bit further and openly have sex in front of people. I'm not sure who yet (or who I should be having sex with) though.

  4. That would be amazing, to do and to read about lol