Friday, 31 July 2009

S&M play

Well, only in a very mild sense anyway!

On Sat, after we'd had breakfast, Jen said she wanted to try something out. We went upstairs and she asked me to tie her to the bed and play with her. Now Mike's done this to me before (which I think I've written about) and I know it can be fun, so I dug out the silk scarves (much nicer on the skin) and tied her arms to the bedposts. I lef her legs untied as I wanted to be able to move he around a little.

I got things started by playing with her nipples - they are always so sensitive that this is an easy way to ger her aroused (although to be fair, she is like me and pretty much always seems to be aroused anyway!) I slapper her legs and thighs a little (only gently, I didn't want to actually hurt her) and then rolled her over on to her side (as much as I could with her arms tied) and slapped her ass a few times (a little bit harder - but still jsut enough to turn it slightly pink).

She seemed to be enjoying this, so I rolled her the other way and worked a little on the other cheek - I slapped her a little bit harder (just to find out how hard she liked it - still not enough to do any harm) and started rubbing my fingers over her pussy. I continued to alternate between slapping and fingering and also fed her pussy juice to her off my fingers. She was clearly getting quite turned on so I brought out her vibe and slid it into her pussy - it wasa beautiful sight watching her pussy swallow it and as I pushed it into her, she started pushing back against it.

I had other plans for her though and started to tie her legs to the bottom of the bed (spread apart of course). The vibe had slid out of her while I was doing this, so I coated it with her juices again and then predded it against her ass. I slowly worked it into her and when it was about halfway in, I tuned it on. This really seemed to shock her and she almost pushed it out so I had to wait until she had relaxed and then worked it back in. Once it was most of the way in, I got my vibe out (the Rabbit, which is a bit bigger than her one) and ran it over her pussy. This has always been a little bit too large for her so I went slowly.

I was sitting over her with my pussy rubbing against her breasts as I worked it into her. When it was about a third of the way in, I could feel the vibe in her ass vibrating against it and could feel Jen squirming around underneath me. She said it wasn't hurting but felt strange so I told her to go with it and see hwo it felt. I continued working my vibe in to her pussy until it was most of the way in and I could just about get the bibrating head to touch her clit (with a bit of bending). I turned this on and pressed it againt her and she arched up against me. The vibe nearly fell out of her ass and I had to work it back in to her.

Once I had it back in, I ended up with my fingers streached around her pussy and the toys so I could hold the vibe in her ass, spread her lips to expose her clit, hold the other vibe in her pussy and press the vibrating head against her clit. I really wanted to press my cunt against her face and let her lick me, but I coldn't get into a suitable position as I didn't have a free hand to hold myself up with so I just concentrated on making her cum.

I alternated speeds and pressure so that she didn't cum too quickly, but it was when I turned on the rabbit properly (there are little balls that rotate in the shaft) that I knew I had lost the battle. Jen started to moan (much louder than she usually does) and was really bucking around under me. I managed to slide my pussy up a bit closer to her face so I was rubbing around her neck, but I still couldn't get any closer to her mouth, so gave up on that and just concentrated on pushing the vibes back into her cunt and ass as she pushed them out of her. I don't know wht her muscles were doing, but they were pushing back hard enough that the vibes were moving quite a way out of her (all the better for pushing them back in) and I could see that Jen's body was getting quite sweaty (having me on top of her may have contributed to this).

I told her to be as loud as she wanted and she complied - her moans were louder than I remember her having been before and seemed a lot more brutal than her usual cute mewing. I was talking dirty to her and encouraging her to cum hard and it didn't take long before her moans had combined into a really hot sound and she pretty much convulsed under me. I let her ride out her orgasm (but kept up the pressure with the vibes) and I could see her legs straining as she moved around. After a little while, she begged me to stop and knowing (or at least hoping) that she would want to tie me up afterwards, I didn't want to torture her too much so I turned the vibes off and just held them still inside her until she had calmed down.

When I looked back at her face, she was incredibly flushed and without really thinking about it, I called for Mike to come up. I don't think I had really planned what I was going to do, but when I heard him on the stairs I quickly threw te duvet over Jen, leaving her legs and chest exposed (but covering her breasts). She was struggling against the scarves and didn't seem entirely convinced when I told her that he wouldn't be able to see anything 'worthwhile'. He appeared at this point and stuck his hiead round the door so I invited him in. I told him that I wanted him to see how Jen looked when she had just cum.

He loved the view and once Jen realised that all her important bits were covered, she seemed to be a bit happier with him being there. She even let him kiss her neck where I had been rubbing against her. Mike did try to finger me (well, he actually got his fingers into me) but I slapped him away as I was meant to be Jen's at that point in time (although I did briefly rub his cock through his dressing gown).

After a few minutes I ushered him out and started to release Jen (but ended up getting distracted and ate her before I undid her arms) - not that she was complaining about it. Once I let her go though, things changed a bit and she wanted revenge...

Thursday, 30 July 2009


I'll be able to get most of the following week out of the way here (last week that is) as I had to work quite hard to catch up with missing the previous Friday so didn't get to spend any extended time with Jen or Mike (only evenings).

Jen kept herself amused wandering around the shops most days - Mike had Wed off and they went to the cinema together. I alternated who I spent the night with and did of course make time to enjoy being with them, but didn't have time to be with both of them each night.

Wed was the most exciting night - as I said, Mike and Jen had gone to see a film in the afternoon and then went shopping to get some nice food for dinner. They were in the kitchen preparing it when I got home. They knew I had been working hard (and would be for the rest of the week) so they gave me a really nice evening between them. We had a lovely meal with some nice wine and then settled down for dessert.

We had brought some strawberries and cream at the weekend, but had left them too long and so Mike had got brought some ice cream. He and I went upstairs (but left our door open so Jen could hear) and played with a bowl of it. I started off by taking a mouthful of it and sucking his cock. I tried to completely envelop it with the ice cream before it all melted and he really seemed to enjoy it as he felt rock hard (or maybe I just froze it :)

Mike did the same to me - licking ice cream into my pussy and then eating it out of me. The shock of the cold always hits me when we do this, but it feels wonderful when we fuck afterwards. Once I was mostly clean, fucking is exactly what we did - he slid straight into me and gently pumped away while licking ice cream off my neck. As much as I enjoy gentle love making, I knew I wouldn't have then energy for a long session (or two long sessions as I was sleeping with Jen that night) so whispered to him to fuck me harder.

