Friday, 29 May 2009

Using food

I hope I can get some feedback on this - either directly from some girls or from guys who've helped girls do this...

In a lot of the pics I find online with girls fucking cucumbers/courgettes/carrots... they have the item covered with a condom. I'm aware of the need to wash the food properly before using it (to avoid yeast or other infections), but I wonder if I should always use a condom on it too?

I prefer the feeling of the veg directly on my pussy and part of the aim is to get it covered in my juices (but I could always rub it over my cunt afterwards to achieve that I guess). So my question is - does anyone reading this use food and if so, do you use a condom or go bareback with it?

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  1. I posted about using a cucumber anally recently if you would like to read about it. I personally do not use a condom over them because I throw them away right after I'm finished using it. I don't have a pussy tho so I cant comment on that. I do know that people use toys on porous toys because they are going to be using them again. Again, I do not. I prefer to use a bleach solution or boil or soak them in antibacterial soap after use.