Monday, 29 June 2009

In front of sis - final part

The last few days have bene pretty hectic - much partying and some sad goodbyes to friends who are leaving. We haven't had time (or been sober enough) to finish off the story until now, so here goes...


Mike was kneeling over me and his cock was standing out in front of him. It was fairly easy to tell that he wanted to cum and as I recovered from my orgasm, the thought of letting Sue watch us fuck properly helped me get ready again even quicker than usual.

I pulled Mike onto me and felt his cock rubbing over my pussy - not entering me, but just sliding the length of my lips. It felt really nice, but I thought that given how far we'd already gone, we should do things properly so I told him to lie on his back. He seems to enjoy me being on top and I thought it would give a much better view. He rolled over and we ended up a fair bit closer to Sue (his legs were on top of at least one of hers) and I started moving so that his cock continued to rub netween my pussy lips.

He was pressing back against me and I thought it wasn't really fair to tease him so I sat up and positioned his cock at my cunt and slid down onto it. Sue was positioned slightly behimd me at this point so I bent forwards and moved up and down on his cock. I asked Mike if she was watching and he told me she was. He reached around to my ass and spread my cheeks apart and I knew she would be able to see my pussy riding up and down on him.

It was probably one of the most arousing feelings I can remember. I guess I'd known for ages that I wanted to fuck with someone watching, but if I'd known just how good it felt, I'd have done it sooner. Unfortunately a few of the people who are in the sex party scene that we'd met are undergrads so they have gone now and so I don't know if anything will be happening over the summer.

Mike was pushing back against me as I slid down his cock and our fucking was becoming more forceful. His fingers were playing around my asshole - not really inside me, but just pressing against it a bit. Mike asked Sue to let him see her and she moved onto the other side of him and closer to the head of the bed. I sat up and gave he a good view of my cunt swallowing his cock as we pumped against each other.

At one point he pulled her hand away from her pussy (gently pulled, he didn't force her) and sucked her fingers. I didn't mind him tasting her like that, but I was a bit worried he'd want to do more as I know that one of his favourite fantasies is to have a girl riding him while another sits over his face and he eats her. While I'm sure that would have been very hot to see - I wasn't ready for anything like that to happen (and not with Suz) so I was relieved that it didn't go any further.

We watched her playing with herself while we continued to fuck and after a little while Mike said he really wanted to cum. He pulled me down on top of him and started slamming into my pussy harder and faster. I usually cum quite quickly when he does this and was already fairly close so it took hardly any time before I felt my orgasm really building. Mike said to me that we should put on a really good show and I think we managed it - we were both quite vocal - I was telling him to fuck me harder and he was telling me how good my cunt felt and how he was going to fill it with cum.

Mike was alternating between kissing me and looking over at Sue who apparantly had her legs spread and her fingers plunging into her cunt. He told me to cum and I think it was probably the only time that I could have held back and outlasted him (but I don't see why I would have wanted to!) and I pushed back as hard as I could against him.I came with him pounding into my cunt and his fingers pushing into my ass and I made enough noise that Sue must have known how good it felt.

Mike came very soon afterwards (he said he'd had to try really hard to hold back) and when we had finished we both watched Sue finish herself off. She was already very flushed and it only took her a little while. She had two fingers in herself and was rubbing her clit with her other hand. She still wasn't that loud when she came, but it looked like she enjoyed it.

When her orgasm had ended, she offered her fingers to Mike and I gave him a nod to go ahead. He sucked one clean and offered the other one to me. I said no (actually, more like 'eeew') but a little part of me wishes I had found out what she tasted like (and no, I don't think our next encounter will end up with me eating her - sorry!)

We chatted quite a bit after that and managed to get a lot of details out of Sue about her past sex life which I'll post when I get some more time (I still want to continue the slumber party story too). We slept naked that night and I think Mike enjoyed spooning with us both (not inside Sue, just rubbing against her ass). It was probably just as well she was only visiting for the weekend as it means we all have time to absorb what happened - the summer hols are starting soon though so there may be another few visits coming...


We've had really hot & humid weather (for England anyway) over the past few days and that means really wet, sticky, sweaty sex. It means lots of washing of bedclothes, but it feels really good :)


  1. Well I just read all 5 parts. I do prefer your writing to Mikes, but I have just started following your b log and have not read a whole lot of it yet. As far as I can tell Andi is mikes girlfriend and Sue is Andi's younger sister. Is this right? What are the ages of the three of you if you don't mind sharing or approx. ages? I really enjoyed the story and you have inspired me to write another sexy story. Maybe I will write a story about when I had sex with a girl in front of two of our friends...

  2. Sounds Interesting!

  3. Definitely one of your best ever, Andi! No doubt you, Mike and Sue weren't the only ones who came hard as a result ... I'll bet there are some messy computer monitors and keyboards.

    -- Doug

  4. Mmm - I wonder what Suz would think about having lots of people cumming to the thought of her? She might really like it (or she might never talk to me again!)

  5. Infinity - please do write about it. We think our next move will be in front of a few people and I'd like to know what it feels like.

    I'm sure all our ages are in the blog somewhere, but I'm 23 (almost 24), Sue (my sister) is 19 (nearly 20) and Mike (my bf) is 28.

  6. Well, thank you for answering! I really enjoyed the story.

  7. Wow, That was a great ending. Lobed the fact that Mike got to lick Sue's cummy fingers. that's very hot.
    I think him eating her while you watch, would be something that you could really get into. The thought of your bf pleasuring your sister should make you proud to have him as a bf. I'd be very happy in that position myself, and it would make me want to fuck you, pleasure you all the more. Think abut it.