Tuesday, 23 June 2009

In front of Sis - Part 3

This is taking longer to write than I thought it would, but every time we try to write it, we get - distracted... I was still asleep for the first part of this entry so I'm going off what Mike told me...

He woke up and was snuggled up against Sue - his cock was pressed against her (but she still had her PJs on). He claims that he moved away from her as soon as he realised it wasn't me (but I'm sure he might have pressed against her just a little bit while he knew what he was doing!) Okay, I'm being a bit unfair - I do actually truse him completely and know that he's not going to cheat on me.

Anyway - Sue had felt him against her and made a comment about it and they chatted for a bit. They obviously spoke about the previous night and also about our holiday and Mike started to gather a few more details of her exploits. Sue told him that she thought we did a lot more oral sex and he asked her if she wanted to see how he often woke me up.

She did want to see it, so he slipped under the covers and moved down between my legs. As usual, he pushed them open a bit and started kissing around my pussy, gradually spending more time on my pussy. It was about this point that I woke up and spread my legs for him and only remembered that Sue was there when one of them bumped into her (I hadn't completely woken up beofre that point).

Mike licked me as usual and it felt good (as usual). After a few minutes he came up for air and said that he'd have to pull the covers off (it was quite warm with 3 of us in the bed). Looking back, I guess it was a fairly big step as even though Sue had watched us fuck the previous night, she hadn't actually seen anything other than my breasts. I was already fairly turned on though and it didn't help that Mike was rubbing his cock against my pussy as we decided what to do so I just went for it and pushed the covers off to the side.

Mike whispered "Now lets show her properly" and moved back down to my pussy. Sue was watching us closely and he looked at her before he spread my lips and started eating me. Once again, it felt a little strange being watched, but I liked it and just enjoyed the feeling. Mike went all out and licked both my cunt and ass (but I doubt Sue could tell exactly where he was licking as she was still up at the top of the bed).

When I looked over at her, she was playing with herself again and Mike said that it wasn't fair that she could see us naked. He asked her to at least open her top and after she had looked at me, she did this.As he continued to eat me, I saw him watching Sue fondle her breasts and I imagine looking at her hand in her PJ bottoms which was busily working away.

Mike told her (or both of us) that he would only make me cum after Sue had cum. I was fairly close and didn't want to have to wait too much longer and so just said "please" to Sue. She later said that she thought about taking ages to cum so I would be teased, but fortunatly she didn't decide to do this and kept rubbing her pussy (still hidden in her PJs). Mike kept me quite close to cumming and I was moaning a fair amount which seemed to encourage Sue who made a little more noise than the previous night. Pretty much as soon as Sue came, Mike licked me harder and I came. He kept going, putting less pressure on my clit as my orgasm went on and I think I outlasted Sue (but she did start first).

As I came down from my orgasm, Mike crawled up on top of me, rubbed his cock against my pussy and said something like "Now it's my turn". I thought he was going to fuck me again, but he knelt between my legs and started stroking his cock. It was obvious that he wanted to let Sue see him cumming over me so I started stroking myself (he loves watching me do that). It seems that two women cumming at (almost) the same time got to him and I could tell from the way his hand was moving that it wouldn't take him long so I grabbed my egg and put it against my clit.

Sue's top had been discarded at some point, but Mike said "Don't we get to see any more" to her and tugged at one of the legs of her PJs - not enough to actually take them off, but it was obvious that he wanted her to. He had slowed down his pumping so I knew he was fialry close but holding back and I was taking the opportunity to catch up with him. Using the egg it doesn't take my very long to cum so I was certainly getting there. Mike was still encouraging Sue to disrobe and she ended up slipping her PJ bottoms down to her thighs and straightened her legs.

We assume that she was offering to be naked, but abdicating responsibility for it - Mike was quite happy to take responsibility though and pulled at each leg in turn until they were mostly around her ankles. At this point, Sue slipped them off and we were all naked for the first time. Mike had held out long enough and came fairly quickly after this point - I found out where all the cum he'd saved from the previous two days had gone! He squirted a lot more than usual and the first few sent a stream that lasted from my belly to my face. There were another 4 or 5 decent squirts of cum that landed on my stomache and breasts and this was enough to help me finish up and I came for the second time.

Sue commented that it was an awful lot of cum (neither of us mentioned that it was more than usual) and Mike ran a hand over my body, smearing it over my breasts, neck, face and pussy. He lifted his cum covered hand and made a scary motion (I don't know how to describe it, but I'm sure you know what I mean) and threatened to cover Sue with it - she backed away at first, but then pushed her breasts out. Mike looked at me and I nodded aproval (he isn't a breast guy so I didn't think it was that big a thing) and he rubbed his cum into one of her breasts. Sue squealed as he did this, but wasn't trying to push him away.

We all lay down and pulled the covers back over us (my skin had absorbed most of his cum by that point so I wasn't too sticky). We talked more about sex and once again how we wished we done this sooner. Sue asked if we ever used condoms and I told her that I was on the pill (I thought she had known that). Mike checked that she used birth control and she put on her little girl face and said "Yes big brother, I always use condoms" (she always talks to him like that when he's being brotherly - which given the situation was somewhat bizaar). It turns out that she's never had sex without a condom (one of her bf's has been inside her briefly without one).

After we'd chatted for a while, we decided that we actually had to get up if we were going to do anything that day. It felt a bit strange being naked out of bed so we all had dressing gowns on while we had breakfast, but they weren't done up as tight as they could have been.


That took a lot longer than we thought it would so the final part tomorrow (although I have a concert to go to in the evening so I hope I get time to write it).

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