He lifted my legs up so they were against his shoulders and pressed deeper into me. This always feels good and I pressed back against him and could feel his cock sliding deep into my rapidly warming cunt. I kept telling him to press harder and deeper and he was soon pounding into me and Jen later said she could hear our bodies slapping together. I came first (as usual) and Mike kept pumping into me as he said he was fairly close. I reminded him not to cum in me but he pointed out that Jen had said she would be prepared to try eating me after we'd fucked.

I hadn't forgotten about that (well, maybe I had a bit) but I had wanted to save that for the weekend when I could play with the situation a bit more. Mike clearly loved the idea of having Jen eat his cum out of me though and didn't want to stop so I went with it and started pressing back against him and telling him to fill me with cum. He didn't really need to be encouraged to do this and soon came with his body pressed against mine. It certainly felt nice as it was the first time he'd cum in me since the weekend. He moved my legs down and lay on top of me so we could kiss and told me to get Jen to eat me.

I called down to Jen to bring up some more ice cream and went into the other room. I could feel his cum running down my legs but I didn't make any attempt to wipe it off. Jen was up a minute or so later and had been playing with herself so already looked a little flushed. She stripped off and we kissed while fingering each other. I lay her down on the bed and started to lick around her pussy with some ice cream in my mouth - at first she flinched away from the cold, but soon seemed to enjoy it.

I climbed over her so we were in a 69 position and she started to rub my pussy again, smearing some ice cream over it. She said afterwards that she could feel how wet I was, but thought it was ice cream left over fro mthe previous session - it wasn't until I lowered myself to her face and she licked me that she realised it was Mike's cum. I asked her if she minded (and then distracted her by sucking on her clit) and after a little while she said that she didn't and was willing to give it a go.

I told her she coudl start off by kissing/licking my thighs to get used to the taste, but as I've said before, Jen isn't that patient and likes to get straight on to things so she licked from my clit to my ass. I hadn't been expecting such a forceful lick and remember letting out a long moan. I didn't bother asking if she liked the taste as she continued licking me so I just went back to doing the same to her. A few times she rubbed a bit more ice cream over my pussy and the alternating cold of that and the warmth of her tongue felt wonderful.

I was thinking about the possibilities that this could open up (I know I said that I didn't want anyone else to have Jen, but I was beginning to warm to the idea) and actually came first. It was quite a strong orgasm and my body shook a little. I went back to eating Jen before I had really recovered as I didn't think it was fair that she was the only person not to have cum yet. I used a little more ice cream, but mostly just concentrated on the licking and fingering.

Jen came fairly soon after (which was good as I was getting tired) and as we kissed. I could definitely taste Mike. Jen seemed to quite like the taste (but apparently I taste better by myself). Mike certainly enjoyed hearing about this (he found out last Thursday).

Right - well I'm only about a week behind now, will have to try and get last weekend done tomorrow as I need sleep now.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A weekend of joy

Okay, so I'm falling even further behind but will try to catch up a bit over the next few days...

Jen actually woke up before we did on Sat (we were woken up by her knocking on our door). She came it and sat o nthe bed while we chatted. She was wearing my white fluffy dressing gown and sat at the end of the bed with her legs folded under her. She looked very cute like that (and Mike appreciated the view even though nothing was exposed).

We chatted for a bit and then Jen said she would make us all breakfast while Mike and I got ready (I think she could see that he was rubbing against me under the covers). She went downstairs and started trying to find where we keep things in the kitchen and Mike and Mike and I got up (after he'd slid inside me briefly). Mike wore his dressing down but I didn't have another one so ended up just wearing one of my nightdresses (which don't get used often and while they cover everything, are rather short).

Jen had cereal, OJ and toast laid out by the time we got downstairs and Mike gave her a hug from behind, said "I like you, you make me food, you can stay" and kissed her on the cheek.

I grabbed her when he let go and said "I like you mroe as you make me cum - and you can stay even if he doesn't want you to!". She seemed to like this as she kissed me back - after seeing her look so cute (and the little bit of poking from Mike) I would have happily taken her in the kitchen (again) but she wouldn't have let me with Mike there anyway, so we sat down and had breakfast. It still felt a bit strange as if I had been there with either one of them alone, someone would have probably cum by this point, but I think I'm finally learning the value of anticipation.

Mike offered to clean up but Jen said she would do it while we went upstairs. Mike said that he would give me a nice shave for her (and offered to shave her, but she wasn't going to take the offer). We went up to the bathroom and showered together - I used the shower to rinse out Mike's cum from the previous night and could feel his cock rubbing against my ass as I did this. I thought he was going to slide into my pussy, but he ended up sliding into my ass and gently fucking me.

It felt really goof having the spray on my clit while he took me from behind and I came before he did. He pulled out of me, I knelt in front of him and he came over me - after that I sat on the edge of the bath and he gave my lips a nice shave and I went in to see Jen. I took my dressing gown off her and we stood and kissed in front of the window (the bedroom window). I got her to lean against the wall, facing out the windows and ate her pussy from behind, before using the dildo on her. We played around for a bit before rejoining Mike who watching some anime downstairs.

Despite having skipped work on Friday, I was determined to not do any over the weekend so I could enjoy the time with my two favourite people. Once Jen and I had dressed (and showered) we all went into town and had a wander around. The weather wasn't wonderful so we both had opaque tights on under our skirts (without panties). The real advantage of this is that you can sit with a leg raised and your pussy in full view without anyone really knowing.

Jen and I fooled around in a couple of changing rooms - not enough to cum, but enough to make later fun. We had a snack for lunch and got food for dinner (and some fun foods) and returned home mid-afternoon.

Mike and Jen decided to play ping-pong with me - the winner being the last one to make me cum. They could do what they wanted with me, but once I'd cum I had to go to the other one. This gane lasted a lot longer than I thought it would and I lost count of the score (well, I guess the score was 1-0 to Mike, but I can't remamber how many times I went between them). I know I came many times (and made them cum as well of course). Sometimes they would attack my cunt as soon as I got to them and it was really quick and sometimes they would tease me first.

