Monday, 29 June 2009

In front of sis - final part

The last few days have bene pretty hectic - much partying and some sad goodbyes to friends who are leaving. We haven't had time (or been sober enough) to finish off the story until now, so here goes...


Mike was kneeling over me and his cock was standing out in front of him. It was fairly easy to tell that he wanted to cum and as I recovered from my orgasm, the thought of letting Sue watch us fuck properly helped me get ready again even quicker than usual.

I pulled Mike onto me and felt his cock rubbing over my pussy - not entering me, but just sliding the length of my lips. It felt really nice, but I thought that given how far we'd already gone, we should do things properly so I told him to lie on his back. He seems to enjoy me being on top and I thought it would give a much better view. He rolled over and we ended up a fair bit closer to Sue (his legs were on top of at least one of hers) and I started moving so that his cock continued to rub netween my pussy lips.

He was pressing back against me and I thought it wasn't really fair to tease him so I sat up and positioned his cock at my cunt and slid down onto it. Sue was positioned slightly behimd me at this point so I bent forwards and moved up and down on his cock. I asked Mike if she was watching and he told me she was. He reached around to my ass and spread my cheeks apart and I knew she would be able to see my pussy riding up and down on him.

It was probably one of the most arousing feelings I can remember. I guess I'd known for ages that I wanted to fuck with someone watching, but if I'd known just how good it felt, I'd have done it sooner. Unfortunately a few of the people who are in the sex party scene that we'd met are undergrads so they have gone now and so I don't know if anything will be happening over the summer.

Mike was pushing back against me as I slid down his cock and our fucking was becoming more forceful. His fingers were playing around my asshole - not really inside me, but just pressing against it a bit. Mike asked Sue to let him see her and she moved onto the other side of him and closer to the head of the bed. I sat up and gave he a good view of my cunt swallowing his cock as we pumped against each other.

At one point he pulled her hand away from her pussy (gently pulled, he didn't force her) and sucked her fingers. I didn't mind him tasting her like that, but I was a bit worried he'd want to do more as I know that one of his favourite fantasies is to have a girl riding him while another sits over his face and he eats her. While I'm sure that would have been very hot to see - I wasn't ready for anything like that to happen (and not with Suz) so I was relieved that it didn't go any further.

We watched her playing with herself while we continued to fuck and after a little while Mike said he really wanted to cum. He pulled me down on top of him and started slamming into my pussy harder and faster. I usually cum quite quickly when he does this and was already fairly close so it took hardly any time before I felt my orgasm really building. Mike said to me that we should put on a really good show and I think we managed it - we were both quite vocal - I was telling him to fuck me harder and he was telling me how good my cunt felt and how he was going to fill it with cum.

Mike was alternating between kissing me and looking over at Sue who apparantly had her legs spread and her fingers plunging into her cunt. He told me to cum and I think it was probably the only time that I could have held back and outlasted him (but I don't see why I would have wanted to!) and I pushed back as hard as I could against him.I came with him pounding into my cunt and his fingers pushing into my ass and I made enough noise that Sue must have known how good it felt.

Mike came very soon afterwards (he said he'd had to try really hard to hold back) and when we had finished we both watched Sue finish herself off. She was already very flushed and it only took her a little while. She had two fingers in herself and was rubbing her clit with her other hand. She still wasn't that loud when she came, but it looked like she enjoyed it.

When her orgasm had ended, she offered her fingers to Mike and I gave him a nod to go ahead. He sucked one clean and offered the other one to me. I said no (actually, more like 'eeew') but a little part of me wishes I had found out what she tasted like (and no, I don't think our next encounter will end up with me eating her - sorry!)

We chatted quite a bit after that and managed to get a lot of details out of Sue about her past sex life which I'll post when I get some more time (I still want to continue the slumber party story too). We slept naked that night and I think Mike enjoyed spooning with us both (not inside Sue, just rubbing against her ass). It was probably just as well she was only visiting for the weekend as it means we all have time to absorb what happened - the summer hols are starting soon though so there may be another few visits coming...


We've had really hot & humid weather (for England anyway) over the past few days and that means really wet, sticky, sweaty sex. It means lots of washing of bedclothes, but it feels really good :)

Friday, 26 June 2009

People leaving

I'd hoped to write the last part of last weekends tails up, but a fe of my friends who are in the 3rd year are leaving Uni this weekend so I'm spending the last few days with them. Just to keep you all interested, we did end up fucking openly in front of Sue - but I'll save the details for later as we're off out now

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

In front of sis - part 4

Andi didn't have time to get this written and she's off out with friends at a concert tonight so she's left it to me to write this entry (this is Mike typing). I've often helped her in writing the entries over the past 11 months, but I've never written an entry myself before. Given how much people seem to be liking the story so far I'm a bit nervous about trying to carry it on but I'll give it a go. If it turns out really badly and people don't like it then we'll delete it and Andi can retell this part of the weekend.


