Tuesday, 16 June 2009


I'm rather drunk at the minute so this won't be very long as I have to keep correcting it...

I got to fulfill another fantasy of mine yeaterday - Mike had the afternoon off and we had planned to play in Hol's and Rach's rooms. We were on Rach's bed in a 69 position and Mike was fucking me with her new vibe while I sucked him when we heard a thunderstorm in the distance. We didn't stop immediately, but when it got closer (and I'd cum), we went out into the garden.

I've always wanted to fuck outside during a storm - it was quite a warm day and the rain was really heavy, but only a bit cool, but not too cold and we really went at it in the middle of the garden. Usually when we fuck outside, we have a blanket, but it just seemed right to roll around on the grass. The rain and thunder masked any noises we made so we were fairly loud and used more positions than usual (Mike on top with my legs up, me on top, Mike in my ass...)

We ended up with him cumming over me (mostly over my face and tits) - although the rain washed most of his cum off me. We had to have a shower afterwards as we were both fairly dirty with grass and mud and I ended up using the pulse mode on the shower to cum again.

Afterwards, on Holly's bed I managed to cum with her vibe in my ass and Rach's in my pussy (another first). Once I'd recovered Mike made me cum again using Rach's vibrating pad thing.


  1. let me draw the scene in my mind! how lovely and sexy to have intercourse when it rains.

  2. We've done it in the rain before - but this was the first time we'de done it outside during a thunderstorm. I'm not sure why, but it felt really nice cumming with the thunder and lightning around us.