At the end of the game, Mike spent ages teasing me and then gave me a really huge orgasm and I didn't think I could take another one so I declared him the winner, but Jen made me promise to show her what he did as she said ti had sounded good.

We had a late dinner after this and watched a film curled up on the sofa (me curled against Mike and Jen curled against me). I spent that night with Jen and we didn't really have sex, but did kiss and fondle while falling asleep.

Mike came in to wake us the following morning and went to get breakfast. Jen was going to get dressed, but i knew Mike would appreciate it more if she was naked (even if she was still under the covers) so I 'distracted' her until he came back. When he put the breakfast down, I pulled my fingers out of Jen's pussy and offered them to him - he socked them clean while looking at her and she went a really bright shade of red (I love how she can still be embarressed about things even though we all know everythign about each other's sex lives.

Mike sat at the end of the bed and we shared the breakfast (I had to keep passing things to Jen as she didn't want to expose herself). When we had finished and Mike had gone, I threw the covers off her and ticked her until she was nearly ctying (this is a dangerous tactic as I'm as ticklish as she is, but I stopped her from getting revenge by burying my mouth in her pussy and making her cum).

I let Jen shower while I tended to Mike - he sat on the sofa and I sat on him and rode his cock while he tasted Jen off me. He nearly came in me and had to grab me and hold me still until he had calmed down enough to let me climb off. I lay on the floor and he jacked off over my body. I went upstairs to Jen and gave her a hug - she could see I was covered with his cum and pushed me away a bit at first (but not seriously - especially as she then rubbed up against me).

I went off to shower and when I was done, I called Jen in and asked her to shave my little patch of hair as I had decided I wanted to be completely bald again (like she is). WHen she was finished (and had licked me a little bit) I went down to show Mike. For some reason I hadn't really figured out before then that I could easily tease them both as I could be naked when they were both around.

I didn't really do much with that revelation on Sunday - the only other exciting event was that SUe revealed that she had brought her school uniform with her (the one she was wearing the night we first met) and we both paraded around the house in the afternoon teasing Mike (she is well aware of the effect she has on him). His jeans were clearly straining and he had given up trying to hide how excited he was but had to wait while Jen and I re-enacted our first encounter.

She remembered it slightly differently to me, but nothing major, so we basically did exactly the same as in the blog post (although I had white socks on this time too). She still makes the little mewing sounds when she cums and I was ready to go again as soon as she had cum, but thought I should save that for Mike.

We ate dinner (still in our uniforms) and got a reasonably early night as I was beginning to remember how much work I had to do). Of course, I had to tell Mike about my school session with Jen earlier and we celebrated its re-enactment in the expected way).

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Later on Friday...

The 'wake up' shower had turned out to be rather tiring so we went back to bed to relax for a little while. We didn't want to fall asleep and waste the day though so we snuggled up together and talked about some of our past exploits to get us turned on again. We looked back at the post about time Mike and I spent a whole day cumming and we chose which ways we would copy (and how to embelish them to make them 'ours'). Jen also told me some more of her earlier exploits (she went over her first time being fingered again which I love hearing) and it wasn't too long before our fondling had turned into a bit more.

I thought a fun thing would be to ensure that Jen had cum in every part of the house to help her feel at home (seeing as we are planning on her spending a lot more time here). We'd already done our room, Mike's room and the bathroom so we though we'd move downstairs and work around the house. The first place was easy - the sofa. Because it was comfortable (and I was ready to cum again after our chat) we 69'd on it with Jen on top and her ass facing the window. Given where the sofa is, anyone passing wouldn't have automatically seen us, but if they had looked in, they would have got a nice view :)

I let Jen make me cum first (I was playing with her cunt while she ate me, but I wanted to feel her moaning into my pussy again) and then went to work on her. With her ass in the air above my face it's kind of difficult to leave it alone, so I did the usual of fingering it while eating her (and occasionally flicking my tongue over her asshole). Given we had a busy day ahead of us, I didn't tease her to much and she came fairly quickly.

I kept gently lapping at her cunt (avoiding her clit mostly) to keep her aroused and was going to move into the dining room (the other end of the living room) but Jen wanted to fuck in front of the fireplace (we've got a nice sheepskin rug). Jen lay down on it and told me to get on top of her - she had her pussy facing the window this time and the rug is directly in front of the window (the room is fairly dark so we weren't *too* visible, but more so than we had been on the sofa). I decided that she shouldn't be the only one to get to show off so I sat upright over her face and rubbed my pussy against her face - she responded by licking me and I enjoyed the risk of being seen with her tongue buried in my snatch).

I wasn't going to be selfish and get her to make me cum first again though so I soon lay on top of her and started licking her. Now while I've only eaten pussy as many times as Jen has (roughly), I've had mine eaten a lot more so I still think I count as more experienced than her in doing this. I decided to go for a quick orgasm (for her) this time and attacked her, concentrating on her clit and only occasionally licking along her lips. Jen did a good job in trying to keep licking me but I could soon tell that I had distracted her as her licking was becoming les focused. I continued on and she came again (I rubbed myself over her face until she started licking me).

When she started again, she gave me a nice little treat - she licked both my cunt and ass (she doesn't lick my ass that often, but seems to be doing it more) and also slid her tongue right into my pussy. As I've said before, her tongue is longer than mine (and Mike's for that matter) and reaches a nice distance inside. I came again when she concentrated on my clit and then rolled off her - exhausted once more. She scooched around and we lay on the rug kissing (and tasting our own juices off each others face).

Jen said she didn't think she could cum much more, but I had other plans so suggested we get a snack to keep our energy up. She popped up to the loo and I retrieved some toys to play with. When she came back, we went to the kitchem and put the heating on (Friday was quite cold, despite being the middle of summer). We threw together some food and munched our way through it. I had wished I'd remembered to buy yoghurt or strawberries and cream to play with but I hadn't :(

I told Jen I was going to call Mike at work and tell him what we were up to - just along the lines of "Hi, we're standing naked in the kitchen and I'm fondling Jen at the moment". I know this is cruel as he can't really say much while working, but it's fun. Jen got in on the act too and told him what my fingers were doing to her. I can't imagine how Mike was feeling (well, I can as he told me that night), but I was enjoying it and Jen seemed to be getting excited again so I indicated that she should sit on the counter. I rubbed her clit and ate her while she talked to Mike - sometimes describing what I was doing and sometimes just doing her cute little whimper. When she came, she had the phone at her side, but Mike said he heard enough to know she had orgasmed.