We didn't do too much during the day on Sat - just wandered around town, had some food and went shopping (for clothes of course, I didn't have much choice as I was outvoted 2-1). I didn't fondle Andi as much as usual as I was still getting used to playing with her with Sue around. Don't get me wrong, I had loved showing off to her and I was in heaven when I was able to look at both of them naked. I knew that I wanted to carry on with things that night but it just felt different being around Sue out of the bedroom. She was only 15 when I first met her and she sort of adopted me as an older brother and even though we'd seen the naked pics of her last year, I was still not used to thinking of her sexually 'in the flesh'.

We returned home in the late afternoon and even though I'm prettu sure that we all wanted the same thing, nobody said anything. We had dinner and settled down to watch a film and I thought that the best thing to do would be just to behave the way we usually would. We were all sitting on the sofa and I started to stroke Andi's leg starting at her knee and slowly working up under her skirt. She spread her legs a bit and I moved around so I could more easily get my hand higher up her thigh and we kissed.

It was obvious that we weren't going to finish watching the film and I suggested that we head upstairs. We would usually have fooled around on the sofa but I wanted to make sure Sue could see (and we could see her). We got up to my bed and as Andi sat down I pushed her back, lifted her skirt and started to eat her. She seemed suprised that Andi was naked under her skirt and so I asked her what she had on. I had hoped she would show us but she just said a pair of pink knickers. Andi told her that she pretty much never wore panties while I continued to eat her. Sue was standing behind me so had a much better view of what I was doing than she had that morning and I spread Andi's cunt lips wide open so Sue could watch properly.

Andi reached over and grabbed her egg. I thought she was going to use it on her clit, but she handed it to Sue and told her to give it a try. Sue sat near me and slipped it under her skirt and after pressing the wrong button a few times, it started buzzing. I was trying to make Andi cum and watch Sue at the same time and had to ask her to lift up her skirt so I could see what she was doing. She stood up and slipped it off and I could now see her panties - they were a very light pink colour and looked really cute as Sue ran the egg over them.

I slipped a finger into Andi's cunt and pumped it into her as I licked her clit. When I next looked over, Sue had the egg in her panties and really seemed to be enjoying it (I would love to know what it feels like for a girl to have her clit stimulated). I told her if she took her panties off, I would show her something special. She put on her little girl face and said "You do it onii-chan" (both Sue and I really like anime, but she hasn't called me that before - I found out she likes some of the same hentai that I do).

I crawled up Andi's body and slipped into her and asked her if I could. She remonded me that I wasn't allowed to fuck her but I could help her undress. I thanked her and told her she'd get to cum lots and moved back down her body and gave her clit a quick lick before moving over to Sue. I lifted off her top and unsnapped her bra and threw them onto the floor. She was now sitting in just her panties and I slid my hands down to her hips and gently pulled them down. Sue raised her ass a bit and I pulled them down and off her body leaving her naked. I told her to lie back against the wall and guided her hand which was holding the egg back to her pussy. I let her position it and then I changed the speed on the control to medium power. This is where Andi usually uses it and it is considerably more powerful than the low setting (she's held it against my cock to demonstrate) and Sue gasped.

I had been fingering Andi with my other hand and she grabbed me and pulled me back to her. I was obviously very horny by this point and didn't see why I should be the only one clothed so I quickly stripped and stood beside the bed. I grabbed some of the tingle gel and rubbed it over my cock and offered it to Andi. She started sucking me and I reached over to rub her clit again. I really wanted to cum but I had a feeling that it would be really strong so I just allowed Andi to gently suck me while I played with her cunt.

Sue asked what the gel was and I handed her the bottle and told her to use just a little bit. She squeezed some onto the egg and ran it over her pussy (which was already looking quite wet). I had a much better view than I'd had earlier that day and I could see her outer lips spreading around the egg as she stroked it up and down. She said she could feel the tingling and I guessed she was getting close to cumming from the amount she was getting flushed (just like her sister). I squirted some of the gen onto Andi's cunt and worked it over her clit and as deep into her as I could get with the awkward angle.

Andi wasn't paying as much attention to my cock now (but still giving the odd irregualr suck) and it was probably just as well. As she's mentioned before, I'm pretty good at holding back, but it's not easy to not cum with 2 naked sisters on the same bed! Sue came and as she did so, she seemed to be rubbing the egg really hard over her cunt. It looked like it was almost going to slide right into her every time she pushed it down over her vagina. I wanted Andi to cum so I pulled her to the bottom of the bed and crouched down and ate her again. She had been quite close and it didn't take long. She had a much louder orgasm than Sue and I had to hold on. I tried to copy what I did when she had the monster orgasm a few weeks back and kept working on her cunt until she had completely finished and then gently kissed around it.

