Thursday, 4 June 2009

Noisy Holly

Unfortunately the weather didn't hold out for the sunbathing I had planned so I'm just hoping that it picks up again and  I can convince my friends to try topless in the back garden.

We had a good session of synchronised fucking with Holly and her bf last night (OK, so we were in our own rooms, but we could hear what they were doing and I'm sure they could hear what we were doing).

Holly seems to have taken Rach and my advice as well and seems to be asking for what she wants to do (or have done to her). I never thought she was a shy little flower or anything, but it's still quite suprising hearing her (when we listen closely) ask to be fucked harder and describing how she wants to be licked. I think she might be trying to copy the amazing orgasm I had the other week, but if she managed it, she was cetainly a lot quieter than I was.

Rach has been away a few nights this week at her bf's place so maybe that's why Holly has seemed a bit less inhibited (although I would have thought that it would be hard to do something to shock Rach).

Maybe it is just having slept in the room next to me for so long and having heard the things I've said and done that she knows that I'm not going to mind. I mentioned to her that we had heard her and that she sounded a bit more confident and while she did blush a bit, she did say that she was having more fun now so it looks like we helped. She has even asked a few more questions about how to make sex feel good so hopefully we've managed to get her addicted to it and she'll become even more adventurous :) (and I'll get to hear).

I think I'll sow the seeds for topless (and naked) sunbathing the next time she asks about sex by mentioning that I was subnathing naked at our picnic last weekend.


  1. I'm glad to hear the Holly is cumming around. Kepp us posted.

  2. Wonder if Holly (and you two) would be bold enough to do it separately in the same room -- with no partner swapping, of course.

    Can't say I've ever had that experience, but a close friend of mine says that in college, she and her roommate used to have beds across the room from each other, and sometimes both of their boyfriends would come over.

    Again, there was no swapping, but once the lights went out, she says, it was pretty obvious what her roommate was doing, and vice versa.

    Here's more inspiration if you want to drive Mike crazy -- next time you're at Jen's, see if she'll allow you to call him in the middle of your loveplay. The sound of you describing what's being done to you ... not to mention your ecstatic moans when Jen hits the spot ... would probably have Mike wearing himself out with his own friction. (But I can't say I'd have any better self-control.)

    -- Doug

  3. Mike has actually heard Jen and I doing things. She let him listen in the last time she was here (over the phone, not in person).

    I think I'll have a way to go with Hol before she'll be up for fucking in the same room as me - not that I'd be opposed to it of course, after seeing her mostly naked while sunbathing I'm more interested than ever to find out what she looks like while naked and cumming!