With another room down, our initial goal was nearly done. I felt that I hadn't really played enough with Jen's breasts so we went back to the sofa and I spent quite a bit of time just kissing, licking and sucking around her breasts and then more on her nipples. We ended up with me sitting on the sofa and Jen sitting over me with her breasts in my face (this way, she could swap to the breast she wanted me to pay attention to). It also meant that I could feel her pussy brushing against my stomache and this made it easy to tell when she was aroused enough to go back to fucking. Her nipples felt very hard and looked quite red by the time I finished with them and her pussy was easily sliding over my skin.

I suggested we move to the dining room and asked Jen to lie on the table (where I'd put the various toys). I sat on a chair between her legs to start with and picked up my favourite hairbrush (I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before). It has a slightly rubberised handle that means it creates a lot of friction (so I need to be fairly wet to use it) and the handle has little ridges - like it's made up of lots of discs stuck together. It's a little larger than Jen's usual dildo, but not much larger than our double dildo so I wasn't too worried about it being too big. I ran it over her cunt and got it nice and wet before spreading her lips and slowly working it into her.

It wasn't difficult to get it in and she took the whole length of it (it's not incredibly long). As best I could, I licked her clit as I slid it in and out of her and then asked her to continue herself. She took the brush of me, spread her legs wider and started to fuck herself with nice slow strokes. I was enjoying watching this so I grabbed my egg and ran it over my pussy as Jen pumped away faster and faster. She started to rub her clit as well and I could see her beginning to get flushed so I told her to slow down. She said she wanted to cum so I took her hand and made her do slower strokes so I could enjoy the view of her cunt streaching as she slid the brush into her and her pussy lips gripping the handle as she pulled it out.

She asked me to sit over her again and I was a bit reluctant as I wasn't sure the table could take the weight of both of us (I've been fucked on the table before, but Mike hasn't been on top of me (or me on top of him). I couldn't really resist having her eat me again though so I gently climbed up and sat over her. Seeing as I no longer had a use for the egg, I ran it over her mons and occasionally over her clit. We were still in full view of the window but right down the other end of the room - it wasn't until we had finished that I thought about the window at the back. There is an office block that overlooks the garden and (sort of) into the window - I wonder if we brightened up anyones dull day at work :)

Without me to slow her down, Jen started pumping the brush faster again and I gave in and told her that I would use the egg on her clit but once she came I would keep it there until she had made me cum. She was sufficiently far gone that she agreed to this (silly girl) and I spread her lips and exposed her clit before applying the egg. Between the egg and brush she came quickly and then tried to push me away. I reminded her that she had to make me cum and she started licking but kept asking me to move the egg away. I wanted to see what she was capable of so I refused and told her I was getting close (watching her little pussy squirm was doing the job nicely!) so she pushed the brush into my cunt and fucked me with it while using a finger on my ass (she has learned how to get me going quickly).

I came a few minutes later (I actually held my orgasm back for a little bit as I was loving teasing Jen - or possibly torturing her!). She pushed the egg away and I quickly fastened my mouth to her cunt and licked her hard a few times until she started moving around so much I really did think the table would collapse. I climbed off her and helped her down (she seemed rather flushed and shakey). She called me some choice names so I promised to make her a nice lunch (it was now fairly late) while she went up and rested.

That's enough for now - this was longer than I had planned and we didn't do too much else on the Friday - we ate ecah other on the stairs later that afternoon and I used the dildo on her on the upstairs landing that night while Mike was in his room. That meant she had cum in every room in the house. If it hadn't been raining (hard) I would have fucked her in the garden in the shelter of the fence as well - but that was for another time.

I spent that night with Mike and gave him an account of our days action - he seemed suprised about our antics in the shower but said he wanted to see it sometime. I was suprised to find I had enough energy left to have a reasonable session with him and let him cum in me twice (which I showered out the following morning).

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Friday watersports

I had arranged to take Friday off work and so it was slightly painful having to wake up early to go and give Mike his good morning call. Of course, I didn't mind that it would end up with me cumming (he fucked me from behind and came over my ass). I went downstairs with him (we were both naked as Jen as still in bed) and chatted over breakfast (I had a little and ate the rest when I took Jen her breakfast). It took a little longer than it should have as Mike was taking advantage of having me nude downstairs and kept slipping into me from behind. I thought he was going to fuck me properly at one point, but he seemed to have regained his usual composure and just got me turned on before stopping.

I pointed out to him that it wasn't going to be as easy to tease me now I had Jen to finish off anything he started and he said he'd have to have words with her - the thought of both of them teasing me (in turn), is somewhat frightning as I'm fairly sure that between them, they could get me to the point where I really couldn't cope with it any longer - fortunately they haven't done that yet!

I went back up to Jen (who had fallen asleep again) and thought I'd wake her up nicely. We had the whole day (and it was terrible weather ouside) so I intended to test how many times she could cum (and try to keep up myself, naturally). I put her food down and crawled under the covers - she woke up as soon as I started to spread her legs, but wasn't objecting, so I licked her for a little bit and then stopped when she started getting into it. She complained about this, but I said that I'd had to put up with it from Mike earlier and it would help her cum harder next time. Being 19, Jen isn't always the most patient of girls and wanted me to finish her off, but I said we had to have food first and then could play with the shower again (I don't know why I thought we should shower given I intended to spend the whole day fucking and getting sweaty again!).

I told her of my plan for the day and she agreed and we started breakfast to ensure we had the energy for the day. We started off well, but breakfast descended into teasing each other (mostly just fingering and kissing nipples) and it was soon clear that we had probably eaten all that we were going to. Jen led me into the bathroom and we had a very hot, steamy shower together.