Both the girls seemed to be quite satisfied but I was now ready to burst and was going to just cum over Andi (ahem, or maybe Sue) but really wanted to fuck properly without covers in the way so had to reign myself in.


This is harder that I thought (as am I now!) I think I might let Andi finish it off as I don't think I can properly copy her style.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

In front of Sis - Part 3

This is taking longer to write than I thought it would, but every time we try to write it, we get - distracted... I was still asleep for the first part of this entry so I'm going off what Mike told me...

He woke up and was snuggled up against Sue - his cock was pressed against her (but she still had her PJs on). He claims that he moved away from her as soon as he realised it wasn't me (but I'm sure he might have pressed against her just a little bit while he knew what he was doing!) Okay, I'm being a bit unfair - I do actually truse him completely and know that he's not going to cheat on me.

Anyway - Sue had felt him against her and made a comment about it and they chatted for a bit. They obviously spoke about the previous night and also about our holiday and Mike started to gather a few more details of her exploits. Sue told him that she thought we did a lot more oral sex and he asked her if she wanted to see how he often woke me up.

She did want to see it, so he slipped under the covers and moved down between my legs. As usual, he pushed them open a bit and started kissing around my pussy, gradually spending more time on my pussy. It was about this point that I woke up and spread my legs for him and only remembered that Sue was there when one of them bumped into her (I hadn't completely woken up beofre that point).

Mike licked me as usual and it felt good (as usual). After a few minutes he came up for air and said that he'd have to pull the covers off (it was quite warm with 3 of us in the bed). Looking back, I guess it was a fairly big step as even though Sue had watched us fuck the previous night, she hadn't actually seen anything other than my breasts. I was already fairly turned on though and it didn't help that Mike was rubbing his cock against my pussy as we decided what to do so I just went for it and pushed the covers off to the side.

Mike whispered "Now lets show her properly" and moved back down to my pussy. Sue was watching us closely and he looked at her before he spread my lips and started eating me. Once again, it felt a little strange being watched, but I liked it and just enjoyed the feeling. Mike went all out and licked both my cunt and ass (but I doubt Sue could tell exactly where he was licking as she was still up at the top of the bed).

When I looked over at her, she was playing with herself again and Mike said that it wasn't fair that she could see us naked. He asked her to at least open her top and after she had looked at me, she did this.As he continued to eat me, I saw him watching Sue fondle her breasts and I imagine looking at her hand in her PJ bottoms which was busily working away.

Mike told her (or both of us) that he would only make me cum after Sue had cum. I was fairly close and didn't want to have to wait too much longer and so just said "please" to Sue. She later said that she thought about taking ages to cum so I would be teased, but fortunatly she didn't decide to do this and kept rubbing her pussy (still hidden in her PJs). Mike kept me quite close to cumming and I was moaning a fair amount which seemed to encourage Sue who made a little more noise than the previous night. Pretty much as soon as Sue came, Mike licked me harder and I came. He kept going, putting less pressure on my clit as my orgasm went on and I think I outlasted Sue (but she did start first).

As I came down from my orgasm, Mike crawled up on top of me, rubbed his cock against my pussy and said something like "Now it's my turn". I thought he was going to fuck me again, but he knelt between my legs and started stroking his cock. It was obvious that he wanted to let Sue see him cumming over me so I started stroking myself (he loves watching me do that). It seems that two women cumming at (almost) the same time got to him and I could tell from the way his hand was moving that it wouldn't take him long so I grabbed my egg and put it against my clit.

Sue's top had been discarded at some point, but Mike said "Don't we get to see any more" to her and tugged at one of the legs of her PJs - not enough to actually take them off, but it was obvious that he wanted her to. He had slowed down his pumping so I knew he was fialry close but holding back and I was taking the opportunity to catch up with him. Using the egg it doesn't take my very long to cum so I was certainly getting there. Mike was still encouraging Sue to disrobe and she ended up slipping her PJ bottoms down to her thighs and straightened her legs.

We assume that she was offering to be naked, but abdicating responsibility for it - Mike was quite happy to take responsibility though and pulled at each leg in turn until they were mostly around her ankles. At this point, Sue slipped them off and we were all naked for the first time. Mike had held out long enough and came fairly quickly after this point - I found out where all the cum he'd saved from the previous two days had gone! He squirted a lot more than usual and the first few sent a stream that lasted from my belly to my face. There were another 4 or 5 decent squirts of cum that landed on my stomache and breasts and this was enough to help me finish up and I came for the second time.

