Friday, 12 June 2009

Topless sunbathing

It's finally nice again and our back garden is hot enough to sunbathe. I knew I had the place to myself for a while (we haven't seen much of Rach as she's been off with her new bf and Holly was in Uni until mid-afternoon) so I took the opportunity to lie out naked. As I've said before, even though our garden is fairly sheltered from the wind, the fence at the end of our garden isn't solid so anyone walking past on the back path could have seen me but I just ignored them. I played with my pussy a little, but not in a concerted manner and didn't get that close to cumming, (but it still felt really nice - maybe I'm learning restraint!).

I was already back indoors by the time Holly came home (I didn't want to burn) and had slipped my bikini back on. Holly was quite tired from work so I suggested that she joined me and I mixed us up some drinks (we thought we'd have some G&T) while she changed.

She had the same white bikini with little pink flowers that she looks really cute in (and I told her this). Despite our attempts to sunbathe, we are both still fairly pale as we use high factor cream to avoid burning. I actually think pale skin looks nicer on girls (nicer that the overly-tanned look anyway), but any colour skin would look good on Hol!

We lay out and she vented about her day but soon relaxed (she often does this). After a while, I asked her if she would mind if I went topless. She said that someone might see and indicated to the fence but I said I didn't think it would be a problem and I had done it earlier on. Hol said it didn't bother her so I slipped off my top and rubbed cream onto my breasts and we continued to chat.

When I lay on my front I got her to put some cream on my back and I did the same for her. She had undone her top when she was laying on her front and it felt really nice rubbing cream into her bare back and shoulders while I was half naked. I didn't spend too long doing this as I had other plans...

After about 10 mins of further chatting (what we were up to at the weekend and how things were going with her bf), I turned over onto my front. She soon followed suit, but held her top as she did so and then arranged it to keep her breasts covered. I teased her a bit and asked her why she didn't just take the top off completely and join me in being topless. Holly said she was scared that someone might look through the fence and see her.

I told her not to worry about it and went in to refresh our drinks - also trying to demonstrate that I wan't worried by remaining topless as I did so. I thought the best way to convince her would be to tell her (an edited version of) some of my exploits and told her that I'd been topless sunbathing at the picnic Mike and I had last weekend (I edited out the bit about having sex) and she seemed quite suprised that I would take that big a chance.

Hol really suprises me sometimes - we've known each other for years and she is well aware of just how much I enjoy sex - I would have thought that by now she would be used to anything I could do...

I tried again to get her to go topless - told her it would help get rid of strap lines and how nice it feels and I could see her weakening. She was still nervous about it and so I told her that I'd been sunbathing completely naked earlier in the afternoon.

She seemed really suprised (maybe shocked) at this and sat up (still holding her top in place) and asked me about it. I told her that I wanted a nice tan (as much as I can get anyway) and then added that it also just felt really nice to be naked. I told her a bit about my holiday with my sister and the naked sunbathing and that it wasn't really that big a deal as there were so many people doing it. (I may have exaggerated the number of people who were actually naked, but there were quite a few topless girls.)

I teased her again and she said that she didn't quite compare to me. I didn't quite get what she meant at first, but she told me that she thought her breasts were too small. Now mine are bigger than Holly's (she is a small B cup and I'm a DD or E ) but mine aren't huge by any meansand I really don't get the fascination with large breasts. I told her this and that I would much rather have smaller breasts.

Apparantly, one of her previous boyfriends had made some comments about wanting her tits to be bigger and it really upset her (and still does). We were sitting facing each other by this point and I told her that he was just a jerk and not to worry about it. I wasn't so worried about getting her topless now - it hadn't left my mind completely, but I was more worried about trying to convince her not to worry.

I told her that Mike wasn't really a breast man and wasn't bothered about the size of mine (I think if anything he would like them to be a bit smaller too). I ended up telling her that if I could choose for Jen (who is about the same size as Hol) to have breasts the same size as mine, I wouldn't want it as I think smaller breasts are much cuter.

It turns out that her current bf seems to like them well enough (apparantly he plays with them quite a bit) and so I told her once again to try going topless - and if anyone sees then not to worry about it and show off her cute breasts.

She lay down and then put her top down beside her. I saw her glancing at the fence a few times, but soon seemed to relax a bit more. I pointed out that she should use some suncream and she made a sarky comment about me just wanting to watch her rub her breasts. I made a comment back along the lines of "Well of course I do" but restrained from saying any more in case she realised *just* how much I wanted to see :)

I tried not to make it obvious I was watching, but I managed to catch a few glimpses out of the corner of my eye and I'm not going to forget the view in a hurry! Hol has really cute pink little nipples. Her aureole are smaller that almost any I've seen online and I wonder if that means they are more sensitive (do the same number of nerves get concentrated into the smaller area? If so, it must feel wonderful having them sucked or played with.)

I wondered if I should ask he if she minded if I stripped off completely but decided against it. I'm hoping that topless will now be the norm and maybe I can try naked with her later on. I assume that (if she agrees) I'll be the only one naked the first few times, but if all goes well I'll hopefully get to see her naked after all this time.

With a few more drinks, she seemed a lot more relaxed and admitted that she quite liked being topless (I can't believe she's never tried it before!)

After we'd been out for about an hour, we went back in. Holly's off out on a date tonight and I wanted to write this and then get some stuff packed to take over to Mike's place. I thought if I took a few things each time I go over it will be easier when it comes to the final move. If I'd known Holly would be out tonight as well, we would have been here tonight and would have made good use of Holly and Rach's rooms and toys!


  1. Thats a good question you ask about the aureole's and the nerve endings. I dont know but I would like to. Ultimately I try my hardest and always succeed in pleasing my woman.

  2. I can appreciate why you told Holly that small breasts are a good thing, but I think it's time you started appreciating your "bountiful assets."

    Quite a few of us guys would much rather see (and feel) a set of D-cups like yours than the kind that appear more suited for a training bra.

    In fact, as far as I'm concerned, the photos of your nude body are considerably hotter than the ones you got off the Internet (on that same blog page).

    Women may not understand men's fascination with big breasts, and maybe we can't fully explain it either, but let's just say that you ladies will definitely like the reactions you provoke in guys who think the way I do.

    So feel good about your chest already -- you put the skinny chicks to shame! Unlike school grades, this is one time when a "D" beats an "A." (And by the way, when can we see some new photos of you?)

    -- Doug

  3. I'm a small-breast man, and would prefer a 'B" or even an 'A' cup. Yes, I think the small aureolas and nipples are more enticing and sensitive yes.
    your description of Holly had me aroused, as I think working with her, bringing out her sexuality would be a huge turn-on, and I can see that you are indeed, having fun with it too.

  4. I don't think I can take the credit for bringing Holly's sexuality out - given some of the things I've heard her say )while she's fucking) I think she's actually quite a little minx, but hides it well!

  5. I prefer bigger breasts personally. I live with a woman who is a 36D with half dollar sized nipples and I cant get enough of them, and she cant get enough of me licking and sucking on them!