At one point, Jen was rubbing herself against my leg (she has to crouch down ever so slightly to do this) and she asked me about peeing while I used the shower. I had forgonnen she had seemed so interested in that and I told her, that just like she had felt the previous day, I sometimes felt like I needed to pee when using the shower to cum and that I had let myself pee while cumming a few times. She asked me if Mike had ever seen me (he's seen me on the toilet, but not pissing myself while cumming). Jen obviously knew that I'd never written about it on here, but she wondered if we'd played around with it and kept it a secret. It was obvious that she was leading the conversation somewhere, so I asked her if she liked doing it and she told me that she had never done it, but had seen it online and had been told it felt nice.

Now Mike and I have never dabbled in watersports (he can't piss with an erection!) and it's not something I've evee really thought about doing before but clearly Jen had. I asked her what she wanted to do and she gave me her wicked grin and pulled me tighter to her. She had continued humping my leg while we;d been talking (and kissing) and she said "I'm going to mark you as mine". I don't know how to describe the feeling as I already had water running over me from the shower, but I guess my leg was mostly shielded by Jen and so I could still feel a stream of warmth running down my leg.

I'm not going to forget the look on her face in a hurry - she really seemed to be enjoying it (I guess I feel a similar way whenever I try a new way to get aroused or cum). She kept grinding against me and I could occasionally feel little squirts splash up between us (I guess when the flow got trapped). Jen started to kiss me (quite hard) and kept doing this until I couldn't feel her peeing anymore (but she was still humping against me). She looked close and asked me to eat her - I hesitated a bit but then decided to do it anyway. I did tell her not to piss over my face (or in my mouth!), but I like trying out new things as well and I wanted to give her a really good day.

She sat on the edge of the bath where she'd cum the previous day and I knelt in front of her (it was actually quite a good thing as we;d been standing in the hot water for ages). Jen braced herself and spread her legs and I licked her pussy gently - it didn't taste much different than usual and I was soon eating her more forcefully. I told her to be as loud as she wanted (I thought I could get her used to making noise while Mike wasn't around) and she certainly made more than she had the previous night. She ended up cumming whilesaying 'eat me, eat me, eat me...' over and over and then let out a whimper as she came.

Between the heat and her orgasm, she looked incredibly flushed (but fucking hot!) and I knelt up so I could kiss her. She said it had felt amazing and I asked her to try and explain what the difference was - she had a hard time doing this, but just said it felt nice feeling the pee flowing out while getting aroused. As I knelt in front of her, she let out a little squirt (I'm guessing the last she had) that landed on my stomache and then said it was my turn. I wasn't so sure at first about trying it, but having seen what it did for her I thought I may as well.

Jen told me to swap places with her and I thought for a minute that she was going to get me to piss over her, but she got the shower and aimed it at my pussy. I was already fairly horny (hmm, when am I not already horny?) and pulled my pussy lips apart so the jet could hit me. I showed her how to adjust it to the right spray and pulse setting and told her where to aim. Mike has done this to me before and it's always easier with someone else holding the showerhead as I can lean back and enjoy it. Jen took over spreading my cunt and I could feel her fingers jently probing my pusst - not really sliding into me, but just pressing into the entrance.

I could feel my orgasm building and told her I was getting close and she told me to try peeing a bit. Her hand was still on my pussy and I let out a little stream that went up her arm. She didn't seem to mind and told me to keep going. I admit that it had felt nice and given Jen knows everything I've done I wasn't actually embarressed and let a longer stream out. I quickly realised that I was really enjoying it (you've probably gathered by now that I quite like being dirty and naughty) and wondered why I hadn't tried this before. I could feel that my orgasm was about to hit and told Jen I was going to cum. I let out a much harder stream of piss as Jen slid two fingers into my cunt (with the water still aimed at my clit - or at least near it). I could see that I was covering Jen's arm and as she pumped her fingers into me, it sent bits of the spray over both of us (more over her than me as she had moved a bit closer to me).

I ran our of urine before I finished cumming, but pushed out a few more squirts. Almost as soon as I had stopped cumming, Jen went down on me (and later she told me she was using the shower on her own pussy while she licked me). I had been unusually quiet while cumming as I was enjoying the new experience, but fortunately Jen licking me isn't new and I made up for my earlier (near) silence. Between licks, she asked what I wanted and I told her what to do - given we'd ust pissed over each other, I wasn't going to hold back and told her in detail how to eat my cunt and make me cum again. She did a wonderful job of this and I nearly slid into the bath when I came.
Jen kept her face pressed against my pussy and I could feel her whimpering as she came (she still had the shower underneath her spraying at her pussy). I don't think she's ever cum while she's had her mouth in my cunt and her moaning felt really good (especially as I was quite sensitive having just cum).. When she had finished (and recovered), we cleaned ourselves off and returned to bed.
Friday ended up being an epic day. I rarely have time to spend a whole day having sex - actually I didn't really have time to do it on Friday and have been paying the price since them (hence why I'm almost a week behind on posting details of what we've been up to). I've got my brief notes to remind me though so hopefully I'll catch up over time.
Next post will be about the remainder of last Friday (and probably won't be as detailed).

Thursday night

On Thureday, Mike went off to work (I did get up to have a chat and say goodbye to him, but Jen stayed in bed). When he had gone, I made breakfast in bed for Jen and took it back up to her. I don't understand how she can look so perfect in the morning - her hair is slightly longer than mine and even after sleeping on it (and the other things we did before sleeping), it still looks beautiful.

After we had eaten (breakfast), we went to have shower as I wanted to introduce Jen to Mike's showerhead (which is always fun to play with, either with him or by myself when he's out). We started off by actually showering (I admit that we may have rubbed against each other a little more than was really necessary to get clean, but we were just making sure!). I asked Jen if she wanted to shave me but she seems to like my little patch of hair so we left it. When we were clean, I got her to sit at the side of the bath (there is a little ledge) and spread her legs. I set the shower to pulse and the narrowest spray and aimed it at her pussy - Jen seemed to enjoy the pressure and spread her lips the same way I do (so that the jet could get to her inner lips and clit. I find that having the water quite warm (warmer than I use to shower with, but not too hot) feels best and kept turning the temperature up until Jen said it was right. Fortunately, Mike has really good water pressure so I can get a really powerful jet and this combined with the pulse usually gives me a very quick orgasm - it seemed to have the same effect on Jen and she was soon having trouble balancing herself while also trying to keep her legs open.