Sue commented that it was an awful lot of cum (neither of us mentioned that it was more than usual) and Mike ran a hand over my body, smearing it over my breasts, neck, face and pussy. He lifted his cum covered hand and made a scary motion (I don't know how to describe it, but I'm sure you know what I mean) and threatened to cover Sue with it - she backed away at first, but then pushed her breasts out. Mike looked at me and I nodded aproval (he isn't a breast guy so I didn't think it was that big a thing) and he rubbed his cum into one of her breasts. Sue squealed as he did this, but wasn't trying to push him away.

We all lay down and pulled the covers back over us (my skin had absorbed most of his cum by that point so I wasn't too sticky). We talked more about sex and once again how we wished we done this sooner. Sue asked if we ever used condoms and I told her that I was on the pill (I thought she had known that). Mike checked that she used birth control and she put on her little girl face and said "Yes big brother, I always use condoms" (she always talks to him like that when he's being brotherly - which given the situation was somewhat bizaar). It turns out that she's never had sex without a condom (one of her bf's has been inside her briefly without one).

After we'd chatted for a while, we decided that we actually had to get up if we were going to do anything that day. It felt a bit strange being naked out of bed so we all had dressing gowns on while we had breakfast, but they weren't done up as tight as they could have been.


That took a lot longer than we thought it would so the final part tomorrow (although I have a concert to go to in the evening so I hope I get time to write it).

Monday, 22 June 2009

In front of sis - Part 2

Sorry for not finishing yesterday - Sue called to say she had got back to Uni and we ended up chatting for a bit and then I phoned Jen to tell her about the weekend.


So, we were all under the covers and Mike was rubbing my pussy - Sue knew that he was doing something to me, but couldn't see anything so didn't know exactly what. I could see that Sue was interested (she had the same look as when we teased people on holiday). Mike encouraged her by reminding her that she had already sunbathed naked beside me and had played with herself and once again she went bright red and said that she couldn't believe I had told him.

Sue said something like "Well it looks like you're going to do it anyway so I may as well watch" and she moved over slightly to give us more room. Mike pushed his fingers into my cunt and I twisted round to kiss him. He pulled my nightdress up while we kissed and started playing with my nipples while he rubbed his thigh aainst my pussy. He was whispering all sorts of things to me about my little sis watching us and that she was going to see us fuck and watch us cum.

The whole situation, coupled with having abstained for 2 days, meant that I was incredibly horny and knew I wouldn't last long. I moved onto my back and pulled off my nightdress so I was naked (but still mostly covered). It was odd how I felt about it - I'd been naked with Sue on the beach but this was (or was going to be) very different so I was a bit nervous. Mike was fingering my clit, pussy and ass while we kissed and I was trying to hold my orgasm back but knew I was losing. He started kissing my neck but before it had too much of an effect on me, he moved his head down to my breasts.

I watched him licking my nipples and knew this was the first thing that Sue could actually see (she could see the covers moving where his hand was playing with me, but not my flesh) and I looked over at her. She was playing with her breasts through her top and avidly watching what Mike was doing to me. After a little while, she noticed I was looking at her and smiled back at me before returning her attention to Mike.

Mike started kissing my neck again and I really couldn't hold back any longer (I had thought he was going to fuck me, which is why I was trying to wait). I remember my head was bent back to let him kiss and lick my neck and his fingers were playing with my clit. I was panting and Mike kept telling me to let Sue hear me cum. I knew that we were way past the point of being embarressed about anything so I let myself start to moan - not too loud, but enough that it was clear that I was close.

I looked over at Sue again and the way the covers were lifted between us, I could see she had a hand between her legs. I assumed she could see Mike's hand playing with me (it turns out that she couldn't, but the thought that she was really watching drove me over the edge). I grabbed Mike's hand and pressed it hard against my cunt and came.

It was such a delicious feeling, I knew I was being closely watched and really wanted to make it last. Every time I felt a wave of the orgasm pulse through my cunt I gound MIke's hand against me until I got too sensitive and had to stop. He kissed me again and I could feel him rubbing his cock against my leg and knew that he was as desperate to cum as I had been.

When we looked over at Sue, she just said "That was quick". It had apparantly only taken a few minutes even though it had felt quite a bit longer. Mike told her that I can cum a lot more than he can so he often makes me cum before we fuck. He licked his fingers clean and started playing with my nipples again. Sue was looking a bit flushed herself and her hands hadn't stopped moving over her body (through her PJs). Mike reached under the covers and pulled his boxer shorts off and threw them onto the floor (I assume so that Sue would know he was now naked too) and rolled me onto my side facing her.

