Sunday, 21 June 2009

In front of sis.

Mike and I had chatted for quite a while earlier in the week and had set boundaries as to what we would or wouldn't do. He knew that I didn't want him to fuck Sue, but that I didn't mind them seeing each other naked (things would have been somewhat difficult otherwise!)

Sue arrived at about 6 on Friday afternoon and after we had dropped her stuff off at Mike's place (his housemate was away this weekend), we went out for food and alcohol. We met up with a few of my friends that Sue had met before (Vicky, Anna and Hol & her bf were there) and had a fun evening. We weren't really drunk or anything, but were certainly quite merry by the time we went home.

Both Mike and I were very eager to see what would happen and quite worked up from not having cum for a few days (I don't think I've gone that long without an orgasm since I found out what they were like!). We got ready for bed and Mike had laid out a duvet on the floor for the two of us to sleep in, letting Sue have the bed as usual. Mike's bed is a bit bigger than mine (a queen size I think) and Sue said something about it not being fair for two of us to be on the floor and that she would sleep there.

I had been thinking all week (and thanks for the suggestions) as to how to push things along but Mike was the one who said that I had told him that Sue had said that we should just all share a bed (did you follow that?). I was kneeling down sorting out the covers on the floor and just stopped to see what she would say and she just replied "Sure, it's big enough" and climbed in.

Sue was on the side by the wall and I cilmbed in next to her. Mike turned off the main light and then sat on the edge of the bed, pulled off his trousers and slipped in beside me before turning on the side light. I could immediately feel why he'd got into bed before turning the light on as his cock felt hot and hard (I could even feel the heat through his boxers and my nightdress).

We were all propped up on our side, Mike and I facing Sue and we chatted for a bit about what our plans for the weekend were (we didn't mention what *our* plan was. As we talked, I could feel Mike's hand running over my body. It was quite gentle at first, just stroking up my side and onto the side of my breast, but as time went on he stroked more of my breasts and then over my ass.

He started stroking my body under my nightdress and Sue asked him what he was doing to me. I replied that he was just tickling me but she said it didn't look like I was being tickled. Mike told her that I had told him that Sue had said (on holiday) that she'd heard us fucking when she had visited before. Sue blushed, but didn't deny it and Mike continued and said that we were wondering if she would like to see or hear any more.

Sue looked a bit uncertain, but seemed interested and she asked me if I was okay with it. Mike's hand was between my legs and his fingers were almost on my clit. I really thought that it was going to happen by this point and opened my legs a little to allow his fingers access. I told Sue that we had talked about it and that Mike knew he wasn't allowed to do anything to her but we thought it might be fun to let her see.

Phone... will finish later

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  1. Don't leave us hanging, Andi!

    (Well, I don't think any guy who's reading your story could be described as "hanging" at this point ...)

    -- Doug