Jen soon came with the pressure of the water on her and it was a really wonderful sight to watch. Mike has said this when he's used it on me but I of course haven't seen it myself - because the water is (relatively) see through, I could see her little cunt contracting as she came). I think this way of masturbating is so good because the pressure isn't too much and so I find I can keep going for a lot lnoger (and who doesn't love having longer orgasms :)

Jen said afterwrds that it felt nice, but it made her really want to pee. I've found the same thing myself and have (when I've been doing it by myself) sometimes let myself pee while cumming. I admited this to Jen afterwards (hence why I'd now admitting it on here seeing as she told Mike) and she decided that she wanted to try it. I aim to try to keep my stories in order so I'll report on that soon (it happened on on Sat).

I had to go into work (for at least some of the day) so I gave Jen the spare key and showed her the best way to get to town. I really wanted to take the day off, but I was planning on having Friday off so we could have a long weekend together and try out some of the things we'd each seen online since we last met. I regretted not cumming before I left as I spent a fair amount of the day thinking about her and not really concentrating on my work. I actually had to stay later than I had wanted because of this and so didn't get to leave until after 6. Mike was already home by the time I arrived and they were cooking dinner and chatting. They don't seem to have many secrets (I guess because they share me!) and I found out that Jen had been asking him about Sue again - I told her that the same rules applied for her and she wasn't allowed to have sex with Sue either (although I get the feeling Sue would much rather jump Mike than another girl).

The only proble with Jen being there is that Mike and I would usually say hello properly (not necessarily have sex, but at least make out for a while - and probably a little fingering). on the plus side, I got two hello kisses which made up for it a bit. We had dinner and chatted and then moved over to the sofa. As we sat and watched TV, I had two sets of hands on me (not at the same time, and in a much more subdued way than would usually be the case). I did point out that both of them had seen me naked so there shouldn't be a problem with me being undressed and having things done to me, but apparantly that wasn't fair on them :) They did agree to toss a coin to decide who I would spend the night with (providing I also slept with the other one beforehand - and seeing as I cam cum more times than either of them, I wasn't going to argue with that!) I was actually *really* excited by the thought as it would be the first time I'd actually been fucked by two people one after the other (there has always been a gap between Jen leaving and Mike having me before).

Jen won the toss and Mike asked if she could sleep with me before he did. Jen obviously has read the commens on here about him tasting her juices and she knows he likes the taste (and figured out what he was up to) so agreed to it. I sometimes find it a little odd that she doesn't mind that he gets to taste her and clearly thinks of her when having sex, but I'm glad she is okay with it. I was feeling very horny after thinking about Jen all day and so we went up to bed early, leaving Mike to watch TV until I called him up (he just turned the TV off and listened to us though). I pulled Jen up to our room and then we decided to fuck in Mike's bed again (I called down to tell him not to come up). I think I had Jen naked faster than ever before and I remember burying my face in her cunt before I'd even kissed her. I had caught her by suprise and she let out a little yelp (which I ignored and kept eating her). Once I had her nice and wet (not that it's difficult to get Jen wet), I rubbed my face against her and worked up her body, rubbing her pussy against me as I went. I know I keep saying how much I love her and how how I was getting thinking of her, but I love Mike too - especially for letting me sleep with her and not getting jealous about it - and so I really wanted to make sure he would taste her on me.

Jen now seemed to be as turned on as I had already been feeling and when I kissed her face and our pussies met, we started grinding against each other. The weather was nowhere near as humid as it had been, but was still a bit close and we were soon fairly sweaty. We were no longer just rubbing cunt to cunt at this point, we were both getting close to cumming and were using each others' thighs. I came first and made sure tham Mike heard me (I knew I was so turned on that I would need to cum many times that night). I kept humping against Jen and encouraging her to be as loud as she wanted - she made a fairly good effort (well, a very good effort at cumming and a fairly good one at making noise).

Bollocks - computer crashed just as I finished the post so I need to rewrite this bit...

Jen went into her room and called down to Mike to let him know I was ready. He came up immediately and started stripping as soon as he got in the room. It was clear that he'd enjoyed hearing us and I told him that I was covered with Jen's juices. He started licking and kissing my face, legs and (of course) pussy. He ate me quite fiercely, both cunt and licking my ass and I came in very little time. I think I was in a super horny mode as I didn't seem to need any time to recover and pulled him up and told him to fuck me almost straight away. He didn't really need to be encouraged to do this and lifted my legs up and started pounding into me with long strokes. Given I was going to be spending the night with Jen again, I thought I'd be nice to him and told him to lie on his back so I could go on top. I ground against him, pulling his cock into my cunt and rubbing back and forth against him (which also feels really good on my clit).

I think having listened to us had broken down his usual ability to hold of cumming for ages and he said he was getting close. I reminded him that he wasn't meant to cum in me (as I wanted Jen to eat me later that night). I had wondered if this would be an issue of Jen stayed for a while as Mike loves cumming in me and I love feeling his cum deep in my cunt (and then dripping out of course) - fortunately, it wasn't too much of an issue at this point and Mike said he would just cum over me. I stayed on him for a bit longer until he said he was really close and then hopped off and lay down - I had thought he was going to cum over my body, but he sat over me and started rubbing his cock against my neck. It's been a while since I've cum from having my neck rubbed, but I still really love it (and the two fingers I had working on my clit and pussy were helping!) I still couldn't catch up to him though and he came over my neck and face, rubbing him cum in as it squirted on me. He kept rubbing his cock against my neck until I came (which didn't take too long) and then as I recovered, he smeared his cum over my breasts and rubbed a little onto my pussy lips (so that Jen could taste him).