He reached around me from behind and cupped my left breast and played with the nipple. His cock was rubbing against my ass and he slipped it between my legs so it ran along the length of my cunt. He asked Sue if she wanted to know what we were doing and she just said "Uh-huh". He described to her what was happening under the covers - along the lines of:

"My cock is rubbing against her pussy... I can feel her juices covering me... I'm sliding into her hot little cunt..." Sue was getting visibly mroe aroused by all this and she moved out from under the covers and knelt up. We both watched her - she had one hand inside her top and the other was rubbing her crotch (still through her PJs). Mike was now deep inside me and pumping away quite quickly. His fingers had found my clit (from behind) and he continued to describe to her what we were doing.

He did an amazing job at holding back - I could feel my secong orgasm coming and he kept pounding in to me. Sue's top was mostly undone and we could see her playing with her nipples and her other hand was in her PJs by this point. Mike was panting in my ear and seemed to be talking to both of us: "Cum for me.. I'm going to fill her cunt with cum..."

I was apparantly moaning again in time with the fucking and Mike pressed harder on my clit and deeper into my cunt and I came. He says that he was trying to wait to see Sue cum, but he came fairly quickly once I did. I wasn't paying too much attention to Sue at this point, but he was and she started to work her hand even faster on her pussy. My orgasm had ended before her's hit and I got to see it quite well. Her body does the same thing as mine and she gets very flushed from the breasts up. When she came, she didn't make too much noise, but panted quite a bit.

Mike was clearly not going to miss the opportunity and was still pumping in my cunt even thuogh he'd just cum - not as hard or fast and sort of in time with Sue's pants. When she had finished and looked back at us properly, she seemed to get a bit shy again and pulled her hand out of her bottoms and pulled her top shut. I asked her if she had enjoyed watching and she said 'very much - that was amazing'. Mike said that she should have just knocked on the door years agao when she first watched and Sue said that she wished she had.

The drinks from earlier that night had begun to catch up with me and I had to go pee so I clambered over Mike and considered putting my nightdress on but decided not to bother. As I stood up I had expected a massive amount of cum to dribble out but there was much less that I had thuoght there would be. I went off to the bathroom and came back fairly quickly (I didn't really expect Mike to have mounted her or anything, but...)

I scooched back into bed and Mike snuggled up against me and slid into me again. He wasn't really fucking me, but was moving gently as we often do. Sue clearly felt the motion and asked if we were fucking again so I explained that we often fell asleep spooning. We chatted for a bit longer and shared a few more stories (nothing new to you guys) and Mike asked her about the blowjob at school. I could feel him move a bit faster as she described it and thuoght that he might actually start screwing me again, but he tells me that his orgasm had been really strong and he wasn't up to it.

After a while, we drifted off to sleep (but I had some wonderful dreams - I can't remember them in detail, but I woke up horny a few times in the night).

Sunday, 21 June 2009

In front of sis.

Mike and I had chatted for quite a while earlier in the week and had set boundaries as to what we would or wouldn't do. He knew that I didn't want him to fuck Sue, but that I didn't mind them seeing each other naked (things would have been somewhat difficult otherwise!)

Sue arrived at about 6 on Friday afternoon and after we had dropped her stuff off at Mike's place (his housemate was away this weekend), we went out for food and alcohol. We met up with a few of my friends that Sue had met before (Vicky, Anna and Hol & her bf were there) and had a fun evening. We weren't really drunk or anything, but were certainly quite merry by the time we went home.

Both Mike and I were very eager to see what would happen and quite worked up from not having cum for a few days (I don't think I've gone that long without an orgasm since I found out what they were like!). We got ready for bed and Mike had laid out a duvet on the floor for the two of us to sleep in, letting Sue have the bed as usual. Mike's bed is a bit bigger than mine (a queen size I think) and Sue said something about it not being fair for two of us to be on the floor and that she would sleep there.

I had been thinking all week (and thanks for the suggestions) as to how to push things along but Mike was the one who said that I had told him that Sue had said that we should just all share a bed (did you follow that?). I was kneeling down sorting out the covers on the floor and just stopped to see what she would say and she just replied "Sure, it's big enough" and climbed in.

Sue was on the side by the wall and I cilmbed in next to her. Mike turned off the main light and then sat on the edge of the bed, pulled off his trousers and slipped in beside me before turning on the side light. I could immediately feel why he'd got into bed before turning the light on as his cock felt hot and hard (I could even feel the heat through his boxers and my nightdress).

