Sunday, 31 May 2009

Avoiding sunburn

It seems that summer has returned to the UK - we've had nice hot weather for the past few days and it's been really sunny most of the time. Mike and I decided to take advantage of this today and do something we've been wanting to do for a while... It's alos nice to finally get a posting about something I actually did the same day as I post about it!

We made up a picnic and went for a walk down the river and out of York. I wore one of my summer dresses and Mike just had t-shirt and shorts on (neither of us had underwear on). We must have walked for almost an hour and were both feeling quite hot so we decided to set up camp and eat. We went a little way off the path and found a relatively quiet spot (not too quiet as there are quite a few roads and train tracks around where we were, but it looked very pretty). We set out lunch (and then covered half of it up again as there were a few midges) and started to eat.

Mike took off his top and applied suncream and I said that it wasn't fair that he could go topless and I couldn't. He unzipped my dress and pulled the top down and I quickly slipped my bra off. He rubbed a little cream onto my back and then I lay down with my head in his lap so he could do my front. He applied the suncream to my breasts and rubbed it in and then rubbed it down over my stomache to where my dress was bunched up - he couldn't reach any lower or I assume he would have rubbed my pussy, but given his hands were covered in suncream, it's probably good he couldn't reach!

I lay like that for a while, enjoying the sun on my skin (and Mike's fingers gently playing with my nipples) and after a while he started to gently stroke my neck. I was sort of dozing off when he first started doing that and  it had started to have an effect on me before I fully realised what he was doing. By that time I could feel that my pussy was rather wetter than when we sat down and I was squirming around slightly with arousal.

It was clear that he was doing it on purpose as  I could feel his cock pressing against my head through his shorts and he was gently rubbing it against my cheek. I said something like "Well, if you're going to do that to me..." and slid my hands down to my waist and under my dress.

I pushed my dress down a bit more and started to rub around my pussy. I didn't want it to end too quickly as having my neck rubbed always seems to give me a really nice kind of orgasm that is quite different from usual, so I tried to pace myself and not pay too much attention to my clit. Mike kept stroking up and down my neck and I kept stroking around my lips and occasionally sliding a finger or two into myself and I was in heaven. I don't know how long we did that for, but after a little while I felt Mike fidgit around underneath me and he pulled the leg of his shorts up and worked his cock free so it was right beside my face. Given the way I was laying I couldn't do very much to him, but he seemed happy to just let it rub against my cheek.

I was getting close to cumming now and at some point I had pushed my dress right down to my ankles so I could spread my legs (or at least spready my knees) and I was working my fingers properly on my cunt. I used my favourite position to masturbate - one hand reaching around underneath me so I can get two fingers in my pussy from below and the other working on my clit.

Mike kept telling me to slow down and really enjoy it, but I was too close to want to hold back any longer so just told him to help me cum.  His cock was now rubbing against the underside of my chin and his hands were still stroking my neck and nipples and I had quite a deep orgasm. I still can't describe the difference between a 'normal' orgasm where I'm being eaten or fuck and one where my neck is being stroked, but it just seems to originate from deeper inside my pussy and pulse through my whole body, right up to where I'm being stroked on the neck.  When I cum like that, the neck strokes almost feel like having my clit stroked during the build up to an orgasm and it kind of doubles the pleasure.

When I had started to cum, Mike had stopped playing with my nipples and had started to rub his cock against my neck (which I also love). Sometimes when we do this, he cums over my face and neck and then rubs the cum into my neck (and I love this even more!), but I hadn't been paying enough attention to him while he had been playing with me so I just enjoyed the feeling of his cock on my skin.

I finished cumming and lay there, still completely naked other than my dress around my feet and enjoyed the feeling of the air and sun on my body and still occasionally stroking myself.

Note - I think we might try to have a holiday at a nudist camp sometime soon as I really like trying out the idea of being naked all the time. I know that you can't have sex in the open there, but I still like the idea.

Mike had stopped rubbing his cock against my neck and moved a bit as he reached over me. I thought he was changing position so I could suck him but just as I was about to start sucking him, he slid a piece of ice over my pussy. It's just as well I hadn't got as far as getting his cock in my mouth or I might have bitten it given how cold the ice felt - my cunt was very warm between the sun on it and the orgasm so it was a real shock. I let out a not too quiet yelp and squirmed out of the way of his hand (not easy when laying down and having your feel tied up in a dress) but managed to get him to drop the ice.