Once I'd recovered (I'd had 3 orgasms by this point so they were beginning to get to me) I told him not to cum again that night as I would pop back in before he went to work in the morning. I returned to Jen who was looking at the various toys I'd brought over. We ended up using the dildo and she tasted Mike's cum off my face (by the time she got to my cunt, it must have tasted more of her juices than his!). She actually seemed to like the taste (which I guess isn't too suprising as she loves salted popcorn while I like the sweet stuff). After we had finished for the night and were snuggled up, I told her how Mike had made me cum and she kissed my neck and stroked it as we fell asleep. I don't think she likes the taste of him as much as he likes her taste, but she did say that she would be prepared to try eating me after he had cum in me. I hadn't told him that until now (well, 15 minutes ago when I first wrote this part of the entry before my stupid computer crashed), and he wants to make good use of the opportunity tomorrow. (I have no idea when I'll actually have time to write that entry).

Friday, 17 July 2009

First night

...of many :)

Wednesday was a good day - Jen arrived (and as I mentioned previously) we said our hellos before Mike got home. It was quite an intense session as we hadn't seen each other for a while and Jen has just finished her 1st year exams so has been rather stressed for the past term. I skipped out of Uni early and met her at the station and we quickly went back to Mike's place (well, as quickly as we could while carrying enough luggage for a 19yo staying for a couple of weeks!)

Once we were home (it'll be my full-time home soon), we stripped each other pretty much as soon as we got in the door. Jen licked me briefly on the sofa and then we went up to bed to continue. We thought it would be a nice present for Mike to fuck in the bed he (and I) sleep in - as various people reading this have suggested a number of times before.

Of course, my various toys are in this room (I've brought most of them over from my old house) and we made good use of them.Our first fuck was pretty much just grinding against each other as we kissed - I had forgotten just how great it felt having Jen's cunt rubbing against my thigh and covering me with her juices (while I did the same to her of course - I just can't produce as much pussy juice as she does!). Once our immediate passion was satisfied, we kissed a bit more and chatted while teasing each other - it didn't take long before the teasing turned into real touching and the chatting stopped.

I pulled Jen on top of me in a 69 position and we ate each other - I made sure that I got my face covered with her juices so I could wipe them off on the pillow afterwards, but also enjoyed my fair share of them. I remember pulling her cunt lips open and pushing my tounge inside her and thinking that she tasted sweeter than I remembered so I kept licking inside her until my tounge hurt (I now know what Mike means when he says he can only lick inside me for so long at once).

Jen's pussy was completely shaved (and she'd done a good job on it) - Mike had shaved my lips the previous night and so I knew I was smooth. We both came reasonably quickly once we really started eating each other and felt a bit more satisfied afterwards.

I assured Jen that Mike would be at work for a while so we stayed naked while we went downstairs to get lunch. I'm quite used to being naked there, but it was Jen's first time and she seemed a bit more nervous that I thought she would have been. We didn't have sex downstairs, bur did lie on the sofa and kiss for a while (ok, so there was a little bit of light fondling, but not enough to cum). We got dressed again after that (without showering so we did smell a bit of sex) and went out for a wander and to get some food for dinner that night.

When Mike returned, we had a nice dinner and chatted for a few hours. Even though we both chat to Jen on the phone, 3 way phone conversations aren't always that easy so we ended up talking about Sue's visit and what it was like having her watch us. Jen wanted to know if she tasted the same as I do but Mike said he didn't get enough of her to really find out. I was quite suprised when Jen said that she wasn't sure she'd like to have sex in front of anyone else (up until now I had thought she was as much of an exhibitionish as I was) - at least I guess that means I won't have to try to stop her from trying to fuck Suz as well as having to stop Mike :)

We told Mike that we had fucked in his bed and he appreciated it (and said the next morning that he could smell us in it). I stayed with Jen all that night and we had noisy sex a couple of times (just noisy enough for Mike to hear us) - he said he ended up cumming twice while he listened and really wanted to come in and watch (and cum over us) and I promised him that I would visit him the following night (which I did, but that will probably be in the next post). I'm aware I'm going to fall behind on postings (given I'm only up to Thursday morning), but I'll note down important events and catch up over time.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Jen's here!


I'm not going to write in detail right now - just a quick post to say that Jen got here safely. We decided to spend time over at Mike's place (in the spare room). Unfortunately for him, Jen got here around lunchtime so we said our hellos and got to know each other again while he was out.

As a treat for him, we did use our bed (the one I share with Mike that is) for our afternoon lovemaking session. Jen's pussy tastes as good as ever and watching her cum still makes me want to cum even more so I'm looking forward to a fun couple of weeks.

I'll write a longer post soon - we're all sharing a bottle of wine and catching up (in the more traditional sense) now...

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Working weekend

Well I've spent most of hte weekend working so haven't got much of interest to report. We did (as I've just posted in a comment) have our usual morning and evening sessions so it's not as if I've stopped cumming (I can't imagine ever being *that* busy!)

Unfortunately I was too busy with other things to take advantage of the recent bout of hot weather we had ro encourage Holly to do more topless sunbathing. I was going to pffer to put suncream on for her and if she said no I was going to accuse her of being scared I would try to fondle her breasts and then playfully wrestle her (and fondle her breasts). Maybe when Jen is here she will join us (if we get the weather) - or maybe when Sue comes down I can convince her to sunbathe naked with me (I'm sure Jen will join in on that) and Hol might feel more comfortable doing it in a bigger group.

I'm looking forward to Wed - I haven't had my pussy licked (by Jen) for ages and this will be the first time we'll have ever had to spend a lot of time together (apart from me having to work). At least there is enough to see in York for Jen to keep herself amused while I'm at work and Mike and Sue will help keep her occupied. We're probably going to spend the first night at my house, although Mike does like the idea of listening to our first session in a while so I'm letting Jen decided where we'll be. I've packed our toys into a bag so it'll be easy to take them over to Mike's if that's where we're going to be.

I'm trying to decide whether I should shave myself completely again or if I should keep the little patch of short hair I've currently got. I think I'll leave it for now and Jen can decide if she likes it and if she wants me bald, she can shave me.

It's currently a nice evening so we're going to go out for a walk - there are big grey clouds in the sky though (despite it being sunny) so I may come back drenched and need to be warmed up...

