Monday, 22 June 2009

In front of sis - Part 2

Sorry for not finishing yesterday - Sue called to say she had got back to Uni and we ended up chatting for a bit and then I phoned Jen to tell her about the weekend.


So, we were all under the covers and Mike was rubbing my pussy - Sue knew that he was doing something to me, but couldn't see anything so didn't know exactly what. I could see that Sue was interested (she had the same look as when we teased people on holiday). Mike encouraged her by reminding her that she had already sunbathed naked beside me and had played with herself and once again she went bright red and said that she couldn't believe I had told him.

Sue said something like "Well it looks like you're going to do it anyway so I may as well watch" and she moved over slightly to give us more room. Mike pushed his fingers into my cunt and I twisted round to kiss him. He pulled my nightdress up while we kissed and started playing with my nipples while he rubbed his thigh aainst my pussy. He was whispering all sorts of things to me about my little sis watching us and that she was going to see us fuck and watch us cum.

The whole situation, coupled with having abstained for 2 days, meant that I was incredibly horny and knew I wouldn't last long. I moved onto my back and pulled off my nightdress so I was naked (but still mostly covered). It was odd how I felt about it - I'd been naked with Sue on the beach but this was (or was going to be) very different so I was a bit nervous. Mike was fingering my clit, pussy and ass while we kissed and I was trying to hold my orgasm back but knew I was losing. He started kissing my neck but before it had too much of an effect on me, he moved his head down to my breasts.

I watched him licking my nipples and knew this was the first thing that Sue could actually see (she could see the covers moving where his hand was playing with me, but not my flesh) and I looked over at her. She was playing with her breasts through her top and avidly watching what Mike was doing to me. After a little while, she noticed I was looking at her and smiled back at me before returning her attention to Mike.

Mike started kissing my neck again and I really couldn't hold back any longer (I had thought he was going to fuck me, which is why I was trying to wait). I remember my head was bent back to let him kiss and lick my neck and his fingers were playing with my clit. I was panting and Mike kept telling me to let Sue hear me cum. I knew that we were way past the point of being embarressed about anything so I let myself start to moan - not too loud, but enough that it was clear that I was close.

I looked over at Sue again and the way the covers were lifted between us, I could see she had a hand between her legs. I assumed she could see Mike's hand playing with me (it turns out that she couldn't, but the thought that she was really watching drove me over the edge). I grabbed Mike's hand and pressed it hard against my cunt and came.

It was such a delicious feeling, I knew I was being closely watched and really wanted to make it last. Every time I felt a wave of the orgasm pulse through my cunt I gound MIke's hand against me until I got too sensitive and had to stop. He kissed me again and I could feel him rubbing his cock against my leg and knew that he was as desperate to cum as I had been.

When we looked over at Sue, she just said "That was quick". It had apparantly only taken a few minutes even though it had felt quite a bit longer. Mike told her that I can cum a lot more than he can so he often makes me cum before we fuck. He licked his fingers clean and started playing with my nipples again. Sue was looking a bit flushed herself and her hands hadn't stopped moving over her body (through her PJs). Mike reached under the covers and pulled his boxer shorts off and threw them onto the floor (I assume so that Sue would know he was now naked too) and rolled me onto my side facing her.

He reached around me from behind and cupped my left breast and played with the nipple. His cock was rubbing against my ass and he slipped it between my legs so it ran along the length of my cunt. He asked Sue if she wanted to know what we were doing and she just said "Uh-huh". He described to her what was happening under the covers - along the lines of:

"My cock is rubbing against her pussy... I can feel her juices covering me... I'm sliding into her hot little cunt..." Sue was getting visibly mroe aroused by all this and she moved out from under the covers and knelt up. We both watched her - she had one hand inside her top and the other was rubbing her crotch (still through her PJs). Mike was now deep inside me and pumping away quite quickly. His fingers had found my clit (from behind) and he continued to describe to her what we were doing.

He did an amazing job at holding back - I could feel my secong orgasm coming and he kept pounding in to me. Sue's top was mostly undone and we could see her playing with her nipples and her other hand was in her PJs by this point. Mike was panting in my ear and seemed to be talking to both of us: "Cum for me.. I'm going to fill her cunt with cum..."

I was apparantly moaning again in time with the fucking and Mike pressed harder on my clit and deeper into my cunt and I came. He says that he was trying to wait to see Sue cum, but he came fairly quickly once I did. I wasn't paying too much attention to Sue at this point, but he was and she started to work her hand even faster on her pussy. My orgasm had ended before her's hit and I got to see it quite well. Her body does the same thing as mine and she gets very flushed from the breasts up. When she came, she didn't make too much noise, but panted quite a bit.

Mike was clearly not going to miss the opportunity and was still pumping in my cunt even thuogh he'd just cum - not as hard or fast and sort of in time with Sue's pants. When she had finished and looked back at us properly, she seemed to get a bit shy again and pulled her hand out of her bottoms and pulled her top shut. I asked her if she had enjoyed watching and she said 'very much - that was amazing'. Mike said that she should have just knocked on the door years agao when she first watched and Sue said that she wished she had.

The drinks from earlier that night had begun to catch up with me and I had to go pee so I clambered over Mike and considered putting my nightdress on but decided not to bother. As I stood up I had expected a massive amount of cum to dribble out but there was much less that I had thuoght there would be. I went off to the bathroom and came back fairly quickly (I didn't really expect Mike to have mounted her or anything, but...)

I scooched back into bed and Mike snuggled up against me and slid into me again. He wasn't really fucking me, but was moving gently as we often do. Sue clearly felt the motion and asked if we were fucking again so I explained that we often fell asleep spooning. We chatted for a bit longer and shared a few more stories (nothing new to you guys) and Mike asked her about the blowjob at school. I could feel him move a bit faster as she described it and thuoght that he might actually start screwing me again, but he tells me that his orgasm had been really strong and he wasn't up to it.

After a while, we drifted off to sleep (but I had some wonderful dreams - I can't remember them in detail, but I woke up horny a few times in the night).


  1. Wow, that was very hot. I loved the details, the pictures from all this.
    It would have been difficult not to wish Sue got more involved.

    Makes me think you sorta thought something bet. Mike and Sue might happen while you were in the bathroom.

  2. Whew ... another classic! I can't help thinking that next time, you'll all be that much more comfortable with each other, and may start tossing clothes off more freely.

    Sounds like the start of a new sisterly tradition.

    -- Doug

  3. As I said in my latest post, I know Mike wouldn't cheat on me (you'll see what he does get in part 4)

  4. Well, I didn't even expect there to be a Chapter 3, so it's all a bonus at this point. I was hoping you'd give Sue a good look at the action ... wonder if Mike really puts it to you in broad daylight before your sister leaves. I'm sure she'd enjoy watching every second of him slamming it inside you.

    This is absolutely one of your hottest accounts yet, maybe the best.

    -- Doug