We were all propped up on our side, Mike and I facing Sue and we chatted for a bit about what our plans for the weekend were (we didn't mention what *our* plan was. As we talked, I could feel Mike's hand running over my body. It was quite gentle at first, just stroking up my side and onto the side of my breast, but as time went on he stroked more of my breasts and then over my ass.

He started stroking my body under my nightdress and Sue asked him what he was doing to me. I replied that he was just tickling me but she said it didn't look like I was being tickled. Mike told her that I had told him that Sue had said (on holiday) that she'd heard us fucking when she had visited before. Sue blushed, but didn't deny it and Mike continued and said that we were wondering if she would like to see or hear any more.

Sue looked a bit uncertain, but seemed interested and she asked me if I was okay with it. Mike's hand was between my legs and his fingers were almost on my clit. I really thought that it was going to happen by this point and opened my legs a little to allow his fingers access. I told Sue that we had talked about it and that Mike knew he wasn't allowed to do anything to her but we thought it might be fun to let her see.

Phone... will finish later

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Holding out

We've had an incredibly frustrating night. We both decided that we would abstain from sex (or cumming) for today and tomorrow in the hope that it would make anything that might happen on Fri/Sat even more enjoyable.

Mike has been a bit of a git though and has been teasing me and I really want to cum - from the look of his cock I think he feels the same way but we're going to hold out...

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


I'm rather drunk at the minute so this won't be very long as I have to keep correcting it...

I got to fulfill another fantasy of mine yeaterday - Mike had the afternoon off and we had planned to play in Hol's and Rach's rooms. We were on Rach's bed in a 69 position and Mike was fucking me with her new vibe while I sucked him when we heard a thunderstorm in the distance. We didn't stop immediately, but when it got closer (and I'd cum), we went out into the garden.

I've always wanted to fuck outside during a storm - it was quite a warm day and the rain was really heavy, but only a bit cool, but not too cold and we really went at it in the middle of the garden. Usually when we fuck outside, we have a blanket, but it just seemed right to roll around on the grass. The rain and thunder masked any noises we made so we were fairly loud and used more positions than usual (Mike on top with my legs up, me on top, Mike in my ass...)

We ended up with him cumming over me (mostly over my face and tits) - although the rain washed most of his cum off me. We had to have a shower afterwards as we were both fairly dirty with grass and mud and I ended up using the pulse mode on the shower to cum again.

Afterwards, on Holly's bed I managed to cum with her vibe in my ass and Rach's in my pussy (another first). Once I'd recovered Mike made me cum again using Rach's vibrating pad thing.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Topless sunbathing

It's finally nice again and our back garden is hot enough to sunbathe. I knew I had the place to myself for a while (we haven't seen much of Rach as she's been off with her new bf and Holly was in Uni until mid-afternoon) so I took the opportunity to lie out naked. As I've said before, even though our garden is fairly sheltered from the wind, the fence at the end of our garden isn't solid so anyone walking past on the back path could have seen me but I just ignored them. I played with my pussy a little, but not in a concerted manner and didn't get that close to cumming, (but it still felt really nice - maybe I'm learning restraint!).

I was already back indoors by the time Holly came home (I didn't want to burn) and had slipped my bikini back on. Holly was quite tired from work so I suggested that she joined me and I mixed us up some drinks (we thought we'd have some G&T) while she changed.

She had the same white bikini with little pink flowers that she looks really cute in (and I told her this). Despite our attempts to sunbathe, we are both still fairly pale as we use high factor cream to avoid burning. I actually think pale skin looks nicer on girls (nicer that the overly-tanned look anyway), but any colour skin would look good on Hol!

We lay out and she vented about her day but soon relaxed (she often does this). After a while, I asked her if she would mind if I went topless. She said that someone might see and indicated to the fence but I said I didn't think it would be a problem and I had done it earlier on. Hol said it didn't bother her so I slipped off my top and rubbed cream onto my breasts and we continued to chat.

When I lay on my front I got her to put some cream on my back and I did the same for her. She had undone her top when she was laying on her front and it felt really nice rubbing cream into her bare back and shoulders while I was half naked. I didn't spend too long doing this as I had other plans...

After about 10 mins of further chatting (what we were up to at the weekend and how things were going with her bf), I turned over onto my front. She soon followed suit, but held her top as she did so and then arranged it to keep her breasts covered. I teased her a bit and asked her why she didn't just take the top off completely and join me in being topless. Holly said she was scared that someone might look through the fence and see her.

I told her not to worry about it and went in to refresh our drinks - also trying to demonstrate that I wan't worried by remaining topless as I did so. I thought the best way to convince her would be to tell her (an edited version of) some of my exploits and told her that I'd been topless sunbathing at the picnic Mike and I had last weekend (I edited out the bit about having sex) and she seemed quite suprised that I would take that big a chance.

