Sunday, 10 May 2009

Strongest orgasm ever?

This is the second time I've written this - I had it pretty much finished and then the stupid computer crashed - grr. This version isn't quite as good as the first one as it didn't feel as exciting writing it the second time.


So after Mike heaard about Jen using two dildos on me, he wanted to have a play with DP. We have done this before, but the way we have usually done it is with me I kneeling on the bed or bending over something so he can take me from behind - he fucks my pussy and pumps his thumb into my ass (he can get it quite deep in).

He had tasted both Jen and I from the double dildo when I had got back on the Sunday and he got it all lubed up and ready for action. We played around for a bit to get warmed up (the usual lot of kissing, him fingering and licking me and me rubbing and sucking him). We actually got a bit carried away and were going at it fairly hard (and may well have just kept going if we hadn't knocked the dildo off the bed and it had reminded us of the plan.

We've been working on our dirty talk again (it's probably no more explicit than it used to be, we're just doing it more) and Mike told me "kneel down so I can fuck your tight little cunt and fill your ass with this" (while holding the dildo). He tongued my ass a few times and licked some of my cunt juices over (and into) it to make sure I was wet enough. I knelt on the bed and he slipped his cock into me - as we had been fucking already it slid in easily and he pumped into me a few times. He then pulled out slightly and I felt the head of the dildo pressed up against my ass. I pressed back and felt my ass streach around it and then felt it pop inside me.

Mike worked it in to my ass, a little bit deeper with each push so we could see how much would fit in me (about half of it) and then he started fucking me again. Now Mike's cock is a bit bigger than the dildo, and in turn, the dildo is a bit bigger than Jen's vibe, so I felt quite a bit more filled than I had when Jen and I played. We experimented with ways to work it - either alternating, so either Mike or the dildo was deep in me, or having them both in me at the same time. In the end, it turned out to be easier for me to reach around and work the dildo while Mike fucked me.

He said he could feel the shape of the head of the dildo sliding against his cock and he said he was going to cum soon. I tried to catch up to him, but he soon pulled me tight against him and I felt the familiar warmth of his cum shooting deep in my cunt. He stayed inside me though and reached underneath me to play with my clit. Between the extra stimulation, his cock still in me and the dildo in my ass, it didn't take me long to cum - and it was a fairly strong orgasm (I've been having quite a few of those recently, but I'm not complaining!)

While I lay there recovering, he rummaged around in my drawer and retrieved the vibrating egg (the powerful one, not the remote one). He joined me on the bed again, pulled my ass back up in the air and slid the dildo into my cunt (he assures me that he used the clean end of it). He reached around and held the egg against my clit and i felt his cock pressing against my ass. I was 
still a bit sensitive, only just having finished cumming, but he wanted to play, and it didn't take long before the egg was having an affect on me and I started to press back against him.

He told me to take the egg, so I did and positioned it properly against my clit. Mike pressed harder against me and I felt his cock slide into my ass. I had been streached by the dildo, so he went in fairly easily (but slowly, a little with each push) and he was soon almost all the way inside me. As I was using my spare hand to hold the egg against my clit (the other hand was holding me up), Mike had to work the dildo this time. After a few attempts, he found the best way to hold it and pump it into me (I found that I enjoyed alternating strokes to be best) and started working me in earnest. We had quote a filthy conversation which we fucked - along the lines of "do you like having your little ass and cunt filled at the same time... do you want me to fill your ass with my cum?..." Of course, I would never say anything rude so my answers were perfectly ladylike :)

I don't know if it was because I was still sensitive, or just the combination of the egg and two holes being filled, but I was the first one to cum this time. It wasn't as powerful as the previous orgasm, but was still quite intense and I let myself moan into my pillow. When I finished cumming, I let the egg fall away fro my clit, but Mike told me to pick it up and keep it there until he came. I managed to find it again and put it back where it had been - when it first touched my clit I almost dropped it once more though as it sent a shock through me.

I managed to get it back in position though and coped with the way it felt. Mike was a bit mean and held back until the sensation was really too much to bear and I was begging him to cum. Eventually, he rammed the dildo into my cunt and his cock deep into my ass and let out a moan. He collapsed onto me and we rolled onto our sides. I immediately let go of the egg but I still had his (softening) cock in my ass and the dildo slowly sliding out of my cunt and I realised that I was completely soaked in sweat.

My clit (and maybe my whole pussy) was still tingling and after a few minutes, his cock had shrunk enough that it fell out of my ass and I could feel that both my holes were empty. I was still panting and when Mike moved down between my legs I tried to push him away, but he said it was okay and just gently kissed around my pussy. It was an incredibly tender way in which he kissed and licked me - not on my pussy itself (which would have been too much). Even so, my clit was still so stimulated, that the gently kisses started having an effect on me after a while.

I guess afte the amount of time we've been together and the thousands of orgasms we've shared (it really is that many, we figured it out), Mike can read me responses quite well. He started licking closer to my lips and sucking on them and then finally started licking between my lips. When he touched my clit I remember letting out a long "aaaahhhhhh' and pulling his head against me.

It felt very different from usual - as if I could feel every lick deep inside me. He kept licking and it felt as if I was going to cum very quickly, but every time I thought I was going to cum it jsut kept building. Mike says I was humping against his face, grinding my cunt on his mouth and I'm glad he didn't try to tease me as I don't know what that would have done. The last thing I clearly remember is him lifting my ass in the air so he could lick me more easily and me pressing my cunt up into his face, beggin him to make me cum.

When it hit me, it felt really, really intense - possibly the strongest cum I've ever had - certianly the strongest in a long time. I'm sure it was a multiple orgasm (I haven't had one of those for a while) - I think I remember at elast three explosions that went through my whole body. Mike said I was panting and screaming and from the state of the covers afterwards, I had really been pulling at them. I don't know how else to describe the way it felt other than like a hundred orgasms at the same time that seemed to last for ages.

When I couldn't take any more, I pushed Mike away from me and lay panting - he knelt between my legs and jacked himself off and quickly came over me (not too much, but I guess he had already cum twice in me that night). It took me a long time to recover and he tried to kiss my pussy again but it kind of felt like I'd cum too hard and broken it!

When we finally went downstairs, Rach and Holly asked what on earth we had been getting up to (I'm sure they can often hear what we do, so I have no idea what I was actually saying or how loud it was in order to make them comment!). We apologised, but Holly actually said she wished her bf could make her feel like that (oh if only I could help her out!)

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  1. If you ever want to have two cocks to cum in you, may I offer my services. :) You know where to get hold of me.