Wednesday, 24 June 2009

In front of sis - part 4

Andi didn't have time to get this written and she's off out with friends at a concert tonight so she's left it to me to write this entry (this is Mike typing). I've often helped her in writing the entries over the past 11 months, but I've never written an entry myself before. Given how much people seem to be liking the story so far I'm a bit nervous about trying to carry it on but I'll give it a go. If it turns out really badly and people don't like it then we'll delete it and Andi can retell this part of the weekend.


We didn't do too much during the day on Sat - just wandered around town, had some food and went shopping (for clothes of course, I didn't have much choice as I was outvoted 2-1). I didn't fondle Andi as much as usual as I was still getting used to playing with her with Sue around. Don't get me wrong, I had loved showing off to her and I was in heaven when I was able to look at both of them naked. I knew that I wanted to carry on with things that night but it just felt different being around Sue out of the bedroom. She was only 15 when I first met her and she sort of adopted me as an older brother and even though we'd seen the naked pics of her last year, I was still not used to thinking of her sexually 'in the flesh'.

We returned home in the late afternoon and even though I'm prettu sure that we all wanted the same thing, nobody said anything. We had dinner and settled down to watch a film and I thought that the best thing to do would be just to behave the way we usually would. We were all sitting on the sofa and I started to stroke Andi's leg starting at her knee and slowly working up under her skirt. She spread her legs a bit and I moved around so I could more easily get my hand higher up her thigh and we kissed.

It was obvious that we weren't going to finish watching the film and I suggested that we head upstairs. We would usually have fooled around on the sofa but I wanted to make sure Sue could see (and we could see her). We got up to my bed and as Andi sat down I pushed her back, lifted her skirt and started to eat her. She seemed suprised that Andi was naked under her skirt and so I asked her what she had on. I had hoped she would show us but she just said a pair of pink knickers. Andi told her that she pretty much never wore panties while I continued to eat her. Sue was standing behind me so had a much better view of what I was doing than she had that morning and I spread Andi's cunt lips wide open so Sue could watch properly.

Andi reached over and grabbed her egg. I thought she was going to use it on her clit, but she handed it to Sue and told her to give it a try. Sue sat near me and slipped it under her skirt and after pressing the wrong button a few times, it started buzzing. I was trying to make Andi cum and watch Sue at the same time and had to ask her to lift up her skirt so I could see what she was doing. She stood up and slipped it off and I could now see her panties - they were a very light pink colour and looked really cute as Sue ran the egg over them.

I slipped a finger into Andi's cunt and pumped it into her as I licked her clit. When I next looked over, Sue had the egg in her panties and really seemed to be enjoying it (I would love to know what it feels like for a girl to have her clit stimulated). I told her if she took her panties off, I would show her something special. She put on her little girl face and said "You do it onii-chan" (both Sue and I really like anime, but she hasn't called me that before - I found out she likes some of the same hentai that I do).

I crawled up Andi's body and slipped into her and asked her if I could. She remonded me that I wasn't allowed to fuck her but I could help her undress. I thanked her and told her she'd get to cum lots and moved back down her body and gave her clit a quick lick before moving over to Sue. I lifted off her top and unsnapped her bra and threw them onto the floor. She was now sitting in just her panties and I slid my hands down to her hips and gently pulled them down. Sue raised her ass a bit and I pulled them down and off her body leaving her naked. I told her to lie back against the wall and guided her hand which was holding the egg back to her pussy. I let her position it and then I changed the speed on the control to medium power. This is where Andi usually uses it and it is considerably more powerful than the low setting (she's held it against my cock to demonstrate) and Sue gasped.

I had been fingering Andi with my other hand and she grabbed me and pulled me back to her. I was obviously very horny by this point and didn't see why I should be the only one clothed so I quickly stripped and stood beside the bed. I grabbed some of the tingle gel and rubbed it over my cock and offered it to Andi. She started sucking me and I reached over to rub her clit again. I really wanted to cum but I had a feeling that it would be really strong so I just allowed Andi to gently suck me while I played with her cunt.

Sue asked what the gel was and I handed her the bottle and told her to use just a little bit. She squeezed some onto the egg and ran it over her pussy (which was already looking quite wet). I had a much better view than I'd had earlier that day and I could see her outer lips spreading around the egg as she stroked it up and down. She said she could feel the tingling and I guessed she was getting close to cumming from the amount she was getting flushed (just like her sister). I squirted some of the gen onto Andi's cunt and worked it over her clit and as deep into her as I could get with the awkward angle.

Andi wasn't paying as much attention to my cock now (but still giving the odd irregualr suck) and it was probably just as well. As she's mentioned before, I'm pretty good at holding back, but it's not easy to not cum with 2 naked sisters on the same bed! Sue came and as she did so, she seemed to be rubbing the egg really hard over her cunt. It looked like it was almost going to slide right into her every time she pushed it down over her vagina. I wanted Andi to cum so I pulled her to the bottom of the bed and crouched down and ate her again. She had been quite close and it didn't take long. She had a much louder orgasm than Sue and I had to hold on. I tried to copy what I did when she had the monster orgasm a few weeks back and kept working on her cunt until she had completely finished and then gently kissed around it.

Both the girls seemed to be quite satisfied but I was now ready to burst and was going to just cum over Andi (ahem, or maybe Sue) but really wanted to fuck properly without covers in the way so had to reign myself in.


This is harder that I thought (as am I now!) I think I might let Andi finish it off as I don't think I can properly copy her style.


  1. Nice one Mike, was a good read. Can I just add your one lucky FUCKER!!! :)

    Well done

  2. Nice job, bro. It's nice to hear your perspective. I'd love to see you add a story every now and then.

    And damn, you are one luck bastard! What do we have to do to see some pictures of the sisters, even if they aren't nude?

  3. You have shown a remarkable amount of restraint here. Yes, I would have liked to have cum on the both of them. The pictures you and Andi have planted with me in this series, have really been great.
    I understand your relationship with Andi, but I'd have a hard time leaving Sue alone.

  4. wow......what fun! Hopefully more to cum!