Friday, 10 July 2009

Planning visits

I think things are prety much sorted now - Jen is coming to York next Wed (which should just about give me time to get my latest set of work done). We haven't decided how long she'll stay for, but Uni holidays are long and she has no other plans at the minute so it could be a long time :)

Sue will drop by at some point to meet her and we'll have to go home so that I can introduce her to my mum (introduce Jen that is, my mum probably knows who my sister is already :) We haven't decided if Mike should come along just so my mum can see that he's happy with things. If they both came, then one of them would have to sleep on the sofa (which would feel a bit odd) so that's why we can't really decide what to do.

I'm currently sitting with my legs spread and knees up and my laptop balanced on my legs. Mike is licking my pussy and he keeps knocking the laptop with his head. I can feel his tongue pushing into my cunt and running over my ass. He says he can't wait to hear Jen an I fucking and expects me to come to him afterwards so he can taste her directly off me.

I have to admit, I do like the idea of being fucked by two people in a row! Now if the sound of him fucking me gets Jen turned on then I could spend a lot of time going between them - mmmmm...

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Busy again

I've been very busy over the past few days - after having spent too much time last week saying goodbye to people, I'm now way behind on work I need to gt done to get a paper submitted. We didn't even do much at the weekend and only went out once...

Jen has gone home to see her family and will be coming up to York at the weekend or early next week - Sue had said that she wants to come up and meet her (especially as she now knows Mike a little better than she did!). I assume that Sue will guess that I told Jen about what happened between her, Mike and myself so I'm just going to tell her that Jen already knows.

Mike is looking forward to having 3 girls around (and no, he still doesn't get to do anything to either of them - and Jen doesn't get to do Sue). Just to be fair to him, I might let him masturbate with Sue around (if she wants) while I'm with Jen. Jen thinks it might be fun to watch him fuck her but 'that aint going to happen'.

She knows how I feel about him really and is just teasing me - we've been talking about all the things we can get up to now we're going to have a serious amount of time together. We've not seen each other for quite a while (mainly due to her exams) so will hopefully have a nice 'catching up session'. We'll probably do this at my house and then move over to Mike's place. If the weather had been better, I would have used Sue to help convince Hol to try more topless (or even naked) sunbathing, but we've had thunder and lightning over the past few days so sunbathing weather is over for now.

I think Rach would certainly join us for the topless stuff - I told her that Holly had been brave that time a few weeks ago (and then Hol told her about my naked sunbathing on holiday). Sue now knows that I have a bit of a crush on my housemates (it came up in a phone conversation) and she also knows that we sometimes fuck on their beds, We told her about some of our kitchen exploits (not about using other people's food) and she seemed to like the idea. I know that she has done things with food (from the photos), but she hasn't admitted this to us yet.

Mike has just slid into me from behind and we've called Sue to chat while we fuck - I'm meant to get work done tomorrow.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Extended visit

Jen's coming back to visit - yay!

She's been rather stressed recently as she has just gone through her first year exams. I've been chatting to her quite a lot and trying to help as much as I could but the best I could do was be supportive and try to distract her so she didn't get too stressed.

She was certainly distracted by our exploits with Sue (she got to find out about them before you all did) and wished that she had been there. As I've mentioned before - she hasn't met Sue yet (or our mum for that matter so I think we'll have to have a trip home over the summer). She has obviously seena few photos of her though and so knows what she looks like. I'm assuming that it's because it's been a while since I've seen her, but I get the feeling that if Jen had been here, I'd have had a harder time keeping her away from Sue's pussy that I did with Mike!

The only problem with Jen visiting for a while is that I'm not really sure how it will work in future. It won't be so bad for the next few months while I'm still sharing with Rach & Hol, but not sure how it'll work when I'm living with Mike. The best we can come up with is that we'll use the spare room (which means Mike gets to listen - that will probably keep him happy!)

Sue still wants to meet her at some point - I wonder if Jen should let on that she knows about Sue's love life?

Friday, 3 July 2009

Hot and sweaty

The weather here is still really hot and humid - I hate being all sticky and sweaty unless (as I mentioned before), it's due to sweaty sex. It's a little strange how different it feels being sweaty during the day and how it feels lying soaked win sweat (and cum) after having fucked.

We had a really nice session last night - our bodies sliding against each other and getting wetter and wetter - his cock easily slipping in and out of me, lubricated with both my juices and our sweat - yum.

Mike was wondering just how much hotter we'd have been able to get the bedroom if Sue had been here as well - I know that he wants to have a chance to eat her the next time she visits (or we go home), but I'm still not sure how I feel about that.

His argument is that I get to do things with Jen so he should have a chance to fulfill his fantasies as well. I told him that he was free to do the equivalent, but he doesn't seem to be interested in fucking another guy. In a way it's a pity as I really like the idea of having two guys fuck me at the same time (we found a wonderful video the other night with a cute girl being double teamed and cum over by both of them (this is what led to the good session).

The great thing about the hot weather is the fact that most people (execpt a strange few) are wearing short revealing clothes and I get to enjoy the cute undergrads (the few who are left). We've spent a few lunchtimes out by the lake on campus over the past week. We chat while we eat lunch and then relax for 10-15 mins before heading back to work. I've been having fun by letting my skirt lie high on my legs and showing my pussy off (just a bit - I'm covered enough that I could still claim that people were looking up my skirt if anyone complained). I think a few people realised they could see something, but nobody was bold enough to stop and stare properly :) (Of course, my pussy was facing away from my friends - that would have just been awkward!

We tried to cool down in a fun way earlier on - I sat on a chair in the kitchen and Mike melted small amounts of ice cream on my pussy and then ate it off me. We got a bit carried away and ended up using someone's yoghurt afterwards. I spread my legs wider and Mike spooned it onto me so it ran over my cunt and back into the pot (he licked it off me as well). We ended up fucking in the kitchen after that which kind of negated the cooling effect of the ice cream & yoghurt, but, it was worth it :) I got to enjoy our new shower head after that (it's a lot more powerful than the old one and has a pulse setting) - Mike was just ensuring that I was completely clean of course!

Anyway - got to dash now as we're heading out with some friends soon. I'm not sure who's going to be there, but a few of the slumber party story girls will be there (the real people I've based the characters off) so I'm hoping for some more inspiration to continue the tale).