Thursday, 11 June 2009

Not much to report - just found out that Sue will be coming up on Friday night next week so we'll have two nights together. While we were chatting, I hinted that the floor can be quite hard and Suz laughed and said that we should just share the bed with her.

I saw my chance and replied "Yeah yeah, you just want to watch us fuck" - she just laughed at this, but didn't deny it, so fingers crossed...


  1. I think her fingers are going to be doing something other than crossing if she gets the chance to watch you two in action.

    The fact that Sue said you should share the bed with her tells me she wasn't totally kidding. A great many jokes are opportunities to test the water.

    I'm betting she won't shy away from the chance to watch the two of you ... after all, she's already admitted listening to you and playing with herself. If she's not embarrassed to admit that, and if the sound of you two in the dark was enough to make her touch herself, I doubt she'd refuse the chance to see it happen.

    Just as long as she knows she's going to have to show herself and "perform," too ...

    Good luck!

    -- Doug

  2. I'm going to leave Mike to be the one to tell her she has to return the favour - I'm trying to stop myself from getting too excited though as I still don't really know if she will be up for it (but it's making for some good fantasies while we fuck)

  3. Well, here's something to keep in mind: Even if she doesn't go for Plan A, you could always offer her Plan B.

    In other words, if she says, "Whoa, your plan sounds hot, but I'm just not ready to be in the same room with you two engaged in the act," you could always tease her a bit.

    You could boldly announce, "OK, no problem. But here's how it's going to be: At some point during the evening, we're going to excuse ourselves to the bedroom, remove our clothes and have loud sex. Not only that, but we're not going to close the door completely.

    "So if you want to listen -- listen. And if you want to watch -- watch. There'll be nothing to stop you from doing either or both, and nothing to stop you from pleasuring yourself if you feel like it.

    "Or, if it's all more than you're ready for, you're free to take a walk, go out for a snack or whatever. But we WILL go at it hot and heavy this evening, and we WILL leave the door open.

    "And you're welcome to stay in the room when we do, or come in the room if you're out in the hallway and you change your mind -- IF you take off your clothes and give us something to watch, too. Just remember that Mike isn't going to be allowed to do anything with you."

    It could still be a memorable experience knowing she's watching and listening to you, even if you can't see her. But I suspect she'll go for it and stay in the room.

    (Just don't forget to tell her to bring her vibrator ...)

    Sounds like another classic story in the making.

    -- Dougr

  4. I'm just going to see what happens - she'll have the chance to watch or wait downstairs and we hope she'll watch

  5. Sounds like you have a good plan. That way, she won't feel she's being pressured to stay there ... but how many of us would say, "No thanks, I don't want to see or hear anything like that."

    And if she's too shy to be in the room but wants to watch anyway, it would still be hot if she stood in the hall and observed through the open door. I doubt that her hands would be idle for long.

    But I predict she'll go for it -- stay in the room and willingly pleasure herself while she's watching you two moaning and pounding each other.

    -- Doug

  6. I meant to add this:

    When the time comes, maybe you should just announce what you're going to do ... explain that she's welcome to stay, watch and take care of her own needs as she sees fit ... and regardless of what she does, you're not closing the door or turning on any music to muffle the sound.

    Then you could both start undressing each other and touching each other as if you were there alone ... and see which course of action she chooses.