Sunday, 7 June 2009

Still no sun...

...well, not enough for more sunbathing anyway - and it's even been too cold to go out and properly enjoy myself with Mike in the evenings (we found quite a few nice little semi-secluded spots on the way to and from our picnic last week and were hoping to go back and mark each one of them as our own over the next few weeks/months. We'd like to try some in the day and some at night so I can try repeating something we did last year:

This was only in our back garden (the back garden of my house) - we snuck out late one night and put a blanket down on the grass and had quite a nice session right in the middle of the lawn. Our garden is fairly dark but not completely secluded so there was a slight risk we could have been seen (much more so if Holly or Rach had come downstairs and turned on the kitchen light).

If I remember correctly, Mike had fucked me until I came, but he hadn't cum in me as he wanted to eat me.
We had a mini-strawberries and cream session and I lay up on the patio table for it. We ended up leaving a fair amount smeared over the table and I remember my whole ass being covered by the end of it. To finish off the evening, I leant against a tree at the back of the garden (right beside the partially see-through fence with a path on the other side) and Mike took me from behind and pounded into me hard. He managed to hold on for quite a lot longer than I would have done so in his position and when he came and then pulled out, I had two kinds of cream running down my legs and we had to clean up in the kitchen before going back to bed.

So the part of the experience I want to try to recreate is the ending - standing up against a tree in a much more open area - maybe at the edge of a field or something, and being made to cum a number of times Maybe we could even spend a fair part of a night outdoors and trying out a lot of different positions and see how far we could go).

Both Sue and Jen are planning to come and visit soon and while I really like the idea of letting Sue watch me have sex (either by 'accident' or letting her really watch), I don't know which one of Mike or Jen I would prefer doing it with.

Mike certainly likes the idea - I think he's got past the idea of thinking of her as just a little sister (she wes only 15 when he first met her so I'm glad he didn't think of her like that back then!)

At the same time, I'd like Sue to meet Jen - but I guess it would be a rather extreme meeting "Hi - this is Jen - you want to watch her eat me?"

Hmm - I think I just made the decision - Sue and Jen can meet each other another time and I'll find a way to see if Sue is interested in watching us some more. I think after some of our holiday conversations and subsequent phone calls (some of which have been every bit as explicit!) she might be up for it. Following on from one of the comments left on an earlier post about fucking in the same room as Holly, I think Suz would be more likely to be up for that than little Holly would!

As I said, Mike loves the idea of Sue watching us (and I think he assumes that she will end up making herself cum so we can watch that) - the idea of seeing her being screwed really seems to be getting to him (he's currently running a finger around my ass and cunt and pressing harder into each as time goes on so I don't think this posting will be much longer.

Mmm - tingle gel now being rubbed into me and I have a finger in each hole. He wants to know if I'd like to see this happen to Suz...

I've been told that this is going to be an anal session - his cock is pressing against my asshole and between us we're slowly easing it in. This isn't the easiest position to type in - I've got my ass in the air so he can kneel behind me and rub my clit (and I hope he will use the egg later on) while he fucks my ass.

He's now inside me and I'm squeezing my ass around him (apparantly I'm very tight today). Mike is holding the egg on my clit so I'm not going to be writing for much longer...


Mmm - I came twice and may have let Holly know I was being fucked in the ass (she is downstairs so may not have heard). Mike's gone to clean up and we're heading down for some food so that will almost cretainly mean another session later on tonight when we go back to bed. I hope Holly's bf is coming over tonight so we can hear her again.


  1. Sexy stuff! Where did Mike eventually cum this time, in your tight ass? I'm sure you probably shitted cum as a result (he seemed especially horny). :-)

  2. Hmm, now that's something I hadn't considered -- you and Sue in the same room. I agree that she'd probably have fewer inhibitions about it, and I'll bet she'd dearly love to watch Mike pounding you.

    As for her returning the favor, are you thinking about only watching her touch herself ... having a boyfriend of her own to put it to her at the same time you were getting it ... or (I'm doubting you'd agree to this one) allowing Mike to take care of her while you watched?

    Sue definitely sounds like she'd be open to being in the same room -- after all, she's already seen you naked, plus she's admitted hearing you and Mike going at it (and enjoying it so much, she started masturbating).

    So I think it's only a baby step to something more with Sue present -- but whatever you decide, I'd make sure the room was light this time. I can't help thinking it would send you over the moon to see her out of the corner of your eye, watching you take it from Mike and pleasuring herself at the same time.

    -- Doug