Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Wonderful chat

It seems like this happened quite a while ago now, but I haven't had time to write about it so here goes...

We (Rach, Holly and I) had a girly night in a few days after my incredible orgasm. We used to do this a lot more, but between work, boyfriends (I can't remember if I mentioned that they both have bf's now and I'm not going to go back and search!), we haven't had much 'quality' time together.

I think my influence has begun to get to them and over the past year or so we are a bit more open about discussing sex . Of course we talked about it before, but as time as gone on, the conversations have become more detailed. Even so, we didn't talk on a really explicit level (and we still don't talk the way I do on here), but after a few glasses of wine, Holly asked me just what we had been doing when I'd been making all the noise.

I apologised again (and apparantly turned quite red) and they said that it's not as if they hadn't heard us before, but they had really wondered what we were doing as it sounded different than usual. I got my own back by pointing out that we have heard Holly having sex and cumming a number of times (it's a wonderful sound - now I just need to see it!).

As I mentioned, we don't talk in the detail I write on here so I gave them quite an edited version. I told them that Mike had fucked me twice, using a vibe on my clit the second time and then had gone down on me immediately afterwards.

Rach made a comment that she wouldn't be able to cope with that as she would be too sensitive, so I described in a little more detail how he managed to get it just right and just gently kissed around my pussy (we do use the 'P' word) until I was ready and then started things properly. I tried to describe to them just how the orgasm felt and how strong it was, but I still can;t really find a way to describe it. In turn. they said that it sounded wonderful.

Rach asked me if Mike liked licking me after he'd cum in me and I tried to not tell her that he didn't cum in my cun the second time without mentioning where he was fucking me, but in the end it got out that the second time had been anal. Rach was quite open about having had her ass fucked a few times and Holly says it is something she has never done but then seemed a little curious as to how it felt. Rach told her that she enjoyed it sometimes, but had to be in the right mood for it (which sounds about right).

Given I had told them a lot more detail than usual, I said it was only fair for them to do the same so we ended up sharing a lot more information than usual. I found out that Rach shaves herself but leaves a patch above her pussy (similar to the way I'm growing mine now) and Holly doesn't, but is considering it. (Hmm, maybe some hints of Lis fro mthe slumber party story here...?) They both already knew that I shaved so I didn't have much new information to add to that part of the conversation. I did ask just what colour Holly's pubic hair was and found out that it is a dark brown colour.

Holly is still in the new romantic part pf her relationship and is still getting used to her new bf (he's not the first guy she's slept with, but it's been a while since she has had sex - which I really don't understand as she is incredibly cute and must have had lots of guys after her). I think she needs to train her bf as he doesn't always seem to spend enough time making sure she is enjoying their lovemaking. I told her to be a bit more open about what she wants him to do with her and let go to really enjoy it.

When I said this, Rach made a comment along the lines of "Oh great, all I need is for two of you to be screamers". Of course, when I pointed out that I'd heard Rach fucking a couple of times (and Holly backed me up on that, but her room is closer to Rach's), Rach did conceed that it can be fun. The idea of Holly letting go and making a bit more noise really turns me on and I just hope if she does, it happens on a night I'm at home and not at Mike's place!

I know we chatted about a few more things, but I forgot to make notes afterwards so I can't remember much more (nothing to do with the wine, honest). Since then though, Mike and I have used the extra information when having sex - at least now I can visualise what the might look like naked a bit better :)


  1. Thats really sexy girl talk. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed the part where the three of you talked about anal sex.

  2. I love that girl-talk.
    My gawd, I'd get nothing done there, just listening to you all.
    Such a turn-on.

    Love to be ale to help Holly with becoming more open myself; I love showing and teaching that, my thing.

    Oh and cumming in a womans ass is truly erotic, I love when her eyes widen, as she feels it.

  3. I know Mike would love to have her join us so we could teach her together (and Jen seems to quite like her too - not surprising given the way she looks!)