Saturday, 16 May 2009

Out in the rain

I had an interesting conversation with my housemates earlier in the week about my exploits last week (the rather loud cum), but I'll write about that another time so I can actually write about something that happened today...

The weather here has been somewhat wet over the past few days. Today started out quite nice - reasonably warm and mostly sunny, but by late morning it has tarted to rain, off and on. We wanted to go into town to have a wander round and Mike dared me to wear a thin dress. I picked out a cotton shift dress and we headed out.

I had a flesh coloured bra on underneath and as usual for this time of year, no panties. We got rained on a little on the way in, and I was wet, but it wasn't too cold. The wetter my dress got though, the more it stuck to my skin. Early afternoon, we had quite a heavy shower and I got completely soaked through - by this point, the dress was almost moulded to my body and was a bit more transparent than when I had put it on.

It wasn't as if it had become seethrough or anything, but Mike said he could see a patch of dark where the little tuft of hair I'm growing back on my mons is. The best thing was, nobody could have said anything to be about being nearly naked as I had a dress on and I had 'just happened' to be caught out in the rain. My hair was a bit of a mess so I ended up ducking into a toilet and brushing it back into a ponytail so it looked a lot neater.

By the time we had finished in town, I was beginning to feel a bit cold so we hurried home and had a nice warm-up session in bed. Mike seems to really like my little tuft of hair and will lie beside me and play with it between us having sex. He got a trimmer a few weeks ago so I can now easily keep it at a nice short length (not so short that it willbe prickly).

He also shaves around his cock now - not bald, but with the trimmer (on a number 1 setting). It makes his cock look quite a bit bigger and means I can now lick and suck him without getting hairs in my mouth. I'm still not overly keen on the taste of boy-cum (Jen-cum is another matter!), but the minty tingle gel is still working wonders.

We have tried a couple of the other gels from the range, but the 'heat' one turned out to be far too hot and more than a tiny drop of it wasn't fun - Mike had to rapidly lick it off my clit after a minute or so.

We're still in bed at the minute trying to decide what to do this evening. A group of people are going out so we'll probably join them, but I'm having my ass pulled up in the air so we might not be getting ready just yet...


Mmm - I was going to try and write while we fucked doggy style, but it wasn't working to well so I just enjoyed it.

We have come up with a new plan that would have been really fun if we'd thought of it earlier this afternoon - we'll work on it and maybe try to put it into practice next weekend.

We think we've found a way to keep lots of cum in my pussy. The idea is that we will fuck as usual, and Mike will cum in inside me, but when he pulls out, I'll put something like a dental dam over my pussy and put on a pair of tight panties. We'll repeat this until he's cum in me as many times as he can (probably three) and try to use positions that keep my cunt raised in the air so that as much as possible stays inside me.

When we're done, I'll keep the panties and dam on while I shower and dress (maybe change the panties for a dry pair!) and then we'll go out. At some point in the evening, I can then either slip the dam out of my panties and feel the panties get soaked with his cum, or simply slip both the dam and panties off and let multiple loads of cum run down my legs.

I have no idea if this will work the way we think, but at the very least we'll get to fuck three times so it'll be fun trying it out :)


  1. Dear Andi,

    As an alternative means of getting Your cunt full of cum, why not get Mike to use condoms? You can then squeeze the contents into a sealable plastic container and freeze it. When You have as much cum as You want, simply allow it to thaw and put inside You with a turkey baster. For best results, do this AFTER Mike has fucked You three times!



  2. you will find your cunt will absorb the excess spunk, and it wont leak out as you expect....but give it a shot and report the results.

  3. This is going to make your pussy stink. At the same time the idea of you letting lose a huge load to run down your legs turns me right the fuck on!

  4. 3 replies in one here...

    I'm not too keen on the condom idea - firstly, I much prefer bareback (as does he), and secondly, I'd much rather just have him cum directly in me (even after all this time together, it feels a lot more intimate).

    Will I really absorb more of it? It usually leaks out even the next day. I think I'm more concerned about it dripping out while we have sex the 2nd or 3rd time.

    I don't usually find that Mike's cum smells after it's been in me (or when dripping out of me). I'm not planning on keeping it in there for days or anything!