Hol really suprises me sometimes - we've known each other for years and she is well aware of just how much I enjoy sex - I would have thought that by now she would be used to anything I could do...

I tried again to get her to go topless - told her it would help get rid of strap lines and how nice it feels and I could see her weakening. She was still nervous about it and so I told her that I'd been sunbathing completely naked earlier in the afternoon.

She seemed really suprised (maybe shocked) at this and sat up (still holding her top in place) and asked me about it. I told her that I wanted a nice tan (as much as I can get anyway) and then added that it also just felt really nice to be naked. I told her a bit about my holiday with my sister and the naked sunbathing and that it wasn't really that big a deal as there were so many people doing it. (I may have exaggerated the number of people who were actually naked, but there were quite a few topless girls.)

I teased her again and she said that she didn't quite compare to me. I didn't quite get what she meant at first, but she told me that she thought her breasts were too small. Now mine are bigger than Holly's (she is a small B cup and I'm a DD or E ) but mine aren't huge by any meansand I really don't get the fascination with large breasts. I told her this and that I would much rather have smaller breasts.

Apparantly, one of her previous boyfriends had made some comments about wanting her tits to be bigger and it really upset her (and still does). We were sitting facing each other by this point and I told her that he was just a jerk and not to worry about it. I wasn't so worried about getting her topless now - it hadn't left my mind completely, but I was more worried about trying to convince her not to worry.

I told her that Mike wasn't really a breast man and wasn't bothered about the size of mine (I think if anything he would like them to be a bit smaller too). I ended up telling her that if I could choose for Jen (who is about the same size as Hol) to have breasts the same size as mine, I wouldn't want it as I think smaller breasts are much cuter.

It turns out that her current bf seems to like them well enough (apparantly he plays with them quite a bit) and so I told her once again to try going topless - and if anyone sees then not to worry about it and show off her cute breasts.

She lay down and then put her top down beside her. I saw her glancing at the fence a few times, but soon seemed to relax a bit more. I pointed out that she should use some suncream and she made a sarky comment about me just wanting to watch her rub her breasts. I made a comment back along the lines of "Well of course I do" but restrained from saying any more in case she realised *just* how much I wanted to see :)

I tried not to make it obvious I was watching, but I managed to catch a few glimpses out of the corner of my eye and I'm not going to forget the view in a hurry! Hol has really cute pink little nipples. Her aureole are smaller that almost any I've seen online and I wonder if that means they are more sensitive (do the same number of nerves get concentrated into the smaller area? If so, it must feel wonderful having them sucked or played with.)

I wondered if I should ask he if she minded if I stripped off completely but decided against it. I'm hoping that topless will now be the norm and maybe I can try naked with her later on. I assume that (if she agrees) I'll be the only one naked the first few times, but if all goes well I'll hopefully get to see her naked after all this time.

With a few more drinks, she seemed a lot more relaxed and admitted that she quite liked being topless (I can't believe she's never tried it before!)

After we'd been out for about an hour, we went back in. Holly's off out on a date tonight and I wanted to write this and then get some stuff packed to take over to Mike's place. I thought if I took a few things each time I go over it will be easier when it comes to the final move. If I'd known Holly would be out tonight as well, we would have been here tonight and would have made good use of Holly and Rach's rooms and toys!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Not much to report - just found out that Sue will be coming up on Friday night next week so we'll have two nights together. While we were chatting, I hinted that the floor can be quite hard and Suz laughed and said that we should just share the bed with her.

I saw my chance and replied "Yeah yeah, you just want to watch us fuck" - she just laughed at this, but didn't deny it, so fingers crossed...
I think we're going to get to go to some of the 'interesting' parties that I spoke about before. We've managed to make friends with the people we overheard talking and get along quite well with them. They seem to be a lot more open than many people I know and can match me for being filthy! I don't want to give the impression that any of my friends are prudes (except maybe Valerie and Jo), but it is nice to find some people that you can say pretty much anything to without shocking them.

As far as Sue visiting - it looks like she'll be coming over next weekend (not this one coming). I haven't asked her directly about watching Mike and I, but I think we both know that things have changed a bit and that this visit might be different from before. Mike and I have talked about it and are sure we want to give it a try (if Sue is willing) and he also knows that I don't want him to have sex with her.

In her usual style, Jen has said that is Sue goes for it this visit, she wants to repeat it with her when they finally meet (letting her see us that is - I don't want anyone else getting Jen as I like the idea of being the only person who has ever eaten her).

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Still no sun...

