Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Busy again

I've been very busy over the past few days - after having spent too much time last week saying goodbye to people, I'm now way behind on work I need to gt done to get a paper submitted. We didn't even do much at the weekend and only went out once...

Jen has gone home to see her family and will be coming up to York at the weekend or early next week - Sue had said that she wants to come up and meet her (especially as she now knows Mike a little better than she did!). I assume that Sue will guess that I told Jen about what happened between her, Mike and myself so I'm just going to tell her that Jen already knows.

Mike is looking forward to having 3 girls around (and no, he still doesn't get to do anything to either of them - and Jen doesn't get to do Sue). Just to be fair to him, I might let him masturbate with Sue around (if she wants) while I'm with Jen. Jen thinks it might be fun to watch him fuck her but 'that aint going to happen'.

She knows how I feel about him really and is just teasing me - we've been talking about all the things we can get up to now we're going to have a serious amount of time together. We've not seen each other for quite a while (mainly due to her exams) so will hopefully have a nice 'catching up session'. We'll probably do this at my house and then move over to Mike's place. If the weather had been better, I would have used Sue to help convince Hol to try more topless (or even naked) sunbathing, but we've had thunder and lightning over the past few days so sunbathing weather is over for now.

I think Rach would certainly join us for the topless stuff - I told her that Holly had been brave that time a few weeks ago (and then Hol told her about my naked sunbathing on holiday). Sue now knows that I have a bit of a crush on my housemates (it came up in a phone conversation) and she also knows that we sometimes fuck on their beds, We told her about some of our kitchen exploits (not about using other people's food) and she seemed to like the idea. I know that she has done things with food (from the photos), but she hasn't admitted this to us yet.

Mike has just slid into me from behind and we've called Sue to chat while we fuck - I'm meant to get work done tomorrow.


  1. Are you all over 18? If so, do you have any pictures?

  2. We're all over 18 - I'm not posting any of the pics of Sue (even I think there are limits!). There is a link to some pics of me from last year in the comments to the first post on the blog.