Thursday, 30 July 2009


I'll be able to get most of the following week out of the way here (last week that is) as I had to work quite hard to catch up with missing the previous Friday so didn't get to spend any extended time with Jen or Mike (only evenings).

Jen kept herself amused wandering around the shops most days - Mike had Wed off and they went to the cinema together. I alternated who I spent the night with and did of course make time to enjoy being with them, but didn't have time to be with both of them each night.

Wed was the most exciting night - as I said, Mike and Jen had gone to see a film in the afternoon and then went shopping to get some nice food for dinner. They were in the kitchen preparing it when I got home. They knew I had been working hard (and would be for the rest of the week) so they gave me a really nice evening between them. We had a lovely meal with some nice wine and then settled down for dessert.

We had brought some strawberries and cream at the weekend, but had left them too long and so Mike had got brought some ice cream. He and I went upstairs (but left our door open so Jen could hear) and played with a bowl of it. I started off by taking a mouthful of it and sucking his cock. I tried to completely envelop it with the ice cream before it all melted and he really seemed to enjoy it as he felt rock hard (or maybe I just froze it :)

Mike did the same to me - licking ice cream into my pussy and then eating it out of me. The shock of the cold always hits me when we do this, but it feels wonderful when we fuck afterwards. Once I was mostly clean, fucking is exactly what we did - he slid straight into me and gently pumped away while licking ice cream off my neck. As much as I enjoy gentle love making, I knew I wouldn't have then energy for a long session (or two long sessions as I was sleeping with Jen that night) so whispered to him to fuck me harder.

He lifted my legs up so they were against his shoulders and pressed deeper into me. This always feels good and I pressed back against him and could feel his cock sliding deep into my rapidly warming cunt. I kept telling him to press harder and deeper and he was soon pounding into me and Jen later said she could hear our bodies slapping together. I came first (as usual) and Mike kept pumping into me as he said he was fairly close. I reminded him not to cum in me but he pointed out that Jen had said she would be prepared to try eating me after we'd fucked.

I hadn't forgotten about that (well, maybe I had a bit) but I had wanted to save that for the weekend when I could play with the situation a bit more. Mike clearly loved the idea of having Jen eat his cum out of me though and didn't want to stop so I went with it and started pressing back against him and telling him to fill me with cum. He didn't really need to be encouraged to do this and soon came with his body pressed against mine. It certainly felt nice as it was the first time he'd cum in me since the weekend. He moved my legs down and lay on top of me so we could kiss and told me to get Jen to eat me.

I called down to Jen to bring up some more ice cream and went into the other room. I could feel his cum running down my legs but I didn't make any attempt to wipe it off. Jen was up a minute or so later and had been playing with herself so already looked a little flushed. She stripped off and we kissed while fingering each other. I lay her down on the bed and started to lick around her pussy with some ice cream in my mouth - at first she flinched away from the cold, but soon seemed to enjoy it.

I climbed over her so we were in a 69 position and she started to rub my pussy again, smearing some ice cream over it. She said afterwards that she could feel how wet I was, but thought it was ice cream left over fro mthe previous session - it wasn't until I lowered myself to her face and she licked me that she realised it was Mike's cum. I asked her if she minded (and then distracted her by sucking on her clit) and after a little while she said that she didn't and was willing to give it a go.

I told her she coudl start off by kissing/licking my thighs to get used to the taste, but as I've said before, Jen isn't that patient and likes to get straight on to things so she licked from my clit to my ass. I hadn't been expecting such a forceful lick and remember letting out a long moan. I didn't bother asking if she liked the taste as she continued licking me so I just went back to doing the same to her. A few times she rubbed a bit more ice cream over my pussy and the alternating cold of that and the warmth of her tongue felt wonderful.

I was thinking about the possibilities that this could open up (I know I said that I didn't want anyone else to have Jen, but I was beginning to warm to the idea) and actually came first. It was quite a strong orgasm and my body shook a little. I went back to eating Jen before I had really recovered as I didn't think it was fair that she was the only person not to have cum yet. I used a little more ice cream, but mostly just concentrated on the licking and fingering.

Jen came fairly soon after (which was good as I was getting tired) and as we kissed. I could definitely taste Mike. Jen seemed to quite like the taste (but apparently I taste better by myself). Mike certainly enjoyed hearing about this (he found out last Thursday).

Right - well I'm only about a week behind now, will have to try and get last weekend done tomorrow as I need sleep now.

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