Tuesday, 26 May 2009

New friends

Not that there is anything wrong with my current friends, but Mike and I are trying to get to know a few 'alternative' people in order to broaden our horizons. It all started when we overheard a comment in Edge (one of the cafe's on campus about a party.

Mike had met me for lunch (he sometimes pops along to Uni) and we were sitting chatting and overheard a couple of girls talking about getting off with people at a party. It was difficult to hear too much as they were talking fairly quietly and giggling to each other and the cafe was fairly noisy. Fortunatly, Mike has fairly good hearing and relayed a fair amount of what they said to me (well, enough for us to make sense of the conversation anyway).

From what we could gather, the party was a fairly wild one (by the standards of the ones I go to anyway) and many people had ended up getting off with each other throughout the night (that bit isn't so bad, given it's how I met Jen!). However, it seems that by the end of the evening, some of these couples were semi naked and making out while still surrounded by people. We didn't catch a lot of the names, but someone who sounded like Anastasia got off with someone who fingered her on the sofa in full view of everyone (I don't think they saw her pussy, just the guy's hand up her skirt and it was fairly clear what they were doing).

I'm not quite ready to try this sort of thing in front of my friends, but we're hoping to try to get to know some of the people from this group and go to some of their parties - if they are always as fun as this one, we might get a chance to do things while surrounded by people.


  1. I want to come and watch you two! Still waiting for my invite :) left you some mail at the fap Andi

  2. I think Mike would prefer cute girls to come and watch us (or join us - but then Jen might complain about that bit!)