...well, not enough for more sunbathing anyway - and it's even been too cold to go out and properly enjoy myself with Mike in the evenings (we found quite a few nice little semi-secluded spots on the way to and from our picnic last week and were hoping to go back and mark each one of them as our own over the next few weeks/months. We'd like to try some in the day and some at night so I can try repeating something we did last year:

This was only in our back garden (the back garden of my house) - we snuck out late one night and put a blanket down on the grass and had quite a nice session right in the middle of the lawn. Our garden is fairly dark but not completely secluded so there was a slight risk we could have been seen (much more so if Holly or Rach had come downstairs and turned on the kitchen light).

If I remember correctly, Mike had fucked me until I came, but he hadn't cum in me as he wanted to eat me.
We had a mini-strawberries and cream session and I lay up on the patio table for it. We ended up leaving a fair amount smeared over the table and I remember my whole ass being covered by the end of it. To finish off the evening, I leant against a tree at the back of the garden (right beside the partially see-through fence with a path on the other side) and Mike took me from behind and pounded into me hard. He managed to hold on for quite a lot longer than I would have done so in his position and when he came and then pulled out, I had two kinds of cream running down my legs and we had to clean up in the kitchen before going back to bed.

So the part of the experience I want to try to recreate is the ending - standing up against a tree in a much more open area - maybe at the edge of a field or something, and being made to cum a number of times Maybe we could even spend a fair part of a night outdoors and trying out a lot of different positions and see how far we could go).

Both Sue and Jen are planning to come and visit soon and while I really like the idea of letting Sue watch me have sex (either by 'accident' or letting her really watch), I don't know which one of Mike or Jen I would prefer doing it with.

Mike certainly likes the idea - I think he's got past the idea of thinking of her as just a little sister (she wes only 15 when he first met her so I'm glad he didn't think of her like that back then!)

At the same time, I'd like Sue to meet Jen - but I guess it would be a rather extreme meeting "Hi - this is Jen - you want to watch her eat me?"

Hmm - I think I just made the decision - Sue and Jen can meet each other another time and I'll find a way to see if Sue is interested in watching us some more. I think after some of our holiday conversations and subsequent phone calls (some of which have been every bit as explicit!) she might be up for it. Following on from one of the comments left on an earlier post about fucking in the same room as Holly, I think Suz would be more likely to be up for that than little Holly would!

As I said, Mike loves the idea of Sue watching us (and I think he assumes that she will end up making herself cum so we can watch that) - the idea of seeing her being screwed really seems to be getting to him (he's currently running a finger around my ass and cunt and pressing harder into each as time goes on so I don't think this posting will be much longer.

Mmm - tingle gel now being rubbed into me and I have a finger in each hole. He wants to know if I'd like to see this happen to Suz...

I've been told that this is going to be an anal session - his cock is pressing against my asshole and between us we're slowly easing it in. This isn't the easiest position to type in - I've got my ass in the air so he can kneel behind me and rub my clit (and I hope he will use the egg later on) while he fucks my ass.

He's now inside me and I'm squeezing my ass around him (apparantly I'm very tight today). Mike is holding the egg on my clit so I'm not going to be writing for much longer...


Mmm - I came twice and may have let Holly know I was being fucked in the ass (she is downstairs so may not have heard). Mike's gone to clean up and we're heading down for some food so that will almost cretainly mean another session later on tonight when we go back to bed. I hope Holly's bf is coming over tonight so we can hear her again.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Noisy Holly

Unfortunately the weather didn't hold out for the sunbathing I had planned so I'm just hoping that it picks up again and  I can convince my friends to try topless in the back garden.

We had a good session of synchronised fucking with Holly and her bf last night (OK, so we were in our own rooms, but we could hear what they were doing and I'm sure they could hear what we were doing).

Holly seems to have taken Rach and my advice as well and seems to be asking for what she wants to do (or have done to her). I never thought she was a shy little flower or anything, but it's still quite suprising hearing her (when we listen closely) ask to be fucked harder and describing how she wants to be licked. I think she might be trying to copy the amazing orgasm I had the other week, but if she managed it, she was cetainly a lot quieter than I was.

Rach has been away a few nights this week at her bf's place so maybe that's why Holly has seemed a bit less inhibited (although I would have thought that it would be hard to do something to shock Rach).

Maybe it is just having slept in the room next to me for so long and having heard the things I've said and done that she knows that I'm not going to mind. I mentioned to her that we had heard her and that she sounded a bit more confident and while she did blush a bit, she did say that she was having more fun now so it looks like we helped. She has even asked a few more questions about how to make sex feel good so hopefully we've managed to get her addicted to it and she'll become even more adventurous :) (and I'll get to hear).

I think I'll sow the seeds for topless (and naked) sunbathing the next time she asks about sex by mentioning that I was subnathing naked at our picnic last weekend.