Mike said  that I had looked hot and he thought I had needed cooling down so I decided to return the 'favour'. His cock was certainly looking quite hot, poking out of his shorts, so  I took a bit of an ice cube in my mouth and went down on him. I know that I thought his cock felt really hot in comparison to the ice cube so I can only imagine what it must have felt like for him! He let out a gasp and pulled back, but I grabbed on to him and went to work. properlyy. After the initial shock he seemed to really enjoy the feeling (he wants to do it again, so I assume he enjoyed it and  I was enjoying kneeling there with my ass in the air as I sucked him.

I was really getting into it and started fingering myself and was imagining someone else wandering along and discovering us (which of course just got me more excited). I would have been happy to let him cum in my mouth even though we didn't have any of the minty gel with us, but he said he wanted to fuck me. I had gotten myself fairly worked up between my fingers and my imagination and so I really liked the idea of us doing something that would end up with me cumming again.

Mike pulled me up to him and slipped his shorts down to free his cock properly. We kissed and I could feel his cock rubbing against my pussy. His cock was very wet from my sucking and it felt amazing rubbing against him as my pussy was once again rather hot and wet from the sun it had been getting and my playing. When he pushed the head of his cock against me, he slid pretty much the whole way in on the first stroke and  I sat up on him to enjoy the feeling.

Mike thrust against me and it was clear that he wanted to cum fairly quickly (he's usually a lot better at holding back, but he enjoys doing thigs outside as much as I do and the risk of being caught had got to him).  He lay back down and pulled me down on top of him and I started sliding up and down his cock and grinding against him. 

I was glad that I had been fingering myself as Mike said that he wouldn't take long to cum but even so I was a bit worried that he would get there first. I asked him to hold out for a bit and he said he'd help me. I felt his hands on my ass and then his fingers rubbing around my asshole and pushing slightly into me. He then grabbed a bit of ice (a small bit as it had mostly melted) an started rubbing around my ass with it.

I could tell from the way that he was moving that he really wanted to cum so I did everything I could to help get myself there as quickly as possible. Mike was indeed helping me and I could feel the ice in my ass and the cold water running down over my cunt - he was asking me if I liked fucking in the open air and the thought that someone might come along and see his cock sliding into my cunt (and I did like it a lot and knew I was getting closer).

He clearly really liked it too as he said he couldn't hold back much longer. Fortunatly I was pretty much there so I told his to cum. He grabbed my ass with both hands and pounded into me really hard  so his body was slapping against mine and he came very quickly. The extra pressure was all I needed to cum (a bit longer would have been nice, but I guess I can't be too greedy!) . Mike was kissing me hard and moaning into my mouth and he slammed his cock into me a few more times before stopping. I was still cumming and was trying to move so in the end Mike reached around his cock and rubbed my clit for a bit until I was satisfied.

He rolled over so he was on top of he and pulled out. His cock had already gone limp, but was covered in cum and he crawled up my body and wiped it over my neck. and I sucked him a bit (I'm definitley more used to the taste of his cum now).

I put my legs together and knelt up and asked him how much he had cum. He said he wasn't sure but that it felt like a lot (and I could feel it starting to drip out of my pussy even though my legs were together tightly. Mike had pulled his shorts up and tucked his cock away, but iI stayed naked for a little while (he added a bit more suncream so I didn't burn) and I could see he was starting to get hard again as he did it. 

We were both rather sweaty after our exertion and given it wouldn't have been a good idea to go for a swim in the river (it's not the cleanest of rivers), we decided to head back home for a shower. Once we had packed up I went to slip my dress back on and nearly lost it as a breeze blew it towards the river (I got it back okay). When I jumped up to grab it, a fair glob of cum ran out of my cunt and down my legs and so I thought I should give him a little show and rubbed it over my thighs and pussy and then got dressed

Pretty much the whole way home I could feel drops falling out of me or running down my legs and it's still something that I really enjoy the feeling of. By the time we got home my thighs were covered with both sweat and cum and I was feeling very horny again. We popped out to the back garden to say hi to Holy and Rach who were sunbathing and Holly made a sarcastic comment about how sweaty we both looked. 

Holly had a really cute bikini on - a white suit with pink flowers on it and in line with wanting to make the most of my remaining time with them, I grabbed an ice cube from her drink and quickly sat over her stomache. I said something about her looking really hot too and ran the ice cube over her thighs (not too high up as I didn't want it to be too obvious what I was doing). Unsuprisingly, she screamed and writhed around underneath me and I loved the feeling of her skin rubbing against my cunt. Mike really loved this too as of course it was a mix of his cum and my juices that I was rubbing over her and when I stood up, I noticed he was holding the picnic bag in a strategic manner!

I didn't stay on her for too long in case it became obvious that I was naked under the dress, but I will certainly remember the feeling for a long time. Rach had already sat up in a defensive position by the time I had gotten off Holly so I couldn't repeat it with her, but I warned her that out of fairness I would have to do the same to her at a future date.

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